1. U

    Groping for a proper word: indefinable, unidentified, unrecognisable

    Imagine that we are in a room and see things somewhat in the distance unable to make out what exactly they are: maybe some statuettes or bizzare-shaped jars or whatever. With what adjective can we refer to such things? Which are best suitable? Note that I am interested precisely in the adj +...
  2. B

    He had creepy eyes

    In a novel, one of the guys is described as having "creepy eyes". In this context, would it be the same as having intimidating eyes?
  3. И

    In a cold morning/On a cold morning

    In a cold morning/On a cold morning Edited to add topic. Cagey, moderator Which is correct and why?
  4. mumblazer

    actual rentals for housing

    Hello! Could anyone explain what "actual rentals for housing" mean. This is an item from a list of consumption sub-categories that leave an Ecological Footprint. The list includes almost all the aspects of human activity, such as "electricity, gas and other fuels, transport services, clothing...
  5. A

    significant step on the road to obtaining

    Hi, Please advise, is the underlined phrase correct? Thanks. A. By this last court decision the company managed to take a significant step on the road to obtaining procedural standing within the proceedings against xx.
  6. babai

    (With) Krishna going or gone to the usa

    1.(With) Krishna going to the use, his brother took the responsibility. 2.(With) Krishna gone to the use, his brother took the responsibility. Do the two sentences above express the same meaning? if yes then can I use this pattern in the below sentence? (With) him going /gone to the use...
  7. JunJiBoy

    Please provide grammatical term

    English words seem to evolve from a "stem" or "root"? What do you call all this? I'll be thrilled to hear back from you. Thank you! Take the word "act" for example, that's all the words I could think of for now. act v. activate v. enact v. - enactment n. react v. - reaction n. re-enact v. -...
  8. Horizens

    he <relented>, allowed the memory to .....

    What's the meaning of the underlined: "Following her up the walk, he relented, allowed the memory to take shape."? (Taken from: Wedding Dress_Twenty Questions by Paul McComas)
  9. Anna Yeranosyan

    Word order issue

    Hi everybody, I would like to know if the word order of this sentence is PROPER? If not, what I should change? "I, as a team member, collectively with the team leader, aim at the aquirement of all our goals." Thanks in advance
  10. D

    Analysis of a poem

    Hello everybody, I am studying for my finals and I am really struggling for the analysis of a poem in a book called "The Children Act" by Ian McEwan. If you don't mind to help me with my poem, here is a little summary of the story (necessary I think). The story is about a 17-year-old boy who...
  11. C

    explore something amazed you

    'explore something amazed you' Correct grammar?
  12. Stephen Schmidt


    Hi everyone, I'm reading the transcript of the phone call by Betty Ong on the AA11. What does "3R" stand for? Thanks.
  13. R

    from time to time

    Hello everyone! I have a doubt about this expression: could it be used meaning "in that particular period"? I have this sentence saying "a shareholder is a holder of shares of the Company from time to time". It is pretty strange to understand it with its usual given meaning... Thanks!
  14. sagar grammar

    write to me on/to/at this address.

    Hello teachers I have to use a preposition in the blank. Help me to Please write to me ______ this address. 1- to 2- at 3- on 4- upon Thanks... :-)
  15. jexrry_nam

    Noun for look down on?

    Dear all, I was wondering if there is an noun for looking down on someone? All I can think of is underestimation. Could someone help me out? Thanks
  16. Haroon


    Hi; In a text that describes juice maker I read the following: - The revolutionary Twin Motor Design: - To be used as a regular juice extractor - These are the host of this you can do with it: I think it is a typo but could not find its alternative. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in...
  17. 7

    Difference between Giving someone a benefit of the doubt and being naive

    I need help with understanding. I grew up in a household where you always give someone a benefit of the doubt (turn the other check when they say they are sorry). Which I do. Recently I have been called naïve. I don't want to grow cold, hard and judgmental (I've been accused of that in...
  18. S

    Is this sentence right?

    Is this sentence right? My previous headphones don't work.
  19. A

    lives and property <are><is> at risk

    In the verb that follows "lives and property" in the singular or plural? So is it... especially when "lives and property ARE at risk" or especially when "lives and property IS at risk"?
  20. L

    Reimbursement Letter

    I booked train ticket for Dr.David journey on 19.Apr.2016 and the ticket is attached for your kind perusal. I request you to kindly do the reimbursement for the same. (Kindly check the content)
  21. S

    <comprise> a post-industrial trend

    Hi. What does "comprise" mean in: emotional expressiveness may not only be generated by specific cultures, but also comprise a post-industrial trend ?Thanks in advance
  22. Anastasya.v

    Feel in my heart

    Hello everyone! I’m writing an article about artist's creativity and I need your help and advice, how to make one sentence. The meaning of this sentence must be next – “He felt in (with) his heart that pain, which we had”. But I need to use next words: carry > through > heart. I’m not sure...
  23. C

    A taste of ash in the mouth

    What is meant by the phrase above? Has it something to do with Pyrrhic victory? Reference: Today's Times of India editorial by Dileep Padgaonkar.
  24. abdullah1996

    Where is she from, where from is she, where she is from

    Hello everyone 1. Where is she from? 2. Where from is she? 3. Where she is from? Which one is correct and what is best way to say?
  25. H

    Are recall and remember synonyms?

