1. Α

    English to Greek variant

  2. P

    English base most

    I deem Word Reference as the best dictionary, by far without fear a contradiction. In this case a was trying to ascertain if the word Most could be followed by the preposition of and I saw an example and it was: Most (Pronoun) of the soup has been eaten. I remember that formely in a class the...
  3. E

    English base registration

    Registration (n.) in English can also mean the combination of one or more stops on the organ, chosen to fit a piece. In French, it is translated, “la registration”. ex. The registration she chose for this piece was lovely; I appreciated her combination of flutes and strings.
  4. C

    French to English certaines

    Il n’y a pas la traduction de « certaines » comme article/déterminant...
  5. Alan Evangelista

    German to English verdanken

    The translation of is "Das Gelingen der Feier ist besonders der guten Organisation zu verdanken" is "The success of the celebration is especially due to the good organization", not "We owe a lot to him".
  6. L

    English to Italian top-down

    Maybe "verticistico" could be a good translation.
  7. D

    English base tramp

    TRAMP: La oración del ejemplo es arcaica además de machista y misógina. Pero como Amanda es lista como una zorra, vive su vida y tiene sexo con quien le apetece. Nuevo ejemplo: Llamar zorra a Amanda por disfrutar del sexo es machista, misógino y arcaico.
  8. E

    English to French platform

    Platform as in "This gave civil rights leaders a platform to share their ideas.
  9. Nanon

    English to French friendly chat

    friendly chat n(informal conversation)conversation amicale nf Her boss asked her into his office for "a friendly chat", but she knew she was in trouble! Son patron l'a convoqué dans son bureau pour une conversation amicale mais elle s'avait qu'elle allait avoir des ennuis. Je dirais même...
  10. M

    English base remittance

    One of the most common uses is the term "remittances," money sent by immigrants to their family in their country of origin. See Merriam-Webster's definition 2. French term: les renvois d'argent
  11. M

    English base set

    The translation "conjunto" (in mathemathics, a collection of different elements) should be added
  12. D

    English to French broadleaf

  13. A

    English to Greek talk show

    Talk show Meaning: σόου με συζητήσεις για διάφορα θέματα I like talk shows because I learn a lot of things about the life of famous people
  14. DearPrudence

    English to Italian solidly

    Do the translations still work with the new English sentences?
  15. C

    Spanish base uniforme

    La palabra "aeromozas" para referirse a "azafatas de vuelo" no existe en español. De hecho, actualmente, el término empleado es "auxiliares de vuelo" para referirse a ambos géneros. En cualquier caso, "aeromozas" no existe.
  16. D

    Spanish to French comoquiera

    Consígueme el dinero comoquiera que puedas. Quelle que soit la manière DONT tu te débrouilles, ramène-moi cet argent.
  17. wildan1

    French to English pour

    Spelling error in the following FR-EN dictionary entry under « pour être » : pour être - traduction - Dictionnaire Français-Anglais pour prép(dans structure emphatique)when it comes to expr Mon dieu, ce Roger, pour être bête, il est bête ! Mon fils, pour manger, il mange...
  18. H

    Greek to English απαλοιφή

    elision or deletion Elision
  19. italian job

    English base pen

    Buonasera, a dock for servicing submarines, especially one having a bombproof roof. Questa definizione tratta dal Collins completa i vari significati che il termine pen ha in italiano. Grazie pere l'attenzione.
  20. H

    English to Greek palmy

    θαλερός, θάλλων
  21. B

    Spanish to French si

    pas d'exemple en français, incompréhension dû à cet oublie
  22. D

    English to Italian non fiction

    I send the correct translation of the second example The nonfiction section of the library is upstairs. La sezione di saggistica della biblioteca è al piano di sopra
  23. B

    English to Italian growl

    Hi Dears, my name is Paolo Russo, 63 years old from Florence, Tuscany. I'm absolutely grateful to WordReference whose I am a regular from many years because of its quality and completeness. This said, and given Italian is e forever will be my first mother language, let me tell you that...
  24. A

    English base nip slip

    accidental and usually public exposure of a woman's nipple (sometimes for any fat nipple)
  25. M

