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  1. I

    English to Arabic day

  2. T

    French to English dent de sagesse

    La traduction est fausse Il s'est fait enlever les dents de sagesse He had his wisdom TOOTH (et pas teeth) extracted (il y a plusieurs dents)
  3. L

    English to French greengage

    You could do the description of the word beacause we don't understand bot of me and my friend . So.....
  4. V

    English to French all and sundry

    The French equivalent is <<tout un chacun>>.
  5. J

    English to French time zone

    Add the plural.
  6. R

    English to French stalker

    "Pisteur" needs to be added here. "Harceleur" is not specific enough for many contexts.
  7. jann

    English base really

    It seems to me that the dictionary may be missing a sense to reflect an adverbial usage that's very common in everyday speech? We often use "really" as the intensifier of a verb: I really like chocolate; I really feel obligated to help out; I really think it's important to do XYZ; I really...
  8. DiBaca

    Spanish base lima

    Hola a todos: Veo que para la palabra "lima" no se incluye la fruta que en muchos paises hispanohablantes se consume y se conoce comunmente como "lima. Me refiero a esta fruta. Muchas gracias. Citrus limetta - Wikipedia
  9. DiBaca

    English to Spanish Key lime

    Me parece que la traducción de Key Lime no es necesariamente "lima" en español. Lima para muchos hispanohablantes se refiere a "sweet lime", la fruta muy pareceida al limón amarillo pero de sabor dulce. Me gustaría que tambien agregaran esa definición bajo la entrada de "lima".
  10. M

    English to French burn the candle at both ends

    "Burn the candle at both ends" means to work hard, late into the night and early in the morning, for example. The French version means "to spend without thinking", to use up your resources, "throw money out the window"
  11. R

    French to English entreprendre [qqn] sur [qch]

    To lay forth NOT to hold forth Hold back/withhold information = to not tell someone something lay forth = to tell someone something/to explain
  12. R

    English base make out

    Creo que la primera entrada, habría que desglosarla en dos, una para "discernir" y otra "descifrar", porque son matices ligeramente diferentes. 1. to make out = to discern, to see, to perceive = ver, discernir, distinguir, divisar I can't make out the sign from this far away. No alcanzo a...
  13. B

    English to Arabic Nigger

  14. fenixpollo

    English to Spanish flush

    flush adv (level, aligned) niveladamente, alineadamente adv For this sense, I suggest adding empotrado and encajado.
  15. P

    English base stitch up

    Quisiera agregar otros sinónimos a amaño que se usan en otros países hispanohablantes, fuera de España, para stitch-up: arreglo, componenda, farsa, chanchullo.
  16. DearPrudence

    French to English tambour

    tambour nmf (personne qui joue du tambour) drummer n Mon grand-père était tambour dans la fanfare municipale. ⓘ He's the drummer in my brother's band. This sentence would not translate back to 'tambour' but to 'batteur', who plays 'la batterie' (like Ringo Starr) and not 'le tambour'.
  17. G

    English to Spanish knock it off

    The best translation to Spanish I'd say is "¡Vale ya!" o "¡Ya vale!". Sometimes people'd say "ya te vale" but this expression has a connotation of one's personal opinion about other people's behaviour more than the desire of them stopping doing it
  18. B

    French to Spanish vachement

    El ejemplo con la palabra vachement está totalmente mal traducido. Nada que ver
  19. K

    English to French food web

    chaîne alimantaire
  20. G

    English to Italian template

    load è carichi non scarichi
  21. E

    English to Spanish completion

    Culminación (nf)
  22. Locape

    English to French bloody

    Dans l'exemple donné ci-dessous, il manque l'article indéfini :
  23. sylvainremy

    English to French tilt

    "Tilt at windmills" is duplicated with the same translation to French "se battre contre des moulins à vent".
  24. Kelly B

    English to French burn your bridges

    burn your bridges v expr figurative (eliminate possibility of retreat) tortiller ses arrières loc v Should this be torPiller ? If so, could be added to the combined forms in the fr -> en direction for torpiller
  25. M

    English to Arabic Moniker seems to refer to the arabic word "منكر" , which means "hidden"

    Moniker seems to refer to the arabic word "منكر" , which means "hidden"
  26. P

    English to Spanish cotton on

    Good morning, I have just spotted a mistake in the Spanish sentence for the example listed under this entry: where it says “(…) de que la estaban tomando el pelo”, it should be “le estaban” instead; at least, that is the proper wording in Castilian Spanish. I just have not been able to log...
  27. D

    English to Spanish price increase

    No se dice suba de precio, sino subida de precio
  28. R

    Spanish base pedir la mano

    Buenas «pedir la mano» viene en: propose - English-Spanish Dictionary - WordReference.com Además viene en la RAE: mano, mana | Diccionario de la lengua española pedir la mano⇒ vi (proponer matrimonio) propose⇒ vi ask for someone's hand in marriage Robert le compró un anillo a...
  29. E

