1. Laurentiana

    Spanish to English carnal

    Carnal adj., sense 2: by blood. Existing sample sentence and translation: Olga es mi prima carnal, su padre y el mío son hermanos. Olga is my cousin by blood: her father and my father are cousins. Shouldn’t the English read: Olga is my cousin by blood: her father and mine are...
  2. A

    Spanish to English dejar constancia de algo

    to leave an (a) record of ---
  3. N

    Spanish to English usufructo

    not a helpful definition
  4. A

    Spanish to English consistente

    --- to handle he (THE) crisis
  5. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English cuento chino

    This entry needs a lot of work. First of all, "la invasión de Marte" refers to the War of the Worlds radio broadcast by Orson Welles. And second, the term is not vulgar, so the translations should not be vulgar.
  6. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English santísimo

    For the sense "muy santo", suggest adding "most holy".
  7. G

    Spanish to English billón

    In Spanish, only the long scale is used (mostly, anyway), but in English, the short scale is much more common. The dictionary has this sort of backwards, listing the translation as "trillion (long scale)" or "billion (short scale, UK, dated)". The short scale is the one where one billion = 10^9...
  8. Agró

    Spanish to English agudo

    En el ejemplo se ha traducido "última" por "lasy" en vez de por "last".
  9. jann

    Spanish to English rechistar

    The period between "bumble" and "stutter" looks a bit funny in the translations. "Bumble" in the sense of muttering and indistinct speech also strikes me as a rather uncommon usage. Most English-speakers are probably more familiar with "mumble" in that context, and probably use "bumble" in the...
  10. F

    Spanish to English magisterio

    May I suggest that in the WordReference entry for magisterio the sentence 'Socrates teachings were giving in Athens' be replaced by 'Socrates' teachings were given in Athens'.
  11. R

    Spanish to English alentar

    You give an example here using 'la entrenadora' but then refer to 'his', when you mean 'her' (or 'entrenador').
  12. M

    Spanish to English la parte y el todo

    la parte y el todo translation has error: "Siempre hay que considerar la parte y el todo. We must always bare bear in mind everyone involved."
  13. R

    Spanish to English almohada

    Palabra: almohada Traducción al inglés: "pillow" o "cushion" Problema: a falta de la traducción de Almohada (bolsa de tela) - pillowcase Esta última traducción aparece como translation unavailable
  14. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English redondo

    redondo adj familiar (muy gordo) fat, rotund, corpulent adj La verdad es que la niña está redonda; debería adelgazar algo. The truth is the girl is fat; she needs to lose some weight. Are those terms all of the same register?
  15. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English rallar

    rallar⇒ vtr (desmenuzar) grate⇒ vtr Primero rallas el queso y después lo esparces sobre la lasaña. First you grate the cheese and then you spread it over the lasagna. Also "shred"?
  16. n.ares

    Spanish to English tragedia

    tragedia nf coloquial (dramatización excesiva) drama, big deal n tragedy n Una pequeña abolladura en el auto no es para tanta tragedia. A small dent in the car is no big deal Missing period at the end of dsentence.
  17. K

    Spanish to English varilla

  18. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English cuba libre

    Add rum and soda and rum and Coke as the main terms.
  19. M

    Spanish to English cincuenta

    cincuenta adj inv (quincuagésimo) fifty adj (before noun) fifteenth adj En una de las acepciones para la palabra «cincuenta», incluyen fifteenth para la forma ordinal, como indico en el ejemplo. Pero ¿fifteenth no corresponde al ordinal de fifteen? ¿La forma ordinal de fifty no debería...
  20. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English silla para bebé

    silla para bebé loc nom f (carrito) (US) buggy, baby buggy n (UK) pram n (formal) baby carriage, perambulator n En el parque, me gusta ver a los papás empujando sillas para bebés. I like seeing dads pushing buggies in the park. I think that technically, it is rather a...
  21. C

    Spanish to English arma blanca

    cold steel
  22. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English acabar

    acabarse v prnl CL (alcanzar el orgasmo) (when having sex) pull out vi phrasal Yo no uso condón, prefiero acabarme afuera. I don't use condoms - I prefer to pull out. I've got the impression this is translating "acabarse FUERA", and not just "acabarse". I guess the translations...
  23. F

    Spanish to English llave

    It doesn’t include the translation of "curly bracket". You can search "curly bracket" in English to Spanish and appears the translation "llave"
  24. N

    Spanish to English telemático

    explaining 'telemático' as 'telematic' is not useful. For one, telematic is not a common word in english and for two, if I knew what 'telematic' was, I wouldn't need to look up 'telemático'.
  25. M

    Spanish to English hada

    The term "hada" in Spanish, is listed as feminine, but in the example sentence, there is an "el" in front of the word.
  26. I

