1. C

    Spanish to English nombrar

    I should be... “They” named her not “The” named... in the first definition.
  2. S

    Spanish to English prójimo

    Fellow being. Prójimo!!!!!
  3. K

    Spanish to English comienzo

    The translation posted is incorrect. "Se cree que el comienzo de la vida ocurrió en el mar. " means "It is believed that the beginning of life started in the sea."
  4. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English patinaje

    "skateboarding" seems quite different, isn't it?
  5. T

    Spanish to English fascinar

    How can I find the substantive and adjetivo of words
  6. F

    Spanish to English de lado

    Laura 'lied' down? No no no no no! Laura lay down. :)
  7. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English salvavidas

    Also "lifebelt"? Maybe it would be good to make it clearer that Dterms1 are kind of "items of clothing" that you put on, while the other terms are rings that you can throw to a drowning person.
  8. C

    Spanish to English merecido

    commeupance One of these days, he'll get his comeuppance for treating people so arrogantly. -Merriam Webster
  9. V

    Spanish to English revisión

    Debo tomarme estas pastillas antes de mi revisión médica. You won't pass the check-up with that flu. That translation does not match.
  10. S

    Spanish to English revenido

  11. R

    Spanish to English su

    Your (formal)
  12. A

    Spanish to English dudar

    In the example 'When the diver inched towards the eddge of the cliff, he hesitated over diving' there's a typo in the word 'edge'.
  13. Diccionarioman

    Spanish to English escudería

    El diccionario wordreference traduce esta palabra como "team" o "motor-racing team", y me gustaría sugerir écurie como una traducción más específica. écurie / (French ekyri) / noun a team of motor-racing cars
  14. D

    Spanish to English sorpresivamente

    This word doesn't exist in the Spanish language. It's a adaptation from the English 'surprisingly' Please see comment from the Spanish Language Royal Academy (RAE) Sorpresivo/a: adj. Que sorprende, que se produce por sorpresa. is an adjective but doesn't become an adverb...
  15. M

    Spanish to English superar

    Superar should also be translated as 'overcome'. Overcome a fear: superar un miedo.
  16. P

    Spanish to English fruncido

    Example sentence is incomplete, needs "with" He looked at his work furrowed (or: wrinkled) eyebrows.
  17. J

    Spanish to English platicar

    There is an error in the English sentence example - it should say let's grab coffee instead of lets grab coffee
  18. P

    Spanish base pelotazo

    In the Collins dictionary appears the translation entry "to have a drink" as "pegarse un pelotazo". That is not correct, it doesn't mean "to have a drink". Actually we mostly use "pillar un (buen) pelotazo", and one of the equivalents in English would be "get (well) hammered".
  19. P

    Spanish to English profesionalización

    I would sugget providing examples of how to use the word in a sentence, e.g. "The professionalization of local labor has vastly improved income in the sector."
  20. G

    Spanish to English mediante

    by way of
  21. R

    Spanish to English autoritario

    The example with "mi exjefa" and the following one with "mis abuelos" need to be separated, because they're not related but rather two separate examples.
  22. P

    Spanish to English completamente seguro

    Translation into English is given as 'completely safe', when it should be 'completely sure' as indicated by the alternative Spanish version: 'sin duda alguna' and the example is given: Estoy completamente seguro de haber cerrado el gas antes de irme. I am completely safe, having shut off...
  23. R

    Spanish to English cita a ciegas

    "In the past" is better than "before".
  24. G

    Spanish to English gente

    89 does not make sense as a definition for gente.
  25. H

    Spanish to English Semana Santa

    I'm trying to understand the meaning of Semana Santa. The definition says both Holy Week and Easter Week, but this cannot be. In English, Holy Week and Easter Week are different weeks. Holy Week is the week BEFORE Easter, beginning on Palm Sunday and ending on Holy Saturday. Easter week is the...
  26. H

    Spanish to English pisar

    I do not understand the Spanish to English translation that is listed here Es muy divertido pisar las uvas. ⓘ The workers crush the grapes with their feet for the wine.
  27. C

