1. maestroingles

    Serbian: ''Happy Children's Day !''

    Could you please tell me how to say ''Happy Children's Day! '' in Serbian language? Thanks a lot!
  2. Malki92

    Parents addressing children by their respective titles

    In Arabic parents address their children by their respective titles. For example a father calls his child (irrespective of gender) "baba" and a mother calls them "mama." (Note that the words for father/mother may differ between Arabic dialects) Do any other languages do this? Inspired by...
  3. cat on mars

    lalo - langage des enfants

    Hello all my dear native francophones, I need help puzzling out the word above which appears as a quotation from a young child. Here is the context: Ce sont les appels à ses parents « maman », « papa », ceux exprimant son opposition « non, veux pas » ou des désirs insatisfaits (« lalo » fut...
  4. R

    Slum children

    Buenas noches, Como puedo traducir: "slum children"? "Ninos de barrios"? Gracias! -roomtodance
  5. asteno

    niñez en situación de calle

    En una traducción deseo respetar el estilo y manera de dignificar a la niñez con el término "niñez en situación de calle" pues ha reemplazado el término de "niñez en/de calle". The only thing that occurs to me is "children in street condition"... but it sounds complex and in need of a...