1. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English trastienda

    trastienda nf coloquial, figurado (intención escondida) (figurative) back room n No sé lo que guardará Juan en la trastienda, pero algo trama. I don't know what Juan is keeping in the back room, but it must be some kind of plot. It only seems to translate this specific sentence, but...
  2. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English tutor

    tutor, tutora nm, nf (consejero estudiantil) (university) tutor n Voy al colegio a ver al tutor de mi hijo para hablar de sus notas. I'm going to the school to see my son's tutor and talk about his grades. In Spanish, this seems to be about secundary school, while "tutor" seems to...
  3. C

    Spanish to English de por sí

    Hello, In the definition it says "on it's own" with an erroneous apostrophe. Caroline
  4. B

    Spanish to English protesto de letra

    No translation
  5. Alan Evangelista

    Spanish to English antigüedad

    "ancient times" is a more usual translation of "antigüedad" to English than "antiquity" and should be added.
  6. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English telonero

    telonero, telonera nm, nf (encargado de telones) (theatre) curtain-raiser n (performer, artist) opening act n El telonero se encarga de bajar la cortina al final de la función. The curtain-raiser is responsible for lowering the curtain at the end of the show. Shouldn't...
  7. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English sombrerera

    sombrerera nf (caja para sombreros) hat rack, hat box n If indeed this is a "caja/box", then, I don't think "hat rack" would work.
  8. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English seguidor

    seguidor, seguidora nm, nf (aficionado, admirador) supporter, fan n Los seguidores del Real Madrid no están contentos este año. La cantante cuenta con más de dos millones de seguidores en sus redes sociales. The supporters (or: fans) of Real Madrid are not happy this year. For...
  9. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English retrasado

    Me parece que el útimo Sense hace referencia a este sentido: retrasado, da adj. [Persona, animal o planta] que no ha llegado al desarrollo normal de su edad: así que "mentally handicapped adj" no funciona.
  10. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English polaco

    polaco, polaca nm, nf ES: peyorativo (catalán) (peyjorative) Pole n Catalan n There is a typo in the Sense, and does this translation make sense? Do you call Catalans Pole in English and is it pejorative?
  11. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English emprendedor

    emprendedor adj (que tiene iniciativa) enterprising adj (commerce) entrepreneurial adj Mi abuelo, un hombre emprendedor y valiente, logró sacar adelante a sus ocho hijos. My grandfather, an enterprising and brave, managed to bring up his eight children. emprendedor adj (que...
  12. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English chulo

    chulo nm CO (signo: verificación) tick n La profe pone chulos al lado de las respuestas correctas. The teacher puts ticks by the correct answers. I guess "tick" would not be used in American English.
  13. B

    Spanish to English mezclilla

    Mezclilla = denim
  14. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English perjudicado

    perjudicado adj (dañado, afectado) affected, damaged adj wronged adj La alcaldía hizo un recuento de las construcciones perjudicadas tras el terremoto. The city government did a count of the affected (or: damaged) structures after the earthquake. I would add a Dsense like...
  15. O

    Spanish to English ensimismar

    A translation of ensimismarse includes 'naval gazing'. I think that should be navel gazing. 'Naval' has to do with the navy.
  16. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English carnero

    Maybe add "sheep" as well? This translation can be found under "merino": merino adj (tipo de carnero) merino adj En Nueva Zelanda hay muchos carneros merinos. There are many merino sheep in New Zealand.
  17. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English medianero

    medianero, medianera nm, nf AmL (propietario de adosado) intermediary n middleman n Tienes que hablar con los medianeros si quieres construir ahí. You have to speak with the intermediaries if you want to build there. Apparently, the Sense is different here: medianero...
  18. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English mecánico

    1) These 2 sentences don't match: mecánico, mecánica nm, nf (especialista en motores) mechanic n (UK) mechanic's n Llevé el coche al mecánico porque hacía un ruido extraño. He took the car to the mechanic. 2) In the last but one sense, why "female" only? mecánico...
  19. W

    Spanish to English yo he de seguir

    "Yo he de seguir" does not mean "I shall follow". Rather, it should be "I must forge ahead" or "I have to keep moving forward" or "I have to push through (it)".
  20. R

    Spanish to English goma

    this word isn't just rubber - it is a rubber for a whiteboard
  21. J

    Spanish to English semiótica

    The translation into English as semiotics is strictly correct but infuriating, because semiotics is not a word in general use in the English language. Therefore I would like to see also, or in brackets, (the study of signs and symbols) which I had to find out by doing a Google meaning search.
  22. M

