1. rajulbat

    Spanish to English cólera

    Plancton should be spelled plankton in English
  2. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English mamadera

    mamadera interj AR; coloquial (expresa sorpresa) damn interj Register?
  3. T

    Spanish to English abolengo

    She acted as if she was from a grand lineage, but she was not
  4. B

    Spanish to English burrito

    burrito also means little donkey
  5. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English ponible

    ponible adj mf (ropa: que combina) wearable adj Wouldn't something like 'neutral/versatile' be more appropriate? una camisa más ponible
  6. J

    Spanish to English denunciante

    Creo que una trauducción adecuada al inglés sería algo como "whistleblower."
  7. H

    Spanish to English encargo

    Folly. A building or a portion of a building that has no practical function. Often used to create a point of interest on a large area surrounding a mansion or a castle. Example: el Capricho de Gaudí, diseñado por Gaudí en 1883 = Gaudi’s Folly, designed by Gaudí in 1883
  8. E

    Spanish to English narco

    As far as I know, in the US if you call someone a "narc" it's: "slang shorthand for 'narcotics agent,' a federal agent or police officer who specializes in laws dealing with illegal drugs. Narc is sometimes also used to mean 'police informant,' someone who secretly gives inside information to...
  9. R

    Spanish to English plantilla

    Actual: plantilla nf (equipo) (football, European) squad n (American sports) team n Ese jugador es de la plantilla del Real Madrid. That player is from the Real Madrid squad. That player is from the Real Madrid team. Buenas. En inglés también se dice «roster». Ejemplo...
  10. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English acaparar

    Add monopolise/monopolize to match the WR Reverse.
  11. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English monopolizar

    Fix the s/z spelling error in the UK term "monopolize".
  12. S

    Spanish to English agudo

    the word 'last' has a typo and says 'lasy'
  13. R

    Spanish to English pitar

    Actual: pitar vtr (deportes: señalar) (Sports) blow the whistle v expr El arbitró pitó falta y sacó tarjeta amarilla al jugador. ⓘ The referee blew the whistle declaring a foul in favor of the opposing team. «blow the whistle» se refiere al acto de hacer sonar el silbato / pito. A...
  14. G

    Spanish to English he dicho

    Add US for period, add full stop, and adjust the order of terms. Also consider adding end of discussion.
  15. V

    Spanish to English te

    The first example of principal translations seems incomplete with only half the sentence covered in english.
  16. G

    Spanish to English orear

    Maybe add air out?
  17. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English latitud

    Doublecheck the term_alt and possibly add part or even parts.
  18. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English paliacate

    Add bandanna and bandana.
  19. Marcus_60

    Spanish to English baño

    Hello, in my humble opinion the 'compound forms' section of the page should list the following expression, too: baño público (see the page restroom - English-Spanish Dictionary - Thanks for the attention.
  20. speedier

    Spanish to English parodia

    The translation 'travesty' is missing, though it is shown in the list of entries in which parodia appears. Example: Cualquier otra cosa será una parodia de justicia Anything else will be a travesty of justice
  21. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English meter

    Add mess with? As in no te metas con mi cucu
  22. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English parlanchín

    Add a formal sense to talkative. Maybe add windbag?
  23. S

    Spanish to English hacer

    Hola - I'm a relative beginner to Spanish, so perhaps I'm missing something. I see no entry of "hace" in the sense of ago, e.g. hace dos años = two years ago. Why is this? Thanks and regards, Stephanie Crossley (Paris)
  24. D

    Spanish to English obstaculizar

    ''Hamper'' entry should be also shown, as well as other synonyms missing
  25. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English estado

    Add a new term with "status" and the sense "computers".
  26. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English a huevo

    These each need their own line with senses, so we can distinguish the vulgar ones from the others.
  27. Cholo234

