1. Deseret13

    Croatian/Bosnian: rekoh li ... rekoh li

    Smeće jedno podlo, fašistoidno, rekoh li smeće, rekoh li podlo Što znači rekoh li ... rekoh li? You can translate it into English: You mean piece of junk, you fascist piece of junk ....?
  2. tamadekk

    Croatian: šta da?

    Hi there. I moved to Croatia a few years ago and since I have been here I always see the inscription "šta da?" everywhere. I wonder what is the meaning of this phrase. Literally, this means "What? Yes" and makes no sense to me.
  3. B

    Standard Croatian

    Hi there! Can someone tell me where in Croatia they speak the variety of Croatian that people (even if irrationally) regard as the "best" or "most correct" Croatian? I know that from the viewpoint of linguistics there is no such a thing, but socially, in most countries, ordinary people usually...
  4. G

    BCS: закључење брака / zaključenje braka

    A legal document from Serbia speaks of "закључење брака", which I think would be written "zaključenje braka" in the Latin alphabet (and in Bosnian and Croatian). Does this mean the actual termination (nullification or similar) of a marriage? Or, is this a case where "conclude" is being used in...
  5. Nikined

    Does Croatian contain more Slavic words than Serbian/Bosnian?

    Is it true that Croatian is "more Slavic" than Serbian lexically, with more Slavic words instead of Western borrowings? And what about Bosnian, I haven't known of it as much?
  6. J

    Serbian/Croatian: Kako pristojno i srdacno nazvati dijete

    Bio sam u bgd u jednom hostelu kad jos nisam znao govoriti na nasem, i sad kad se podsjecam na to bas me zanime kak bi trebao nazvat i pozdravit curicu od 4 5 god vlasnice onoga hostela kad sam tek stigao kod njih. ,,Mala'' kazem bi bilo neuljudno a isto nebi htio zvuci kao da sam joj stranac il...
  7. J

    ,,te u tom smislu djeluju drzavne institucije''

    Evo ljudi mozete mi malo objasniti sta ovo znaci:,,Vlada Republike Hrvatske odlucno se protivi svim oblicima govora mrznje[...] od strane pojedinaca i skupina koje se ne mire s postojanjem moderne...[...] hrvatske drzave, te u tom smislu djeluju drzavne institucije''. Hvala unaprijed
  8. onitamo

    Croatian: djeluje samostalno i neovisno.

    .."svaka Boba djeluje samostalno i neovisno". • Each Bean acts independently and independently. nema smisla ponavljati istu riječ. Kako prevesti bolje? ovo je rečenica i jednog statuta gdje je opisana organizacija jednog društvenog pokreta "Mreža ZaBrata" Struktura organizacije je : Vijeće...
  9. P

    Croatian: pronunciation of name/word Slavenka

    I have an aunt named Slavenka; in our family (Dalmatian but have lived in Zagreb for a very long time), we pronounce it with the stress on the 2nd syllable (sla-VEN-ka). Another friend, from Zagreb, pronounces it with stress on the first syllable (SLA-ven-ka). What is the "rule" here or is it...
  10. J


    Koji je zavrsaven oblik rijeci ,,povjeravati''.
  11. L

    Croatian declension of adjectives: "Crno vino, crne oči"

    Hello, everybody! I have a question regarding Croatian declension of adjectives. I was yesterday listening to the song "Crno vino, crne oči" by Ivana Kovač, which I translate as "Red wine, black eyes" (I know that 'red wine' is said in Croatian either 'crno vino' or 'crveno vino'). But a...
  12. Deseret13

    Croatian: iznos

    Kako pravilno formulirati ovu rečenicu: Iznos / cijenu / svotu mogu vam doznačiti (da vam doznačim?) na vaš bankovni račun. I can transfer the amount (money) to your bank account. Kada želiš obaviti kupnju na internetu.
  13. G

    Serbo-Croatian: Lokativ

    Da li postoje bilo koji slučajevi gde se lokativ razlikuje od dativa?
  14. C

    Serbian/Croatian: čućemo se već

    My question is regarding the expression: "čućemo se već". I get the meaning, ie "we will speak"..but not sure of the connotation. Is it hopeful, slightly hostile or?! Thanks in advance!
  15. onitamo

    Croatian: The Earth is and so are we.

