1. R

    somebody - them in fiction

    I know that "If you see somebody crying, try to cheer them up" is grammatically incorrect, even though commonly used. Would it be acceptable in a story for kids?
  2. J

    to sell up

    Hello. I have a grammatical question and hope you offer me help. :) Here is the text: The day's findings will be collected and sold to an itinerant buyer. He in turn will sell his purchases up the chain to one of the more established agents. I have trouble in understanding the bold part. Are...
  3. Caioveloso

    Usages of "take in" and "take on"

    Hello guys, I always come across these phrasal verbs and I want to know in which situations can I use each of them, I realized that they have lots of meanings and sometimes "take in" and "take on" are very similar.
  4. H

    "Baby" it or they?

    Do you use it or they for a "baby" ?
  5. A

    Now <it><my pulse> pound(s) like a drum

    Hi everyone! Can someone please tell me if "now my pulse pound like a drum I kill apathy before it kills the sun" is correct? it should be a rhyme in a song. Thank you very much!
  6. hoaxcolour

    Need a confirmation for this

    Is this correct? 'we should always have the intention to do good deeds without expecting something in return'. It sounds weird when i'm talking this out loud, is there like something wrong or something missing from this? Please help.
  7. Sun14

    rely on too much

    Hello, my friends, I was wondering whether the underlined part is to colloquial and not idiomatic enough to write in a language test: People with talent are easy to succeed. If you rely on your talent too much then your will become lazy and your laziness will inhibit you from becoming successful.
  8. Garz

    We missed you / We've missed you

    I guess both form are correct, but which one is more commontly used in English? Thank you.
  9. vincix

    set two things in opposition

    Can you actually say 'set something in opposition', meaning to make two things oppose each other? If not, what other phrase can I use?
  10. U

    ready to vs ready for

    what the difference between "ready to" and "ready for"?
  11. G

    how to write a reminding email to boss

    Hi everyone, I've asked my boss for one month holiday in Oct, they approved already in July. Now it's September, I'd like to reminding them. How should I write this letter? Thanks.
  12. M

    Which LED will bring 4 degree Temp variation

    WHICH LED WILL BRING 4 DEGREE VARIATION IN TEMPERATURE.I NEED THIS TO TEST A MOTION SENSOR.My Motion sensor is working based on IR and 4*c Temperature variation
  13. P

    let us to turn

    I'd like to ask you if this sentence is correct: "What makes our products stand out is the commitment we put into our job, which has let us to turn our passion into profit." I'm not sure especially on the usage/correctness of the second part, even though also the first one is giving me a lot of...
  14. E

    substitute of "doesn't"

    Hi. I wrote some song long ago, and I don't know how I could have been so stupid. My level of English language was really low (I'm not good neither now), and I made some silly mistake. I didn't know how "does" works, I've just knew it is needed somewhere instead of "do". Yea, I know. So - wait...
  15. A

    I have him <painting, paint> the room.

    Hello I want to know if these two sentences differ in meaning: I have him painting the room. (I get him painting the room) I have him paint the room. (I get him to paint the room). Thanks!
  16. S

    Full infinitive or bare infinitive for updates

    Good morning! I´d really appreciate it if you could clarify the following to me: When making an update in Project Management and talking about the next tasks to perform, Shall I start the sentence with full infinitive or bare infinitive? Does it depend on the American or British style? Thanks in...
  17. Faramarz2015

    The subjective form of "shine"

    Hi, What is the subjective form of "shine"? Is it correct to use "shiner"? For example, softener and shiner? (Could you suggest any other words with similar meaning and same usage?) Thank you.
  18. Q

    1. I feel jealousy a lot 2. I feel a lot of jealousy

    1. I feel jealousy a lot 2. I feel a lot of jealousy I think 1. and 2. are pretty much the same. but I'd like to know which is common.
  19. flowersophy

    spaniel film

    Hi, I am confused about the meaning of "spaniel film" in the following context: so maybe Astaire however briefly offered her something that enabled him to get Easter Parade which is a spaniel film off the ground and thrill.They strike sparks of each other. It’s the chemistry on on between the...
  20. D

    preposition use in 'data of gas well numbers were used'

    Hi there, have just read this in a thesis: 'data of gas well numbers were used' - is this ('data of') acceptable in academic English?
  21. D

    to rub off..

    Hello everyone, Whats difference between 'to rub off on' and 'to rub off into' Kindly explain.. Thanks
  22. lgr632525968

    which major are you going to study abroad

    One of my friends is going to study in Australia. I asked "Which major are you going to study abroad" I wonder if my sentense is correct. Thank you.
  23. D

    Pls help to check grammar for my email

    Hi All, I'm writing an email to my supplier about travelling plan, so pls help to check its grammar. Many thanks. "After communicating with key dealers, there's been a change of plan, we will be having dinner with key dealers on 30th July. And then, the upcountry trip shall be started on 31st...
  24. Afshin81

    collateral and self-expression

    Hi What do the specified words mean in this sentence? What started as a side interest has since budded into an enterprise generating over $1 million a year in annual revenue and satisfying a market demand for collateral and self-expression. Thanks in advance
  25. S

    They originally ran white high on the entail cut

    They originally ran white high on the entail cut. The product has white and blue colorways. They ordered 90% white and 10% blue on their first order. What does entail cut mean?
  26. N

    Kindly help me with this sentence

    I would suggest taking this case up with Mark to further review the crew action as I believe this case did not require secuirty intervention.
  27. M

    You rock [American? British? Australian?]

