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cymraeg (welsh)

  1. G

    Welsh: preposition o = "some"?

    Hello, Is the preposition o "of" still used in any Welsh dialects with the meaning "some (of)"? In Middle Welsh texts, one sometimes sees constructions like y mae o ddwr yn y ffynnon "there is (some) water in the well", but I don't think I was taught this construction when I studied Modern...
  2. Emrysk

    Welsh: Telling age

    Hello everyone! I was wondering how to say How old are you? and I am .... years old. in Welsh? From what I remember it should be something like Faint yw eich oed? and the response would be: Dwi'n ... mlwydd oed. But I am really not sure if this is correct. Now I'm looking for a more...
  3. V

    Welsh: Just when the caterpillar thought life was over, it became a butterfly

    I was trying to translate "Just when the caterpillar thought life was over, it became a butterfly" From English to Welsh...having issues getting it to translate right. Can anyone help with getting a more accurate translation? Please and Thank you! ~Vendrayil~ Mdoerator's note: In case you...
  4. G

    Welsh: ridge

    Prynhawn da, In a different thread, we were discussing the translations of "ridge" and "back" in various languages, and I decided to look up "ridge" in Geiriadur yr Academi. Based on the entry in this dictionary, Welsh seems to have quite a few terms meaning "ridge": trum, crib, cefn, esgair...
  5. AndrasBP

    Welsh: numerals

    Hello, I've been learning Welsh for a few weeks now and I'd like to ask native Welsh speakers about the numbers. Which system do people use more often in spoken Welsh, the vigesimal (traditional) or the decimal system? Which one is preferred at Welsh-medium schools? So, is 20 "ugain" or "dau...
  6. G

    Welsh: ae/ai/au

    Noswaith dda, My understanding is that the diphthongs written -ai- ([ai]) and -au- ([aɨ]) have merged in some (southern?) Welsh dialects, so that tai "houses" and tau "yours" would both be pronounced [tai]. As I recall, the diphthong written -ae- is pronounced the same in standard Welsh as the...
  7. G

    Welsh: sai

    P'nhawn da, I've heard the form sai used in several contexts where it seems to mean "I'm not". For example, Sai'n edrych arnot ti. "I'm not looking at you." I was never taught sai when I studied Welsh, so my guess is that it's a regional form or a contraction of an older, longer verb form --...
  8. G

    Welsh: meaning of the simple present/future (-af, -i, etc.)

    Bore da, There seem to be different views (depending on which speaker / researcher you ask) on the meaning of the simple present/future tense in Welsh. By "simple present/future", I mean forms like the following: gyrraf i (first person singular < gyrru "drive") gwerthi di (2 pers. sg. <...
  9. G

    Welsh: bod am

    Nos da, The phrase bod am seems to mean “want”, based on the contexts in which I’ve heard it. Is bod am synonymous with eisiau, or does it have implications/connotations that eisiau doesn’t? Also, can bod am be used with a noun or a verb? (E.g., would it be equally acceptable to say Rydw i...
  10. K

    Welsh: Caru chdi

    Hello everybody ! I need your help to define what these two words mean : Caru chdi. I already check dictionnary but i would like to have the opinion of a Welsh about nuances and meaning for this. A boy sent me this sentence at the end of a mail, for the context. I will be so glad if you...
  11. C

    Cymraeg (Welsh): Tiered and Accredited

    Helo! Dwi wrthi'n cyfieithu pamffled, ac wedi methu dod o hyd i unrhyw gyfieithiad i 'tiered' yn y brawddeg The DSWA runs the only National Tiered and Accredited certification scheme. Oes unrhywun yn gallu awgrymu unrhywbeth? Diolch! Cxx
  12. Sauriodi

    Welsh: greetings

    Hello! Please, anybody know welsh? I heard in an english tv programme a greeting which sounds like [ovredualde] and I would like to know what it means.
  13. G

    Welsh: emphatic "how"

    Hello, One way of translating emphatic "how" (as in, How funny!, How awful!, etc.) in Welsh is to use the equative form of an adjective. For example, gloyw "bright" has the equative gloywed, as seen in cyn loywed a'r haul "as bright as the sun", and the same equative form is seen in the...
  14. G

    Welsh: achub dy geg

    Is anyone familiar with the Welsh phrase achub dy geg (literally, "save your mouth")? I recall hearing it once in the sentence Paid ag achub dy geg "Don't save your mouth", but it's possible I misheard. Diolwch
  15. L

    Welsh: erbyn

    Context: "Erbyn i awduron clasurol ddechrau crybwyll y Celtiaid yn y 6ed ganrif CCC., roedd pobloedd yn siarad ieithoedd Celtaidd yn ymestyn dros ran helaeth o orllewin a chanolbarth Ewrop, yn cynnwys Gâl, Prydain, rhan helaeth o Benrhyn Iberia a'r rhan o ganolbarth Ewrop i'r gogledd o'r Alpau."...
  16. G

    Welsh: bant

    The Welsh word bant means "away", but I never encountered this word when I was studying Welsh (as I recall, my textbooks preferred the phrase i ffwrdd as a translation of "away"). Is bant considered standard Welsh, or is it seen as a regional (northern/southern) or colloquial word? Diolch am...
  17. G

    Welsh: hardd, prydferth, pert etc.

