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  1. M

    Cut across?

    Hagrid was sitting in an armchair outside his house; his trousers and sleeves were rolled up, and he was shelling peas into a large bowl. “Hullo,” he said, smiling. “Finished yer exams? Got time fer a drink?” “Yes, please,” said Ron, but Harry cut across him. What does cut across mean here?
  2. L

    Using Acquiesce in sentence

    How do you make a sentence using acquiesce?
  3. S

    ensure and assure

    Could someone tell me what's the difference between "ensure" and "assure"?
  4. W

    paying that/those high prices

    Just want to hear from a native speaker if this sentence is grammatically accurate: "What's the point of staying here and paying that high prices if you're not happy with them and then be mad after paying that." Being a non-native, we depend on English subjects at the schools and I found an...
  5. N

    That puts at risk the integrity of their parents and children.

    They would never do something that puts at risk the integrity of their parents and children. They would never do something that puts at risk their parents' and children's integrity. Is any of these options incorrect? When we are talking about two subjects,can be use the possessive case for...
  6. Mohamed Hamed

    first drawer to the left of Secretary’s desk

    Hi all. I'm currently reading G K Chesterton's "The Duel of Dr Hirsch" and I'm confused with one thing! was the envelope in the left drawer or the right drawer?! Thanks
  7. JJXR

    This is the moment to not <be going><go> to

    Hello to all, Thanks for reading my post. Source: Trump Warns 'One Of The Toughest Weeks' Is Ahead, Says To Brace For 'A Lot Of Death' Sample sentences: 1. "The next two weeks are extraordinarily important," said Birx. "This is the moment to not be going to the grocery store, not going to...
  8. P

    cockroach,cock eat roach?

    Hi,everyone.In order to memorize the following words, I wrote a sentence.I wonder a native speaker could tell me if there's mistake in it and improve it. And you native speaker have some similiar senetence? A cockroach approaches another cockroach and broaches the subject of his enroaching on...
  9. E

    the rouge here and there effaced upon its now thin and attenuated cheeks

    Hi folks, this is cited from Redburn by Hermann Melville (1849) Does Rebdurn make a paralel this pamphlet to a human face? I am having difficulty of understanding this bbold sentence. (the rouge here and there effaced upon its now thin and attenuated cheeks) In my childhood, I went...
  10. A

    leads to <a?> construction

    Can one use a. Every road in this town leads to construction. instead of b. Every road in this town leads to a construction site. ? The sentences are mine. I am not sure one could use 'construction' that way. It doesn't really sound correct to me. Many thanks.
  11. giangtv8389

    choose the correct answer

    The issue .....question is more complex than you think
  12. Mr.Korean

    A Question !

    HI, I am doing a technical manual. Below sentence shows how I made a sentence. Wan't it awkward for users? ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- blah blah blah (about Tensor Flow ) Tensor Flow is a machine learning...
  13. Mesud

    she does drink tea neither

    Hello which sentences are correct. 1)she does drink tea neither < Other sentences removed. Cagey, moderator>
  14. M

    to serve German and Norwegian immigrants

    Hello everyone, From the book Thank You for Being Late by Thomas Friedman. Thrivent grew out of the Aid Association for Lutherans and Lutheran Brotherhood insurance co-ops, founded in 1899 to serve German and Norwegian immigrants after a mill explosion killed many breadwinners and left their...
  15. L

    contexts for: "I will work for July."

    Good day! My own examples: Situation #1: Context: now is June. I will work for July. Does it mean: I will work strictly from the 1st of July to the 31st. What else can it mean? Situation #2: Context: today is the 10th of July. A: I will work for July. B: It's already July! A: I know, but I...
  16. Naomi**

    he had a <strong, well-founded position>

    If someone who has his own opinion and stance says something great. Can I describe him with "he had a strong, well-founded position."? What's the meaning of "strong, well-founded position"?
  17. O

    How can I replace the word: muster

    They are prepared administrative procedures that come up at identifiable times in a curriculum when learners muster all their faculties to offer peak performance. Could you offer any suggestions which can replace 'muster' in this context? Thanks for your great help.
  18. H

    Check-in time

    Hello, If a hotel fails to provide guests with a room after its established check-in time, can I call it a “delayed check-in time” or “a delay at the check-in”? Or “a check-in delay”? Thank you
  19. luay

    phrasal verb "bring in" in a business context

    Hello!! I would like you to answer my question concerning this context!! Imagine that you want to teach the the phrasal verb "bring in" in the business context, which means to make a certain amount of money from a particular business, job, investment, or other. The question is: how can you...
  20. A

    if clauses

    Hi, I need to be sure before sending an the following sentence grammatically correct? I could ask him If it would be possible. Thanks in advance!
  21. S


    is it right to say "i come from large extended families, my mother one of 5 sibling and...." thank you
  22. E

    that's one son-rise ?

    I bet that's one son-rise David wishes he'd never seen. Hi guys. What does this sentence mean ?
  23. I

    during + perfective

    Is this a mistake? During - English Grammar Today - Cambridge Dictionary I haven’t done any exercise during the last week.
  24. Dibya

    Disturbance vs A disturbance

    What is the difference between these two different sentences? 1)The noise caused a lot of disturbance while I was studying. 2)They caused a disturbance. Thanks a lot.
  25. D

    It was an unforgettable moment when they started standing up for justice

    It was an unforgettable moment when they started standing up for justice. Can when the noun clause be considered to be a real subject when "IT" is an expletive? Thanks
  26. zaffy

    phone lost signal vs. dropped signal vs. no network coverage

    What do you say when you can't use your phone because it is not within an area with cellular network coverage or it is faulty? Can I say such sentences? -Sorry I couldn't call you because my phone had lost signal. (is the Past Perfect necessary?) -Sorry I couldn't call you because my phone...
  27. goldencypress

    Debit Note for Commission Pending Payment.

