1. P

    Will find out/going to find out

    Hey, I will find out or I’m going to find out when; literally I want to go downstairs (in my workplace) I don’t know when exactly, maybe now or 5minutes after to know when our delivery will be ready? This is a rapid decision?
  2. G

    10 hours <remaining / more> to upgrade.....

    Hi! I play an online game and would like to send the following message to my friends. Would you tell me which sentence is correct, please? 10 hours remaining to upgrade my 15-level stronghold, guys! 10 hours more to upgrade my 15-level stronghold, guys! 10 hours remaining for my 15-level...
  3. G

    Let me come/go/get back home.

    1. Let me come back home. 2. Let me go back home. 3. Let me get back home. Please explain the meaning of these sentences and please explain the timeline when to use which one thanks in advance.
  4. H

    Is everything where it should be?

    What does "Is everything where it should be?" mean? <---Topic added to post by moderator (Copyright)---> Does it mean "Is everything alright?"
  5. J

    The culture of the white man, which was industrially and agriculturally based...

    1.The culture of the white man, which was industrially and agriculturally based... Is this line correct? credits to ACT online prep
  6. Dibya


    1 there has been a lot of talk about me going on. < --- > So my question is are there any grammatical mistakes or errors in these sentences if there are any please help me out...... Thanks a lot.... < Other sentences will need their own threads. Cagey, moderator >
  7. F

    Is this sentence grammatical?

    Hello! I wrote this sentence. "You may get more return in business if you throw something in for free. People think they are getting a real deal." Is it grammatical? If it is ungrammatical, what should I fix?
  8. M

    I gave that you wanted something...consideration.

    Hi, Do the following sentence sound natural to you? I gave that you wanted me to prepare dinner a little consideration. <-----Additional sentence removed by moderator (Florentia52)----->
  9. T

    How to email back

    Situation 1) If my client asks me or wish me to go back my country well through the flight after meeting from the U.S, how can I email back formally ? Situation 2) If I want to receive some data from the client quickly, how can I email her in a good manner ? I want to be seen professionally.
  10. S

    has no [synonyms]

    Hi, I have to write a five-letter word that has the same mean as "has no" Thank you!!
  11. L

    every boy can speak English, (can't he / can't they)? [tag question]

    Hello :) Which one is correct, "Every boy in the class can speak English, (can't he / can't they)?" Thank you.
  12. N


    Hi! Is it possible to know where the verb with suffix -ing is an adjective or a noun. For example, achieving, advertising (nouns) but exciting (adjective). Or a dictionary is my adviser)
  13. Abcd123kkk

    getting into unneccesary fights

    Is it idiomatic to say He has a habit of getting into unneccesary fights. Does it mean that the person fights a lot and that he takes up a lot of fight . So does it mean to fight Get into a fight . If not can I say that he takes up unneccesary fights?
  14. O

    Well, I ve done the shopping.

    Can anyone help me, please? What is the conventional implicature in the following exchanges: A: Have you cleaned the kitchen and done the shopping? B: Well, I ve done the shopping. What conversational maxims are flouted in each case? Thank you!
  15. hcanbyrm

    This chicken doesn't very good smell.

    Hello. I would like to ask these sentences with perfectly grammar. This chicken doesn't very good smell. I saw a programme really good on TV last night. I'd like to see that new Michael Moore film. It interesting sounds. Thanks For All. :)
  16. T

    make sense out of

    What does 'make sense out of' means ex) she made sense out of all the stuff. <Second question removed. Nat, moderator>
  17. srknpower

    Show up

    Hello what does show up mean here? Tex from image of an automatic response by a forum or website: ‘Follower requests”: You don’t have any follower requests. When someone requests to follow you, it’ll show up here. Copied by Cagey, moderator
  18. H

    package the loans into bonds

    Can somebody explain it for me, please? "Banks irresponsibly lent to US households who couldn’t really afford the mortgages they were being sold, egged on by the massive returns to be made by packaging the loans into bonds by their investment banking arms." Source: Bitcoin bubble? The warnings...
  19. L

    Nothing vs nothings

    Hi ! I would like to know the difference between nothing and nothings Thanks a lot
  20. jpstephen

    To closen or not to closen?

    Hey, I was looking for the direct translation of a Spanish verb <-----Spanish word removed by moderator (Florentia52)-----> to an English verb (i.e. a single word, not a phrase). It means "to bring together" but not completely (such as "connect" or "combine"), just "to make closer"... which is...
  21. L

    I do not know if I wrote this correctly

    I do not know if I wrote this correctly " Internet proxy servers let you hide your IP address and stay (mostly) anonymous. They work by routing your traffic through a different IP address before reaching the destination so that the website you're visiting thinks that your IP address is the one...
  22. alemuci

    Colored cards system in US schools

    "We’ve all seen an elementary school student flop downandweep over a color change": this sentence refers to some evaluation system usedi in US elementary school: how does it work? Does it imply the use of cards? Does the student lose privileges getting a yellow or a red card? Thank you for your...
  23. L

    Pink-flowering thorn

    Topic: Pink-flowering thorn Added by Cagey, moderator I have a question what does it mean? Please give me meaning. It is in the book The picture of Dorian Gray
  24. Noriko Tan

    push and pull

    Hello! Could you please explain the meaning of "push and pull" in the following sentence: "The project will be one of constant push and pull" Sorry, but I can't provide further context.
  25. K

    mail to team and tl

    Hi i Need to send mail to my Tl with i am send this below mail to them is it ok? would you please check once attachment. here i am attaching Trenz Cart HTML files. please give me you suggestion
  26. A

    Does it make sense?

