1. K


    How would you say townhome in Spanish? As opposed to a family home, a townhome is a house that shares a wall with another house.
  2. L

    empreitada e subempreitada

    Há alguém que pode explicar-me em português ou em francês (será melhor) o que significa empreitada e sub empreitada? Muito obrigada. Est-ce que c'est comme sous-traitant en français ou c'est qqch d'autre?
  3. M

    Power Copy

    Bonjour tout le monde! J'ai une petite question: je suis en train de traduire un document très complex, surtout de la construction mécanique des avions (don't ask.). J'ai trouvé les mots "power copy" prèsque impossible - est-ce que quelqu'un peut me dire ce que ça veut dire, en anglais, ou la...
  4. M

    dress them down - hand held tools

    Hi, forum members. I have received some additional help in translating the following sentence: Mushroomed heads – Cold chisels, punches, hammers, drift pins and other similar tools have a tendency to mushroom from repeated blows. Dress them down as soon as they begin to crack and curl...
  5. M

    Mushroomed heads - in hand-held tools

    Dear forum members. Thanks again for your help and assistance. I have another question: Does anyone know how one can translate "mushroomed heads" in Spanish? Here is the complete sentence. Mushroomed heads – Cold chisels, punches, hammers, drift pins and other similar tools have a...
  6. M


    Hi, dear forum members! I am working on a translation about hand tools (hammers, screwdrivers, etc.). I have to translate the following sentence and I am wondering if someone knows the meaning, or words in Spanish for the following tools: Tang - Wood Chisels - Here is the complete...
  7. M

    Hardened steel surfaces

    Dear forum members: Does anyone know what "hardened steel surfaces" are or how I could translate this phrase correctly? Here is the complete sentence: "Never strike hardened steel surfaces with a steel hammer." My attempt: Nunca golpee una superficie de acero con un martillo de acero... The...
  8. J


    como se dice ¨"pago a finalizar obra" en ingles yo pienso "payment upon completion" lo usan mucho para obras de construccion cuando piden material pa la obra
  9. jefreunde


    Hola a todos. Necesito que me ayuden en la traducción de esta palabra. Este es el contexto: In earlier centuries, window glass or flat glass was made by blowing large cylinders or large disks. The cylinders were cut open and flattened, and then panes were cut from the sheets. Most glass for...
  10. D

    plot line

    en un plano de arquitectura "plot line"
  11. P

    viscosidad de entrega

    Hi, I need to translate "viscosidad de entrega" to English. I've translated as "Finish Viscosity" but I'm not really sure. I have problems with the "de entrega" words. I've also thinking of "target" viscosity. What can you tell me? Text deals with paint quality and it just names this term...
  12. P

    fixed into the recess

    Hola, quiero traducir eta frase: "The small bar magnet is held in the recess of the cap and the steel ball is fixed into the recess in the underside of the cap with the bar magnet" Mi probrisimo intento: "El magneto pequeno en forma de barra es prensado contra la "RECESS?" de la tapa y el...
  13. J

    scrub seal

    Does anyone know how to say scrub seal in Spanish? I have to translate it as part of a report on local road construction and repair. The report says there is scrub sealing being done on a street. Here is an explanation in English of the term scrub seal: slurry dot com/cont_scrubseal dot...
  14. J


    Salut à tous, cette fois en français, ici il s'agit de prolonger par des ancrages la structure existante vers la nouvelle structure ( tout en béton et acier )
  15. J

    buton / jambe de force

    Same context as the others would be a massive piece of concrete in the fondation of the skycraper
  16. J


    Hello everyone, There's a while i'm reading you, and it's really exciting to see how rich the translation might be...Subjectivity as a lot to do in this art ( welle that's my point of view ) Here's my question. In skycraper, the center of the building is called : " noyau " For the moment...
  17. M

    Kitty litter

    ¿Cómo se dice en español, "kitty litter"? gracias, Megan
  18. E

    hub flange

    Hola, como se traduce "hub flange" Es una reparacion en el techo y me dicen que "the Hub flange on the pipe appears to be cracked. This has also compromised the rubber roofing along the edge of the pipe penetration. The necessary repairs will be to remove the flange that seals the pipe to...
  19. G