    Molim kako ovu zadnju rečenicu posložiti a da bude jasno.? We are moving into a different physical form. The Earth is and so are we." ----------------------------- Zemlja je pa smo tako i mi..? Da li vam je tako jasno? mene je malo zbunilo "Zemlja je...) Što je? bolje bi mi zvučalo.."...
  16. onitamo

    Croatian: crescendoing

    Kako to reči na Hrvatskom? ne sviđa mi se "krešendovanje" "is simply crescendoing and growing louder and louder until everybody simply hears."
  17. onitamo

    Croatian: rekalibracija

    Ima li hrvatski izraz za recalibration ili treba usvojiti strani izraz? "But it's not just a readjustment, it's a recalibration."
  18. onitamo

    Croatian: you that obeyed

    Please how to translate properly? It's the old frequency you that obeyed. That's the old frequency you that was wired into the old system, position of you is confusing.
  19. onitamo

    Croatian: It's the old frequency you that obeyed

    "It's the old frequency you that obeyed." Kako ispravno prevesti? Ja sam shvatila " To je vaša stara frekvencija da poslušate" There is one more similar sentence and position of this "you " confuses me. here is whole more text What is the slave self? It's the old frequency you that obeyed...
  20. ahvalj

    Je-imperfectives across languages

    The most widespread pattern of forming secondary imperfectives in Slavic is exemplified by the following Old Church Slavonic type: pasti, padǫ (perfective) → padati, padajǫ (imperfective) obrězati, obrěžǫ → obrězati, obrězajǫ sъzьdati, sъziždǫ → sъzidati, sъzidajǫ narešti, narekǫ → naricati...
  21. S

    немам новца...

    На руском се каже “у меня нет денег” (I’ve got no money) и не “у меня нет деньги”. На исти начин се каже (увек?) “немам новца” и не “немам новац” на српском. Немам времена, немам хлеба, немају млека у продавници, итд. А шта је са множином? Чини ми се да се може рећи “немају колача” а такође...
  22. R

    Croatian: Grčić

    Hello, First of all, I apologize for not being able to write this message in Croatian, as I don't speak the language. I recently read an article about the surname Grčić and its prevalence in Croatia. I would like to know how this surname is pronounced in its original form, that is, in...
  23. onitamo

    Croatian: and too it is part of the hookup

    Molim kako smisleno prevesti ovaj podebljani tekst da se uklopi i preostali dio recenice. and too it is part of the hookup.. and it's that flame of consciousness of universality that we all certainly resonate with and too it is part of the hookup of what we call the gold frequency...... moj...
  24. S

    људи који иду рано у кревет

    In English, people who go to bed early and get up early sometimes quote the rhyme (attributed to Benjamin Franklin) 'Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise'. Those who go to bed late don't quote that saying, for obvious reasons. In some languages they talk about...
  25. S

    vet tri puta

    In a previous thread we talked about how the ‘h’ in ‘odmah se vraćam' is likely to become weak or disappear in normal rapid speech. But I suppose if you ask speakers of BCS whether they drop the ‘h’ there, most will deny it, just as educated English speakers will maintain they never ‘drop their...
  26. C

    Ovu noć ili ove noći?

    Hello everybody I would like to know the difference between "ovu noć" and "ove noći". Are there any slight nuances or differences between both adverbs or are they unnoticeable synonyms? Context: Dođi sa mnom ovu noć/ove noći All the best from Spain i pozdrav Carlos M.S.
  27. S

    ресторан or pektopaa?

    Do schoolchildren in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (apart from Republika Srpska, of course) learn to read Cyrillic, or are they in the same situation as the average English person who goes to Serbia, Russia, Bulgaria, etc. and thinks that the sign for restaurant reads "pektopaa"?
  28. S

    voz vs. vlak, etc.

    Most Northern English people pronounce "bus" with a different vowel from that used in Southern English (compare ovdje vs. ovde) and some Scottish people regularly use the word "bairns" for "children" (compare vlak vs. voz). When I lived in Northern England, I often pronounced "bus" in the...
  29. S

    Serbian: What the..."

    Another thing you don't normally find in phrasebooks is expletives or swear words. I don't normally swear, but some people swear a lot, so it would be useful to know the most common expletives I'm likely to hear people saying (not to me, I hope, but when talking to each other!). In English, and...
  30. P

    BCMS: ovih dana

    Zdravo, Šta znači "ovih dana"? Hvala napred
  31. S

    One of these and two of those, please!

    The writers of phrasebooks seem to think that tourists only eat in restaurants and hotels, because they hardly ever include useful phrases for buying food. In a baker's in the UK, for example, you might not even know the correct names of the various buns, rolls and pastries on display, so you...
  32. onitamo

    Croatian, Serbian: wipe the slate clean

    Molim dobar prijevod riječi "slate" u ovoj rečenici. You have that active force within you, which will totally wipe the slate clean. U sebi imate onu aktivnu silu koja će skroz obrisati (škriljevac??). ..............
  33. onitamo

