1. joeysgirl

    Spanish to English malsonante

    Just a minor correction to the English definition: "course" should be "coarse".
  2. A

    Spanish to English como poco

    if you can´t go an (AND) see him ---
  3. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English pilotear

    El capitán pilotea el barco en el puerto con ayuda del práctico. The captain steers the boat in the harbor with the help of the coaster. "the pilot"?
  4. M

    Spanish to English quiltro

    Quiltro (Chile)= mutt
  5. H

    Spanish to English guardarropa

    My Guatemalan Spanish teacher said this is also a "locker", as a school locker, or at a store so one does not bring in packages from the outside.
  6. G

    Spanish to English sagital

    We, the users, would love to have a couple of examples of use of this particular word. Thank you. Your dictionary is incredibly useful.
  7. W

    Spanish to English atardecer

    When searching for the translation for 'sunset' from English to Spanish there is actually the word 'atardecer'. But when searching in the opposite way, there is not 'sunset' anywhere.
  8. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English crespo

    Spanish English crespo nm (bucle, rizo) curl, ringlet n Guardó un crespo de su bebé en un relicario. He saved a curl (or: ringlet) from his baby in a shrine. I wonder who can keep their baby's hair in shrines nowadays. I suppose it is rather "locket" here? locket -...
  9. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English aborrecer

    "hate" is not informal.
  10. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English meteoro

    Meteor should move to the 2nd term, with "dated" in the sense, and the new first term should be something like atmospheric phenomenon or weather phenomenon.
  11. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English figurín

    Sounds like the first entry should include "sketch" and "illustration", with a sense of "fashion". In a general sense, I think "model" would also probably work.
  12. P

    Spanish to English academicismo

    There is no option to hear the pronunciation of this word in Spanish.
  13. L

    Spanish to English con propiedad

    Under "propiedad," the following were given as sample sentences: Uno quiere que sus hijos se manejen con propiedad. Strictly speaking, you want your children to drive. That is a literal translation. "Con propiedad" means correctly, so the sample sentence in English should read "You want your...
  14. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English redacción

    Wouldn't the last Sense be "essay"? La profesora nos ha mandado hacer una redacción sobre la Guerra de la Independencia. The professor has assigned us a writing regarding the War of Independence.
  15. T

    Spanish to English madre

    Bad word on left for other words that start with mother
  16. A

    Spanish to English crudo

    this definition suggests that "crudo" means "hammered, plastered or drunk", but in the examples it gives ("resaca" and "Marcos anda crudo porque anoche salió con sus amigos", and in my experience, "crudo" means "hung over" rather than drunk.
  17. V

    Spanish to English son

    Son Spanish Ellas son muy pequeñas
  18. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English subvenir

    For the first Sense, I've got the impression that it means help people, and not about paying costs: subvenir - Definición - subvenir conjugar ⇒ tr. Auxiliar o socorrer a alguien en sus necesidades: las ONG se encargan de subvenir a los emigrantes. I don't think "defray" would...
  19. C

    Spanish to English cada vez mayor

    hola no hay frase en ingles para esta expresion
  20. L

    Spanish to English nacer

    The idea for the author's first book was born from a dream that they had five years ago. In this sentance, "they had" should be "she had". I think.
  21. A

    Spanish to English de hecho

    Spanish - Español --- ¿Está lloviendo? --- No, de hecho hace un buen día.
  22. A

    Spanish to English de tal palo, tal astilla

    De tal padre tal hijo A chip off the off (OLD) block
  23. E

    Spanish to English niñera

    I searched the word niñera, and the example sentence in English was "The nanny is coming come at seven, like every other day." This sentence doesn't make sense and should be changed to "The nanny is coming at seven, like every other day" or "The nanny will come at seven, like every other day."
  24. A

    Spanish to English cordón policial

    You have an example in Spanish, but not in English
  25. M

    Spanish to English hambre

    The sentence given says El hambre but it says that this word is exclusively feminine using la or una and las or unas. So wouldn't that mean that it's La hambre and not El hambre?
  26. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English independizar

