1. M

    Spanish to English VERDE

    Verde means green, green is not green in spanish
  2. S

    Spanish to English dar con algo

    I don’t know why the website direct me to post a thread when I’m trying to report an error
  3. E

    Spanish to English pudir

  4. A

    Spanish to English pelo

    Me pone el pelo en puntas = it makes my hair stand on end
  5. J

    Spanish to English rabia

    The first definition example, the English translation (something about doctors saying a little anger can be healthy) does not match the Spanish sentence (Me duo mucho rabia… trabajo).
  6. M

    Spanish to English agarrado

    I would suggest that agarrado has a meaning other than stingy. From La Uruguaya, by Pedro Mairal, ch 1, p16: Y a veces cuando llegabas me descubrías mirando el atardecer en el balcón agarrado como un preso de la reja que pusimos cuando Maiko empezó a caminar.
  7. N

    Spanish to English top

    The definition of top is missing the translation for the top of a thing. Like, "Put your name at the top of the paper" or "You can put your keys on top of the table"
  8. 1

    Spanish to English ¿De dónte eres?

    I was able to eventually able to find this meeting. But I would really like if they could translate the whole phrase. Or at least close. But overall it was ok
  9. W

    Spanish to English baja

    baja or bajo means small
  10. N

    Spanish to English teórica

    “nf” - perhaps an example of use of this word as a noun? English-US. Thanks
  11. Encolpius

    Spanish to English salmorejo

    it's not in the dictionary
  12. R

    Spanish to English rallado

    The example phrase is wrong: Para preparar estos helados de coco caseros se necesita coco rallado. The fillets are coated in grated bread.
  13. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English calar

    This was submitted through Contact Me. In the cala entry for Spanish-English the following translation appears: After working for so long with Diego, she finally see through him: he was only interested in money. Instead it should be: After working for so long with Diego, she finally SAW through...
  14. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English fila india

    Add an “offensive” and possibly “dated” sense to Indian file.
  15. C

    Spanish to English kelapa

    according to an inmate of the prison Salto del Negro on Gran Canaria this word means: lost, in the sense of "lost his way", said of a person who does not know anymore what he was saying or doing.
  16. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English guiso

    Un guiso can also be a puree. Cf the Wikipedia entry for escamoles.
  17. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English bañador

    bañador nm ES (prenda de baño) swimsuit n (US) bathing suit n (UK) swimming costume, bathing costume n (men's) swimming trunks, trunks npl Fueron a la playa y como no tenían bañador se bañaron desnudos. They went to the beach and since they didn't have a swimsuit they...
  18. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English explícito

    Add graphic to match the Reverse: graphicadj figurative (sex, violence: explicit) explícito/a adj gráfico/a adj This movie portrays graphic violence and is not recommended for young viewers. Esta película presenta violencia explícita y no está recomendada para espectadores jóvenes.
  19. J

    Spanish to English balancearse

    El ejemplo dice que balancearse en los columpios quiere decir to swing from the tree branches. I think what they mean is the children are swinging on the swing set, not tree branches.
  20. J

    Spanish to English derrepente

  21. amikama

    Spanish to English animar

    Why is animarse translated as "not have the courage to do"? I find this translation confusing because of the negation. Although I do understand that in negative sentences no animarse has that meaning, as the sample sentence demonstrates: No se animaba a ir solo a pedir trabajo [...] = she...
  22. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English afilador

    Add cutler to the entry for the person.
  23. J

    Spanish to English desconectado

    I was looking for this word in english but i just found the verb with out conjugation (in infinitive)
  24. L

    Spanish to English reciprocidad

    No hay una traducción al español de la frase relacionada con "reciprocidad".
  25. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English pollo

    pollo nm coloquial (niño, muchacho) (colloquial) kid n (male) boy n (female) girl n (formal) youngster n Diego es solo un pollo: no esperes que actúe como un adulto. Diego is just a kid: you can't expect him to act like an adult. I think that "pollo" is only for...
  26. ArgieTeacher42

    Spanish to English botín

    I used Youglish to hear people using the word "football/soccer cleat" (as I'd found the term here) but there were no results, which seems weird. Wordreference should revise that term as a synonym of "boot".
  27. E

    Spanish to English saber

    I came across a definition of "saber" to also be, "to learn": "El jueves pasado supiste la verdad sobre mi familia. ¿Quieres saber más?"
  28. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English mojigato

