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  1. DearPrudence

    English to Spanish bricklayer

    bricklayer n (builder who lays bricks) albañil nm (ES: coloquial) paleta nm The bricklayer mixed the mortar and spread it over the bricks. El albañil mezcló la argamasa y la esparció sobre los ladrillos. El paleta mezcló la argamasa y la esparció sobre los ladrillos...
  2. D

    English to Spanish boiling water

    The example sentence given here is as follows: There was a pan of boiling water on top of the stove. Había una olla de agua hirviendo en la cocina. The word “pan” in this sentence should be “pot”. Thank you
  3. U

    French to English opiniâtre

    Hello 🙂 The main heading of the dictionary entry for opiniâtre is missing the circumflex.
  4. D

    French to Spanish bienvenue

    L’exemple est accordée au féminin, alors que le mot proposé en traduction est masculin. Est-ce une erreur ?
  5. DearPrudence

    French to English abordage

    à l'abordage interj (Marine : à l'attaque) (nautical, archaic) Hoist the colours! interj Attack! interj « À l'abordage, moussaillons ! » cria le capitaine du bateau. I guess that "hoist the colours" is UK English. Maybe "board her"? À l'abordage, moussaillon !
  6. C

    English to Spanish a number of

    In the example, the Spanish translation does not correspond to the phrase in English. He has broken the rules a number of times. Una cantidad de personas han escrito quejándose de esa publicidad.
  7. M

    Spanish base menestra

    Menestras means legumes. Like beans. For example, Me gusta una plato que consiste en arroz cocido, menestras y sofrito a base de ají amarillo. (I like a dish that consists of boiled rice, beans and sautéed with aji amarillo chili.)
  8. aces31

    French to English rouler au pas

    I believe the English translation for this term could be further developed. The current entry appears as follows: rouler au pas loc v (rouler lentement) drive at under 30 km an hour, keep your speed under 30 km an hour v expr (equivalent) drive at under 20 miles per hour, keep your speed...
  9. Áristos

    English to Spanish fingers crossed

    Hello everyone, The exclamation "Fingers crossed!" is translated into Spanish as "cruzar los dedos." The use of the infinitive in the Spanish suggestion is not completely correct, I'm afraid. Granted, the expression "to cross your fingers" does indeed translate as "cruzar los dedos" in...
  10. T

    French to English geste barrière

    It seems to me that a nice translation would be also "social distancing"
  11. H

    English to Spanish self-representation

    La traducción correcta de self-representation en español es 'autorrepresentación', con dos r.
  12. M

    English base Rare

    The issue is with the word "rare". Animals do not rare up. They rear up. Also, air is not rare, even at high altitudes. Incorrect word usage.
  13. M

    Spanish base pasar

    Can pasar also mean play, as in play music? From News in Slow Spanish podcast #542: “En un artículo publicado el 8 de octubre, The New York Times cuenta cómo es la escena de la cumbia en la Gran Manzana hoy. Todavía existen muchas discotecas donde los Djs veteranos pasan cumbia tradicional...
  14. DearPrudence

    English to Spanish incorporated

    Incorporated adj (corporation: in company name) incorporado/a adj (empresa) sociedad anónima loc nom f We changed our name to Adventures, Incorporated to sound more exciting. Cambiamos nuestro nombre por el de Aventuras, Sociedad Anónima, para parecer más interesantes. Since it...
  15. ElLiebre

    Spanish base sinfín

    Hola, Quisiera sugerir una traducir por “sinfín” en el diccionario Español, la entrada “el alumno insolente profirió un sinfín de insultos contra el maestro.” En Inglés diríamos “a stream of insults” y también diríamos “endless stream of insults.” Quizás esta sugerencia te ayude.
  16. ;

    English base breakfast sandwich

    how do you say breakfast sandwich
  17. DearPrudence

    French to English orthodoxe

    peu orthodoxe loc adj souvent péjoratif (étrange, cavalier) rather unorthodox, not very orthodox expr Il a une façon de faire peu orthodoxe. As per the translations under "orthodoxe", I would add: peu orthodoxe : rather/somewhat unorthodox/unconventional
  18. K

    English base blackbird

    In Europe, a blackbird is a type of thrush,so tordo is accurate. In North America, blackbirds are in their own family.
  19. K

    English to French defeatist

    Oubli de la prononciation
  20. L

    Spanish base jabato

    El diccionario dice :( m.) Cría de jabalí. puede ser tambien un Joven (adj. coloq.) Valiente, osado, atrevido
  21. A

    French to English à pinces

    A pinces means "walking". I've found "on shank's mare" in "The shining" by Stephen King. What do you think ?
  22. I

    English to Spanish pull

    "Él tiro de la computadora hacia sí mismo." should be "Tiró de la computadora hacia sí mismo" "Apretó gatillo firmemente" should be "Apretó firmemente el gatillo"
  23. E

    English base fidget toy

    Fidget toys = juguetes antiestrés, juguetes autorregulativos
  24. DearPrudence

    English to Spanish act

    act n (performance) (cine, teatro) función nf The second act was a mime artist. ⓘ La función había comenzado y era demasiado tarde para detenerla. ¿Más bien "número"? número nm (espectáculo artístico) act n El número musical encantó al público. Everyone loved the musical...
  25. DearPrudence

    French to Spanish coup du chapeau

    coup du chapeau nm (inscription de 3 buts consécutifs) (inglés) hat-trick nm tripleta nf ¿"tripleta" or "triplete"? hat trick, hat-trick n figurative (sport: scoring three goals) (AR, coloquial) triplete nm He made it a hat trick by scoring his third goal just before the final...
  26. DearPrudence