    Croatian: Implode that dense core frequency

    Molim korigirajte moj nezadovoljavajući prevod ove rečenice: Implode that dense core frequency which holds together the material confidence of those who influence populations through fear, technology, suggestion and coercion.. kako prevesti Implode u ovom slučaju? i material confidence...
  34. M

    history of 'novac' new money

    According to my dictionairy the word for money is 'novac' in Serbian and Croatian. This comes from nov (“new”) +‎ -ac, from an earlier *novi p(j)enez (“new money”) according to wiktionary I suppose this word came into existance when a new coin was introduced in Jugoslavian (or maybe earlier)...
  35. Deseret13

    Serbo-Croation: njofra

    Što/a znači "njofra"? Dali je to ime?
  36. Deseret13

    Serbo-Croatian: Opa, bato

    Što/a znači reč/riječ "bato" u frazi "Opa, bato!"
  37. Cornelius123

    Question regarding the Serbo-Croatian language

    I've always wondered why ekavian and ijekavian also have this difference in how they say action phrases. Apologies in advance, as I don't know how they're actually called ... cases? For instance, in Serbia one might say "Hoćeš nešto da popiješ?", whereas in Bosnia and Croatia it would be "Hoćeš...
  38. onitamo

    Croatian: the crunch

    I don't know good translation for "the crunch" in this context. Please help me. English: "It is the giving and the taking, that is the natural rhythm of nature, through the actions, the crunch, the conscious control center of the human being, which wishes only for the betterment, the...
  39. onitamo

    Croatian, Serbian: this is nothing short

    Molim ispravite mi ovaj prevod rečenice. Nema mi smisla to što ja razumijem. This is nothing short of opening ourselves to something that may not be in our best interest. To nije ništa kratko da se otvaramo prema nečemu šta možda nije u našem najboljem interesu. ............... if you need more...
  40. onitamo

    Croatian; timings on this

    Molim kako pravilno prevesti ovu rečenicu ili barem, "idea of timings on this" Does this mean that you have a good idea of timings on this? Da li to žnači da imate dobru ideju proračuna vremena o ovome..? Kompletno pitanje gdje se pojavljuje taj izraz: When do you see our health restored...
  41. onitamo

    Croatian: hot air

    Da li mogu to prevesti ovako: Ono što vam je sugerirano da je neophodno, obavezno ili legalno -sve je samo vrući zrak, vi će te odlučiti što je to što hoćete učiniti, u vaše vrijeme.. What is suggested to you is necessary, is mandatory, or legal - is all hot air - and you will decide what it is...
  42. P

    Croatian: fjaka

    I understand this is borrowed from the Italian fiacca, so maybe it doesn't decline, but how would you express that someone is "on fjaka" (na fjaci?). I've read it referred to this way when translated into English, but don't know the original Croatian. How else is it typically used?
  43. onitamo

    Croatian: that will delay you

    If you lose hope or faith or confidence because the things that you have cherished no longer work for you, this will delay you. It will not compromise you, nezgodan mi je prijevod to će vas odgoditi. Molim bolji prevod.
  44. onitamo

    Croatian: that brings a shadow outcome.

    Please help with propper translation of last 2 lines When you join this space, because you receive a purification yourself, when you join your own purifying power ..does not carry the patterns inside you which brings a shadow outcome." My translation: nosi u tebi uzorke koji bi dali...
  45. onitamo

    Croatian: Model who you are.

    It was question about how to help children to get them on the path that we try to go to create the better world Answer: Your children sense, know and read everything about you even before you say and do the things that you say and do. Be honest. Model who you are.....Pokažite uzorom tko ste...
  46. onitamo

    Croatian: nature of the spark of infinity

    kako prevesti ovo lijepo? It is the nature of the spark of infinity inside me. Priroda iskre beskonačnosti je u meni. U meni je priroda iskre beskonačnosti.. U meni je iskra beskonačnosti
  47. onitamo

    Croatian: whatever races through

    Molim kako dobro prevesti ovu riječ "races"(ako sam dobro čula?) u ovom kontekstu whatever races through your mental signaling you are being reborn
  48. P

    BCS/Slovene: glumiti noja

    Zdravo, kaj pomeni "glumiti noja" kot izraz? šta znači "glumiti noja" kao izraz? Hvala
  49. B


    Hi, I remember being told, many years ago, at the time of old Yugoslavia, that the local word (I do not know whether Slovenian, Croatian, or what) for squirrel was something like [mukitsa] (I am spelling here as I think it was pronunced to me). I recently looked it up in various internet...
  50. onitamo

    Croatian; Slave Self

    Molim kako da ovo prevedem Slave Self? Self (Sopstvo? ) Not-Self je to što mislimo da jesmo tijelo i um. A kada smo vezani za to cijeli život i robujemo tome.. onda je to Slave Self. U času smrti i to se ostavlja ali ako se i tada sjetimo u zadnjem času sve što smo bili i radili onda nas to...