    There are several Welsh words translated as "beautiful": hardd, prydferth and pert are the ones that occur to me now. Is there a semantic difference between these three? For example, does one normally refer to a "deeper" level of beauty than the others? (I don't remember seeing hardd used very...
  18. Victuag

    Cymraeg (Welsh): yr buten

    Hola! No sé qué significa esto. No parece inglés. Al tratarse de una novela galesa, lo he consultado también en un diccionario Welsh-English pero no found. ¿Alguien sabe qué significa? "You have married her! It is as they told me! Married Nest Pritchard yr buten! And you stand there as if you...
  19. Z

    Cymraeg (Welsh): pronunciation of "ai" and "au"

    Normally I am under the impression that "au" and "ai" are pronounced like the word "eye," but when "au" is part of a plural form, it is usually pronounced "eh," unless there is an accent over it. "ai" is usually pronounced like "eye" but I have noticed in some words it is pronounced "eh."...
  20. Z

    Cymraeg (Welsh): Present Tense Forms of the Verb "bod"

    I have been trying to learn a little Welsh on my own and am confused with the various forms of this verb in the present tense. My understanding is that there are different forms for affirmative, negative, and interrogative. Affirmative: dw i wyt ti...
  21. Victuag

    Welsh: cwrw

    ¡Hola! ¿Alguien sabe qué significa en español la palabra galesa cwrw?
  22. G

    Cymraeg (Welsh): palatalized s/d/t

    In Welsh, palatalized s (represented in writing by the sequence -si-) appears in words such as siom "disappointment", siop "shop", eisiau "lack, want" and brysio "hurry". (As far as I know, it only appears word-initially in loanwords.) Some time ago, I was told that this palatalized s is...
  23. A

    Cymraeg: Mae / Mae'r

    I'm only just starting with the basics of Welsh and the first thing I'm determined to sort out is these letters that are appearing around the words I know. If you can have 3rd person singular of to be, as mae, as in: Mae Tom 'Tom is / does' Then what is the 'r that links onto it in other...
  24. Linnets

    Cymraeg (Welsh): Llongddrylliad

    Hi all, I don't know what llongddrylliad means in Welsh. Does it refer to the act of sinking or to a wrecked ship? Thanks in advance
  25. A

    Welsh: Ffordd

    Hi all, I am wondering about the word ffordd in Welsh. I am not sure if it is a word that has (at least) 2 clear cut, different meanings (though related) or if it's just a general word used to convey way / path / road in English. Most bilingual roads here have a Ffordd counterpart, but there...
  26. L

    Cymraeg (Welsh): Chymerith hi ddim yn hir

    Could someone possible tell me what this means: Chymerith hi ddim yn hir iddo gyrraedd yno unwaith iddo adael. I've tried translating it word for word using a dictionary but half the words aren't even there for some reason. :( So I'd appreciate any help.
  27. B

    Cymraeg (Welsh): feminine version of rhyswr

    The Welsh name Rhys, to my understanding, comes from the noun rhyswr and means 'hero' or 'champion'. What would the feminine counterpart for this be, i.e., what is the translation of 'heroine'? Thanks in advance for your help!
  28. RusskiPower

    Cymraeg (Welsh): whelks

    How do you say "whelks" (like in seafood) in Welsh please? Thank you!
  29. T

    Cymraeg (Welsh): to like

    Bore da! I'm currently engaged in learning the wonderful Welsh language, and have hit a bit of a wall with a certain word. I know that the dictionary word for "to like" is "hoffi," but I also have noticed another word being used that sounds like "lick-ee-oh," but I can't find out anywhere how...
  30. R

    Cymraeg (Welsh): avon - afon

    Hello, I try to recall what 'avon' means in Welsh. As far as I remember (I had once listened to some lectures on etymology and history of English by Seth Lerer), it meant but 'river' and this is why there are several rivers called 'Avon' in GB. Am I right? I tried to find it somewhere over the...
  31. Setwale_Charm

    Cymraeg (Welsh): Hot heads and cold hearts never solve anything

    Hylo!! Could someone please help me translate this into Welsh: Hot heads and cold hearts never solve anything The little Welsh I knew from school has sadly evaporated by now, so it seems :(
  32. Setwale_Charm

    Cymraeg (Welsh): It takes great courage to speak out about things which, on the quiet, are just common knowledge

    Hylo!! Can someone please translate the below motto for me into more literate Welsh than I would on my own :D It takes great courage to speak out about things which, on the quiet, are just common knowledge (known to everybody).
  33. H