    Are recall and remember synonyms? Recall =to bring back from memory; remember: Remember=to recall to the mind;
  26. Andrew1980

    nozzle anchoring

    Hi, what may nozzle anchoring mean in lock structure, can this be like a hole in a lock? I was asked to do this for translation agency and have no additional context except that it is from figure of lock structure (scheme of lock elements). May be you have some idea?)
  27. Nastya13

    A letter

    I'm writing to tell you Gabie arrives on November 17th! Do you remember Gabie? We went to New Jersey one year ago! ________________________________________ I'm writing to inform you about arrangements I have made. Firstly, I can't meet you at the airport, so Kate do it. Secondly, I have taken 2...
  28. C

    where he came

    Hello guys, I have a problem , I don't get the point where is the problem in the sentence, I've been told that there are grammar mistakes: In the first novel where he came and It was written when Alex first encountered Greg. Thank you!
  29. V

    look the part

    The context: "If he had had a big, bushy beard he would have even looked the part" - using of the word "part" in this context is so weird and does not make any sense for me. Could someone explain it to me? Thank you,,
  30. G

    financial data coming from providers

    Hi all, could you please help me to understand if the following mail is wornking? "Hi XXXX, All the requested instruments have been analysed and mapped by following the info provided us with coming from BBG." ........
  31. Intoarut

    not so committed like Richard

    Hi everyone, Here's a sentence to rephrase using the word LIKE: "Richard is much more committed to the project than Grant seems to be." "Grant seems to be ........ to the project." (like) My sentence... "Grant seems to be NOT SO COMMITTED LIKE RICHARD to the project." But I'm not happy AT...
  32. R

    List of names of people?

    Is this correct English? List of names of people?
  33. P

    The word "appendage"

    Hello everyone. Can the word "appendage" refer to a human's limb?
  34. A

    From active to passive.

    A distracting typo in the text Alex had bee given led to a lot of discussion. The typo has been corrected, and I have edited posts to remove the discussion. Cagey, moderator. Hi. I'm trying to transform a sentence from active to passive voice and I'm having some troubles since it's kinda...
  35. S

    force [factored] into

    Hi What does 'force into' mean in: Given, however, that 99 per cent of human evolution occurred while we were hunter gatherers, it is vital that ethnographic data gathered over the past 150 years about remaining hunter gatherers be factored into evolutionary theories. (The Sociology of Death |...
  36. E

    academic drive

    Hello, Please, I would like to know what this sentence means: academic drive Thank you so much
  37. B

    take the shits

    Hi, guys. it's me again. What's the meaning of " take the shits? " i know the meaning of " take a shit "; but I think using "the" instead of "a" somehow change the meaning. am I right?
  38. J

    Turning this night into <anything>more than what it is.

    Turning this night into <anything>more than what it is. Making this night <anything> more than what it is. Here, I think omitting anything would sound better, but I'm not sure. would you get rid of
  39. S

    by one's side

    What does 'by his side' mean here? ....grabbing his arm and attempting to push it down by his side. 138
  40. 0

    Pull / Get / Put your life together

    Which sentence is correct? Pull your life together. Put your life together. Get your life together. Are they all correct?
  41. GustavoRSS17

    Difference between "whole, all and everything "

    I'd like to know the difference between the words "all, whole and everything" and also how to use each of them.
  42. lucky112

    Frequency of use

    Hi, I am a graduate school student :) My lab mates are really bad at English so I always kinda proofread their manuscripts even though my English is also bad :( BTW, I have some trivial questions. Except for major corrections, I use Google for minor stuffs so that I want to check the...
  43. R

    Finance Terms - What is Provision Release in Impairment? Why does it show a negative value in P/L

    What is Provision Release in Impairment? Why does it show a negative value in P/L
  44. vijay_brat

    unobliging stumble of history

    Topic phrase: unobliging stumble of history Cagey, moderator. Source: Einstein-Life and times CONTEXT Einstein is certain to get even more critical study as the deeper implications of his work continue to be investigated. < ---- > But something more than these specialist portraits, each...
  45. JuriTerreni

    neg it on

    From TV series<Making a murderer>, I had a bunch of friends over, and we were fooling around with the cat, and I don't know, they were kind of negging it on, and...I tossed him over the fire, and he lit up. What does "neg it on" mean? Thank you.
  46. Contessina

    Surprised be / at being

    Naturally, my brother was surprised (be) AT BEING accused of such a crime. I can't see the difference between surprised by and suprised with in this context, therefore I am not sure which one to put.
  47. s.salehi9001

    feel bitter in the thought that they have been cheated

    Hey there! plz pay attention to underlined part below: young men who have reason to fear that they will be killed in battle may justifiably feel bitter in the thought that they have been cheated of the best things that life has to offer. :confused::confused: what do they mean? thank you very...
  48. Afshin81

    He looks large for his age

    My nephew is 15 years old, but he looks like a 20-year-old young man due to his big athletic body. In the sentence below, is it better to say "large for" or "larger than?" He looks large for his age. He looks larger than his age. Thanks in advance.
  49. B

    attitude / mindset

    What is the difference in meaning between "attitude" and "mindset"?
  50. Y

    infinitive vs gerund

    Gerund is used when the speaker describes what is happening or what the speaker thinks is true from one's experience. (1)Talking in the library is not allowed. [what is happening now] (2) At social gatherings, engaging in conversation with people I don't know is challenging. [what is true from...