    Do both the following sentences mean the same thing? Are they both grammatically and idiomatically correct? 1. There are two debit notes for the commission for which payments are pending. 2. There are two debit notes for the commission pending payment. Thank you.
  28. filmmaker

    Plastic quality

    "The ƒ-stop is a major variable in the plastic quality of the image, but it is also a major variable in depth of field." Book: Film Production Technique - Creating the Accomplished Image (Bruce Mamer) Can anyone please say what the author means by "plastic quality"? Thanks.
  29. N

    preaches the same self

    Hi Would you please tell me what Thomas Carlyle means when says "He is one; and preaches the same Self abroad in all these ways." in the 3rd section of his book "Heroes and Hero Worship" when he talks of Shakespeare and his works and particularly about a person having all faculties whose every...
  30. Broca

    Lighted panel/light board

    Hi everyone, in one of the Clancy novels featuring Jack Ryan, I've found these two expressions to indicate a device used to follow the location of a person, in this case the president. The Navy steward followed Ryan’s location in the residence by watching a lighted panel that indicated POTUS’s...
  31. W

    has+past participle vs simple past

    In comparision to Rose, He has progressed very much in every field. OR In comparision to Rose, He progressed very much in every field. What is the difference between the two?
  32. D

    Adjective orders/ noun phrases

    Hello, My question is about adjective orders in English, this is what I know about adjective orders in English Determiner + value-opinion + size + physical quality + age + shape + color + origin + material + noun what I want to know is about the place where we can include compound adjectives...
  33. Tuanluong


    please help me with this one and change it for the correct answer Weather and (A) geography conditions may determine the (B) type of transportation used in a region.
  34. teacherdehnavi

    When you mean the opposite

    Is there a possibility of saying something that would mean the opposite just to tease or show annoyance? For example you're not interested in someone talking to you and when you say goodbye you mean fuck off.
  35. O

    Outer Limits

    Hello, Can someone explain to me what is meant when the phrase "outer limits of ..." is used? For instance, there is a book called The Outer Limits of Reason. What is the word outer supposed to mean in this context?
  36. K

    Opened, finished, carried, cleaned. [odd one out?]

    Hello everyone, I can't figure out which is the odd-one-out. I'd appreciate your help with explanation. Opened, finished, carried, cleaned. Regards, Kris
  37. H

    personalities' and personalities

    hi everyone could you please help me on this. what is the difference between these two. The other one has an apostrophe and another one is vice versa personalities' and personalities Thank you
  38. G

    Be out

    Hi :) This is a part of a conversation -> I've told you before, nobody uses my bike. Nobody. Is that clear? If you touch my bike again, you're out. Is it possible 'out' means 'outside'?
  39. W

    be exposed to or be involved in

    Hi guys, I want to say "I was exposed to the unique business pattern" or "I was involved in the unique business pattern" Which one is better? Is "be exposed to" often used to negative things? Thanks.
  40. A

    Example content vs example content classified

    If I say that INCOHERENT content is the content ... (provide a definition of INCOHERENT). And then should I say example content or example content classified: (the example itself of a INCOHERENT content here). Thanks!
  41. A

    In Modern Time

    I need to know whether it is correct to use the phrase “in modern time.” Or should I instead use the phrase “in the modern time” (with the definite article)?
  42. H

    What is "a rubber face"?

    "She has a rubber face and saucer eyes" Source: I saw it in a Korean book.
  43. Anne Frank

    They say love the truth, but they look for a lie

    Hello there... Em... The thing is I've just finished my the very first poem in English and need some natives to confirm all the constructions I've used are possible for a poem...:oops: here it is: One saying no word Isn't telling a lie So, don't ask him for more, and you may survive. Once...
  44. M

    "correct" and "make correction"?

    what is the difference between verb "correct" and "make correction"?
  45. H

    Does my sentence make sense?

    Hello! Does my sentence make sence? ''When Indigent families have many children, often without breadwinner, they tend to think how to survive rather than education.'' Thank you in advance!
  46. C


    HI everyone, just need to know what the word ( sidebar) means in the world of the medical blood test labels means!! I looked out in Dictionaries but it didn't help. thanks in advance.
  47. H

    Superior to speak to

    hi folks. I need help could you please explain to me this phrase " Do they believe that people who spoke English were like superior to speak to as well? " . I really don't get his point for saying this. Anyone here could help me ? Thanks
  48. Rheymart


    I am kinda confused about Supposed To Be and Supposedly, and please somebody tell me when do I need to use those words in proper situation. Thank you
  49. F

    that/which its becomes due

    the right to deduct VAT must be exercised during the period which it has arisen specially at the rime that its becomes due that or which?
  50. LoraLanguage

    stay/remain the path in the darkness

    Will I stay the path in the darkness for you? Hi! Is this correct? "Stay" or "remain" is the correct verb? Is it "for you" or "to you"?