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    Subjunctive used for Commands?

    Hola todas. Apologies for any missing accents. I'm at work and dont' have an international keyboard. Venga, Pongalo, Digame. All are subjunctive forms of their respective verbs. I have seen (or think I have seen :)) them used as commands instead of Ven, Pon and Di. Venga = Come on! Pongalo =...
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    Reported speech

    Hola a todos! Es mi primera vez en un foro. Necesito saber algunas cosas sobre el estilo indirecto: 1. En los mandatos (commands) hay que cambiar los pronombres y tiempos verbales o se dejan igual? Ej. "Take me home now!” Jill said to Brenda. ¿Cómo se hace? A. Jill told Brenda to take me...