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    Hi all!!I'm new of this...I'm writing my CV because I'm looking for a job abroad and I'm trying to define my job but it's quite difficult...It's a very specific and unusual profession:I colour comic strips using graphic programs like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.In Italian we use "colorista"...
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    To count on / nasty jar

    Hi there everyone! I'd need to know whether the following sentence rings a bell to anyone of you, and if so, where do you think it comes from or how it's been "created". It's been taken out of the comic Asterix (and the Roman Agent), and I can't find any idiom or saying really related to the...
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    Batman - Bruce Wayne o Bruno Diaz

    Hola a todos, hoy encontre en internet una referencia al caracter "Bruno Diaz" en lugar de "Bruce Wayne" en las historias de Batman. Leí más y me parece que en algunos países se llama Bruce Wayne y en otros Bruno Diaz, les pregunto ahora donde ustedes viven como se llama esté?