1. L

    still film

    During an interview, a journalist asks a film director: "Have you ever thought of doing still film"? I'm not sure whether he's talking about photography, slow motion... Any ideas? Thanks
  2. V

    Preposition: He doesn't need much to play <off of>

    Hi all, could someone explain me the meaning of the subject sentence? Context: Movie review. Sentence: This actor is amazing, he can act to anything. He doesn’t need much to play off of. You just say action and he’s there. As usual and once again, thank you in advance for your precious help!
  3. danalto

    Alien and Non-Alien

    From Cold Case.:) SCREEN GRAPHIC: INSTRUCTIONS TO ALL PERSONS OF JAPANESE ANCESTORY BILLY (reading) "All Japanese Persons, both Alien and Non-Alien, will be evacuated by noon on April 7th, 1942." BILLY Tutti i giapponesi, ??? saranno...evacuati entro le 12:00 del 7 aprile 1942.
  4. R

    detrás de las cámaras

    Hola, me gustaría saber como se dice en inglés la expresión "detrás de las cámaras" o "lo que el ojo no ve", típico de algunos shows o programas de televisión. Muchas gracias!!
  5. K

    Les cons ça ose tout...

    Bonjour à tous, Je nécesite vos connaissances expertes pour m'aider a traduire une immortelle citation tirée d'un film non moins immortel. "Les cons ça osent tout ... et c'est même à ça qu'on les reconnait." Merci.
  6. P

    chain of rights

    Bonjour, quelle est la traduction de cette expression, dans le cadre d'un contrat de cession de droits cinématographiques. Il s'agit d'une liste des éléments mis à disposition d'une chaîne achetant les droits de diffusion d'un film. Après les éléments techniques et matériels, viennent le "-...
  7. Y

    mais j’ose en rechercher un autre

    Hello, this phrases are from LETTRE A M. D'ALEMBERT de Rousseau. I wonder what the underlined sentence means. I just asked what "Il aurait dû l’en faire tomber." means here, and a senior member of this forum said it maybe means "le passage aurait dû faire tomber la plume de la main (parce que...
  8. G

    Capo di tutti capi

    This phrase was used in the American film, "The Godfather." What is the meaning in English?
  9. G

    cue sheet

    Hello everyone, I don't even really know if this is the correct technical term in English, but what I am looking for in French is the sheet that the stage-manager in a theatre would have. Thanks.
  10. I

    Carpet Sculpting

    Hi Guys here I need help" in cintext: "Do not begin carpet sculpting until after decorative finishes are complete."
  11. danalto

    different class o' gal

    From Cold Case. I know the meaning, I just need nicer ideas...:D VALENS Now, I heard stories about the Palomar in those days. Cops were called in to break up a lot of fights. OLDER PENNY It could be a rough and tumble place. It attracted a lot of dangerous types. MILLER How'd Audrey handle it...
  12. P

    plan séquence

    Hello, does anyone know how to translate the cinematographic term "Plan séquence" in English? Thanks
  13. L

    uncanny - siniestro u ominoso

    Hola: Estoy escribiendo un texto en Historia del Arte relacionado al término de das Unheimliche/ the uncanny de Freud. Existen dos posibles traducciones: lo siniestro y lo ominoso. Los términos se parecen mucho, pero yo prefiero lo siniestro, porque refleja mejor la ambigüedad del concepto...
  14. L

    Unheimlich: siniestro u ominoso ?

    Hallo, ich schreibe gerade im Bereich der Kunstgeschichte über das Unheimliche von Freud. Mein Text ist auf Spanisch und ich Benutze den Begriff lo siniestro, habe aber auch ominoso als gültige Übersetzung vorgefunden. Der Unterschied ist zwar minimal, aber siniestro finde ich passender. Was...
  15. L

    Holy Moly

    hello everybody I first heard this expression in an American Tv series and I do love the sound of it but what does it mean?? Is it a nice experssion or not? Can some mother tongue explain it to me? Thx in advance atb:)
  16. Carlowsky

    turned up the cute dial

    It's an interview. The movie's director is speaking about his creature: «And so we made him smaller and almost just like turned up the cute dial almost too much.» Can it possibly mean: "…più piccolo e con un musetto fin troppo carino"? Thank you very much :) Carlo
  17. T

    imagen en movimiento

    Para decir "la imagen en movimiento" (como una paráfrasis del cine), ¿estaría bien decir "the moving image"? ¡Gracias!
  18. S

    la palme

    hello to everybody, for my very first post to this excellent forum, I have this nice question: ¿Por qué no dejas que Víctor la palme? does it mean: "Why don't you let Victor kill him"? or: "Why don't you let Victor to be killed?" it's a dialogue from a movie, where Victor is a cop a little...
  19. danalto

