1. M

    materiale di repertorio

    Hi all again!!! I find very difficult to translate the following sentence: Ha lavorato come responsabile delle ricerche di materiale di repertorio ( talking about a film project) She worked in charge searching for repertoire materials???? I think I am very confused about it, I really need...
  2. K

    conduzione televisiva

    Ciao! "La conduzione televisiva è stata affidata a una noto personaggio che ha riscosso molto successo nell'anno passato" Il mio dubbio è su "conduzione televisiva", il resto è ok! Dubito comunque che si dica "TV conduction"... Grazie!
  3. F

    V.O., P.O.V., O.S. [screenplay abbreviations]

    Hi I have some trouble to understand the exact meaning of some abbreviations used in a screenplay I am reading. The abbreviations (or acronysms) are: V.O. P.O.V. O.S. I quite understand the general meaning of these abbr. but can't guess what the capital letters stand for I'll quote a part of...
  4. D

    set (theater, movie)

    Hola foreros: Estoy traduciendo un texto donde repiten bastante la palabra "set", refiriéndose a un plató para filmar películas. Cuando se usa en plural, ¿se dice plató o platoes? Busqué en Internet y salen ambos. Gracias anticipadas y saludos, D.
  5. T

    stock negative film

    Hola a todos using 35 mm stock negative film usando 35 mm de pelicula en negativo de reserva? No sé no me suena muy bien alguna sugerencia?? Gracias:)
  6. T

    Motion picture industry

    Hola a todos: Una pequeña duda MOTION PICTURE INDUSTRY Se traduce Como: ¨Industria del cine¨ ¨Industria cinematográfica¨
  7. A

    asistente de dirección

    Hi everyone, Could you help me with the word for the person in charge of assist the director while making a movie?
  8. B


    Salve a tutti. Vorrei chiedervi se qualcuno sa dirmi la traduzione in inglese della parola italiana "rumorista". Finora non ho trovato una traduzione precisa, quindi eventualmente per utilizzare questa parola in inglese dovrei spiegarla al mio interlocutore. Ma mi chiedevo appunto se esistesse...
  9. Ludus

    In the middle of casting

    Ho tradotto con "Sono nel bel mezzo del casting", nel senso che sto portando avanti la scelta degli attori. E' una frase pronunciata da un direttore cinematografico. Va bene come traduzione?
  10. TimLA

    Head of Crowd Tuition

    Good afternoon, I've just finished seeing the most recent installment of "Harry Potter" (Hooray!:D). I like to stay until the movie completely ends (all the credits! - because of the movie "Alien"), and I noted a new phrase I'd never seen before (and I live just a few miles from Hollywood)...
  11. V

    Point of view shot

    J'essaie de traduire une liste de vocabulaire cinématographique pour quelqu'un mais j'ai de difficulté à trouver les mots français pour un "point of view shot". Est-ce que c'est pareille à la caméra subjective? Merci d'avance et j'apprécie toutes corrections de mes erreurs de grammaire!
  12. V

    Two-shot / Talking heads

    J'essaie de traduire une liste de vocabulaire cinématographique pour quelqu'un mais j'ai de difficulté à trouver les mots français pour un "two-shot" (aussi appelé "talking heads"). Ce plan est comparable au gros plan mais on voit deux sujets dans le cadre au lieu d'un. Certaines définitions...
  13. M


    Sorry, what is the mean of the term "offramp"? Thanks in advance for any help...also for any correction to my uncorrect English!
  14. M

    fuori scena

    It's a theatre term, in Italian language is an expression that mean out of the stage, or a suddenly event that happen out of foreseen theatre representation. How can I translate "fuori scena"? thanks in advance for any help, and....I'm a beginner in english, so if you want to correct my message...
  15. M

    Casablanca RE

    Alors, l'affiche se lit comme ça: CASABLANCA RE 1942. 1h40. Film d'aventures américain en noir et blanc de Michael Curtiz avec Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid, Conrad Veidt, Claude Rains. Casablanca à l'heure de Vichy. Un réfugié américain retrouve une femme follement aimée et...
  16. F

    Ciak di Corallo

    I have to translate this sentence: Al cineasta newyorkese il Ciak di Corallo 2009 alla carriera I wrote: A Coral Ciak to the Newyorker film-maker for his career Is it right?
  17. R

    cinematic logo sequence

    Estimados compañeros: El contexto en un currículo de un artista visual, que además de participar en un festival cinematográfico internacional ha realizado la "cinematic logo sequence" del mismo. Entiendo que debe tratarse de algo así como la secuencia cinematográfica oficial del festival, como...
  18. J

