1. D

    Champagne for my friends and real pain for my sham friends.

    I am making a toast at a spanish party, and I was wondering how to translate the toast from the movie The 25th Hour. The toast by Edward Norton is: "Champagne for my real friends and real pain for my sham friends." How would I say that in spanish and keep it still sounding about as poetic...
  2. S

    forthcoming film

    Hola! Quisiera saber si alguien sabe cómo traducir la expresión inglesa forthcoming film....Yo la traduzco por película a venir pero supongo que eso no quedaría del todo bien en el texto tipo profesional que estoy escribiendo. Alguien puede ayudarme? Gracias!
  3. L


    hi, i want to know the diference among rubbish, garbage and trash because i looked up in the dictionary and it is not clear. thanks!
  4. S

    soundstage et mixtheater

    Bonjour, je cherche une traduction de ces deux termes dans le domaine du cinéma (j'ai déjà cherché dans les "resources" mais je n'ai pas trouvé ce que je cherchais) Je propose "studio d'enregistrement son" pour "soundstage" et "salle de mixage" pour "mixtheater". Est-ce correct ? je ne...
  5. C

    As the starlets arrived on the red carpet...

    I have researched on translating the pharse below into spanish. I need the translation to be as close to the words in the phrase. As the starlets arrived on the red carpet the paparazzi, played by James Rivera, buzzed about snapping pictures. This phrase is from a newspaper article that I am...
  6. Arrius

    Bismarcks Zylinder (?)

    Beim Tonfilm "Bismarck" (1940), den ich keineswegs so langweilig fand, wie man behauptet, gibt es eine Szene, worin Wilhelm I hinsichtlich des bevorstehenden Krieges gegen Österreich seinen Ministerpräsidenten fragt: "Werden wir siegen?" Worauf dieser ohne zu zögern zur Antwort gibt: "Jawohl...
  7. Bochica

    fan films

    From a group of planet hopping ninja babes to flesh eating death possums to Star Wars fan films, Atom is bound to have something that'll keep you entertained Hello, This is about Atom films, which are short films made by regular TV or movie viewers, I need to figure out how to translate fan...
  8. Benoît abroad

    A.S.C. in movie credit titles

    Hello, In many credit titles of American movies, those three letters "A.C.S" are added to names of some actors. What does it mean? Do they belong to an actor organization (like "membre de la Comédie française" in France) or something else? Thanks in advance. Benoît
  9. Y04N

    n'ont viré à la dispute

    Bonjour a tous! j'ai fais une traduction en espagnol, mais je voudrai savoir si il y a des fautes. "Marjane Satrapi : Nous avons un grand respect mutuel. Beaucoup d'estime l'un pour l'autre. Nous nous sommes donc parfaitement entendus. J'adore l'humour noir de Vincent, sa sensibilité...
  10. C


    What are those black and white things dirictors for movies and such use. They have like, the scene and trial written on it. Thanks
  11. M

    A stunning pre-credits sequence

    Ciao. vorrei aiuto per tradurre questa frase (si parla del film 007): A stunning pre-credits sequence reaches beyond mere pyrotechnics to introduce key plot elements as the action leaps from Bilbao to London, with the opening boat chase sequence down the river Thames. Grazie.
  12. S

    Onesheet posters, selling points

    Hola! Estoy traduciendo un artículo de cine y publicidad y quisiera saber como se traduce al español "onsheet poster" Además quisiera saber cómo podría traducir sin que sea "puntos de venta" la expresión "selling points" en la siguiente frase: And they distribuited also selling points to...
  13. S

    Famous players

    Hola! Quisiera preguntar si alguien sabe qué es Famous Players o como se traduciría en la siguiente frase: "Famous Players seems to be the earliest exploiters of the trailer, announcing in September 1916, that they would "issue and advance strip of film" of two dancers prior to their...
  14. coquillage


    Anyone knows what ghilly means? In spanish perhaps. Thnaks
  15. coquillage

    Duchy flower essence oaten cheese biscuits.

    Hi, I hope you'llI be able to help me for I get really lost when I have things like this: Edina is handling the PR for Prince Charles’s organic Duchy flower essence oaten cheese biscuits. What´s the head and whta's the tail for this sentence????? Besides, oaten, is it from oat? Oat and...
  16. S

    canted framing/schock cut.