    Spanish to English en vida

    En el ejemplo en español se refire a abuela (en femenino), pero en inglés lo hace en masculino (grandfather, en lugar de grandmother).
  28. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English memorial

    Spanish English memorial nm(homenaje público)memorial n Se celebrará un memorial en honor de los soldados caídos. A memorial will be held to honour the fallen soldiers. Can you hold a memorial in English?
  29. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English místico

    Spanish English místico, mística nm, nf(persona: espiritual)mystic n Santa Teresa y San Juan de la Cruz fueron famosos místicos españoles. Saint Teresa and Saint John of the Cross were famous Spanish mystics. místico adj(espiritual)mystic adj mystical adj Santa Teresa escribió...
  30. F

    Spanish to English sería

    It would only translate serio and not sería.
  31. P

    Spanish to English intensivo

    intensivo adj(trabajo: horario continuo)intensive adj Mi hijo asiste a un colegio con jornada intensiva y sale a las 2pm. My son goes to a school with intensive days and he gets out at 2 p.m. This translation which appears in Word Reference is mistaken.
  32. D

    Spanish to English herido

    There is wrong translation of the following sentence: Translated as: It should be something like that:
  33. G

    Spanish to English smile

    I just want to know how to tell someone to smile and be happy in Spanish. Don't be sad! Just smile!
  34. L

    Spanish to English carencia de valor

    I might be unaware of the word, but I think it's highly likely that "nility" should be "nulity": carencia de valor grupo nom(derecho: improcedencia)nility
  35. dg_spain

    Spanish to English gag

    What about "gag" when it means to tie something across someone's mouth to keep them from talking (as a verb) or the noun which refers to that cloth or tape or whatever that is used to this effect? They tied him up and gagged his mouth with a rag. They used duct tape as a gag across her mouth...
  36. M

    Spanish to English brutal

    It is also used in Puerto Rico to describe an event or action. I. e. La fiesta estuvo brutal, El sabor de la comida fue brutal.
  37. S

    Spanish to English cena

  38. R

    Spanish to English mareo

    Don't spin around like that, because you'll get "dizzy" (not "dizziness").
  39. P

    Spanish to English tardar

    tardar vi (emplear tiempo) (time)take⇒ vtr Tardo diez minutos en arreglarme y voy contigo. I'll take ten minutes to get ready, then I'll go with you. The translation in English is Spanglish. "I'll take ten minutes to get ready" is wrong. It's "I'll need ten minutes to get ready" or...
  40. F

    Spanish to English pasar desapercibido

    Falta la traducción al inglés de la frase de ejemplo
  41. M

    Spanish to English mando

    Mando (n.) The first principal translation example should be « Command of the crew rests with the captain ».
  42. B

    Spanish to English cigarra

    "calling its mate." Not it's.
  43. H

    Spanish to English profesor

    Think there is an error in translation.
  44. T

    Spanish to English meses

    I was looking for what meses meant in english. but when i searched it up on here it didn't show up right. i kept wondering why my book said "three pull out hair late". if you search up meses it should come up with the plural first.
  45. Z

    Spanish base meter prisa

    in the example sentence, "Si no le metes prisa...", shouldn't "le" be replaced with "te"?
  46. A

    Spanish to English remolino

    Gyre ( when it is in water, for example The North Pacific Gyre)
  47. E

    Spanish to English toditito

    I searched "every one" and clicked the WR Reverse tab and I found an error in a sentence translation. Under the word toditito, in the translated sentence "My father wrote everyone of those books," the word <everyone> should be <every one>. Everyone is used for mostly people. So, the corrected...
  48. E

    Spanish to English cetro

    a corona y el cetro del rey son símbolos de poder. It should read: The crown and the scepter... The orb and sceptre of the King are symbols of power.
  49. M

    Spanish to English personaje

    personaje (pelicula) starring Me gustan los personajes de marvel I love the starring of marvel
  50. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English teletrabajo

    But isn't it also (more) idiomatic to talk about "working from home"?