colloquial phrases

  1. Encolpius

    All Slavic languages: words derived from the German Klasse! meaning Great! Super!

    Good morning ladies & gentlemen, I have learnt Russians say: Класс! if something is great! super! wonderful! I think it is from the German phrase Klasse! (which means actually class). Do you use the word "klass" in your language? :confused: Thank you for your cooperation and have a productive...
  2. A


    Hello, To say "you do need a smack on your bump!", is it correct to say" Tu as vraiment besoin de claque sur ta bosse"? Merci d'avant. Aussie 2012 :)
  3. capitas

    not by a long chalk!

    I came across the sentence in a book He isn't and has never been the head of the family (not by a long chalk!). The best translationI've found is "Ni mucho menos" or "ni de lejos". Could I use it to say "You are, by a long chalk, the best swimmer" "eres, de lejos/por mucho, el mejor nadador"...
  4. F

    busy work

    In inglese, c'è l'espressione "busy work" per descrivere i compiti che sono noioso e inutile. C'è una frase similare in Italiano? Grazie.