1. k_georgiadis

    housekeeping (with reference to computers)

    Is operazioni ausiliarie the proper term for "housekeeping" activities, aimed at optimizing the performance of a PC? (i.e., deleting unnecessary files, antivirus scans, hard disk defragmenting, etc.)
  2. J

    Consolidating teams' analysis & facts

    Hello, I need to write a short sentence to go with a logo of a software tool used by large teams in high-tech companies. The tool is used for example by projects members to write their weekly reports (e.g. project milestones passed, problems, requests), and by project managers to automatically...
  3. C


    Could some help me with following translation from English to German? The server system is future-proof due to built-in prospective needs. Thanks.
  4. T

    EN: dual core or dual cores ?

    Hi, A question of grammar - do I write "dual core" or "dual cores"? Thanking you in anticipation ThieRRy
  5. E


    Hola: ¿Cómo puedo traducir esta frase: "non-sujette à la garantie de « uptime »"? Gracias.
  6. Q


    hola, ¿cómo sería en inglés "rebotar" refiriéndome a un e-mail enviado a un dirección incorrecta que me ha rebotado ? Estaría bien así?: "the mail sent to this e-mail adress have been returned to me", o hay otra palabra más adecuada? (mi inglés es un poco malo, no sé si la frase será del todo...
  7. M

    Computer viruses and worms

    Computer virus = virus informatico Computer worm = gusano informatico??
  8. HaHa08

    Represents a escher picture.

    Hello, I am creating an Excel with Apache POI, and in the documentation I have met the following description for the tag "HSSFPicture": Represents a escher picture. The problem is escher, someone knows to what it refers? Thanks a lot.
  9. A

    Copia de seguridad de datos

    Hola, ¿Me pueden ayudar con esta traducción? El dispositivo realiza copias de seguridad de datos de hasta 3 computadoras basadas en un promedio de 20 GB por computadora. Capacidad de archivo basada en fotos promedio de 2 MB, archivos de musica promedio de 4 MB. Mi intento: The device makes...
  10. G

    acquire a sample

    Hola, En el contexto de un sistema de identificación biométrica (huellas digitales, iris), ¿como se traduce mejor "acquire a sample"? Lo que a mi se me ocurre es "adquirir una muestra" o "lectura de muestra". ¿Qué les parece?
  11. nottake

    Database annotation

    Hello! This is a very specific question regarding computer science, hpefully someone is familiar with the expression "Database annotation". The context is related to the definition of Ontologies. Specifically, there is one language called ODAL (Ontological Database Anottation Language). Here...
  12. M

    Historize / Historify / Historicize

    Hello, I have serious doubts any of these words (Historize / Historify / Historicize ) might exist. I haven't be able to find them in trustful sources. My question is are they correct? Do you know if is there a verb to design the action of storing specific data in a certain basis so that it is...
  13. T

    repository or working directory

    Bonjour ! Certainement parce qu'elle dépasse mes (maigres) connaissances en informatique, la traduction en français de l'expression "repository or working directory" me pose problème. Voici la phrase complète :"it provides a convenient graphical interface for viewing, editing, and manipulating...
  14. Léa123

    looped into

    Hello! I would like to know what "looped into" means: Once the computer is looped into the new system, it should run better. Does it mean "mis en boucle", "arrimé"? I'm not that great with computers! :D
  15. C

    Standalone Installation

    Hola a todos (este es mi primer post) Tengo un pequeño problema para traducir la expresión "Standalone installation" que sale en algunos programas a la hora de instalarlos. "Instalación autónoma"   no me suena demasiado bien. ¿Tal vez instalación individual? Muchas gracias por la ayuda Hi...
  16. I

    as to which fitting the data is correct

    Hola, he intentado traducir lo siguiente: Knowledge claims should be vague as to which solu­tion fitting the data is correct, but precise as to nonartifactual robust findings. y me pierdo en la mitad de la frase. Alguien puede ayudarme? Gracias
  17. C

