1. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English basura

    basura nf(persona: despreciable) (despicable person)piece of filth, piece of crap, pig n bastard n Ese tipo es una basura: le robó a su abuela todos sus ahorros. That guy's a piece of filth; he robbed all his grandma's savings. Register?
  2. A

    Spanish to English pasado mañana

    "I'll be in town tomorrow and the day after. Do you have any plans?" The Spanish of this English translation is not visible.
  3. A

    Spanish to English coger

    Es INACEPTABLE que digan que "coger" significa "caber" en español, es una incorrección enorme, algo que solo diría una persona muy inculta que a duras penas sepa escribir y hablar.
  4. I

    Spanish to English alimentación

    The translation of the example sentences is completely different from the originals.
  5. H

    Spanish to English aleatoriamente

    I don’t see that there is audio for this particular entry. Usually, there is audio for each entry to help with pronunciation. I just thought I’d let someone know about this. Thanks.
  6. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English depiladora

    depiladora nf(para quitar pelo)hair remover, depilatory n I am not sure "depiladora" on its own can refer to the cream/substance, but even so, could you make it clear which is a machine and which is a substance? Would "epilator" work as well? ✓ Comprar las mejores depiladoras baratas ✓...
  7. L

    Spanish to English vigilancia

    I think the example using the word “vigilancia” is not correct. It does not mention police
  8. DBlomgren

    Spanish to English molde

    You have the kitchen term translated as mold/mould, and I think an educated, worldly person would recognize that as a cake pan, but I think a lot of English speakers wouldn't. Could you add "cake pan" as a translation?
  9. M

    Spanish to English banquisa

    According to wikipedia, the corresponding term in english is "sea ice". (Sea ice - Wikipedia)
  10. L

    Spanish to English anhelar

    The construction is: To yearn for sthg; to long for sthg. BUT To yearn to do sthg; to long to do sthg
  11. A

    Spanish to English no tener donde caerse muerto

    No tener dónde caerse muerto Mi padre desprecia a mi novio porque --- Mi Dad hates my girlfriend because she --- My Dad hates my BOYFRIEND because HE ---
  12. E

    Spanish to English graduando

  13. G

    Spanish to English libretita

    This word can also mean a little book. "Me palpé el bolsillo de mi camisa para ver si tenía mi libretita azuel" Cajas de cartón por Francisco Jiménez.
  14. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English pezón

    pezón nmAmL (saliente) (UK)tread n (US)thread n Esas ruedas están tan viejas que ya casi se perdió el pezón. Those tires are so old they have almost lost tread. Is "thread" that common; I can't find any references? Also, in the Sentence, "tires" is used with the American spelling...
  15. A

    Spanish to English mesquite

    MEZQUITA. Termina en A
  16. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English quiniela

    quiniela nf(sistema de apuesta)pools npl La quiniela tiene un pozo acumulado de cinco millones de pesos. The pool has a rollover jackpot of five million pesos. "pools" (dterm) or "pool" (dsentence)?
  17. L

    Spanish to English payaso

    One example sentence given for "payaso" was... It was translated as... This is not grammatically correct English. To be correct, either of the following translations should be used instead:
  18. T

    Spanish to English ocurrido

    It also means event
  19. David Coulter

    Spanish to English exactor

    debt collector, tax collector, taskmaster He oido su clamor a causa de sus exactores. Exodo 3:7 I have heard their cry because of their taskmasters. Exodus 3:7
  20. B

    Spanish to English nos

    It did not tell me what I wanted to hear disgust
  21. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English dar un aventón

    dar un aventón, dar aventón, darle un aventón a alguien loc verbMéxico, coloquial (transportar)give [sb] a ride v expr hitch a ride with [sb] v expr ¿Me puedes dar un aventón al colegio? Tengo pereza de caminar. So that would be: "Can you hitch a ride with me to school? I don't feel...
  22. E

