1. 1

    two and one third tithes

    I'd like you to help me translating these in the following context: In the Old Testament, people were required to give two and one third tithes each year. A tithe means a tenth or 10%. Old Testament tithes amounted to approximately 23% per year. For the Israelites, the church and their...
  2. R

    Calling / To be Called

    I am trying to figure out how one would say for example: I have a calling to the ministry. OR How can one know when they are called to the ministry. Thank you for your assistance!! :)
  3. G

    Zum Andenken von T.Gund C.C.C. St.den 13th Januar 1823

    I have a silver cup bearing the above inscription. I have no idea how it came to be among our family memorabilia but presume it to be some sort of memorial ( if my understanding of Andenken is correct). I would appreciate any help that you can give me. Thank you Grindy
  4. G

    Foi je Tiendrai

    This appears as a motto in a family crest and has also been used by a member of the family at the end of an affectionate note to his Mother. The family is English. The only evidence I have of it being used in personal messages is in the 1930's. I have looked for this in the dictionary but do...
  5. L

    Deprication [Deprecation]

    Hello, I am looking for the translation of "Deprication". I found it in a text as follows: "The guilt however, the self-deprication and bad memories can last a lifetime. Thank you for the help.
  6. M


    i need to translte the following for an appeal we are making to potential donors along the lines of the hungry have the right to food.... "the oppressed to freedom"
  7. J

    substantial yet not exhaustive

    Hola a todos! Estoy traduciendo un manual de x entrenamiento bíblico , pero por más que busco la palabra que de en el clavo, no la encuentro ¿hay alguien que me pueda ayudar? Each unit is designed to be substantial yet not exhaustive... Esta es mi traducción: "Cada unidad está...
  8. M

    I qualify.

    How would one translate into Spanish the phrase "I qualify" in the following context: The teacher made sacrifices for her students. I qualify. The phrase "I qualify" here meaning that the person who said it was one of the students who could benefit from the sacrifices that the teacher made.
  9. S

    The tyranny of the favor line

    Hello, je traduis un livre en Anglais, et il y a une expressions qui est le titre d'un chapitre. THe tyranny of the favor line. J'explique. C'est un livre qui parle de Dieu et de l'attitude de gens qui cherchent à gagner Sa faveur. Et ça devient une tyrannie. On cherche à Lui être agréable...
  10. N

    God will come through for you again.

    Hi, Could you help me find the meaning of this sentence in Spanish? I´m translating a Bible class text. Context: Trust God that He will come through for you again. My try: Confía en que Dios te ayudará a salir bien de nuevo.??? It doesn´t sound well to me. Thanks
  11. Ilovelanguages

    Que la tierra se vaya haciendo camino ante sus pasos

    Hola. Sigo yo con esta traducción en este caso religiosa. Esta es una oración y tiene esa frase que no encuentro cómo traducir. Mi intento: May the land open a path for your steps. May the land open a path for you. Pero no me gusta, se me hace muy literal. ¿Alguien sabe cómo puedo decir...
  12. E

    mix of freely operating market signals

    "There is much work to be done to find the mix of freely operating market signals which can guide and reward an internationally competitive, profitable farming industry" i don't know how to translate the words in french! mélange de signaux du mérché libre d'exploitation? any other idea...
  13. K

    Get on

    Me podría alguien ayudar a entender cual es la mejor traducción para: get on en el siguiente contexto: There are three lessons we can learn how to get on from the story of the tree Hebrew. Gracias
  14. Kerena

    "up and outer"

    Hi, everybody! John 4 tell us about a "down and outer". It doesn't make any difference whether a person is an "up and outer" or "down and outer", they need to be saved. Could you tell me, what does "up and outer" means? Thanks a lot.:)
  15. B

    deseos para compleaños

    Hola: Estoy escribiendo una carta para el cumpleaños de mi amiga. Puedes decir: "Querida amiga: Feliz compleaños! Que dios te bendiga como nos ha bendecido con su presencia"? Gracias :)
  16. K

    assunzione e assunta

    C'é una differenza fra le parole "assunta" e "assunzione"? Si puo dire "assunta di Maria"? Perche ho visto che é scritto "Maria Assunta".. Grazie.
  17. K

    ascensione e assunzione

    Ciao a tutti, si parla dell'assunzione di Maria e l'ascensione di Gesu. Si puo dire anche l'ascensione di Maria o no? Quale sarebbe la differenza fra i due? Io penso che, in questo caso, assunzione vuol dire essere accettato al cielo e ascensione vuol dire salire in cielo. Se é cosi, in...
  18. Kerena

    to be forgiven of their sins

    Cordial saludo: Tengo la siguiente frase: "The Bible certainly teaches the pressing need for everyone to be forgiven of their sins." La he traducido así: "Ciertamente la Biblia enseña sobre la necesidad apremiante que todo el mundo tiene de que sus pecados le sean perdonados." Pero me parece que...
  19. M

    El día de Reyes / Los días de Reyes / Santos Reyes [Magos]

    Hello, As the Anglo-Saxon culture lacks the celebration of 'Los Reyes Magos' within the Christmas context, I was wondering which the better way for referring to it would be. I've heard several options and I'm not sure which is the right one. 1. The Three Kings' Day 2. The Three Wise...