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  1. Missrapunzel

    to rubbish rumours

    Hi everyone, The Oasis band had a fight backstage before a concert in Paris last weekend, the concert and the rest of the European tour suddenly got cancelled and the spokesman announced that "the group no longer exists". In a article I was reading about it, I came accross this sentence: "On...
  2. guaguaboy

    Did I say that out loud?

    Hi, tout le monde: How do you say "Did I say that out loud?" in Français? Can anyone give me a prompt reply [...] Merci beaucoup d'avance,;) Robbie
  3. P

    "Make yourself at home"

    Hello, Could you tell me if "Make yourself at home" is familiar or not. For example, can one, as a company, say that to a customer ? Or does one have to say "Make yourself comfortable" , or "...at ease" ? Thank you in advance, Purple

    Over and Out

    Estava trabalhando e após perguntar se o cliente desejava mais alguma informação ele disse: Não obrigado. Over and Out. O que é Over and Out? Nunca tinha ouvido e não consigo imaginar o que ele quer dizer.
  5. R


    "chauffer l'ambiance" et "chauffer la salle" correspondent à l'expression anglaise "to warm up a meeting," comme par le moyen d'un "icebreaker". Je cherche un substantif en français pour le mot "icebreaker." Merci