    Ragged text

    Hola, alguien conoce la opción "ragging" en Microsoft Word, estoy corrigiendo un manuscrito para una revista y me piden lo siguiente: "The whole text, including headings and references, should be aligned left and ragged right" Gracias!
  18. F

    to file "on/in" the computer

    Hello, I would like to know if it is better to say: "the file on the computer" or "the file in the computer" Thanks
  19. T

    herramientas computacionales

    Hola me gustaria saber cual es la mejor forma de poner en mi cv en ingles "herramientas computacionales", ojala alguien me pueda ayudar
  20. L

    Technical Training

    I need to know how to say "technical training" or "computer training" for teachers. Thanks!!
  21. D

    Local en libre service

    Bonjour, Je suis une étudiante étrangère en train de chercher un appartement en France (toujours difficile), et j'ai posé une question à quelqu'un: est-ce qu'il y a de wifi dans le bâtiment? J'ai récu ce réponse: <<il n'y a pas de wifi mais un local en libre service dédié à l'accès...
  22. J

    Working default factory setting

    Hi everyone, I am translating a software manual and I am going crazy with this paragraph: &&&&& is the professional tool for configuration of the &&&& system. It is self contained, simple to install and use. When a new exchange shall be configured, the exchange is given a working default...
  23. K

    Virus heuristique

    Dans le domaine de l'informatique, qu'est-ce que c'est un "virus heuristique"? Merci en avance de toute aide!
  24. S

    Crystal time base

    Necesito su colaboracion! Como traducir al español: "There are 4 basic circuits within the digitizer. ... - Crystal time base with phase-locked-loop (PLL) frequency synthesizer." Gracias de antemano por su ayuda.
  25. A

    Drop shadows

    Hi, The meaning of "drop shadows" in : "creating drop shadows" in pasting graphic items in a document ? Read in AppleWorks for dummies. Thanks
  26. R

    format not supported

    Hi there, I am trying to watch a movie but after inserting the DVD in, it loads then the phrase 'format not supported' comes up. What does that mean and how can I fix it so I can watch my movie? I have been able to watch movies before but today, it happens and I have no idea how to get out of it!
  27. IvyMo

    sense as adjective (como adjetivo)

    Reciban todos un cordial saludo: En una hoja de especificaciones de un dispositivo electrónico he encontrado este párrafo: "In most applications, the current limit sense voltage is produced by a current through a sense resistor. The accuracy of this measurement is limited by the accuracy of...
  28. S

    triangle-square method

    Hola: Este metodo no lo se traducir. Contexto: Field Sketching " In this section, you will learn what is called the triangle-square method. This method uses the skills of sketching horizontal, vertical, and slanted lines as a guide to sketching arcs and circle" Gracias
  29. IvyMo

    are to be used

    Feliz tarde a todos. En la traducción de una hoja de especificaciones de un dispositivo electrónico encuentro la expresión "are to be used". La frase completa es: "If input voltages of 6V–8V are to be used, a pre-regulator... must be added.". Yo le dí este sentido: "Si los voltajes de entrada...
  30. E

    Lettura di

    Salve a tutto il forum. So che per tradurre in inglese "l'attività di far qualcosa"es. "la lettura", "la scrittura", ecc si traduce con il verbo e il gerundio. es. lettura = l'attività del leggere = reading vorrei tradurre "lettura del primo elemento della lista" si traduce "reading of the...
  31. A

    formato vettoriale

    Salve a tutti! Sto traducendo un preventivo per delle grafiche e voglio communicare al cliente che i file forniti da lui per la stampa digitale devono essere in formato vettoriale. Ho sentito usare 'line art' per immagini vettoriali però non da un madre lingua e comunque dovrei comporre una...
  32. IvyMo

    ringback winding

    En mi traducción de la hoja de especificaciones del circuito integrado de otra pregunta, encontré "This is desirable when the output transformer has a ringback winding with a catch diode used for snubbing". Pero no he encontrado una traducción acertada a las palabras subrayadas. Les agradezco...
  33. IvyMo


    ¡Hola a todos! Estoy traduciendo una hoja de especificaciones de un Circuito integrado y encontré la expresión "when single–ended operation with a maximum on–time of less than 50% is required"... ¿Alguien me puede ayudar, por favor, con la parte subrayada? Mil gracias.
  34. IvyMo