    Version longue

    Bonjour, Comment diriez vous en anglais "une version longue" pour un film ? Est-ce tout simplement a long version ? Merci
  19. M

    travelling compensé

    Bonjour ! J'explique rapidement ce que c'est au cas où la traduction soit très éloignée : le "travelling compensé" est une technique cinématographique inventée par Alfred Hitchcock dans Vertigo et allie un zoom arrière et un travelling avant ou un zoom avant et un travelling arrière...
  20. T

    Extracto/Trozo de una pelicula

    Hola!!! Hablando del cine, quería saber como traducir: "Se pueden ver pequeños trozos/extractos de películas" "Se pueden ver algunos minutos extraidos de las peliculas" Mi intento: You can see extracted pieces from films You can see a few minutes extracted from films Gracias!!!
  21. D

    turn over in projection

    Hola amigos,estoy traduciendo un texto relacionado con cine,especificamente efectos especiales y uso de la pantalla azul.Me aparece lo siguiente: Sometimes a single side of the street is filmed to serve for both side angles—by shooting left rear going one way and right rear going in the...
  22. H

    Adaptador de guion

    Queria saber cual es la traducion literal de "Adaptador de guion" en Ingles.
  23. plujademais

    call time for an actor

    Hello, hola A ver si alguien puede ayudarme con esta duda. El contexto es una actriz que tiene que salir en una escena de una película y dice: "My call time was late because my scene was supposed to be taking place on a dark night." Sé que en el mundo del doblaje se habla de...
  24. E

    Property Master

    ¿Alguien me puede decir cómo se conoce este cargo en español? The property master is an artistic and organizational employee in a film, television or theatrical production who is responsible for purchasing, acquiring and/or manufacturing any props needed for a production. Muchas gracias!!
  25. G

    Ventana (movie industry)

    Hi! I was wondering what is the term for "ventana" in english when you are talking about theatrical, video and tv. Example: La película se estrenará en las tres ventanas: theatrical, video y televisión. Thanks for your help!
  26. A


    me gustaria saber que significado tiene la palabra mumpies, en español gracias
  27. Y

    traduttore per l'adattamento e il sottotitolaggio

    Salve a tutti! Sto scrivendo il mio CV in inglese, non so come tradurre la qualifica del mio master: traduttore per l'adattamento e il sottotitolaggio qualche suggerimento?? grazie!!!
  28. C

    big-budget movie

    Hello everybody! Does anybody know how I can translate the expression big-budget movie in Italian? (and as consequence low-budget movie) The sentence is: "A similar phenomenon occurs with films (”The Blair Witch Project” is a classic example, but it has worked also for both low- and big-budget...
  29. Schrodinger's_Cat

    Does the new X-Men movie live up to the hype?

    Does the new X-Men movie live up to the hype? Il mio tentativo: E' il nuovo film X-Men all'altezza della pubblicità? O sarebbe: sta il nuovo film ... ?
  30. A

    intrecciarsi, farsi e disfarsi

    Hello everybody, I am translating an essay about movie genres and I have some difficulties with one sentence: "I generi non sono categorie trascendenti ma semplici famiglie che si intrecciano, che fanno e disfanno le proprie unità con lo scorrere del tempo" Here's mine: "Genres are not...
  31. k_georgiadis

    tapestry (figurative)

    I suspect that arazzo does not work in a figurative sense when describing a broad, sweeping treatment of a subject/theme, as in a movie production. For example: "Gladiator offers us a rich tapestry of battles, intrigue and everyday life in second century Rome, during the reign of Commodus."...
  32. A

    fortune alterne.... profilo alterno

    Hello! I have some difficulties translating this sentence. It's taken from an academic essay on the Film industry: "Questi generi, con fortune alterne e andamento ciclico, attraversano la produzione culturale con il profilo alterno dei fenomeni di moda" here's mine... I've skipped some parts...
  33. Einstein