    Los separatistas quieres independizar la región de la capital. The separatists want the region to become independent from the capital. "break free" & "become independent" work in the Sentence the way you have rephrased it, but strictly speaking, it works as an intranstive verb and doesn't...
  27. S

    Spanish to English contar

    I can't find the word I need it takes up too much time I spent 15 min looking for a word that's not there
  28. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English volver a hacer algo

    For "volver a hacer algo", it's rather "(do sth) again". It's clearer if you take other (compound) examples like: volver a decir volver a enfrentarse volver a intentar algo volver a mentir volver à mirar volver a nacer volver a presentarse volver a respirar where it has always been translated as...
  29. N

    Spanish to English campo

    also mean country
  30. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English pereza

    Would it be possible to translate the second sentence as well? "Los viajes largos me dan pereza. " Some ideas here: Me da pereza / Qué pereza! Also, I am not sure "disinclined" would really work as the register is different.
  31. O

    Spanish to English lehendakari

    lehendakari is a basque word and no spanish in english it is firsth president
  32. I

    Spanish base vais

    There is no translation for this word. Could you please check on it and provide a translation as it says "translation not available" in red.
  33. A

    Spanish to English ayudante de cocina

    Consiguió un trabajo como --- You (HE / SHE) got a job as ---
  34. B

    Spanish to English repartidor

    Es delivery man y delivery woman, separado, no junto.
  35. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English voltear la página

    Is "turn the page" that common? Also, maybe "move on", "get over something"?
  36. V

    Spanish to English diario

    Diaria Daily
  37. V

    Spanish to English perdonable

    The first language I learned was Spanish but I also began learning English simultaneously by the age of 2-3. I wanted to know how to say 'perdonable' in English but I noticed forgivable was misspelled. It shows up as 'forgiveable' , should be 'forgivable'.
  38. A

    Spanish to English tabaco

    The leaves of the tobacco plant are use (USED) to make cigarettes.
  39. L

    Spanish to English aun

    The example sentence in Spanish is not translated correctly.
  40. A

    Spanish to English incluir

    Where is the conjugation
  41. T

    Spanish to English requisitos mínimos

    I would like to know the verb to use with this phrase, for example, 'You have met the minimum requirements for the application.'
  42. D

    Spanish to English órale

    orale - Diccionario Inglés-Español Typo on page: "Come one" should be "come on"
  43. A

    Spanish to English azotea

    there is something wrong with that guys (GUY´S) head
  44. N

    Spanish to English certificado

    En el ejemplo que ponéis, la forma verbal o no está bien traducida o la tilde no es correcta. Envío=yo, no ella (she sent) Y si es ella debería poner asegurarse, no asegurarme. Envío el documento certificado para asegurarme de que llegue a su destino. She sent the document by registered...
  45. C

    Spanish to English pasar

    He buscado la traducción del verbo pasar y en el apartado de "additional translations", en la primera frase que aparece (pasársele algo a alguien), en los ejemplos, hay un pequeño error. La frase en castellano es "Cuando se me pase la gripe, te llevaré a la montaña" y se ha traducido como "When...
  46. S

    Spanish to English raro

    Sugiero que en la traducción de “raro” a inglés se elimine la traducción de “rarito=gay “ Aunque tenga el “ofensivo” igual encuentro que es falta de respeto
  47. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English loco

    Also "mad"? Also, under "tarado" I am not sure that "crazy" is US only and that "mad" is UK. And under "chiflado", I am not sure the 4 terms are of the same register. "crazy, nuts, mad, nutty " And the register of "screwy, batty " seems to be missing.
  48. 0

    Spanish to English vine

    I came, I arrived -I came home -I came to work -I arrived at the party
  49. F

    Spanish to English aun

    The translation is incorrect
  50. A

    Spanish base convivio

    --- en la organización del convivio. Almost nobody uses the noun "CONVIVIO" in Spanish. I myself didn´t know it. We use "CONVITE"