1. S

    Spanish to English sed

    The translation says "I'm going to drink a class of water" instead of "a glass of water"
  2. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English engañar

    We should add bamboozle to the terms here.
  3. H

    Spanish to English espejo de agua

    The translation of "espejo de agua" as "water mirror" appears to be problematic. I have checked with another native English speaker from a different country (Australia), and neither of us recalls having heard the phrase "water mirror". From what I intuit from a hydrologic report in Spanish...
  4. C

    Spanish to English quica

    “the fat girl”; Colombian slang term; feminine
  5. S

    Spanish to English sino que

    principal translations: but also, but that for example, "no solo eso, sino que tenemos que tener una visión..." corresponding entry in linguee: sino que - English translation – Linguee
  6. S

    Spanish to English si bien

    while, even though corresponding entry in linguee: si bien - English translation – Linguee for examples of a common phrasing "si bien es cierto que..." si bien es cierto - English translation – Linguee
  7. M

    Spanish to English plan

    Aparece una palabra incorrecta: pongo "plan" y aparece otra palabra
  8. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English dequeísta

    I am not sure the note should appear as such in the dictionary: Note: Not sure how to translate this, this would refer to the use of "de que" rather than just "que"
  9. S

    Spanish to English soberbio

    soberbio: the example currently listed misgenders the translation. The English should read "He's too proud..." because the Spanish uses the male 'soberbio' not the female 'soberbia' Es demasiado soberbio para aceptar tu ayuda. She's too proud (or: arrogant) to accept your help.
  10. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English jocoso

    I think "humorous" would also fit as one of the terms here.
  11. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English carrilano

    carrilano, carrilana nm, nf BO, CL, PE (operario de ferrocarril)railroad worker n (US)railroad laborer n (UK)railroad labourer n El padre y el abuelo de Gabriel son carrilanos. Maybe "railway labourer" for BrE?
  12. liciar

    Spanish to English llamar la atención

    I have looked up this phrase a number of times, and think it would be worthwhile to add an option among the definitions: to be striking, remarkable, noteworthy.
  13. T

    Spanish to English momia

    I think that, in the example of the Egyptians, the word "Ancient" should be added to read "Ancient Egyptians". I'm Egyptian myself and we obviously don't mummify and we haven't done that for thousands of years!!
  14. N

    Spanish to English rato

    example is provided already: Cuando tengas un rato libre escucha esta canción, la compuse para ti. No english translation is provided.
  15. P

    Spanish to English atrapado

    I can’t leave
  16. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English barro

    barro nm (grano en la cara)pimple n (informal)zit n En la adolescencia le salieron barros y granitos en la frente. As a teenager she got a lot of pimples and spots on her forehead. Also "blackhead"? + barrillo, barro nm (grano en la cara)blackhead n Muchos adolescentes tienen...
  17. E

    Spanish to English jaleo

    The “recent searches” pop up blocks entry to new search. how do i get rid of it?
  18. A

    Spanish to English acidez de estómago

    acidez de estómago también puede decirse como "Ardor de estómago". Es más común que "Acidez de estómago"
  19. H

    Spanish to English planazo

    A great plan
  20. A

    Spanish to English mamífero

    The word 'mammal' is not an adjective.
  21. F

    Spanish to English juego

    because yes
  22. R

    Spanish to English compra

    The sentences aren´t well translated
  23. T

    Spanish to English hueco

    In the example of the "shallow/ vain person", the English translation says "... who are only care about appearances".
  24. I

    Spanish to English cubiertos

    Utensilios que se usan para comer. Imagen de los cubiertos
  25. E

    Spanish to English bota de potro

    Botas de potro were a sort of boot made with the skin of a horse's leg that gauchos wore
  26. A

    Spanish to English más sordo que una tapia

    Tan Sordo como una tapia. English translation in your entry is wrong: the simile is 'as blind as a bat" not "as deaf as a bat '
  27. D

    Spanish to English drogar

    Buenas tardes. En la página aparece drogarse como "take drugs" y "use drugs", sin embargo, en el libro que estoy usando para aprender inglés aparece como do drugs, y por el contexto creo que se refiere a "drogarse" y no a "hacer drogas". Mi sugerencia es que recojáis también la expresión "do...
  28. S

    Spanish to English book

    there is no example of use in a sentence and I thing it is incorrect
  29. I

    Spanish to English grada

    Grada is translated into British English as "terraces" which is incorrect. In British English we would also use the word "stands" as it indicated for American English.
  30. U

    Spanish to English silo

    Hi! the provided for the spanish-english translation is wrong. In Spanish the text reads: Fue una buena siembra porque el silo está lleno. In English: It was a good harvest because the silo is full. The problem is in the spanish text as "siembra" is not the translation of...
  31. K

    Spanish to English concienciar

    more sentences using this word
  32. H

    Spanish to English antepasados

    Add part of speech please
  33. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English a fecha de hoy

    Spanish English a fecha de loc prepformal (hasta)as of expr (up until the current date)to date, to this day expr Note: Se construye con sustantivo de tiempo. Deseo informarle que a fecha de 23 de agosto no ha sido entregada la documentación solicitada. ⓘ As of September 15, there...
  34. M

    Spanish to English menearlo

    Es mejor no menearlo, es mejor no remover el pasado. Let bygones be bygones. Menear: move, stir or shake something.
  35. P

    Spanish to English diametralmente

    Add an English sentence to show the translation of this word in context.
  36. G

    Spanish to English nave

    Spanish nave, as for a part of a church, it's translated nave, not transept, which is another part of a church.
  37. B

    Spanish to English factor

    please give more explanation.
  38. R

    Spanish to English forro

    Para que no se estropeen le ha puesto forro a los libros. So they don't get ruined, he has put a covering over the books. The translation says I have put.....
  39. W

    Spanish to English cursi

    Hi, The second definition for the the Spanish word "cursi", which is translated into English as kitch/kitsch or ridiculous, has 2 sentences as examples: "Si me pongo este moño, me voy a ver cursi" and "Anabelle no tiene problemas en aceptar que es cursi: es su estilo y le encanta". However...
  40. C

    Spanish to English cementerio

    The word cementerio is not correct
  41. T

    Spanish to English uña

    Incluyen UNA (one) que no tiene nada que ver con uña (nail)
  42. M

    Spanish to English domestico

    La oracion que sirve de ejemplo esta mal traducida
  43. M

    Spanish to English ingenuidad

    Ingenuidad The translation of the first example is wrong. The Spanish original says nothing about strangers. In my opinion, a better translation would be, “Despite his/ her age the innocence of his/ her actions catches my attention.” I have seen other examples of rephrasing instead of...
  44. A

    Spanish to English forjado sanitario

    In construction, the term "forjado sanitario" means floor slab. It has nothing to do with sanitation.
  45. jacobg

    Spanish to English genovés

    I think the second translation is spelled wrong. It should be "Genoese" like the others, instead of "Geonese".
  46. sbroch

    Spanish to English desenganchar

    There is a mistake in this sentence: *ween yourself off v expert. It is written "ween" instead of "wean" that means "desengancharse" in Spanish.
  47. A

    Spanish to English fuero

    Two of the translations are inaccurate and do have apparent warning marks. Why are they there still?
  48. A

    Spanish to English bombón

    the winner of the pagaent (PAGEANT) is ---
  49. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English pocero