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    Spanish to English adormecer

    Example: La madre adormece a su bebé con una canción de cuna. The baby's mother sent her to sleep with a lullaby. "her" is the baby? Or the mother?? I suggest using a more literal translation, which makes it unnecessary to specify the sex of the baby: The mother sent her baby to sleep...
  2. M

    Spanish to English ciento

    In the English translation, "teenage boys" should not have an apostrophe.
  3. R

    Spanish to English productor

    Falta el adjetivo en inglés: productor adj(que produce)producing adj Los países productores de petróleo son ricos The oil producing countries are rich
  4. R

    Spanish to English aparcacoches

    En Estados Unidos también se le llama simplemente «parking attendant»
  5. M

    Spanish to English ensoñación

    Seré millionario, bueno, en mis ensoñaciones.
  6. M

    Spanish to English obligación

    Under "Additional Translations," an example phrase and its translation are listed: Te debo la vida, tengo una obligación contigo. I owe you my life, I'm in debt with you. The English translation is incorrect. It should be: "I owe you my life, I'm in debt to you."
  7. R

    Spanish to English peliculón

    peliculón nm(película muy buena)great movie, great film n
  8. R

    Spanish to English precarizar

    Copiado de précariser - traduction - Dictionnaire Français-Anglais precarizar ⇒ vtr(hacer precario)make [sth] precarious⇒ vtr (UK) casualize destabilize⇒, jeopardize⇒ vtr (UK)destabilise⇒, jeopardise⇒ vtr put at risk expr La société actuelle précarise le...
  9. K

    Spanish to English pertinencia

    The word "pertinencias" (often in plural) also means "belongings" or "property." See definition 5 in the Diccionario de la Real Academia, Thanks.
  10. R

    Spanish to English terraplanista

    terraplanista n común(persona que cree que la Tierra es plana)flat-earther n
  11. R

    Spanish to English fitosanitario

    fitosanitario - Diccionario Inglés-Español fitosanitario adj(relativo a la salud de las plantas)phytosanitary adj
  12. R

    Spanish to English secuela

    Faltan estas traducciones secuela nf(medicina)sequela n secuela nf aftereffect n aftereffect - English-Spanish Dictionary -
  13. DelaChón

    Spanish to English rendir honor a

    No aparece "pay your last respects to" en el diccionario Eng>Spa.
  14. A

    Spanish to English cansado

    he´s tired of listening to your (HIS) wife´s complaints
  15. R

    Spanish to English galleguismo

    En «(expresión del gallego)» decís que en inglés es «Galleguism», una palabra que en Google da 128 resultados. Dos de Wordreference y Collins. Uno de los dos diccionarios copió al otro. ¿Pero qué sentido tiene «Galleguism»? En inglés «gallego» es «Galician», así que lo lógico es «Galicianism»...
  16. A

    Spanish to English chabacano

    ---but it´s a shame that its (IT´S) painted ---
  17. R

    Spanish to English polvo

    En «ES: vulgar (copulación)» añadid «fuck».
  18. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English tableta

    tableta nf(lámina de chocolate)square n piece n (large)bar n Para preparar una taza de chocolate disuelve una tableta en leche caliente. To make a cup of chocolate, dissolve a square of chocolate in hot milk. Even though a whole bar might look like a lot here, I think that the...
  19. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English sutura

    sutura nf(medicina: de una herida)stitch n El doctor te quitará los puntos de la sutura dos semanas después de la operación. The doctor will take out the suture stitches two weeks after surgery. Shouldn't "suture" be in the Dterm somewhere?
  20. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English suplemento

    suplemento nm (pago añadido al salario)supplement n Cobró un suplemento por desplazamientos y dietas. She charged a supplement for displacements and diets. Isn't it all a bit too literal?
  21. E

    Spanish to English cabildo

    El Papa visitó al cabildo de la catedral would be better translated with something like The Pope visited the clergy of the cathedral
  22. A

    Spanish to English sino

    Sino is never " but" . Si = if, no=not. Si no (2 words) = if not Sino (single word) = fate
  23. A

    Spanish to English anticipado

    if you want me the (TO) order the replacement ---
  24. A

    Spanish to English anonadado

    he was astonished (or stunned) when you (HE) discovered that his wife ---
  25. S

    Spanish to English presidencia

    in spanish an act has presidency, i.e it leaves a mark. like in law. when a case proves in one ruling it can be used in another court of law as an example. the first case leaves presidency. which in english i have no idea how to say lol thank you in advance
  26. O

