1. Encolpius

    All Slavic languages: words derived from the German Klasse! meaning Great! Super!

    Good morning ladies & gentlemen, I have learnt Russians say: Класс! if something is great! super! wonderful! I think it is from the German phrase Klasse! (which means actually class). Do you use the word "klass" in your language? :confused: Thank you for your cooperation and have a productive...
  2. C

    dropping y knock

    ¿Qué significan las expresiones "dropping" y "knock on" dentro de la siguiente oración: "Thanks for dropping your kind message. Wish that I could "Knock" on you one day"? Gracias, Camilkata.
  3. guaguaboy

    No way! / Yes way....!

    En inglés decimos a veces como: A: No way! You can not do that! B: Yes way! I am so gonna do that now! Entonces, en español, cuál sería la similar expresión como lo de arriba? Merci beaucoup d´avance! Robbie C.
  4. guaguaboy

    Did I say that out loud?

    Hi, tout le monde: How do you say "Did I say that out loud?" in Français? Can anyone give me a prompt reply [...] Merci beaucoup d'avance,;) Robbie
  5. C

    Thanks a million

    Hi everyone, to say 'thanks a million' is it merci mille fois? Do you use this often (is it french to use it?) Thanks a million!