    English to Spanish trapezium

    trapezium (US), irregular quadrilateral (UK) n US (shape without parallel sides) trapecio nm trapezium (UK), trapezoid (US) n (shape with parallel sides) trapezoide nm I think this should be the other way round: Cuadriláteros: paralelogramos, trapecios y trapezoides | Smartick 6 tipos de...
  27. E

    English base float

    float (noun): a soft drink with a scoop of ice cream floating in it, i.e. root beer float. How do you translate this?
  28. E

    English to French get sick

    It says "mois fort, moins long" in place of moins.
  29. Arthur1

    French to English porter atteinte à

    Could I suggest 'endanger' for 'porter atteinte à' ? For example: 'porter atteinte à la sécurité des personnes ou des biens' - 'endanger(ing) the safety of people or property'
  30. E

    English to French When it comes to

    For example: When it comes to baking, my grandma is the best. Example 2: He has an advantage when it comes to athletics. Je ne sais pas exactement comment on peut traduire cette expression. Ce n’est pas juste mot pour mot, n’est-ce pas?
  31. aces31

    English to French voucher

    I believe an additional entry could be added for the French translation of this term: bon d'échange. To be precise, it could be translated more to "exchange voucher" in the context of a shop. After searching in both languages, i was unable to find any mention of this term and therefore believe...
  32. E

    English to Spanish summit

    One more meaning of the word: [noun] The act of summiting a mountain peak. (No translation to recommend)
  33. DearPrudence

    English to Spanish junior high

    junior high n US (lower secondary school) secundaria nf secundaria nf The transition from junior high to high school can be tough for some kids. ⓘ La secundaria es una etapa difícil para muchos adolescentes. Is something important missing? Report an error or suggest an...
  34. DearPrudence

    English to Spanish frying pan

    frypan, fry-pan n US, Aus (skillet) sartén nf Is something important missing? Report an error or suggest an improvement. WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2023: Principal Translations Inglés Español frying pan, skillet (mainly US), also US: frypan, fry pan n (shallow...
  35. L

    English to Spanish in return for

    En la entrada: in return for [sth] prep (in exchange, as payment) en pago por loc adv como devolución por loc adv He bought me dinner in return for the favour I did him. Me invitó a cenar en pago por haber cuidado a su perro. quisiera proponer la traducción al español de la...
  36. DearPrudence

    French to English barbe à papa

    barbe à papa, barbe-à-papanf (type de sucrerie) (UK) candy floss n (US) cotton candy n Ce que je préfère faire à la fête foraine, c'est manger de la barbe à papa. Eating candy floss is my favourite thing to do at the funfair. Also 'candyfloss' in one word? candyfloss candyfloss...
  37. DearPrudence

    English to Spanish candyfloss

    cotton candy (US), candyfloss, candy floss (UK), n (confectionery: spun sugar) algodón de azúcar loc nom m algodón nm The cotton candy they sell at the circus is one of our favorite treats. El algodón de azúcar que venden en la feria es nuestro favorito. "feria" > "circo"?
  38. sebweb2

    English to French outing

    Bonjour, Phrase originale d'exemple en anglais : "there have been a lot of outings of politicians in recent years". Traduction française : " On a fait l'outing de plusieurs politiciens ces dernières années". La traduction française de cet exemple contenant "outing" ne sonne pas naturelle en...
  39. A

    English base out of your pocket

    If you're looking at it as a slang expression, out of pocket means it's wild or extreme. This definition is widely used on social media and in casual conversations. Use it when someone is saying something too goofy or far that you don't know how to react to it.
  40. R

    French to Spanish à la pelle

    Figuradamente, podríamos traducir por a montones.
  41. Σ

    English base bestie

    (best friend) Add that also bestie /ˈbɛsti/ noun INFORMAL a person's best friend. "my bestie and her parents are coming too" Translate bestie toChoose...
  42. T

    English base temperate

    distemperate in British English1. excessive in some respect; immoderate; not temperate. 2. obsolete. (of the body or mind) disordered; diseased. https://www.collinsdictionary.com › ... Distemperate definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary
  43. I

    English to Spanish assassinate

    theres no spanish version
  44. D

    English to Spanish break the rules

    Add a translation for break the rules
  45. L

    English to French b/c

    pcq psk (fam)
  46. J

    English to Spanish sobering

    The sentence "The possibility of losing the house was a sobering thought" is translated into Spanish as "La posibilidad de perder la casa era un pensamiento solemnizador", which does not make sense. In this context, "sobering" means "desalentador", close to the meaning of "bajada a la realidad"...
  47. fenixpollo

    English base bloom

    The sentence in this entry doesn't represent the correct usage of "bloom". When we talk about a bloom of algae, it's referring to a mass proliferation; it's not referring to the individual algae as if they were flowers. However, the sentence could be interpreted that way. I suggest rewording it...
  48. DearPrudence

    French to English cheval à bascule

    cheval à bascule nm (cheval en bois oscillant) rocking horse, hobby horse "hobby horse" or "hobbyhorse"? hobbyhorse
  49. N

    French to Spanish être censé

    En español nunca se usa el subjuntivo tras "suponerse que", y así la frase de ejemplo "se supone que llegues a las ocho" suena completamente incorrecta, debería ser "se supone que llegas a las ocho".
  50. DearPrudence

    French to English peluche

    peluche nf (animal en tissu à poils longs) cuddly toy, stuffed toy n teddy, teddy bear n soft toy n (US, informal) plushy, plushie n Mon neveu dort toujours entouré de ses peluches. My nephew is always surrounded by cuddly toys in bed. Add "plush toy" and "plush"...