1. D

    Portuguese to English reitor

    Can you please check "rector"? Not sure if that is correct for the first sense.
  2. M

    English to Italian reckon

    Della frase ; . Che te ne pare dell'idea di fare una gita Di domenica. There is not the englidh text
  3. C

    English to Italian guide

    "She was employed as a guide in the museum" is presently incorrectly translated as follows: "È stato assunto come guida nel museo." The correct translation is: "È stata assunta come guida nel museo."
  4. I

    English to Italian well

    Pozzo, invece esiste solo la versione "fonte naturale". Ma l'inverso (Italiano "pozzo" > English "well") esiste.
  5. S

    English to Italian vying

    c'est la vie is neither English nor Italian
  6. A

    English to Italian sycamore

    Sycamore in the UK is L'acero di monte (Acer pseudoplatanus) cf. Platanus occidentalis which is called sycamore in the US
  7. D

    English to Italian dimorphism

    In italian and in technical scientific language this word is better translated as "dimorfismo" and not "diformismo" as I can read in WR. For example different forms in male/female specimens of a species of animals or plants is called "dimorfismo sessuale"
  8. C

    English to Italian mariner

    Manca la pronuncia
  9. M

    English to Arabic moralist

    اقتراح "واعظ في الأخلاق"
  10. M

    English to Arabic papyrus

    اقتراح "ورق البردي" للمعنى الثاني
  11. M

    English to Arabic saving grace

    اقتراح: ما يشفع فيه
  12. TheoFR

    English to German manure

    Wrong translation of manure in German? Der Dünger: fertiliser and der Dung: manure. However, there can be some overlap, for example if you mean animal waste, you can of course also use Dünger if the animal origin is obvious. I fear the presumed error might come from that overlap. Im not a...
  13. M

    English to Italian routine

    stillicidio (maybe?)
  14. M

    English to Arabic melting

    اقتراح: ذائب
  15. M

    English to Arabic mealybug

    يدعى البقّ الدقيقيّ
  16. M

    English to Arabic ninja

    معروف بالتسمية نينجا
  17. M

    English to Arabic Rutherfordium

    اسمه رذرفورديوم وليس من مكونات الذرة
  18. M

    English to Arabic Nobelium

    اسمه نوبليوم
  19. M

    English to Arabic Mendelevium

    اسمه مندلفيوم
  20. M

    English to Arabic Neptunium

    اسمه نبتونيوم
  21. M

    English to Arabic Protactinium

    اسمه بروتكتنيوم وليس من مكونات الذرة
  22. M

    English to Arabic Actinium

    اسمه أكتينيوم
  23. M

    English to Arabic Rhenium

    اسمه رينيوم
  24. M

    English to Arabic Lutetium

    اسمه لوتيتيوم
  25. M

    English to Arabic Ytterbium

    اسمه إيتربيوم
  26. M

    English to Arabic Thulium

    اسمه ثوليوم
  27. M

    English to Arabic Holmium

    اسمه هولميوم لا هولميون
  28. M

    English to Arabic Terbium

    اسمه تربيوم
  29. M

    English to Arabic Samarium

    اسمه ساماريوم
  30. M

    English to Arabic Promethium

    اسمه برومثيوم
  31. M

    English to Arabic Praseodymium

    اسمه براسوديميوم
  32. M

    English to Arabic Tellurium

    اسمه تلوريوم
  33. M

    English to Arabic Rhodium

    هو الروديوم ويختلف عن الراديوم
  34. M

    English to Arabic Bromine

    اسمه البروم
  35. M

    English to Arabic Scandium

    اسمه سكانديوم
  36. M

    English to Arabic Silicon

    السيليكون عنصر لا مركّب
  37. M

    English to Arabic quadrangular

    يجب أن تكون أربع لا أربعة
  38. M

    English to Arabic pylorus

    اسمها البوّاب
  39. M

    English to Arabic purgatory

    يجب أن تكون "مطهر" للمعنى الأول
  40. M

    English to Arabic pulsar

    هو النجم النابض
  41. M

    English to Arabic puerility

    اقتراح "صبيانية" للتعبير عن عدم النضج
  42. M

    English to Arabic ptomaine

    اسمه التومين او التومائين
  43. M

    English to Arabic PTO

    اقتراح "قلب" بدل "طي"
  44. M

    English to Arabic proselytism

    اقتراح "هداية" للمعنى الثاني
  45. G

    English to Italian despondent

    Nella mia esperienza la parola despondent è usata per identificare una persona che è così depressa da tentare il suicidio, quindi suggerirei di aggiungere fra le parole che la traducono in italiano almeno la parola depresso
  46. R

    English to Portuguese numb

    Uma das melhores traduções para "Numb" em português é "Entorpecido", me dei pela sua falta no dicionário, gostaria que fosse acrescentado. Exemplo: "They believe so blindly in the bible that they look numb by their beliefs." "Acreditam tão cegamente na bíblia que parecem entorpecidos pelas suas...
  47. M

    English to Italian shamrock

    The example given says "giorno di San Patrizio" but I have heard "La festa" di San Patrizio. Which is most common? The shamrockSpanish also have the same sentence translated from English. Could these be incorrect? shamrock - Dizionario inglese-italiano WordReference shamrock n (emblem of...
  48. U

    English to Italian befoul

    Befoul I'm Italian I'd like to add "deturpare" in the translations for this word. It's slightly higher register than the current suggestions, but still a synonym.
  49. M

    English to Arabic elect [sb] president

    اقتراح: ينتخب شخصًا رئيسًا
  50. M

    English to Arabic rootlet

    يجب أن يكون التصغير جُذَير لأن "جذر" مذكر