1. H

    Croatian (BCS): Vadimo se veceras

    Hey guys, can anyone translate the following for me? Javi Kad Krenes I vadimo se veceras i know kad means as if when or where Vadimo se veceras means "see you tonight" but the beginning has stumped me Thanks.
  2. G

    Croatian (BCS): Term

    When I was young, my friend's father would always say "yeska bobba horns labonia" (I'm taking great liberty with the spelling. He was from a Slavic background. I never knew what he was saying - hopefully it's clean :) Thanks! glbath
  3. P

    Croatian (BCS): Falis mi jako

    Hi! How are you? I'm new in the Forum :) and I need your help. I'm currently living in USA but I'm Spanish and I don't know a word in Croatian:o . I have a friend from Zagreb who gave me a small letter same time ago, and I don't understand anything. Could anybody help me please? Thank you in...
  4. shamblesuk

    Croatian (BCS): Mitral Valve Prolapse

    This girl has minor Mitral Valve Prolapse and is allergic to Penicillin. I need it translating into Croatian. Thanks Lee
  5. T

    Croatian (BCS): gužba

    Hello to everyone! I'm not a Slavic language speaker, but I am interested in the meaning of this word in Croatian since it is related to my family name- it seems that my family name derives from "gužba". Thanks in advance!
  6. M

    Croatian (BCS)/Czech/Polish: Orient

    I hope that this is not too much of an ask but how would say, in croation, czech and polish - "immerse yourself in oriental culture, indulge in the finest of Eastern food, spoil yourself with the best of Eastern relaxation methods with the most luxurious accomodations and facilities and enrich...
  7. K

    Croatian (BCS): Božo Biškupić

    does anybody knows how to prounouce croatian? Božo Biškupiæ is the minister of culture of me how to pronounce his name.. thanks,
  8. M

    Croatian (BCS): Vulgar words

    Hello, Can anyone translate this phrase into english (or spanish), which is written in croatian???It's very important!!! Thx a lot ;) bravo sale svaka cast...ko mu jebe mater glupu....
  9. Whodunit

    Croatian (BCS): kuna, lipa

    Context here Does the coin really say "slavuj"? So, it must show a bulbul or nightingale on one side, which is strange because I have never seen a coin on which I could read a bird's name (by the way, I've been collecting coins). :)
  10. M

    Croatian (BCS): Republica Hrvatska

    Hola a todos! Me han dado una moneda y no sé de qué país es... En un lado pone: Slavuj. Y en el otro pone: Republica Hrvatska. La moneda es de 1 kuna Gracias de antemano Mei
  11. S

    Croatian (BCS): hiljada or tisuća?

    Hello everyone! One question. My father was born in Croatia and lived their for much of his childhood till he moved to Canada. When I asked him the word for one thousand in Croatian he told me it was 'hiljada', though some Croats whom I've met have said it is 'tisuća'. So which is it?
  12. I

    Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian (BCS): Sreća u nesreći

    Hey all. I know this is just the place to ask, so thanks in advance. Anyone know what "sreći u nesreći" means? Also, which language is it? I have absolutely no idea. Thanks again. Stu
  13. J

    Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian (BCS): One language?

    From wikipedia I gather that Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian are all essentially the same language. Bosnian and Serbian use both Cyrillic and Latin alphabets, while Croatian only uses the Latin alphabet. I have numerous questions: 1 .Are Bosnian and Serbian spelled the same way when written...
  14. C

    Croatian (BCS): Odgovor

    I received this email from my husband. He is presently on a ship near Malta. I don't know what language this is. I have tried to look it up and only some of the words come up as Italian. Thank you for your help. Odgovor Bog Marijana, Primio sam tvoj fax, pa ti evo odgovaram. Ne trebate...