    I need a translation for the word "Crossbanded" as it appears below: Crossbanded construction places the grain of layers of wood at right angles in order to minimize shrinking and swelling. Thank you.
  20. M


    Hola-- ¿qué quiere decir "parecita"? La veo en discurso rioplatense y me parece que tiene algo que ver con "pared"-- o sea un pared chiquito, o un especie de torre...algo que uno sube... no sé. Gracias.
  21. C

    Retenciones (civil engineering/ingeniería civil)

    Hi, I'm trying to locate this word: "retenciones". The area is civil engineering, and the text is talking about different works to be done in a terrain before selling subdivisions to prospective buyers (condominium style). "Los trabajos a realizarse incluyen el tanque de agua, cunetas...
  22. G


    Hello, everyone! I don't understand the meaning of portfolio here. I assume it means the same thing in "building portfolio", "business portfolio" and "residential portfolio". Besides, "where appropriate covering business and residential portfolios (under our general duty of care), using...
  23. Y

    wall zip

    Hello, How to translate "wall zip" in a clothing and merchandise context. "cierre de pared" it is not accurate and refer to medical merchandise. Any suggestion? Thank you for you help :)
  24. J

    road construction

    hi I ´m translating a cross section diagram on road building. i kinda hav an idea on wat tey refer to but i need help with some words that describre layers of a road this are:1>(asphalt)base-course;"2>road-base;3>sub- base layer and 4>sub-grade. Once again i already know the function just need a...
  25. M


    Bonjour, Quelqu'un connaîtrait-il la traduction anglaise de poutrain-claveau, svp? Dans le texte que je dois traduire, il est fait mention de plancher fait en poutrains-claveaux. Merci d'avance! Hello, Does anybody know how to translate "poutrain-claveau" into English, please? In the...
  26. A

    pano, enxalço

    Hola, estoy haciendo una traducción de arquitectura de portugués a español y no logro resolver estos dos términos: pano y enxalço. A continuación, les envío el contexto: Fachada principal orientada, com 3 panos, tendo o central 3 andares, correspondendo o 1º ao portal de frontão curvo com...
  27. W


    hello! Reading a paper I found a headmaster: "Ultra-modern dead-tech apartments in skyscrapers". I don't know the meaning of "dead-tech" and it is not in the WR dictionary, so I think it is a colloquial word but I don't know the right meaning, can anyone help me? what would be the spanish...
  28. C

    Diferencia de Stock

    Hola colegas, estoy traduciendo un documento en forma de Tablas (sin contexto) en donde tengo la línea "Diferencia de Stock" (en un mini contexto de Warehouses), eso es todo lo que puedo proveer. De todas maneras es una terminología tipo y espero que alguien del otro lado me pueda ayudar ...
  29. S

    Tap each canister on a board to make sure the briquette siza anhydrous has not become bridged

    I'm translating a technician manual and this word doesn't match in nothing that I know. The phrase is:"... Tap each canister on a board to make sure the briquette siza anhydrous has not become bridged..."
  30. B


    Hi! How would you say HIDROGRUA in English? Hydro-crane? Thanks for your help
  31. I

    weep vents

    in the following context: Products Supplied But Not Installed under this Section: 1. Flexible flashing for bottom of masonry venner. 2. Flexible flashing for brick sills. 3. Weep vents. 4. Mortar guard materials. Ojala alguien pueda ayudar con estas palabras, Gracias!!!
  32. M

    campos de actividad del sector de la construcción

    ¡Hola! ¿Alguna sugerencia con esta traducción? : "Nuestro dinamismo nos ha llevado a estar presentes en la práctica totalidad de los campos de actividad del sector de la construcción" "Our dynamism has given us the opportunity to be present almost in the construction sector total fields of...
  33. M

    Obras bien hechas

    Hola. Me gustaría que me ayudarais con la traducción de "obras bien hechas" referidas a la construcción, ¿podría ser: "Well done building works" ? Thanks.
  34. U