    I have a reputation

    From Cold Case. Please have a look to the previous thread :arrow: AUDREY Who cares what they think? This is your son. FELTON I have a reputation. AUDREY Cosa importa? Si tratta di tuo figlio! FELTON Ho una...
  20. danalto

    pampered poverty rat

    From Cold Case: the part in pink? AUDREY We're down to pennies, Felton. (beat) Maybe it's time you found other work. The WPA-- FELTON The WPA (*) will have me digging ditches. AUDREY If it means putting food in Dobber's stomach, so be it. (beat) For the love of God, Felton, the boy's wasting...
  21. MadrigalTriste

    Fish-out-of-water film

    This term is used a lot for movies about someone that is totally different from his environment. I think examples of this genre would be "Edward Scissorhands", "Mannequin" and "E.T." Does anyone know of a Spanish translation for this?
  22. F

    bloody willies

    Necesito pediros ayuda para poder esta frase de un texto de teatro: "come on Kevin you're giving me the bloody willies" en especial bloody willies. Gracias
  23. I

    qué ya será menos

    Hola, alguien sabe decirme qué significa esta frase? Gracias!
  24. V

    camper un (ou des) personnage(s)

    Hi ! Concerning the cinema, the theater or litterature, what's the english for this french expression: "Camper un (ou des) personnage(s)"? (Understand the way a writer presents the main character(s) of his story. Many thanks for your short reply!
  25. I

    no será para tanto

    Hola, preguntaba si hay alguien tan amable que me explique qué significa esta frase que se oye muy a menudo...
  26. P

    Tu si que hiciste un buen trabajo!

    Hello dear friends, I'd would like to know how do you write in a properly english the phrase: "Tu si que hisiste un buen trabajo". This frase is in a context when a co-worker says me "Thank you, you did a good job" but I feel that he did a better job than me. Is correct to write: You did...
  27. L

    The students sketch out their stories.

    Hola! Estoy haciendo unas traducciones y encontre esta palabra compuesta "sketch out" si alguien pudiera ayudarme se lo agradeceria mucho.
  28. B

    so mean to each other

    Que tal, pues me he encontrado esta frase/expresion y la verdad es que tengo una idea vaga en la cabeza pero no se exactamente cual seria la traduccion al español: "No, you're just too young to see how much the world sucks, how people can be so mean to each other just because of where they...
  29. doncletus

    Buona la prima!

    Hello folks! I'm looking for a correct English translation of "Buona la prima!", or something else that sounds like this. I would like to use this expression as a title of a news paper article, referring to the first win of a team in the championship. Of course that's a sentence taken from a...
  30. R


    Hi all! How can I say in english "cine-forum"? Thanks
  31. M


    Ciao di nuovo. Qualcuno conosce l'espressione "figurante" in inglese? Vi ringrazio fin d'ora. Momo
  32. cacarulo


    ¿Se usa en sus países esta palabra, hablando de cine, para refererirse a un escenario de exteriores donde se filma una película, o una escena? Es un calco del inglés, muy difundido por aquí, y yo, que lo detesto, no encuentro otra palabra para nombrar ese lugar....
  33. S


    Scusate ma il dizionario mi dice che "lungometraggio" si traduce con "feature film" ma non mi sembra giusto. Non dovrebbe essere "xxx-movie" come "cortometraggio" è "short-movie"? Grazie mille a tutti.
  34. M

    sceneggiato televisivo

    Ciao - In an Italian instruction book, I ran across the following sentence. Alla TV guardo lo sceneggiato televisivo. I think it means: On TV I watch television drama. But I could not find sceneggiato in the WordReference dictionary or any other dictionary I have access to. Is my translation...
  35. C

    set cinematografico

    Set cinematografico Come la tradurreste voi questa espressione? Io pensavo motion-picture sets, è corretta?
  36. A


    I have a doubt: how I translate in English the word "scenografie"? Scenographys or scenographies?
  37. TraductoraPobleSec

    Story board / Storyboard

    ¿Alguien por aquí sabría como traducir al castellano el término story board? Esta palabra se encuentra en la presentación de unas viñetas. A big thank you and happy new year desde Barcelona.
  38. Benjy

    Film, audiovisual, TV, theatre , dance / Ciné, audiovisuel, télé, théâtre, danse

    Théâtre glossaire du théâtre glossaire qui a pour but de faciliter la lecture des textes sur le théâtre