1. Pokeflute

    Hindi, Urdu: Vo chogaa pahane hai

    I was reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (hairii pauTar aur paaras patthar) and I came across the following line: उसे शर्म नहीं आती कि वह चोगा पहने है use sharam nahiN aati ki vo chogaa pahane hai I thought that when wearing a piece of clothing, "pahanaa (huaa)" agrees with the...
  2. hinanoe


    Hello, how would you translate "semifoderato"? The context is quite easy, we are talking of jackets and coats and they can be lined, unlined or ... "Half-lined"? Thanks for your help, h.
  3. raffavita

    car-length leather coat

    Riciao a tutti, :) La frase è la seguente. Non c'è altro né prima né dopo. "A girl came from the opposite direction. She wore a car-length leather coat." Che cosa significa "car-length"?? Non capisco proprio. Grazie mille in anticipo. :)
  4. entrapta

    boob tube

    I know it's television, but what does boob stand for here? It's a title and I would like to know if there's any chance I could render the joke in Italian.
  5. Emma Neve

    maglia vs. maglietta

    Hi! Could you please tell me the English for this ? Is "top" ok? even if it is for men? In Italian it would be "maglia" or "maglietta"... long sleeves... made of cotton, usually Thank you very much Emma
  6. A

    peek/peeking out of

    for say: their skin peeked out from under their clothing. what would it be in french? I'm having lots of trouble with this!
  7. T

    Wear: kiru, haku

    I'm a fairly new student to the Japanese language and my question is regarding the pattern of using one "wear" verb to describe multiple articles of clothing worn. In Rosetta Stone it uses the following example... Onnanohito wa shiroi shatsu to aoi jiinzu o kite imasu. (The woman is wearing a...
  8. Z

    Mary Janes

    Here is the context: BARBARA : I’m not afraid. I am standing up for my rights and I am not afraid. MRS.GATES : You are shaking in your Mary Janes and I can see it. Turn around, child... I can imagine it is not what one could thing, but rather a kind of legging, typical from the 1950's. I...
  9. pdxmariposita

    Blusas Snake

    Hi, I am translating a business description for a woman who sells clothing, as well as gas canisters and soft drinks. I am totally baffled at what the word "snake" could mean in this context: "Con este préstamo de S/ 2,500 el cual será pagado en 5 meses comprará mercadería (pantalones, blusas...
  10. ovejanegra

    pantalones oxford

    Un breve diálogo entre dos argentinas: –¿Viste que volvieron los pantalones oxford? –¡Oxford! ¡Qué antigüedad! ¡Decir oxford es como mostrar la cédula! –Bueno, ¿cómo se dice? –No sé, pero oxford no digas jamás. Es lo menos. –¿Y decir “es lo menos” qué es? ¿Lo más? 1. ¿"Volvieron los...
  11. K


    I read this past Sunday in the New York times that in Rio de Janeiro a man's "speedo style" swim suit is called a sungas. I would like to know if that word has an English equivalent.
  12. HesterPrynne

    French hood

    ¡Hola! ¿Sabéis si esto tiene algún nombre en castellano diferente de capucha francesa, que es la traducción literal? ¡Muchas gracias!
  13. S

    Gris chiné

    Bonjour, Dans le domaine du textile et pour la couleur d'un tee shirt gris par exemple, on dit souvent "gris chiné". Selon vous : Cloudy grey or marbled grey ? Thanks
  14. Aserolf

    All-weather boots, moon boots

    ¡Hola amigos! ¿Alguien conoce este tipo de botas?, el contexto dice: If your child has all-weather boots (snow boots, moon boots, etc...) to wear outside during stormy weather and when the playground is muudy and wet, please bring another pair of shoes to wear inside the building. Solo...