    ¿Podrían decirme cuáles son los equivalentes en castellano para los siguientes términos cinematográficos? True Romance's Tony Scott uses an astonishing abundance of canted framings and seems particularly interested in the shock cut. Si pudieran además aclararme en qué consisten les estaría...
  17. T

    sono al verde

    sono al verde Hola. Podrían ayudarme a traducir o entender ésta frase? La escuché en una película. Gracias.
  18. S

    "Go ahead, make my day."

    Hi, I am writing a short story and would like one of my characters (of Dutch descent) to use this phrase or equivalent idiom in Dutch. Can anyone translate for me? I think maybe a literal "Ga door. Maak mijn dag" works? Thanks, Jim
  19. PitufoVicente

    handcock [Hancock]

    Cómo podría traducir el título de la nueva película de W. Smith "handcock"? Gracias y saludos
  20. A

    Música de librería y banco de imágenes

    Buenas, ¿alguien conoce traducción para estos términos? Es muy común en el mundo de la publicidad y del periodismo pero no encuentro traducción al inglés. Thanks
  21. Necsus

    When the people a man needs get taken away from him

    Dal trailer del film 'Max Payne', senza ulteriore contesto: BB - When the people a man needs get taken away from him… you can't ever go back to who you were before. Non capisco cosa voglia dire la prima parte...! Però sentendo la battuta recitata da Bridges ho l'impressione che allunghi la...
  22. S

    our love is merely suffering the test of fire

    our love is merely suffering the test of fire.. I read this phrase in a romance but I'm not sure about the meaning :confused: I think he meant the relationship was cooling down, it's that right? thanks for your help
  23. B

    trasposizione filmica

    ciao a tutti come potrei tradurre l'espressione "trasposizione filmica" ? la frase completa e' "La trasposizione filmica, distaccandosi dal testo di partenza, racconta la propria storia..." grazie
  24. H


    Anynone can tell me the meaning of "muny"? There's an event in my city called "the muny" and I think it's about theatre representations in the streets. Sorry for my english!
  25. B

    Cutaway shot

    How do you say CUTAWAY SHOT in SPANISH? Again, these are camera directions. After I finish these, I will be posting them so that other people do not go through what I am going through. A CUTAWAY SHOT, according to an internet source ,refers the interruption of a continuously filmed action by...
  26. B

    Matching shot

    ......script.....cut to matching shot: ....character begins speaking translation for matching shot?
  27. B

    Moving shot

    In a film script, what is the correct term in SPANISH for MOVING SHOT? It is relative to filming as actors are walking past the camera.
  28. B

    Camera up

    This is my fist time translating a filmscript, and I want to make sure that I used the correct terminology with regards to camera directions. What is the correct term in SPANISH for CAMERA UP? Actually, I find the following phrase very difficult to translate CAMERA UP on period B&W(Black and...
  29. B

    The pistol rolled gunbelt on the surface

    I am translating the title of a scene. I am having trouble translating the following phrase THE PISTOL ROLLED GUNBELT ON THE SURFACE El cinturón pistolero enrollado sobre una superficie, ¿podría ser eso correcto? No sé, me gustaría esuchar mas sugerencias.
  30. danalto

    instead of getting hung up about the presentation

    From E.R.. Two doctors talking about a student. Did I get it right? :confused: NEELA Well, I don't understand why you don't like him. DUBENKO He's, uh, unshaped, he's immature... NEELA Smart. DUBENKO That’s not enough. NEELA Well, he's a little rough around the edges, sure. But instead of...
  31. V

    degno di mia madre

    Salve a tutti, sto cercando di tradurre questa frase, tratta da un romanzo: Sono solo una degna figlia di mia madre. E non so se ha senso usare la parola 'worthy daughter' o se cambiare proprio l'impianto della frase! chiunque abbia suggerimenti.... grazie!
  32. N

    Mesa de mezclas y mesa de control

    Buenos días: En el contexto de las necesidades técnicas para la puesta en escena de una obra teatral, necesito ayuda para traducir los siguientes conceptos: - Mesa de control (de luces) - Mesa de mezclas (de sonido) Gracias de antemano.
  33. S

    Some like it hot

    Hello, I don't understand what the title of the movie "Some like it hot" means. The Spanish title of the movie is "Con faldas y a lo loco". ____ Hola, No entiendo lo que significa el título en inglés de la película "Con faldas y a lo loco", que es "Some like it hot".
  34. danalto

    parenting group

    Da E.R. Hanno portato una neonata di 3 mesi che ha crisi di pianto dalla nascita. Fa molto caldo, ma la bimba è avvolta in una coperta (i genitori hanno letto che per calmarla bisognava tenerla al caldo). Pratt vuol dimettere la bambina perché secondo lui si tratta di coliche. Abby non è...
  35. St-Pett3R

    said in stone?