    Spanish to English alcayata

    ¿Cual seria el termino correcto en ingles? WR indica que es "angled nail", pero en búsquedas web se obtienen mejores resultados usando L-shaped screw, L-shaped bolt o 90 degree bent anchor. Gracias.
  27. S

    Spanish to English huida

    The english phrase is not related with the word it accompanies. The word in Spanish is HUIDA, which translates to FLIGHT, ESCAPE, but the use of flight in the phrase is that of a plane travel.
  28. N

    Spanish to English piragua

    The 2nd definition of piragua, specific to Puerto Rico, is not translated into English at all. The English side should read SNOW CONE.
  29. R

    Spanish to English cerrado

    En «(curva: muy marcada)» añadid «tight». Viene en tight
  30. R

    Spanish to English autovía

    En Estados Unidos se le llama también «divided highway»
  31. L

    Spanish to English desconfiar

    Under "desconfiar de," one of the options is "be weary of." It should be wary (keen, careful), not weary (exhausted).
  32. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English paparrucha

    Add fake news.
  33. J

    Spanish to English llegar

    Not too important, but the translation is incomplete: El terreno de mi padre llega hasta el bosque. Las mangas de la camiseta me llegaban al codo. My father's land stretches to the forest
  34. L

    Spanish to English risa

    There is an incorrect translation on this page: I see that it is already flagged, but it is confusing to learners of a second language. Cada vez que veo esa comedia me da la risa. ⓘ Laughter is good for the body, mind and soul.
  35. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English sopor

    sopor nm (somnolencia)sleepiness, drowsiness n (formal)somnolence n Después de comer me entra un sopor que se me cierran los ojos. ⓘ The itis is known as a sleepiness (or: drowsiness) feeling that overcomes your body after having a big meal. I understand that the sentences don't...
  36. C

    Spanish to English lápiz

    The carpenter marked the cut with a pencil. The carpenter marks the cut with a pencil.
  37. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English sénior

    sénior, senior nm (categoría deportiva)senior, adult, advanced adj Es el campeón latinoamericano categoría sénior. He is a Latin American champion in the adult category. Isn't "advanced" more about level than age?
  38. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English semental

    semental nm (animal para fecundar)stud n Han llevado a la vaca a aparearse con el semental. They have taken the cow to mate with a stud. Is it common that "stud" isn't a horse, as in this sentence?
  39. C

    Spanish to English martillo

    The English translation of "Se golpeó la mano con el martillo cuando clavaba los clavos." should read: "He hit his hand with the hammer when nailing the nails."
  40. T

    Spanish to English a mi entender

    It's just a minor edit; but in "As I understand it", the "I" is small and it should be capital. Thanks.
  41. E

    Spanish to English desmadre

    "¡Tu cuarto está hecho un desmadre! Arréglalo inmediatamente." Should be: "Your room is a disaster! Clean it up right away." Not sure why "tip" is included.
  42. H

    Spanish to English encendida

    the english translation of the example sentence is missing
  43. D

    Spanish to English campana

    La campana de la iglesia está llamando a misa. ⓘ You hardly ever hear church bells round here. The church bell is calling people to mass.
  44. J

    Spanish to English yo

    1) yo (pronoun) at web address: yo - Diccionario Inglés-Español 2) The example given is: yo no fui, and was translated as I didn't do it. I believe this is incorrect. Fui is the 1st person preterite form of ir (to go), so yo no fui would mean I didn't go. Using the given...
  45. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English desprendimiento

    desprendimiento nm (emisión)emission, release n (accidental)leak, leakage n El desprendimiento de anhídrido carbónico en la atmósfera causó serios problemas. The emission (or: release) of carbonic anhydrase in the atmosphere caused serious problems. Simply "carbon dioxide"...
  46. R

    Spanish to English empalmar

    Añadid todos estos sinónimos para «tener una erección». Los cuales aparecen en el diccionario francés-inglés. bander vipopulaire (avoir une érection) (slang, vulgar)have a hard-on, get a hard-on v expr (slang, vulgar)have a boner, have a stiffy v expr have an erection, get an erection...
  47. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English restregar

    restregarse⇒ v prnl coloquial (personas: frotarse, rozarse) (very informal)rub up vi phrasal rub against vi phrasal Aprovechaban el baile para restregarse. They were taking advantage of the dance to rub each other up. English terms should translate "restregarse" and therefore, "each...
  48. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English resonancia

    La resonancia de esta caja de ritmos es fantástica. The resonance of this musical box is fantastic. Shouldn't it rather be "beatbox" or "drum machine"? Drum machine - Wikipedia
  49. G

    Spanish to English beneficiario

    A better translation for "el beneficiario del testamento lo hereda todo" would be "The beneficiary of the will inherits everything."