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    actions privilégiées quant au produit de liquidation (UK English)

    Still on my extract from the Swiss companies' register, can I simply translate "actions privilégiées quant au produit de liquidation" as "preference shares", or do I need something a bit more detailed, please? (Preference shares are shares which have a dividend paid on them before the one paid...
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    passifs envers les tiers

    Would this be translated as anything more than "third-party liabilities" in English, please? It's from an extract from a Swiss companies' register, and relates to an SARL converting to an SA, having "des actifs de CHF x et des passifs envers les tiers de CHF y, soit un actif net de CHF z".
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    (Swiss) révision ordinaire / révision restreinte

    This appears to be a common phrase in extracts from the Swiss companies' register, but I can't find out what the standard English translation is: "la société n'est pas soumise à une révision ordinaire et renonce à une révision restreinte" Would it just be "ordinary audit(ing)" / "restricted...
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    lettera d'intento o dichiarazione d'intento

    Ciao a tutti! Sembra che io stia duplicando un vecchio tread ma non e' cosi': vorrei sapere se qualcuno sa come si puo' dire in inglese lettera / dichiarazione d'intento. Intendo dire il documento emesso dagli esporatori abituali per non pagare l'Iva sugli acquisti (Value added taxes). Poiche'...
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    mandataire automobile

    Hello, I would like to know the translation for "mandataire automobile". It's a company which doesn't sale cars itself but represents a customer to several dealers, to meet the customer's requirements. Could you please help me? Cheers, Romain