    Portuguese to English autorama

    Sugestão: acrescentar "slot car"
  26. E

    French to English serrer

    Serrer ma main : shake a hand
  27. L

    English to French crave

    Aspirer, solliciter
  28. A

    Spanish base cada ocho días

    8 days is not a week
  29. R

    English base sophomore

    Propongo di aggiungere come traduzione aggiuntiva "secondo album" per "sophomore album".
  30. A

    English base bajillions

    or "bazillions", meaning lots, unspecified number of something. Merci de l'ajouter au dictionnaire WR français-anglais et forum.
  31. I

    English to Greek fallacy

    The defence lawyer proved the fallacy of the testimony. Ο συνήγορος υπεράσπισης απέδειξε το αβάσιμο / αστήρικτο της κατάθεσης.
  32. Α

    English to Greek truss

  33. M

    French to English fond

    les fond nécéssaire a construire cette boutique/ association argent
  34. S

    English base Leaving

    The sense of 'something that is left, residue' is not included in the bilingual dictionaries, as far as I can tell. I checked Spanish, German, French and Italian. It is in the English definition dictionary, though. I hope I'm posting about missing terms in the right forum!
  35. M

    English to Arabic elder statesman

    شخصية بدل شخصي
  36. DearPrudence

    English to Italian sesquipedalian

    sesquipedalian adjformal (word: long)di parola lunghissima loc agg sesquipedale agg Shouldn't it simply be "lunghissimo": SESQUIPEDALIAN | Definition of SESQUIPEDALIAN by Oxford Dictionary on also meaning of SESQUIPEDALIAN
  37. Α

    English to Greek proficiency

    γνωστική επάρκεια
  38. Aryetti

    English to Italian rain

    Word: Rain My native language: Italian Reason of my thread: Tra gli esempi di traduzione riportati ho trovato "pioggia congelantesi" che non ho mai sentito in italiano e credo che sia un refuso o una cosa simile... Esiste invece, ed è comune, pioggia gelata per frozen rain. Suggerisco di...
  39. N

    English to Greek superordinate

    (hypernymous) υπερώνυμος
  40. F

    English to Italian preference

    Sembra che ci sia un errore tecnico nella traduzione del termine "preference" in italiano. Attualmente, la traduzione riportate è "àà", ma, dando un'occhiata all'esempio, dovrebbe essere "predilezione".
  41. L

    English to French adversarial

    I think "adversarial procedure, adversarial system" should be "système contradictoire" in French, no? See: Dictionnaire de l'Académie française Whereas "accusatoire" = accusatorial (OED: ADJECTIVE Law (of a trial or legal procedure) involving accusation by a prosecutor and a verdict...
  42. citro

    English base walk it

    Vincere senza problemi, farcela facilmente
  43. I

    French to English Spelling proxenete

    Spelling. In La Vie Devant Soi by Roman Gary this word is spelt proxynete. Mercury de France paperback Collection Folio
  44. R

    French to English chasuble

    In «néologisme (Sports : vêtement distinguant des équipes) (sports team)», please add "pinny, scrimmage vest, soccer training vest"
  45. Π

    English to Greek pipsqueak

    σπόρος, κούτσικος, μισή πορδή, σπίθαμος
  46. G

    English to Italian social media

    "Piattaforme sociali" is an adequate expression of "social media". Every other European language translates it, I'm sure Italians can manage it too.
  47. D

    English to Italian lovely

    Va segnalato che anche la frase "Abbiamo passato dei bei momenti a casa tua ieri sera." non è una traduzione di "We've been having such lovely weather lately.". Infatti, la prima si traduce in inglese come "We've had some lovely time at your home last night.", mentre la seconda si traduce in...
  48. J

    Spanish base aguileño

    Mirada aguileña (mirada penetranta): regard perçant. "Su mirada aguileña se posó en mí, impenetrable." (Carlos Ruiz Zafón, La sombra del viento) "Son regard perçant se posa sur moi, impénétrable."
  49. J

    French base rosée

    The example of the brin scintillant was incorrectly translated
  50. M

    English to Italian flutter

    Please note that the translation below is incorrect, as it refers to another sentence. I would suggest: La farfalla svolazzava nel giardino fiorito. Regards, Maurizio Gallieni, MD flutter about vi phrasal (flap) svolazzare⇒, volteggiare⇒ vi The butterfly fluttered about the flower...