    English to Spanish scour the seas

    El ejemplo está mal traducido. No es la hermana, es una novia. Y no dice en inglés lo que pone después de que hasta que la encontró. No. Dice que estaba justo ahí, en la puerta de al lado de su casa.
  30. DearPrudence

    English to Spanish snow suit

    snowsuit n (padded winter garment) mono de nieve grupo nom traje de nieve grupo nom Is something important missing? Report an error or suggest an improvement. WordReference English-Spanish Dictionary © 2023: Principal Translations Inglés Español snow suit, snowsuit n...
  31. K

    English to Italian valedictorian

    There is no example sentence in Italian, only the English version.
  32. E

    French to English tube

    a hit (song, music) Example: le rappeur a eu beaucoup de tubes l'année dernière (the rapper had lots of hits last year)
  33. T

    French base résonner

    Hello, I noticed that in the traductions of the word "résonner" (French->English), there is only echo and other things on the same subject. However, in french "résonner" also means "to think". So I would like from you to add that and improve the quality of this wonderful website. Sincerly anonyme
  34. fenixpollo

    English to Spanish pinwheel

    A esta entrada sugiero la adición de la forma alternativa de reguilete: rehilete De hecho, las entradas para pinwheel y windmill deben estar alineadas. pinwheeln US (windmill: toy that spins in breeze) molinete nm (MX) reguilete nm
  35. fenixpollo

    Spanish base va

    Se escucha ¿va? cada rato en la tele mexicana y en la de los Estados Unidos como interjección de afirmación con el mismo valor que ¿sale? tiene México o que ¿vale? tiene en España. Por ejemplo: — Tú compras las cervezas, yo traigo el hielo y los vasos, y así armamos la fiesta. ¿Va? — Va...
  36. fenixpollo

    Spanish base cámara

    Se escucha ¿cámara? cada rato en la tele mexicana y en la de los Estados Unidos como interjección de afirmación con el mismo valor que ¿sale? tiene México o que ¿vale? tiene en España. Por ejemplo: — Tú compras las cervezas, yo traigo el hielo y los vasos, y así armamos la fiesta. ¿Cámara? —...
  37. G

    Spanish base consentido

    Bonjour! En discutant entre Québécois francophone et Colombiens hispanophones, des amis et moi constatons que l'adjectif "consentido" se traduirait parfois mieux par "câlin, câline", un enfant "consentido" serait un enfant qui aime se faire cajoler, donc un enfant câlin, sans qu'il soit...
  38. J

    Spanish base corcholata

    La corcholata is used colloquially in Mexico to mean "the chosen or preferred one" in electoral competitions.
  39. P

    English to Portuguese scarcity

    scarcity n (shortage, lack) escassez, carência, falta sf The water scarcity in this region makes agriculture virtually impossible. Essas moedas comemorativas especiais têm grande procura devido à sua escassez. ERRO DE TRADUÇÃO!
  40. DearPrudence

    English to Spanish fart

    fart⇒ vi slang, vulgar (pass intestinal gas) (vulgar) tirarse un pedo loc verb (PR) tirar un peo loc verb Jimmy embarrassed his mother when he accidentally farted in front of her friends. Jimmy avergonzó a su madre cuando se tiró un pedo sin querer delante de sus amigas. fart n...
  41. DearPrudence

    French to English rincé

    Add some more translations from here: être rincé
  42. DearPrudence

    French to English se lécher les babines

    se lécher les babines loc v pron familier (se régaler) lick your lips v expr Also 'lick your chops, smack your lips'?
  43. D

    English to Spanish levy

    In the example of "levy", the statement is: "The government levied taxes at the beginning of each year". The translation is: "El gobierno impone tributos al principio de cada año". But it should be: "El gobierno imponía tributos al principio de cada año".
  44. M

    English to Arabic willy-nilly

    شئت أم أبيت
  45. H

    English base among us

    The term "among us" could possible mean a popular game in The United states.
  46. R

    English base take things in hand

    Desconozco la expresión "take matters in hand", pero la expresión que parece más habitual es "take matters into your own hands", que se encuentra en casi todos los diccionarios. to take matters into your own hands = encargarse uno mismo, tomar cartas en el asunto, ocuparse con sus propias...
  47. C

    English to French chicory

    The translation of "I ordered the salad with chicory and walnuts" is not "Du café avec de la chicorée a un goût agréable de terre." it's "J'ai commandé une salade avec des endives et des noix."
  48. G

    French to English Error in page "retard" (french entry)

    Hello On the following page (retard - traduction - Dictionnaire Français-Anglais WordReference.com), there is a mistake. Looks like the world "regard" has been confused with "retard". Please see the attachment.
  49. H

    English base heap

    In the article there is no mention of the meaning heap (English) -> amontonar, apilar (Spanish) I chop firewood and heaped it next to the hearth. Corté leña y la amontoné junto a la chimenea. There is only menion of the phrasal verb "heap up". There is something strange because from the...