    Spanish to English pota

    In Perú, this refers to the Humboldt squid, or Dosidicus gigas. Found on the western coast of South America, in the Humboldt current. Commonly eaten along the Peruvian coast in many dishes.
  23. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English a cobro revertido

    a cobro revertido, con cobro revertido loc adv(de modo que pague el receptor)collect, reverse charge, adv Cuando mi hermana estaba en Irlanda, llamaba siempre a casa a cobro revertido. When my sister was in Ireland, she always called home collect. I think "collect" would only work in...
  24. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English certificar

    certificar vtr(registrar envíos)certify⇒ vtr Al certificar una carta la oficina de correos garantiza que la hará llegar a su destino. By certifying a letter, the post office guarantees that it will make it to its destination. Something like "send by registered mail"?
  25. L

    Spanish to English cada

    Your example translates “cada ocho dias” as “once a week?”
  26. L

    Spanish to English perito

    Col. n.m. rascal, wrongdoer
  27. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English santiamén

    Also "in a jiffy"?
  28. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English cada dos por tres

    I wonder whether "continually, continuously" should come second as the Spanish expression is quite colloquial, while "continually, continuously" is slightly formal. Maybe I would add "every five minutes" or "time and time again" or something to that extent?
  29. Hinds' Feet

    Spanish to English flan

    The translation example is not right. It says: el flan es un dulce de leche con azúcar quemada = crème caramel is a "dulce de leche" with burnt sugar. There is no need for dulce de leche to remain untranslated here, and if a borrowed term is going to be used it should be italicised rather...
  30. J

    Spanish to English característica

    Característica is not synonymous with prefix or area code. In spanish, you say "prefijo" or "prefijo telefónico" to say prefix or area code.
  31. D

    Spanish to English ablación

    1. Medical procedure 2. Ablation 3. An ablation was performed to my father for his atrial flutter
  32. A

    Spanish to English altas horas de la madrugada

    Llegaron al hotel a altas--- They arrived at the hospital in--- / They arrived at the HOTEL in ---
  33. J

    Spanish to English merengue

    "Each Sunday, my grandfather would by me a meringue." By should be 'buy'
  34. K

    Spanish to English frotarse

    The sentence example of "frotarse" was not translated directly. It's a general translation, but not a direct translation, and it may confuse people who may not understand the context translation well, specifically when one is trying to decipher which words mean their English counterpart. This...
  35. B

    Spanish to English haya

    The explanation of the use of article “el” before a or ha of feminine nouns is incomplete. It only happens if the a is stressed . El agua o el haya but la ampolla etc
  36. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English novillero

    novillero, novillera nm, nfcoloquial (estudiante: hace novillos) (formal)truant student n (US: informal)student who skips school, student who skips class n I think that British students also skip classes/school.
  37. S

    Spanish to English marisco

  38. I

    Spanish to English concentrado

    Focused Mia focused on her math's homework
  39. H

    Spanish to English escalpelo

    What is "bistoury"?
  40. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English funda

    Principal Translations Spanish English funda nf(envoltorio)cover, case n (book)dust jacket n (knife)sheath n (pillow)pillowcase n Saca las gafas de su funda y póntelas. Take the sun glasses out of their cover (or: case) and put them on. funda nf(de un libro)book cover...
  41. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English hoguera

    Also "stake"? Random references: Muerte en la hoguera - Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre Death by burning - Wikipedia
  42. H

    Spanish to English estrofa

    I think the best translation is strophe.
  43. F

    Spanish to English log

    I don´t really understand what log means so I recomend to improve this definition
  44. D

    Spanish to English insistente

    El sindicalista fue insistente en su pedido por un aumento salarial.Hay un problema con la preposición en la traducción al inglés. Es "insistent on". The union member was insistent in his request for a pay raise.
  45. D

    Spanish to English sarro

    This translation is wrong. Sarro in English is tartar, or dental calculus.
  46. C

    Spanish to English nombrar

    I should be... “They” named her not “The” named... in the first definition.
  47. S

    Spanish to English prójimo

    Fellow being. Prójimo!!!!!
  48. K

    Spanish to English comienzo

    The translation posted is incorrect. "Se cree que el comienzo de la vida ocurrió en el mar. " means "It is believed that the beginning of life started in the sea."
  49. DearPrudence

    Spanish to English patinaje

    "skateboarding" seems quite different, isn't it?
  50. T

    Spanish to English fascinar

    How can I find the substantive and adjetivo of words