    Spanish to English velocidad

    I think "response time" is a better example than "response speed." Also, it can be found under the examples of "response" in English collocations.
  28. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English pasar

    pasar⇒ vi (entrar) go⇒ vi proceed⇒ vi go ahead vi phrasal Al llegar pasamos directamente al comedor. We went straight through to the dining room on arrival. Add 'come in'? come in vi phrasal (enter, go indoors) entrar⇒, pasar⇒ vi Please come in; the door is open...
  29. F

    Spanish to English vencer

  30. I

    Spanish to English política

    Falta, o al menos no encontre, la definicion de las politicas de una compañia. Que hace referencia a la serie de reglas y principios de una compañia o entadidad.
  31. É

    Spanish to English terrestre

    1. Terrestre 2. [Tenses in English and Spanish example sentences with the Vulcans do not match; future vs. past.] 3. [Spanish "los vulcanarios aniquilarán (futuro), English "the Vulcans wiped out...]
  32. Nbeu36

    Spanish to English cursilería

    The English translation text below the entry here for "pretentiousness" contains a significant spelling error. It should read: As it stands, it is problematic. :)
  33. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English abuelo

    abuelo, abuela nm, nf peyorativo, coloquial (persona envejecida) (UK: aged male, colloquial) old geezer n (UK, female, pejorative) old hag n El esposo de Miriam está hecho un abuelo: tiene 40 años y está lleno de achaques. Her husband has turned into an old geezer. He's 40 and is...
  34. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English abuelito

    abuelito, abuelita nm, nf afectuoso (abuelo, abuela) (affectionate) grandpa, granddad, granddaddy, grampa n (infantile) poppa n Note: Expresiones usadas principalmente por niñas y niños. El abuelito va a venir a vivir con nosotros. Quiero que abuelita me haga una trenza...
  35. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English cuello del útero

    útero nm (matriz de las mamíferas) (medic) uterus n El útero es el mayor de los órganos del aparato reproductor femenino. The uterus is the biggest organ of the female reproductive system. 'medic'? + Put 'womb' somewhere? cuello del útero, cuello uterino loc nom m (parte baja de...
  36. J

    Spanish to English cardíaco

    "fue cardiaca" is used in Mexico to mean something like "was a cliffhanger" or "was a nail-biter". For example, from an article in the press, "La votación de los ministros del Corte fue cardiaca".
  37. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English excusado

    The terms lavatory, toilet don’t match the sense.
  38. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English resollar

    Fix the typo in “breathe”.
  39. S

    Spanish to English mecatrónica

    The English translation should be spelled with an h: "mechatronics."
  40. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English jalonear

    Add jerk next to yank?
  41. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English frito

    Maybe change your goose is cooked to just cooked with the sense goose. Also find a way to add toast.
  42. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English travesura

    Add hijinks and high jinks to match the reverse.
  43. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English gabardina

    Add trench coat and trenchcoat.
  44. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English caer redondo

    Investigate adding the appropriate form of buy along with fall for.
  45. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English escandalizar

    Separate aghast into its own term so that we can call out its formal register.
  46. N

    Spanish to English colega

    The word "colega" is masculine. There wasn't an indicator like "nm" on the definition.
  47. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English tipo

    This entry needs review. All the terms should be pejorative and/or contain senses. tipo, tipa nm, nf peyorativo, coloquial (persona, individuo) (colloquial, UK: man) chap, bloke n (colloquial, US: man) dude, guy n (colloquial, UK: woman) bird, dame n (colloquial, US: woman)...
  48. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English manualidades

    Consider adding arts and crafts, possibly with an AE sense. And manual crafts may be BE.
  49. T

    Spanish to English becario

    English equivalent should include "a person on scholarship" or "scholarship recipient." I have never heard anyone say "Thankfully I was a grant holder, and now I don't have any debt." One would say "Thankfully I was on scholarship, and now I don't have any debt.
  50. E

    Spanish to English ovalado

    It's missing the translation of the example sentence