    Hi, I'd like to say to someone that he is very talented and that I respect his skills very much. Can I say "Man, you rock!"? How would a native say it in a very informal way, please? Thanks.
  28. J

    a bit of a faff

    I know the meaning of "faff", but when it comes together with "off", I become confused. The whole sentence is In biblical times, homeowners protected themselves by covering their doors with the blood of lambs, which generally speaking is a bit off a faff. I guess it means that to cover the...
  29. jacdac

    'tis of thee

    Hi What is the meaning of 'tis of thee? I came across it in my piano book. Thank you in advance.
  30. I

    for a more emphasized sentence

    hi To emphasize the meaning of the following sentence, should I use the second expression with "even if" at the beginning of the sentence? thank you "It is a traditional pulp-capping material used in the vital pulp treatments, even if the use of CH has now been subsided with the use of MTA...
  31. J

    The difference between the means vs. The difference of the means

    Here's a sentence that I've made. The difference between the means of transportation today and the ones in the past. And can I transform this original sentece like this? The difference of the means of transportation between today and in the past. I'd like to know all of the available...
  32. D

    I booked something online - transformation using "did"

    Could you help me out with the following sentence which should be rewritten using up to 6 words, one of which should be "did": I need a short break, so I booked something online. -> I need a short break, ... something online.
  33. B

    The supply Monday what might

    I'm not sure whether it is a correct sentence or not. Can you tell about the meaning of this (The supply Monday what might.) ?
  34. T

    toss vs fling

    I hope that I'm not galling with all my questions today. Could you tell me please, what is the difference between tossing and flicking? Both mean throwing something and I totally don't see any difference
  35. A

    to be anywhere

    a. She has a thousand reasons to be anywhere. Does this mean 1. She has a thousand reasons to be anywhere she is. (Every time she is somewhere, she has a thousand reasons to be there) or 2. She has a thousand reasons to be in each place there is. Right now she has a thousand reasons to be in...
  36. Sun14


    Hello, my friends, I was wondering whether the definition of paranoid in Chinese is correct: In the definition in Chinese, paranoid means you insist on doing something even most people think the way you use is incorrect. You stick to your goal even you become stubborn, but I find in the...
  37. P

    to sum it up

    Hi, does this expression exist in English? "To sum it up" I know the one "To sum up". Thanks
  38. M

    Professional Business Letter : in first person?

    Hello everyone. I had to write a professional business letter to inform my hypothetical employer of my recommendation and analysis about several alternatives for one of my course. Since the incredibly generic guideline from the professor did not mention anything regarding view point, I...
  39. J

    all attempts that _________ all failed

    The first expedition was carried out in 1922, but this and all attempts that .................. all failed A. accompanied B. supported C. pursued D. followed
  40. M

    "just think" meaning? :)

    What does "just think :) " mean? :)
  41. K

    Responding to a comment that blah blah / which says blah

    <<Responding to a comment that ___ / which says ____>> Which one sounds more correct? Thanks in advance!=)
  42. M

    find it difficult to study vs find difficult to study

    Hi, I read an interesting sentence in a website, Many people find difficult to differentiate between these two eating places because of their similarities. To help you, the whole paragraphs goes about difference between cafes and restaurants. Anyway, what I want to...
  43. Htmx99


    I watched a scene of a movie. A daughter and a young guy was singing a song together, and then her father came in. G=a young guy, D=daughter, F=Father. G: Up my hip, when I zip... D: You zip! G: We zip!" (laughter) "I can't believe you know that song! Oh, hey, sir, you actually forgot your...
  44. R

    Asking for proposal

    Hi all,I have someone came in to inspect our company from pest. He said he will send his proposal and will go from there. It's been two days ago until now i have not heard from him.Is it okay to say in my email to him: Hi Victor, You came Friday to inspect our facility. You said you will send...
  45. D

    at/on my engagement

    We were planning invitations for the guest. Which preposition is the correct one? I will invite these persons at/on my engagement. I think both are right but I am not sure.
  46. A

    the comma after day-month

    Hello, If the date is written in the order of "day-month-year", is it "1st August, 2015" or "1 August 2015"? (Pay attention to the comma)? I find some materials on net state that the former should be the case, while I find in other matierals the latter seem standard writing. So I am confused...
  47. HSS

    its strangers [at strangers]

    I guess a link to a YouTube video is not allowed on this forum, so I will use my transcription to ask this question. Could anyone kindly please tell me what you think is said where I heard 'its strangers'? I don't think there is no antecedent for 'its,' so I guess I heard the part wrong.
  48. iwan

    grouch, grouse, grumble [verb]

    I'm rather confused when using these verbs : 1. Grouch 2. Grouse 3. Grumble Which verb should I use to mean that I'm complaining about something ? Thanks . .
  49. A

    found myself back

    is it correct to use, in a song, the phrase "feels like i found myself back and someone else's too", to mean that i found myself again, back to my original way of being and in the meanwhile someone else did the same (has too)? i would also mean that i found someone else's self, or helped him/her...
  50. V

    great pain/bad pain; great cold/bad cold

    Why do we say great pain and bad cold; and not bad pain and great cold? English isn't my natural language so discerning the explanations to these, is truly hard. I need to know how you choose the proper word for matters. I appreciate eveything guys.. Thanks so much.