    Spanish to English Is

    I searched up is from English to Spanish and it gave me a sentence and translation the sentences didn’t have is in it
  27. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English eme

    eme nf coloquial (mierda) (bullshit) B.S. n Ese restaurante es una eme: vamos a otro. This restaurant is B.S.: let's go somewhere else. Can a restaurant really be bullshit?
  28. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English a ver si

    a ver si, a ver si se hace algo expr (orden) let's see whether, let's see if expr Note: Se construye con indicativo. ¡A ver si te callas, que no puedo oír la serie! Let's see if (or: let's see whether) you shut up; I can't hear the programme! Does it sound like an idiomatic...
  29. T

    Spanish to English acopiar

    I think the English translations for the Spanish entry for acopiar are intended for the Spanish word acoplar.
  30. M

    Spanish to English canto rodado

    rolling stone
  31. billfalls

    Spanish to English pestillo

    Two suggestions in the example sentences at the first sense of pestillo: 1. Label "Put the door on the latch" as UK usage and add "Latch the door" and "Bolt the door" as U.S. equivalents. 2. Clarify the different meanings of the nouns "latch" and "bolt." They are not synonyms in English.
  32. L

    Spanish to English cabra

    In your exampl you refer to a flock of goats. It should be a herd of goats, not flock.
  33. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English bastoncillo para los oídos

    I suggest adding Q-tip as the last term. It's more common in the US than "cotton swab", which is considered the more formal or proper term.
  34. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English esconder

    esconder⇒ vtr (apartar de la vista) hide⇒ vtr conceal⇒ vtr Esconde los bombones; que no los vea tu madre. Hide the sweets, so that your mother doesn't see them. Aren't they rather chocolates?
  35. L

    Spanish to English tocar muchas teclas

    "pull lots of strings" doesn't mean to make a lot of effort. it means to "make use of one's influence and contacts to gain an advantage unofficially or unfairly".
  36. G

    Spanish to English negro

    In LatinAmerica, both Spanish- and Brazilian-speaking, 'negra' is a term of affection, closeness and endearment, not offensive at all, said to children, partners and friends. ¿Cómo está hoy, mi negra/negrita? How are you today, my dear?. Also applies to masculine 'negro'
  37. M

    Spanish to English imán

    The first translation in this entry has an error: "... Lo ha roto *tu* sobrino" Says "was broken by *his* nephew" It should be "by *your* nephew"
  38. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English atuendo

    Add outfit. A sense would be good to add with it.
  39. fenixpollo

    Spanish to English paliacate

    Consider adding bandanna and headband.
  40. O

    Spanish to English empanada

    Meat cake.
  41. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English romper

    romper⇒ vtr (partir en pedazos) (snap) break⇒ vtr (pull apart) tear⇒ vtr rip⇒ vtr Juan le rompió la pierna al portero de una patada. John broke the goalie's leg with a kick. Could you write the collocation(s) for "rip" (can you rip your leg?)
  42. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English liarse la manta a la cabeza

    Also "throw caution to the wind"?
  43. R

    English base tie

    Actual: eliminatoria nf (prueba de criba) qualifying round n preliminary round n (sports) heat n Sólo pasaron la eliminatoria tres equipos. Only three teams passed the qualifying round. Hi. In UK English is used «tie» for «A meeting between two players or teams in a...
  44. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English finca

    finca nf (propiedad inmueble) (urban) building n Hay que pagar impuestos por cada finca que se posea. I think that "property" might be more accurate, as it is not necessarily a whole building / block of flats.
  45. C

    Spanish to English chica

    Chica es mi apellido, y no lo veo relacionado con la chica de la limpieza. Esto es ofensivo
  46. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English zancada

    zancada nf (paso largo) stride n No está muy lejos, llegaremos allí en un par de zancadas. ⓘ Take a couple of strides to your left so that you're in the middle of the picture. Also "lunge" for the gym exercise? ZANCADAS, EL BÁSICO QUE DEBES CONOCER - Fast Fitness. Guía para...
  47. M

    Spanish to English corvina

    No sé si esta traducción es la más correcta. "Sea Bass" en inglés es Lubina, de eso estoy seguro. Creo que la traducción de Corvina al inglés es "Meagre", no?
  48. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English deslizar

    deslizarse v prnl (desplazarse, moverse) move to v expr slide⇒ vtr Se deslizó hacia otras posturas menos liberales. He moved to other, less liberal positions. I don't think "slide" would be a vtr here.
  49. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English contraportada

    contraportadanf (página anterior a portada) (book) back cover n (newspaper, magazine) back page n (book) inside flap, inside cover n Miré la contraportada del libro para leer el resumen de la novela. Look at the back cover of the book to read the novel summary. I think that...
  50. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English brasero

    brasero nm AR, MX (fogón portatil) campfire, fire pit n camp stove n hibachi, barbecue n El brasero no tiene la lumbre necesaria para hervir la comida. The campfire (or: fire pit) isn't hot enough to cook food. Since the Sense is now "fogón portatil", I'm not sure...