    The context is a TV programme where people attempt to establish Guinness-type records. They bring their own clothing (protective etc.) but need to check with the "costumista". Normally I think we'd say "costume designer", but this is a bit different, more an expert to be consulted. Can anyone...
  34. T

    cinema restaurato

    Festival internazionale del grande cinema restaurato. Il contesto è un elenco di eventi che si tengono nell'anno 2009. La traduzione "restored films/movies/cinema" non mi convince. Can any other native speakers come up with the right equivalent in English? Sorry, I've been living here too long...
  35. F


    Salve a tutti. Qual è il termine italiano, in gergo cinematografico, per "headshot"? In una traduzione di un testo teatrale, uno dei personaggi deve fare un provino cinematografico e dice "I was thinking of getting some headshots". Pensavo a "foto, primi piani, ritratti" ma volevo essere...
  36. M

    casa di distribuzione cinematografica

    ciao a tutti! come si potrebbe tradurre "casa di distribuzione cinematografica"?
  37. S

    Battuta (dialogo)

    Quale sarebbe la traduzione letterale della parola "battuta", nel senso di battuta in un dialogo filmico?
  38. k_georgiadis

    show within a show

    How to translate show within a show, referring to a show about people watching a show? For example in Zefirelli's movie of version of Pagliacci, we are watching an audience watching a commedia dell'arte performance. In a similar vein, in Mel Brook's movie Silent Movie we are dealing with a...
  39. B

    Hanno partecipato alle edizioni

    Hello everyone, I am not sure on the best translation for this sentence. I have cheched previous posts on the translation of "partecipare" but none of those seemed right in this case... Original: Hanno partecipato tra gli altri alle edizioni del festival: (follows a list of names of actors...
  40. B

    integrazione dei linguaggi tra fiction e documentario - cinema del reale

    Hello everyone, I am still dealing with cinema today. I have an doubt on how to translate the term "linguaggio" when related to terms as "fiction" "documentario" "cinema". I always tend to explain the overall meaning but usually I end up with a very long and maybe non consistent sentence...
  41. k_georgiadis

    weak script/story line

    Would debole be the appropriate adjective to describe a movie's script/story line? E.g., "the first half of the film was quite entertaining, but the the story became slow and weak in the second half."
  42. C

    to reel

    Hi! I can't understand what meaning "reel" has in this sentence: "Actress J. shatters numerous stereotypes of the demeure Asian woman - at least until the latter reels, when her eccentricities are explained away and she takes on a more traditionally feminine role". My attempt: " L’attrice J...
  43. S

    kolossal cinematografico/kolossal del cinema

    kolossal cinematografico/kolossal del cinema I've noticed that 'colossal' is not usually used in English when speaking about films. So how can this be translated? Does 'kolossal' refer to the long duration of a film, box-office sales, money spent to make a film??? Some examples of a...
  44. L


    Hi, i'm trying to translate "bijoute", in sound and light event management. thanks for your help! I'm sorry i don't have more context except that i'm translating the prices of sound and light items, and "bijoute" incorporates various technical products such as "tourelle, rotule, pince, volet...
  45. Wiald

    klieg light

    La frase è chiara ma non colgo il significato dell'aggettivo When I get out of here, I'm getting off the stage... I've had my time in the kleig lights
  46. I

    Laurea in Scienze e Tecnologie dell'arte della moda e dello spettacolo

    Salve! Come posso tradurre in inglese per il curriculum: Laurea in Scienze e Tecnologie dell'arte della moda e dello spettacolo; Grazie mille!!!
  47. T

    Tavole del palcoscenico

    Devo tradurre: "Sentimenti rappresentati sulle tavole (intendo: assi di legno) del palcoscenico". Mio tentativo: "Feelings represented on the floorboards (?) of the stage" Grazie!!!
  48. Schrodinger's_Cat

    to have a starring role in an action movie

    I would like to translate: Given the opportunity to have a starring role in an action movie, would you rather be the hero or the villain? Could I say: Se vi aveste l'opportunità di avere un ruolo nello film d'azione, preferireste essere l'eroe o il cattivo?
  49. soupdragon78

    Assistant cameraman

    Ciao a tutti. Potete aiutarmi? Come si dice in italiano assistant cameraman Sarà assistente di camera? Grazie mille Soup :)
  50. N

    forward with

    Hi there, can you help me to translate the following into Italian? (Si parla del linguaggio) "Getting in through the actor’s imagination is always the way forward with dialect" "Entrare nell'immaginazione dell'attore è sempre..."???? Many thank!