    Hola, ¿alguien podrìa ayudarme con esta traducción? - don't assume that something is said in stone when it may not be. no asuma que algo esta escrito en piedra, cuando tal vez no. ¿Está bien? gracias.
  36. G

    haunt the streets

    I'm hearing a song of inxs, and i want to know what does it mean "... now where did you find her that haunt the streets outside..." Thanks Girlm
  37. D


    Tengo problemas con la frase " the entired yard is unlandscaped soil". Una chica entra a una zona residencial de "impresionantes" mansiones , y justo antes de tocar el timbre de una de ellas, dice la frase. ayuda porfavor, gracias.
  38. D

    your eggo is preggo

    Tengo problemas con esta frase, Your "eggo is preggo" , no doubt about it.
  39. V

    log line (film)

    hi!! i'd like to know the meaning in spanish of "log line", i know what it is in english ( a brief summary of a television program or movie, often providing both a synopsis of the program's plot and an emotional "hook" to stimulate interest), but i'm not sure of its meaning in spanish. Can...
  40. S

    chi legge, chi ripete, chi passeggia

    Ciao a tutti, ho delle difficoltà nel tradurre una frase. Nello specifico, vorrei tradurre in inglese la frase "alcuni parlano tra di loro, altri hanno un libro in mano e paiono concentrati su di esso: chi legge, chi ripete, chi passeggia". Il mio tentativo è stato "who read, who repeat, who...
  41. K

    comotoase [comatose]

    Hi, I am wondering what the expression 'comotoase' means in the Red Dwarf (a comic sci-fi BBC series) bizzare lyrics? The second strophe goes like this: "I want to lie, shipwrecked and comotoase, drinking fresh mango juice..." Anything to do with 'coma'? (the whole lyrics is online - just...
  42. L


    Ho sentito durante una puntata di "dr house"che il termine "pazzoide"veniva tradotto con un termine che non sono riuscita a trovare, qualcosa come"nut job" o giù di li. Qualcuno mi può aiutare?grazie!!!!!!!
  43. M


    Cercavo la traduzione di doppiatore e ho trovato "dubber". Tuttavia cercando suoi dizionari mono-lingua inglese il termine o non c'era o voleva dire altro. In ogni caso sapete darmi voi la traduzione di doppiatore? In specifico intendo quelli che danno le voci agli attori nei film, telefilm ecc...
  44. Fossifoco

    I have as good a wit as either of the two

    Ciao Forum! Non mi è chiara la struttura di questa frase: "I have as good a wit as either of the two Cecils". Contesto: è il film Elizabeth I; il favorito della regina si rivolge a lei per chiederle un seggio nel Consiglio e si paragona a Cecil padre e Cecil figlio (verso i quali prova...
  45. Fossifoco

    and it is very proper

    Ciao Forum! Sempre dal film Elizabeth I. Leicester, l'amante della regina, è in fin di vita e i due (ormai avanti negli anni) hanno una conversazione privata. Lui vuole raccomandarle il figliastro. Lei lascia da parte l'etichetta, la scena è intima e dolce. LEICESTER: Although I am not his...
  46. Fossifoco

    Tell me that is true for I would have it so

    Buongiorno Forum! Sto lavorando al film Elizabeth I. La Regina deve affrontare Maria di Scozia e spiega al suo confidente: ELIZABETH: All these conspiracies have her at the centre. Why should I not reason with her my lord? If I cannot dissuade her from the course she is on what else can I...
  47. AveCaesar

    character arcs

    Hola a todos: me gustaria saber q significa "arcs" en este contexto: "After sketching out all the character arcs I realized they were all upside down" Gracias
  48. Caliban

    Desarrollo de la trama

    Hola a todos, ¿Cómo expresarían esta idea? El desarrollo de la trama nos develará cómo ésta le afecta (habla de la muerte de un amigo), ya que tras varios años de vida en pareja, Marco se descubre en una relación con fecha de expiración. Mi intento: The plot will reveal how his death...
  49. L

    still film

    During an interview, a journalist asks a film director: "Have you ever thought of doing still film"? I'm not sure whether he's talking about photography, slow motion... Any ideas? Thanks
  50. V

    Preposition: He doesn't need much to play <off of>

    Hi all, could someone explain me the meaning of the subject sentence? Context: Movie review. Sentence: This actor is amazing, he can act to anything. He doesn’t need much to play off of. You just say action and he’s there. As usual and once again, thank you in advance for your precious help!