1. K

    Spanish to English colaborador

    In the context of a magazine, "colaborador" would never be translated as "collaborator", so the example "The collaborator of the magazine" is erroneous. In this context, "contributor[ is always used, and the accompanying preposition is always "to": "The contributor to the magazine..."
  2. C

    Spanish to English cauce

    Translated sentence says ‘bend’ when it should say ‘bed’
  3. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English nivel

    nivel nm (piso, planta) (floor, tier) level n Siempre está lleno el primer nivel del estacionamiento del centro comercial. The first level of the commercial center parking lot is always full. Shouldn't t rather be "mall" or "shopping center"?
  4. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English mucho

    mucho adv (gustar: encantar) very much adv a lot adv lots adv (slang) big time adv La paella me gusta mucho. I liked the paella very much. Rather "I like paella very much"?
  5. A

    Spanish to English levantar ampolla

    --- comments raised heckles (HACKLES) among ---
  6. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English llave

    llave nf (del grifo) tap n (US) faucet n (US, outdoors) spigot n Cierra la llave de lavabo, por favor. Turn the toilet tap off, please. Isn't it more simply the sink tap? Same under "grifo": grifo nm (llave, espita) (UK) water tap, tap n (US) faucet n...
  7. A

    Spanish to English pelado de frío

    --- por no haber cogido su (MI/UN) abrigo.
  8. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English prescindencia

    Maybe add "omission"?
  9. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English acometida

    Consider adding (plumbing) main line.
  10. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English fricción

    fricciónnf (crema que da calor) massage oil, rubbing oil n massage lotion n Me dieron una fricción con alcohol en la espalda. They rubbed massage oil with alcohol into my back. I tihnk that that despite the Sense (which will change), this is about the action, not the product...
  11. C

    Spanish to English clorhídrico

    There is a spelling mistake in the English translation for CLORHÍDRICO under the Spanish word. It is written "hyrdochloric" when it should be HYDROCHLORIC.
  12. T

    Spanish to English preso

    The translation says: The investors committed fraud because they were overcome with greed. Shouldn't it be: he/she killed her because he/she was overcome with jealousy.
  13. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English exposición

    exposición nf (presentación pública) exhibition n El Museo de Bellas Artes abre hoy al público la esperada exposición de Matisse. ⓘ On my last visit to Spain I went to a Picasso exhibition. Also "exhibit" in US English?
  14. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English tilde

    For the sense of signo, consider adding squiggle as a colloquial option.
  15. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English de padre y muy señor mío

    de padre y muy señor míoloc adj coloquial (de categoría) almighty, wonderful, brilliant adj admirable, estimable adj I would suggest splitting between translations that are positive and those that are not. For instance, I don't think that any of them (apart from "almighty") would work...
  16. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English controlador

    controlador nm (programa informático) (IT) controller n No puedes explorar este dispositivo si todavía no has instalado los controladores. You can't explore this device if you haven't installed the controllers yet. I think that this is rather something like "driver": drivern...
  17. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English colada

    colada nf (paso entre montañas) track n Cruzaron las montañas por una angosta colada. They followed a narrow track through the mountains. Shouldn't it rather be something like "gorge, pass"?
  18. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English piruleta

    Add sucker with the sense US
  19. O

    Spanish to English inquebrantable

    inquebrantable adj mf formal (que no se rompe) unbreakable adj Los cascos están hechos de un material inquebrantable. The houses are made of unbreakable material. While one of the definitions of 'casco' is 'farmhouse', it seems that 'casco' in this sentence is a helmet. Therefore...
  20. DearPrudence

    English base Zimmer frame

    andador nm (armazón para andar) (for elderly, disabled) walking frame n (UK, for babies) baby walker n (US) walker n (trademark) Zimmer, Zimmer frame n ¿Puedes traerle el andador a la abuela, por favor? Could you fetch grandma's walking frame, please? So do "walker...
  21. 2

    Spanish to English crisálida

    In the example sentence for this entry, mariposa is erroneously translated as wasp.
  22. D