    Add UK to the sense for wowser.
  29. J

    Spanish to English sensato

    Better translation, I think, would be: Leaving early was a sensible decision; that way we avoided the traffic jam. I.e., second phrase also in past tense.
  30. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English galán

    Add heartthrob and heart-throb to match the reverse.
  31. E

    Spanish to English gerentina

    This word, gerentina, is not presently translated into English @ WR. It can be rendered as gelatin.
  32. A

    Spanish to English guapetón

    Guapetón IS NOT Dashing, pretty, good looking or attractive. I someone who thinks he is better or stronger than others and likes to intimidate others, mostly by brute force.
  33. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English chiquero

    chiquero nm (establo para cerdos) pigsty n pigpen n Los cerdos viven en el chiquero. Pigs live in the pigsty. To align with "pocilga"? pocilga nf (establo para cerdos) sty, pen, pigpen n Tocaba sacar los cerdos de la pocilga para limpiarla. It was time to bring out...
  34. pachanga7

    Spanish to English infección de transmisión sexual

    Medical personnel would distinguish between an STD and an STI, sexually transmitted infection. The English translation should be sexually transmitted infection.
  35. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English homónimo

    Align this entry with tocayo.
  36. M

    Spanish to English obrar

  37. E

    Spanish to English aprovechar

    Add the entry "harness", since it is "aprovecharse" in a "good sense"
  38. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English maldito

    On this one, "damned" should have a sense of "offensive". Also add "damn" with the same sense. maldito adj (malvado, perverso) damned, wicked, cursed adj ¡Maldito judas, me apuñalaste por la espalda! Damned Judas! You stabbed me in the back!
  39. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English loco

    I think mental should be one of the terms in both of these entries. loco adj (perturbado mental) crazy, insane adj (UK) mad adj En el apartamento de abajo vive una vieja loca que habla sola todo el día. A crazy old woman lives in the apartment downstairs who talks to herself all...
  40. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English centro

    For this entry, the sentence says "city centre" but not the terms. centro nm (punto de actividad de población) (UK) centre n (US) center n (city) downtown n El centro bullía con el ir y venir de los trabajadores. Papá va para el centro porque tiene que ir al banco. ⓘ...
  41. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English en pleno centro

    In the middle is also US. en pleno centro loc adj (en la parte central) (US) right in the center expr (UK) right in the centre expr right in the middle expr (figurative) in the heart expr
  42. C

    Spanish to English clero

    Error in translation of the example sentence. The term, los enfermos, is incorrectly translated in English as nurses. Please note the similarity of both terms. in Spanish nurse = EnferMERO. But, los enferMOS = the sick. The sentence should read: The anointing of THE SICK is ….administered by...
  43. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English trepar

    trepar vi (plantas: crecer) climb⇒ vtr grow up vtr phrasal insep La buganvilla trepaba por la fachada de la vivienda. The bougainvillea climbed up the front of the house. Maybe "creep" as well?
  44. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English tonel

    tonel nm coloquial (persona gorda) (pejorative) fatty, fatso, porker n (US) blimp, butterball, lardass n Juan está hecho un tonel de tanto comer. Juan is a fatty from eating so much. DSense1 = informal, as well as pejorative?
  45. DelaChón

    Spanish to English venir mal dadas

    No estoy de acuerdo con la traducción. La expresión casi siempre se usa del siguiente modo "Cuando vienen mal dadas, ..." y quiere decir "when circumstances are not favorable" o "when you're unlucky". No tiene nada que ver con "come in a bad mood", al menos en el español de Europa. Saludos.
  46. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English pito

    Dick may be too vulgar. If there’s no other alternative, it at least needs a vulgar sense. pito nm coloquial (pene) dick n (infantile) weenie, wiener n Sacó su pito y se puso a mear contra la pared. He took out his dick and started peeing against the wall.
  47. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English pito

    Add AE terms? pito nm coloquial(cigarrillo) (UK, slang) fag, ciggy n Voy a parar un rato para fumarme un pito. I'm going to stop a moment and smoke a fag.
  48. M

    Spanish to English acaso

    Acaso de/maybe from/perhaps from: example: Acaso de un anhelo inconsciente por (algo)
  49. O

    Spanish to English cicerón

    Guía, guía turístico
  50. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English futbolín

    To align? futbolín nm (juego de recreativo) (US) foosball, table soccer n table football n De joven iba a los recreativos a jugar al futbolín. When I was young I would go to arcades to play foosball. fulbito nm AR (futbolín, juego de mesa) (UK) table football n...