    Hello everybody! I'm translating into Spanish a document about a integrated circuit and I've found there the expression "single–ended operation"... I don't have any idea about it means... Could anybody help me? Thank you everybody.
  35. H

    to feather

    How would you translate the verb "feather" as used to describe the action of filters in digital imaging software such as photoshop that blur the edges of selected areas? The word is also used in hairdressing, in a similar sense, to describe, for instance, a technique of thinning a fringe so...
  36. D

    String key

    What is the meaning of "string key", or how would you say string key on Spanish. Here's the sentence: Open regedit (start > run > regedit) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Multi Theft Auto: San Andreas Create a new string key called Username and fill there the username you have on...
  37. G

    En réseau

    Bonjour, Comment pourrais-je traduire : "un système fonctionnant en réseau" ? Est-ce que je peux faire une traduction littérale : "un sistema que funciona en red"? Merci pour vos avis. Gini000
  38. L

    Software Document Formats

    Hola, cuál sería el equivalente al español o la traducción de: Software document formats y Proprietary document formats as in "personal data is not held in ---" Gracias :)
  39. M

    Cuanto pesa un archivo de computadora?

    Quisiera saber cómo se dice en inglés ¿Cuánto pesa un archivo de computadora? No sé si se utilice ¿cuánto mide? ¿cuánto pesa? I'd like to ask the size of a computer file, but not sure the best way to ask! My try: How large is the file? or How big is the file? Gracias, thanks!
  40. R

    Informatica Giuridica

    qualcuno saprebbe gentilemente dirmi qual'è la traduzione più opportuna di informatica giuridica? Se può esservi d'aiuto vi cito la definizione: "L'informatica giuridica è la scienza che studia i problemi giuridici legati all'informatica e, insieme, le applicazioni informatiche per il diritto."...
  41. D

    Wizard driven

    Hola! alguien sabría traducir WIZARD DRIVEN? Please!! no estoy segura de que sea "manejado por el asistente", desde ya, gracias!!
  42. R

    Parcours d'une liste

    Hello forum! In a context of computer science, and more precisely in programming, I'd like to write "Parcours d'une liste" or "Parcours d'un tableau" to comment my source code. It means if a table, a list or something like contains for example 10 elements, then you will create a loop to get...
  43. P

    sorties de logiciel

    Bonjour, Sauriez-vous comment traduire les "sorties" de logiciel en anglais, c'est-à-dire les résultats trouvés par le logiciel après l'avoir fait tourné? j'aurais dit "outputs" mais je ne suis pas sûre que ce soit approprié.. merci!
  44. coming soon 2

    Behaviour of objects

    Hi! I am translating interactive demos for a software company, from Spanish to English (USA). In Spanish we are able to say than an object behaves, like, for example, if I am drawing an square shape, I can say that this square behaves in a different way than a circle shape, because you could...
  45. DeVillies

    Dismiss an error message

    Bonjour; Dismiss an error message. Dans le cadre informatique, que dirait-on? Merci! Alex
  46. Shmuel

    Interface supported

    Hello all, Interface supported in a title in a Compliance Table, would be, in Spanish: ¿Interfaz soportada, o Soporte de Interfaz? TIA.
  47. Shmuel

    Down time

    Hello all, This expression, as in the sentence: "down time of less than 7.2 hours per year", in Spanish? "Tiempo inactivo / de inactividad, " would be correct? TIA.
  48. Shmuel

    IP-in-IP tunneling

    Hello all, IP-in-IP tunneling I have this title, in a table, and can't find a proper term in Spanish. Your assistance, please?! TIA.
  49. Shmuel


    Hello all, Routing, in Spanish? ¿Encaminamiento? Sample sentences taken from a Compliance Table: "Static and Dynamic IP routing protocols " "...there is no need to support dynamic routing protocols ". TIA.
  50. Shmuel

    backbone connections

    Hello all, again. Backbone, in Spanish? Sample sentences, taken from a Compliance Table: "The backbone connections between the Base Stations and the C2 should be further defined by XXXX" "IP connection to backbone" Espina dorsal / eje troncal / eje central ? Any other better...