1. E

    smothered their brothers / had their brothers smothered

    Hello The sentence below is my own sentence. What I was trying to mean was actually something different. In my sentence, it looks like "Crown Princes" smothered their brothers, but what I want to say is that someone smothered their brothers and Crown Princes made that person to do so. Crown...
  2. R

    mildly vs slightly

    I was wondering what's the difference between "mildly" and "slightly" and searching through the forum I've only found a thread which only says that they are very similar. Mildly, Slightly, Moderate, Severe, How could this order be correct? Thank you Rebecca
  3. F

    I'm looking for a word to describe...

    Hi. Please could help me identify an appropriate word that I could use to describe a 'tick sheet' I'm arguing with my Local Planning Authority about the tick sheet they use to identify if a bat survey is required. In my opinion the tick sheet is designed so that you.... "cannot pass", "you...
  4. R

    a delicate vase

    Hi guys, I am an English learner and recently I came up with two questions. << --- first question removed --- >> 2. I learnt a word 'delicate' which has such two meanings, one is ' made and formed in a careful and detailed way' while another is ' easily damaged or broken' So what does it...
  5. R

    Apostrophe: can you hear the difference? [e.g. brother's / brothers]

    Hello, I have tried to learned English in the recent weeks and , naturally enough , I have met some problems . Here is the checklist When you talk in everyday english can you hear the differences between these expressions, My brothers' souls and My brother's souls , I know they are pronounced...
  6. A

    I made a mistake

    I know that ''mistke'' it is something that is not real. example: I can't write ''monay'' it's real. Why do people mean when they say: ''I made a mistake when I met her'' Thank you!
  7. Dazun

    Does it effect me? vs. Does it affect me?

    I don't understand the difference between effect & affect :confused: ... can you tell me the difference between " Does it effect on me? " & " Does it affect on me? " ??? It would be more helpful if you could provide some examples too :) :) :) thank you!
  8. A

    How the news got less mean

    There is an article named How the News Got Less Mean. What does the word "mean" mean?
  9. M

    it is through being seen to be successful

    Can anyone explain this sentence to me? <Question from original thread title added to post by moderator (Florentia52)——-> Challenges are a threat to self-esteem as it is through being seen to be successful that these students define themselves. ... The source is " The Lecturer's toolkit" by...
  10. B

    you can hardily provide that website with your login details

    Dear all, I've created a website and I've just purchased an internet security plan from a specialized online company, to protect my website from attacks. Since this online company asked for my website log in details to fix an issue, I've asked my hosting providers if it was safe to provide them...
  11. D


    I know this is very commonly asked question but I have problem with this because I have seen native speakers not to think over it while speaking. Will: He told me that he was/is coming.(if the day has passed then we would use was, if not then is) Oh man! I did not know you were/are here.(At...
  12. S

    excerpt from Wuthering Heights

    Read the following excerpt from Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte. But Mr. Heathcliff forms a singular contrast to his abode and style of living. . . . Possibly some people might suspect him of a degree of under-bred pride; I have a sympathetic chord within that tells me it is nothing of the...
  13. F

    it has been done vs it was done

    <<it has been done vs it was done>> what is difference between them?
  14. S

    pouring <it> out ['it' refers to?]

    Hi, all. This is from <This is Dali> by Catherine Ingram. Does the bold "it" refer to Surrealism?
  15. F

    Celebrities’ names or Celebrities names?

    The sentence is: "Students will play the game using music celebrities’ names." So, should it be celebrities’ names (with the apostrophe) or celebrities names (no apostrophe)? I always get confused when to use the apostrophe.
  16. R

    be cozy / feel cozy [cosy]

    can I say " be cozy" or "feel cozy"? does it mean be comfortable?
  17. E

    A word to define someone who never does something wrong

    For example, If some guy is really bad and does all sort of wrong we could say he is an evil person. But what should we say to a guy who always obey his parents, never go to clubs or never do something wrong. What could be the best word to describe that guy. the antonym of evil is virtuous but...
  18. Z

    if judged as necessary ondansetron administration ....

    Dear Friends, I'm new on this forum. It'll be my first topic. I'd really appreciate If you could answer my below question. Can you please explain what you understand from the below sentence in 3 or 4 sentences if possible? Note: Naltrexone and ondansetron are drug names. They are no...
  19. C

    Knock the chocolate out of folks

    Hi I've just watched "Remember the Titans" Can an American tell me what this idiom means in the context Ton, Billy, Ray, come on over here. Boys. These are my all-American tackles. Prize bulls who don't do nothin' but knock the chocolate out of folks. thank you very much indeed
  20. E

    The tradition has made of him [meaning of 'made of']

    'The tradition has made of him and many others like him.' In this sentence, I can't perceive what the meaning of 'make of' is. When I searched the dictionary, it said the 'make of' means 'understand'. But the sentence above, how can the tradition understand a person? please help me. It would...
  21. R

    as to, about, concerning

    I'd like to know what's different among as to, concerng, about. When translated into Korean, their meanings are almost the same. Thanks.
  22. B

    they are all strange person

    They are all strange person. They are all a strange person. They are all strange persons. Which one is the right expression?
  23. R

    over warranty?