    Cymraeg (Welsh): Pleidiol wyf i'm gwlad

    Hi! I found this inscription on the edge of a £1 coin: Pleidiol wyf i'm gwlad I know it means "True am I to my country" (from the chorus of the Welsh National Anthem). However, could you please explain to me what does each individual word in this sentence mean? Thanks in advance! :)
  34. M

    Cymraeg (Welsh): Cymru

    Hi everyone! I'm having some problems with the pronunciation of the word 'cymru'. I understand that it can mean 'Wales' or even 'the Welsh people' (and maybe there are some other translations) but it also seems to have different pronunciations according to the context. I know that in general...
  35. T

    Cymraeg (Welsh): snowy mountain

    Does anyone speak Welsh and would be able to tell me how to say "snowy mountain" in Welsh? Thank you very much! :)
  36. mikasa_90

    Cymraeg (Welsh): Darling

    Hi How is in Welsh the word '' darling''? And so : Hi darling!
  37. N

    Cymraeg (Welsh): advocate

    Hi. I would like to know, how do you say, "advocate" in Welsh? advocate-a supporter, a person who is in favour (of) Example: an advocate of reform I have heard the word used in newspapers and in television in this context. Please let me know. Thank you. :D
  38. jana.bo99

    Welsh: The city in North Wales with many letters!

    Hello to all born in Wales, UK: More years ago I was going with my friend to visit Snowdonia Park in North Wales. We have stopped at the train station, which name had more than 50 letters. Can somebody write it, please? I had a badge but gave to daughter of my friend. Thank you.
  39. M

    Cymraeg (Welsh): I love you

    Hi Can somebody help me with how to say it. A translation site said that it was: rwy'n dy garu di But they are never reliable... Help please :)
  40. R

    Cymraeg (Welsh): lover

    I want to use the term "carwr" in my fiction, but just to be safe I looked it up in a dictionary site and turned up this: carwr [carwyr, m.](n.) lover, wooer Okay, does this mean "carwr" is female and "carwyr" male, or are they both masculine? If the latter, then what is the female version...
  41. caperucita roja

    Cymraeg (Welsh): penblwydd hapus a nos da

    Hi all!! I read this and thought it was probably welsh... and I know it is not a Welsh-English forum, but maybe I am lucky and there's someone who can speak it!! "penblwydd hapus a nos da" I think hapus must be happy and also found that nos da is good night, isn't it??? :o But I don't...
  42. Jocaste

    Cymraeg (Welsh): Tips for Learning

    Bonjour ! I'd like to learn Welsh. But until now, I've not found a good material to do it. Does anyone know a book or whatever which could be likely to help me ? Thanks in advance :)
  43. S

    Cymraeg (Welsh): Oes 'na rai ohonoch chi'n mynd i Latfia ? Mae'n hen brydi chi ennill gem yn Ewrop

    Hello everybody, I am wondering if someone could help me with this phrase: Oes 'na rai ohonoch chi'n mynd i Latfia? Mae'n hen brydi chi ennill gem yn Ewrop It is written in Welsh and unfortunatelly I know only few words in this difficult language. Thank you in advance! ;)
  44. Setwale_Charm

    Cymraeg (Welsh): Ceir llawer cam gwag drwy sefyll yn llonydd

    My Welsh has become unpardonably rusty through the years. Could somebody help me translate this phrase which altogether means : Empty steps are made when standing still by separate words? Diolch.
  45. L

    Cymraeg (Welsh): Unwaith eto, yn arath, os gwelwch chin dda.

    Does anyone have any idea what the following sentence means? Unwaith eto, yn arath, os gwelwch chin dda. Thank you!
  46. TrentinaNE

    Cymraeg (Welsh): Siân

    I'm reading a book by Welsh-born actress Sîan Phillips, and I was wondering if her first name is Welsh, and if so, how it would be pronounced. I say it similarly to "Shawn" in my head -- is that woefully far off? Many thanks! Elisabetta
  47. Dalian

    Cymraeg (Welsh): Cheers!

    Hi all, I looked up in some online dictionary and found "lechyd da" is the Welsh for "Cheers!/Bottoms up!", but one of my friends from Wales said something different. It sounded like "ya-chi-da" to me. So could anybody let me know what exactly do you speak when toasting? Many thanks! Dalian
  48. O

    Breton / Welsh: mutual intelligibility

    I would very much like to know to what extent Breton and Welsh can be mutually intelligible, especially from native speakers of each of these languages. Thank you very much.
  49. O

    Cymraeg (Welsh): Pronunciation

    Note: This is a spinoff thread. Click on quotes below to see the original discussion. If we're going to be such purists, then the correct way to say Wales is Cymru (in Welsh, please). :p ;)
  50. P

    Cymraeg (Welsh): un ar bymtheg

    Could anyone show me light for that sentence? "un ar bymtheg" How is number 17 spelled in gaelic? I know this goes further the language used in this forum but I don't know where to search. :o