    Fase de ultimación

    En el contexto de la construcción, cuando se quiere espeficicar que un proyecto esta en fase de ultimación, es decir, casi terminado. Alguien tiene una idea aproximada de como seria? gracias!
  35. A

    wire management

    The phrase I need translated into Spanish is "Wire Mangement". The context involes a tube or a protective casing where you run the wires through so they're not visible. Thank you.
  36. W


    Could someone tell me if there's a specific English word for the job called [...] How about another word of the building trade: 'plaquiste' too? Thanks if you can help! Wow (from France)
  37. J


    Como se poderá traduzir "cerramientos" de edifícios em português?
  38. H

    inch vs. pouce

    The dictionary says that the French for inch is pouce, and when I was working in construction in Canada, the labelling on the products I was working with would indeed say pouce. However when I am trying on trousers at C&A in Brussels and I say "pouce", the assistants gawp at me cluelessly...
  39. K


    Hola! tengo que traducir "buen refaccionamiento" sin mas contexto que ese... yo lo tomaría como "buen servicio de refacciones", se podría traducir como "good spare service"??? gracias
  40. H

    entubar el cableado eléctrico

    Traducir esto : " los bajantes y canoas necesitan reparación y es esencial entubar el cableado eléctrico ..."
  41. K

    penetration (point)

    In a technical manual (Installation module) translated from Italian to English by an Italian, I've come across; .....actuate connection between Hot Water Hose 3/4”NPT (its exterior is red coloured) and Valve 4-1 fitted on penetration n 3-4 of the ....... Would it be more correct to translate...
  42. C

    Ingreso y egreso de mercaderia de deposito

    Hola colegas! Estoy traduciendo un documento con líneas a traducir en forma de tabla o sea sin contexto. I'm struggling con algo que parece muy simple como "ingreso y egreso de mercadería" (se trata de un depósito). Para Ingreso, se me ocurre "Deposit" pero tampoco estoy segura. Any ideas? Txs!
  43. Jim986

    pre-losa, losa nm

    Hi. in the context of prestressed concrete, can anybody translate the following into English: "las máquinas perfiladoras fabrican vigas, correas tubulares, postes y dinteles, pre-losa y losa maciza, panel Pi y placas alveolares". Thanks
  44. N

    Quebracho (madera o arból)

    Como se traduce Quebracho en inglés? Material: red "quebracho"? Queda igual? (Recien me equivoque y me metí al foro en español) Espero estar bien ubicada ahora.
  45. P

    Bill of Materials (manufacturing)

    Would like to know the correct translation of this term into Portuguese. Thank you
  46. M

    Mobiliario de cocina montado en domicilio

    Hola a todos! Es la primera vez que posteo, pero me saco todas las dudas con lo que ya hay posteado. Necesito saber como se dice en inglés "Mobiliario de cocina montado en domicilio" Me suena: Kitchen units home assembled. Puede ser? Espero respuesta. Gracias
  47. D


    hola agradecería mucho su pudirman ayudarme con la traducción al inglés de "hincado". el contexto es en el ámbito de la construccion. en español dice "la obra requirió un hincado de 5000 pilotes de madera", gracias de antemano.
  48. P

    sfiorare una tragedia

    Salve a tutti! Dal Corriere della sera: "Un operaio è rimasto sospeso così nel vuoto, per oltre mezzora, in attesa che lo salvassero i vigili del fuoco. Se l'è cavata con alcune fratture ma si è sfiorata un'altra sul lavoro." La parola "sfiorare" significa "touch, brush, skim" ma sospetto che...
  49. G


    tronçonneuse is the word in the dictionary for chainsaw, but if you go to brico depot website and type this in you get angle-grinders and other such things. in babelfish tronçonneuse translates as slicer which is quite vague. any ideas on how to serach for chainsaws on the brico depot website...
  50. S

    nivel de desplante recomendado

    I am working on a construction document and cannot, for the life of me, find Desplante anywhere. The phrase is: Nivel de Desplante Recomendado. Help! Thanks.