    Hi, Is it right to say something is over warranty, meaning it is no longer under warranty, e.g. when I take a faulty watch to a store and the sales clerk tells me it's no longer under warranty?
  24. N

    benefits to/of ....

    Hi The benefits to better brain function are almost innumerable. --- Should it be "to" or "of" better brain function?
  25. X

    she was resigned to putting her feelings at risk.

    She expected something very different out of love. She had reluctantly accepted suffering as an inevitable component of deep passion and was resigned to putting her feelings at risk. I didn't understand the second sentence. She had reluctantly accepted suffering as an inevitable component of...
  26. E

    if you live close

    Hi everyone ! I'm having difficulties with this one "wild boars can be dangerous if you live close", shouldn't it be "close by" ? Any help appreciated !
  27. Jacobdeiter

    convert a passive voice into active voice in speaking

    In my native language, we use passive voice very less, so when I speak in English I find difficulty in making passive voice. For example, in my native language, if a political party is defected in election then we say it as “the political party defeated” (translated into English). But in...
  28. S

    camp vs garrison vs post vs station

    Hi, I don't know about difference of these words. camp, garisson, post, station. Maybe they are all millitary words. Please tell me the difference,if there are them. (I don't know that I may post this thread at this. If I'm wrong,please remove it.)
  29. T

    opposite of advantage?

    Please someone to tell me what is the opposite of advantage
  30. S

    Singular/plural count nouns

    When I was reading about this, I was stuck here because, how the words books, teachers, ideas are termed as singular when actually they are plural because they end with 's'."Singular count nouns cannot be used alone. They must have a determiner:the book; that English teacher; a wish; my latest...
  31. K

    functional brain imaging

    Source: 5LB. Book of GRE(Graduate Record Examination) practice problems(Manhattan) However, functional brain imaging now has allowed us to look inside the brains of blind people who possess what can only be termed cerebral superpowers—the ability to understand speech at up to 25 syllables per...
  32. P

    Let me PULL UP your account.

    << --- Let me PULL UP your account. --- >> Is the verb phrase "pull up" correctly used in the sentence? I tried to look for the meaning of the verb phrase but no definition seems to fit. Thank you.
  33. Y

    it doesn´t count for you

    Hello, I wonder about the meaning of the phrase above, as it is used in the following passage: << Excessive quotation removed. >> “Did you see anything?” << Excessive quotation removed. >> “Nothing more or less than the natural function of a decaying mind.” “Maybe it doesn’t count for you.”...
  34. A

    Yesterday was OR is Thursday

    Hi! I'm being taught that I should use past tense with the word yesterday. My English teacher in my school says whenever I see the word 'Yesterday' in a test paper or need to use it, I should use the past tense with it. And we always use the present tense to talk about something that is a...
  35. niveau-un

    to name a few....

    Is it okay to start a sentence with " To name a few" in the following manner? To name a few, however, << the list : A, B, C , D etc.>> would suffice.
  36. S

    in a movie

    she might be getting yelled at
  37. F

    Four 80%'s/ Four 80%s

    Four 80%'s/ Four 80%s Which one is correct? Or is there a better expression? Thanks.
  38. rapadox

    Less is said about him vs. It is less said about him.

    Good morning, Which one is correct? It is less/more/very little said about him vs. Less/more/very little is said about him. Any explanation? Thanks for patience and helping
  39. C

    using had been or was for past

    I listened to an interview in which Retired General said ' I have been the part of war'. He used 'have been' for the war that took place 18 years back. What I think he should have used Had been or was. Which is correct?
  40. N

    Flooded areas

    Hello, I would like to know how to make an idiom from the following: - The lands or areas which are flooded or sunk or overflowed by rain. They are called ( ----). Example: When there are areas that are struck or battered by flood, they are called ( flood-hit areas). So, the answer is ...
  41. D

    I need to find a word...

    Hello everyone... I was wondering if anyone can help me find a word... I am looking for a word, however obscure, to describe the act of rearranging objects, you surroundings or an environment (such as your living room) to reflect your mood or feelings. I would greatly appreciate any help or...
  42. H

    As it were

    Hello, An English professor (he's English, not teaching English) said: "...and this little cartoon, as it were, I think we can use to demonstrate..." Is this gibberish? why not "as it be," or just "as it is ?" Thanks,
  43. S

    a whole 'nother thing

    Hi, What is this sentence supposed to mean? They think I'm chanting, they have a whole 'nother thing coming. A woman is in a rehab institute where people chant. She's astonished at it. Does she mean she won't join them? Thanks
  44. cheshire

    demand/request/suggest that [bare infinitive / subjunctive / indicative]

    Is this type of sentences dying out, or do you expect it to be dying out?
  45. Paskovich

    Collective nouns - Italy <wins, win> the Worldcup?

    Hey. I read this <Italy win the World Cup> yesterday when I was watching CNN News. Why is it "win" instead of "wins"?