1. E

    Spanish base tocle

    Español Tocles, pedales con calas, MX English: caged pedals, "rattraps" Los ciclistas en competencias de ruta y pista usaban tocles o calas desde tiempos inmemoriales, pues contribuyen a una pedaleada más potente.
  2. A

    French to Spanish chlorophylle

  3. G

    English base shutter

    a shutter is (in the figurative meaning) a cover to protect either security or privacy, I would like to suggest a possible translation into French: mettre sous l'éteignoir I found the expression : the shuttering of a right-wing website (in today's Guardian, January 12th), but Word Refernce...
  4. M

    English base mob

    Meaning of a violent mob attacking the Capitol seems to be missing from enes. Add it to the enbase?
  5. S

    French base spermatozoïde

    Un spermatozoïde est une gamète mâle qui intervient dans la reproduction sexuée. Et ça détermine pas le sexe du bébé
  6. S

    English base hard done by

    Trattato ingiustamente o molto male I feel hard done by, because he criticized me about something I did not do.
  7. Θ

    English to Greek workaround

    παρακαμπτικό τέχνασμα, παρακαμπτικό τρικ
  8. Π

    English to Greek avian

    (Ornithurae) ορνιθούριος Ornithurae (meaning "bird tails" in Greek)
  9. I

    English to Italian burdened

    Carico (es. di problemi)
  10. Ι

    English to Greek benchmark

    τοπόσημο, σημείο αναφοράς
  11. L

    Portuguese to English nojento

    In Portuguese the word "nojento" is also used to mean "picky" and "fussy", because when the person chooses they feel "nauseated" if something is not of their liking. PICKY | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary FUSSY | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary
  12. M

    English to Italian vena

    seam The miner found a new seam of coal. Il minatore trovò una nuova vena di carbone.
  13. W

    English base instruct

    The example sentence "Kate had instructed the authorities where she had last seen her car" is misleading. We would not usually use "instruct" in this case, as it suggests that the person doing the instructing is in a role of authority, whereas Kate is simply providing information. An English...
  14. M

    French to English à mon sens

    Hello there! First of all thank you for this great tool! Then, I think that " according to me" shouldn't appear in this entry but rather "to me". Finally, " according to " refers to someone else, not us : according to the president / John etc never "me". What do you think? Best regards,
  15. R

    Portuguese to English instalador

    Por favor, adicionai esta tradução. instalador nm(informática: software)installer n O instalador copia os arquivos necessários para no disco rígido.
  16. T

    Spanish base por lo que no

    Shouldn't the entry read "por lo que" instead of "por lo que no"?
  17. R

    Spanish base pixelar

    Por favor, añadid «pixelar vtr→ pixelate vtr» Significados de pixelate. To divide an image into pixels, or to display an image in pixels. To transform an image into large pixels in order to hide an identity. ¡¡¡El cual es usado en la descripción de «digitalizar»!!!
  18. R

    Spanish base reescalar

    Por favor, añadid «reescalar» verbo to resize Cómo reescalar un vídeo de 4K a 1080P sin perder calidad. ― How to resize a video from 4K to 1080P without Losing Quality. to rescale Tradicionalmente, los diseñadores usaban un sistema de cuadrícula para reescalar de un dibujo. ― Traditionally...
  19. E

    English base Sunni Islam

    Can someone give me a sentence for this word
  20. Α

    English to Greek mar

    (usually figurative) αμαυρώνω
  21. F

    English base grind someone's gears

    grind (someone's) gears To greatly or specifically irritate or annoy someone. It really grinds my gears when cyclists go zipping through red lights! John's not a bad guy, but he has a habit of grinding people's gears with his political rants. See also: gear
  22. 4

    English to Greek bare-chested

    ΧΩΡΙΣ ΚΕΝΟ ΤΟν ΕΧΕΙΣ ΛΑΘΟΣ τον τίτλο ξώβυζος, ζώβυζη, ξώβυζο Bare-chested SEPTEMBER 10, 20202:29 PMUPDATED 4 MONTHS AGO Bare-chested women lock themselves to UK parliament in climate protest By Reuters Staff 2 MIN READ
  23. D