    Spanish to English principal

    Spanish word 'principal' is noy only an adjective, but also a noun, This is not reported in your dictionary.
  23. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English ESO

    Simply "secondary school" for an equivalent? See educación secundaria - Diccionario Inglés-Español for translations.
  24. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English peste

    peste nf (pestilencia, hedor, tufo) stench, stink, reek n El campo de batalla quedó sembrado de cadáveres, la peste era insoportable. The battle field was sowed with cadavers; the stench (or: stink) was unbearable. Is "to be sowed with" really idiomatic here?
  25. H

    Spanish to English nicho

    Guatemalan Spanish teacher says this also means a place in an ossurary.
  26. N

    Spanish to English alimentar

    On the page for alimentar there is an example which doesn't translate directly: Los conejos se alimentan de zanahorias y otras plantas. In ancient myths, the cyclops fed on sheep.
  27. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English comediante

    For the first Sense "actor" maybe, for non comedy plays? comediante - Definición - m. y f. Persona que representa un papel en una obra dramática.
  28. R

    Spanish to English iguala

    La traducción correcta de iguala es retainer, ni contract ni agreement.
  29. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English tramposo

    For the first Sense, there is only a translation for school, but how would it be translated in other contexts then? (my context was "abogado tramposo")
  30. joeysgirl

    Spanish to English malsonante

    Just a minor correction to the English definition: "course" should be "coarse".
  31. L

    Spanish to English salir

    The example translation beginning "William" has no relation to the Spanish version.
  32. A

    Spanish to English como poco

    if you can´t go an (AND) see him ---
  33. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English pilotear

    El capitán pilotea el barco en el puerto con ayuda del práctico. The captain steers the boat in the harbor with the help of the coaster. "the pilot"?
  34. M

    Spanish to English quiltro

    Quiltro (Chile)= mutt
  35. H

    Spanish to English guardarropa

    My Guatemalan Spanish teacher said this is also a "locker", as a school locker, or at a store so one does not bring in packages from the outside.
  36. G

    Spanish to English sagital

    We, the users, would love to have a couple of examples of use of this particular word. Thank you. Your dictionary is incredibly useful.
  37. W

    Spanish to English atardecer

    When searching for the translation for 'sunset' from English to Spanish there is actually the word 'atardecer'. But when searching in the opposite way, there is not 'sunset' anywhere.
  38. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English crespo

    Spanish English crespo nm (bucle, rizo) curl, ringlet n Guardó un crespo de su bebé en un relicario. He saved a curl (or: ringlet) from his baby in a shrine. I wonder who can keep their baby's hair in shrines nowadays. I suppose it is rather "locket" here? locket -...
  39. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English aborrecer

    "hate" is not informal.
  40. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English meteoro

    Meteor should move to the 2nd term, with "dated" in the sense, and the new first term should be something like atmospheric phenomenon or weather phenomenon.
  41. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English figurín

    Sounds like the first entry should include "sketch" and "illustration", with a sense of "fashion". In a general sense, I think "model" would also probably work.
  42. P

    Spanish to English academicismo

    There is no option to hear the pronunciation of this word in Spanish.
  43. L

    Spanish to English con propiedad

    Under "propiedad," the following were given as sample sentences: Uno quiere que sus hijos se manejen con propiedad. Strictly speaking, you want your children to drive. That is a literal translation. "Con propiedad" means correctly, so the sample sentence in English should read "You want your...
  44. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English redacción

    Wouldn't the last Sense be "essay"? La profesora nos ha mandado hacer una redacción sobre la Guerra de la Independencia. The professor has assigned us a writing regarding the War of Independence.
  45. T

    Spanish to English madre

    Bad word on left for other words that start with mother
  46. A

    Spanish to English crudo

    this definition suggests that "crudo" means "hammered, plastered or drunk", but in the examples it gives ("resaca" and "Marcos anda crudo porque anoche salió con sus amigos", and in my experience, "crudo" means "hung over" rather than drunk.
  47. V

    Spanish to English son

    Son Spanish Ellas son muy pequeñas
  48. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English subvenir

    For the first Sense, I've got the impression that it means help people, and not about paying costs: subvenir - Definición - subvenir conjugar ⇒ tr. Auxiliar o socorrer a alguien en sus necesidades: las ONG se encargan de subvenir a los emigrantes. I don't think "defray" would...
  49. C

    Spanish to English cada vez mayor

    hola no hay frase en ingles para esta expresion
  50. L

    Spanish to English nacer

    The idea for the author's first book was born from a dream that they had five years ago. In this sentance, "they had" should be "she had". I think.