    Spanish to English tocayo

    Tocayo means "person with the same name as me." It does not mean the same as namesake in English. Namesake means "the person for whom one is named." If you are named after your Uncle Ray, he is your namesake. No one else is your namesake, not even other people named Ray. However, all people...
  23. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English alimentación

    alimentación nf (para máquinas) supply n El agua de alimentación de calderas juega un papel importante en la generación de vapor. ⓘ They're laying a new gas supply pipe on the sea bed. See online editor: how would you translate "cable de alimentación"? + also see alimentación nf...
  24. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English adivina adivinador

    adivina adivinador expr (adivinanza) riddle me re expr riddle me this expr Spelling of "riddle me re"? + Is it more common than Riddle me this?
  25. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English cejilla

    cejilla nf (pieza guitarra) bridge n I think that this is rather a capo: Capo - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre CEJILLA | Definition of CEJILLA by Oxford Dictionary on also meaning of CEJILLA CAPO | Meaning & Definition for UK English |
  26. C

    Spanish to English agudo

    In the definition of agudo as "palabra: acento en última sílaba", there is a typo that translates it as "accented on the lasy syllable" instead of "accented on the last syllable".
  27. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English huitlacoche

    Add corn truffle as the second term with the sense of food.
  28. N

    Spanish to English argumento facil de entender

    "Easy to understand argument" is gibberish. That does not abide by the basic rules of English orthography. As written, it would not follow the rules of the language's syntax, either. There is absolutely no reason to turn the phrase "easy to understand" into a compound adjective, but if that's...
  29. S

    Spanish to English laguna

    Entry sentences are: Se ha ido a pescar con su hija a la laguna. He has gone fishing with his daughter to the lake (or: pond). Recommend : He has gone fishing with his daughter at the lake (or: pond).
  30. L

    Spanish to English gorro

    Gorro is woolly hat or beanie, distinct from gorra which is cap.
  31. R

    Spanish to English sinceramente

  32. F

    Spanish to English era

    Érase una vez - once upon a time
  33. C

    Spanish to English calar

    You have: she finally see through him It should be: I finally see through him
  34. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English tomar algo a mal

    Bad should be badly.
  35. R

    Spanish to English cautivante

    I believe the word "captivating" in English could be translated "cautivante" in Spanish, but I don't see this as an option in
  36. N

    Spanish to English pañete

    *poor-quality cloth, not "poor quality cloth."
  37. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English renco

    Add "offensive" to the sense of "cripple".
  38. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English cojo

    Move cripple to the bottom of the terms and add that it's offensive.
  39. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English gatillazo

    Move brewer’s droop down on the list, and add UK to the sense.
  40. Tegs

    Spanish to English así te luce el pelo

    This is more like "no wonder!" - a reaction in response to bad news. I don't think the current translation is at all accurate, it's too literal.
  41. R

    Spanish to English en punto

    Actual: en punto loc adv (exactamente a una hora) on the dot adv sharp adv El tren sale a las siete en punto. The train leaves at seven on the dot. Buenas Yo creo que en inglés se dice sobre todo «o'clock» o'clock - English-Spanish Dictionary - «The train...
  42. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English saltarse un semáforo

    Add the term "go through."
  43. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English mojarse un semáforo

    Add US and UK to the senses of the terms, as well as the term "go through."
  44. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English tragarse un semáforo

    Add US and UK to the senses of the terms, as well as the term "go through."
  45. L

    Spanish to English movida

    Hullabaloo (no hullaballo como pone en la traducción al inglés)
  46. F

    Spanish to English examen

    I was looking to see whether the word was masculine or feminine
  47. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English mollete

    Add the sense "UK" to the term "trencher", and add a US equivalent. Maybe just toasted roll with beans and cheese?
  48. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English espabilar

    espabilarse v prnl (avisparse, avivarse) pull your finger out, smarten up your ideas v expr get with it v expr Nos espabilamos y logramos sacar adelante el proyecto. We pulled our finger out and managed to get the project off the ground. Register of "pull your finger out"?
  49. K

    Spanish to English limpiabarros

    The entry for "limpiabarros" currently lists its English definition as "shoe scraper." A better, more commonly known English translation is "doormat."
  50. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English mano de santo

    Also "work wonders - v expr"?