    English to Greek enabler

    επιτρέπων, επιτρέπουσα, επιτρέπον › lex › newg › επι... Web results επιτρέπων - Κλιτικό Λεξικό Νέας Ελληνικής : Κλίση, Ορθογραφία, Αναγνώριση, Γραμματική (Νεοελληνική Και Λόγια) - Lexigram Χρον. Αντ. & Αρχ. Χρόνοι. ο επιτρέπων. του επιτρέποντος. τον επιτρέποντα. επιτρέπων. οι...
  24. S

    French to English pourcent

    Il n'y a pas la traduction de l'exemple...
  25. sylvainremy

    English base put into

    relâcher (marine)
  26. Y

    English base chill out

    I learnt that after 'like' is going to verb in gerund, therefore the example should be: I like chilling out in front of... Thanks
  27. Nanon

    English to Spanish predicable

    Hola: Las traducciones sugeridas son predicación y postulación. ¿No será más bien predicable? predicable | Diccionario de la lengua española
  28. M

    Greek to English σκάω από το κακό μου

    Είναι αργκό έκφραση και ψάχνω να το βρω. Μήπως μπορείτε να βοηθήσετε. Δεν υπάρχει στο λεξικό
  29. V

    English to Greek supremacist

  30. fenixpollo

    Spanish base polaina

    Propongo dos nuevas acepciones para esta palabra. 1. Pesas que son bolsas de lona con velcro que se usan en los tobillos y que se usan para hacer ejercicio. El término se utiliza en México. Son leg weights en inglés. 2. Protectores para los tobillos que cubren la bota y el pantalón, que se...
  31. P

    Portuguese to English esparregado

    Tradução: Português - Inglês Esparregado - Creamed spinach.
  32. Κ

    English to Greek bloody

  33. V

    French to English s'appliquer à

    the traduction does not appear when we look for "s'appliquer" or "appliquer" FR->ENG
  34. S

    English to Greek sopor

    παθολογικός ύπνος, λήθαργος, νάρκη, βαθιά μη νεκρική κοίμηση
  35. U

    English to Greek rabid

    λυσσαλέος figuratively
  36. K

    English to Greek characteristically

    Also κλασικά
  37. Karolellinida

    English base gerrymandering

    gerrymandering n(politics: manipulate boundaries) (μεταφορικά)μαγείρεμα εκλογών φρ ως ουσ ουδ νοθεία εκλογών φρ ως ουσ θηλ The English below should read: Gerrymandering has become a serious problem...εκλογική κοπτορραπτική επίθ + ουσ θηλ Gerrymandering has become an serious problem in...
  38. D

    English to Greek trump

    πορδή, αμόλημα
  39. B

    English to Spanish pedophile

    It’s not “molestar”—in your example sentence. —that only means “to bother.” It is NOT the equivalent of “to molest.” Use “abusar.”
  40. Α

    English to Greek demented

  41. M

    English to Italian prequel

  42. E

    English to Greek consist

  43. P

    English to French shrivelled

    In the example a “l” is missing to the verb
  44. F

    English to Greek propriety

    τήρηση των κανόνων συμπεριφοράς Αυτό έχει άλλο ύφος κι είναι το κυρίως στο Oxford Dictionary propriety /prəˈprʌɪəti/ noun conformity to conventionally accepted standards of behaviour or morals.
  45. G

    English to Greek torn

  46. Φ

    English to Greek bearing

    χωροταξικός προσανατολισμός
  47. AdamEwing

    French to English les voyages forment la jeunesse

    Is "travel broadens your mind" the right definition for les voyages forment la jeunesse, or is it "travelling keeps you young?"
  48. K

    English to Greek cerebrum

    τελεγκέφαλος, τελικός εγκέφαλος
  49. G

    English to Spanish stay alive

    theirs no Spanish version.
  50. A

    English to Italian complain

    Mr Jones complained of being woken by the barking of his neighbour's dog at 5 a.m. MR JONES SI E' LAMENTATO PER ESSERE STATO SVEGLIATO DAL CANE DEL VICINO ALLE 5 a.m.QUESTA E' LA TRADUZIONE,non quella che c'e' sul sito, cioe' Il cliente si lamenta per lo scarso servizio ricevuto.