1. Heleatunda

    Norwegian: Crowns or Kroner?

    I’m translating a small Norwegian article into English, and the author mentions that he purchased something for kr. 3,25. So I’m wondering, should I write that as 3.25 crowns or 3.25 kroner? A lot of sources I’ve seen have kept it as kroner, but they are mostly informal.
  2. M

    $ (dollar sign)

    Как по-русски знак "$"? Я не хочу узнать что-такое "доллар", но точно как называется это знак. Спасибо.
  3. ewie

    diminutive of euro

    I was wondering if anyone in Spain ever uses a diminutive form of the word euro ... ? I searched the forum for eurito / eurillo / eurico / euriño but found nothing. If not, why not? (Yes, I know that's a big question:D)