    Hello, Does the expression "Every moment which takes you also gives you. Even if it doesn't seem (that) that fall teaches you to get up." make sense? Thank you for your help. Alice
  27. K


    Hi, For the purposes of this Loan, the said Additional Budget Lines could be opened in the budget of a specific year up until 31 January of the following year and those contracted or not contracted are carried forward per the request of the MoPH. What does "contracted" mean please in this...
  28. T

    I ___ watching TV when Paul and Simon arrived.

    Topic sentence: I ___ watching TV when Paul and Simon arrived. Cagey, moderator 1.were 3.was
  29. S

    Person belonging to middle class = ?

    Good day! I'm searching for terms used for people who stand between the best-off and worst-off in a society (i.e. the middle class). I'm interested in all terms - not only in modern context. Also slang and archaic words are of interest. I know bourgeois, but would like to know if there are...
  30. Muhammad Khatab

    Wanna be strong, but in vain. Advise me, please.

    How can a person be filled with life and then be empty? Where does it all go? Will the unknown be something satisfactory to the extent that you'll forget all about the one thing that once made you full of life? Or you're still on your way towards emptiness and soullessness? Is it considered to...
  31. B

    psychological problems and mental health problems

    Is there any difference between psychological problems and mental health problems? For exmple feeling lonely, worry, low self-worth--- what kind of problem? depression or suicidal thought- what kind of problem? I am very confused.
  32. N

    Freed POW

    Hi, What's the word you use in your books or talks for a "released/freed POW/Captive"? Thanks in Advance
  33. C

    line graf

    Good afternoon,could Somebody help me to find out there are mistakes or not. I'm not sure the correctness of this sentence. "the figure for Internet Express, Wi-fi Cafe and Café Cool changed gradually from income January to December." Thanks in advance P.S.In this file, what I'm trying to do...
  34. Anushka Athukorala

    As Chance would have it / as it happens/happened

    Hello Members The sentences below are from two dictionaries.I would like to know the difference between them. e.g. As chance would have it, John was going to London too.So I went with him. e.g. As chance would have it, the only time I wanted to see her, she wasn't in. e.g. As it happens, I...
  35. csicska

    pronunciation: buoyancy [American English]

    Hello. Could you please tell me if you pronounce "buoyancy" as buːjənsi or bɔɪənsi? Thank you.
  36. N

    Echoed or Had echoed?

    After his bad rehearsal, he claimed that he is not able to sing because his voice ................ in his ear due to an old scattered sound system. Can I use had echoed in his ear? Or only echoed? Will both work? I am confused with the past perfect here?
  37. D

    missing words in the phrases.

    That's an exercise on expressions explaining a word we don't know. ( It's a person who works in a restaurent) 1 It's the ..... of fat. 2 It's the ........... to worried
  38. D

    Help[Simple Subjects,Verb, etc]

    I have just returned from a visit to my landlord. He is my solitary neighbor. This is certainly a beautiful country! Mr. Heathcliff little imagined how my heart warmed towards him. Identify the four simple subjects, four predicate verbs, and two predicate nominatives in the four sentences...
  39. A

    grammar info

    Hi everyone.. I need a little it grammatically correct to say "may happiness always be the key"?
  40. W

    in addition / as well as

    please "in addition" and "as well as" , any different between for use ?
  41. N

    will be going ahead and check

    I just saw an email and I'm not sure but it sounds wrong for me can anyone please help me check or correct. Thank you "I will be going ahead and check on this" < Second sentence should have its own thread. Cagey, moderator >
  42. D

    Wedding photographer slogan

    Hi! First of apologize for my writing mistakes. I am David Asensio, wedding photographer in Spain, and I want to ask you for some help in englsh linguistic, in concret for an slogan for my work. In my work I focus on STORYTELLING through INTIMATE and ADVENTUROUS pics and those three concepts...
  43. M

    Saw Situation Definition

    Hi What does 'Saw Situation' mean? I think it refers to a condition in which a person can not do something and can not not to do that. Assume you are a soldier and your best friend is your enemy. If you encounter which him, you will be in a Saw Situation. kill him or let him to kill you? Am I...
  44. P

    is it possible to say singular in English

    Because I am no wonder it. Some stages can be singular or plural? Thanks now.
  45. 0

    turn other age/ages

    Which sentence below is grammatically correct? Doesn't everyone in the world turn other age once in their life? Doesn't everyone in the world turn other ages once in their life? Since I'm trying to talk about all the years in our lives, shouldn't "age" be plural?
  46. H

    would have+ P.P

    hi everybody, how to use would have + past perfect? Thank you very much.
  47. russian80

    You know, keep in touch and write me whenever you feel like doing it.

    What would be an very informal, casual actually, shorter colloquial version of "You know, keep in touch and drop me a line whenever you feel like doing it" ?
  48. russian80

    I can't {help, fail} but {to} agree with you.

    Who is likely to use which when: I can't fail but to agree with you. I can't help but to agree with you. I can't fail but agree with you. I can't help but agree with you. I can't but agree with you.
  49. S

    "We were too late. The train had left." [past perfect]

    1a. The house burned to the ground. 1b. The house had burned to the ground. 2a. All her hair had been burnt away. 2b. All her hair were burnt away. Is it good to use past participle in the above sentences? Usually past participle is used if there are main and dependent clauses. Please comment...
  50. A

    play host to a film

    A location plays host in a film or to a film? Thanks in advance!