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    Tibetan: Names transcripted in Chinese Characters

    I've encountered two names (male and female) which in the context seem undoubtedly Tibetan, but are written with simplified Chinese characters. Those are: 1) 哇玛尖措 2) 苏鲁梅朵 The female one can actually be found in its Tibetan form together with the Mandarin one: སུའུ་རུའི མེ་ཏོག — 苏鲁梅朵 However...
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    以上の言葉英語で何といいますか、誰かご存じしますか? よろしくお願いいたします。
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    Japanese and Chinese: 哈日族, 親日派

    Hello, Please tell me the meaning (origin if you know) and the pronunciation of the word 哈日族. Is it ha-Ni-zoku? Does it mean Japanofile or Japanification or both? Is it a synonym to 親日派 shin-Nichi-ha? Both words can be used in Chinese as well (the must be pronounced as hā-Rì-zú 哈日族, qīn-Rì-pài...