1. J

    Danish: Happy birthday to you!

    I need help from Danes: How do I say, "Happy birthday to you!" in Danish, please?
  2. L

    Danish: You brat/you're a naughty boy

    Hello, Please can someone tell me how to say "You brat"/"You're a naughty boy" in Danish? I have very little knowledge of it, so I know "you are a" is "du er en" ... but I don't know "naughty boy" or "brat". Any help would be gratefully received! Many thanks - Lucinda :)
  3. Vejrudsigt

    Danish: at behøve / at trænge til

    'at behøve' vs. 'at trænge til' From what I understand, the former is a compound verb for formal situations and the latter is a prepositional verb for casual use; in other words, they are essentially synonyms. Or are they?
  4. giselak

    Danish: Nice to meet you!

    Hi eveyone! I´d like to know how to translate into Danish : Nice to meet you! I enjoyed last night! I hope to see you soon! Feel free to contact me. thanks! Giselak
  5. Setwale_Charm

    Danish: smuk - koen - skoen : forskell

    What is the difference in meaning between these words?
  6. Setwale_Charm

    Danish: VVS-mand

    Hvem er VVS-mand? Det maa vaere nogen profession.
  7. B

    Danish: You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen

    I would like to know love phrases in Danish like: You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen or I want to live my whole life with you or some other ideas you may have :)
  8. Setwale_Charm

    Danish: soedemiddel

    soedemiddel Can anybody explain to me what sort of drink this is?
  9. Setwale_Charm

    Norwegian/Danish: betalingsformidling

    How would you translate that into English? The context is all about the international trade.
  10. S

    Danish: Until late

    How would you say "until late", for example: They work until late
  11. M

    Danish: Forthcoming birth

    At the moment I only have the use of a Danish phrasebook but I would like to know if someone can advise me whether if this sentence is ok: ( I dont know how to add the accents!) I also dont know the word for 'forthcoming' which should be situated I think where I have put this * Til lykke pa...
  12. J

    Danish: Hva sier du?

    I heard that this Danish sentence 'Hva sier du', means 'what did you say' in English. I guess 'hva' is 'what', and 'sier' is 'say'. Of course I know that 'du' is 'you'. I wonder if there's not the Danish word for 'did'?
  13. J

    Danish: you are handsome.

    Guys, how do you say, "you are handsome." in Danish? Thanks!:)
  14. J

    Danish: my love

    Does anybody here know how to say "my love" in Danish? Thanks!
  15. S

    Danish: ammunitionsgenstande

    Could someone please tell me (in English or French) what the job/function of Finn Linnemann is ? I don't speak danish at all. But it seems to me he has something to do with bomb disposal... Thanks in advance. <SPAN style="FONT-SIZE: 12pt; FONT-FAMILY: 'Times New Roman'; mso-bidi-font-size...
  16. Namakemono

    Danish: dialects

    I've been told that people from Copenhagen has problems understanding, for example, south Jutland accent. Are the accents that different? In classes we're taught Copenhagen accent, which is, as I've heard, "softer" than the others. Can anyone explain some of the phonetic differences?
  17. zaigucis

    Danish: Den anden historie er historien om troldmanden og hans lærling.

    Den anden historie er historien om troldmanden og hans lærling. Blandt de unge studerende er der en cool ung mand: Jake Fischer med smarte (og klædelige!!) Ray-Ban solbriller og lige så smarte og hurtige kommentarer. Han markerer sig hurtigt over for Randall og de klassiske elementer af...
  18. A

    Danish: diminutives

    Can someone tell me what the diminutives or nicknames would be of a few names in Danish? If someone is called Anders, Svend and Karl, what might their friends call them? Thanks very much. Annie
  19. S

    Danish: I know. Lo sé

    How would you say "I know"? For example: -You missed the exam -I know.
  20. S

    Danish: I'm glad...

    For example, I'm glad to play with you Or something similar to be polite or grateful.
  21. E

    Swedish/Norwegian/Danish: Advice for a learner

    Hi I want to learn this 3 languages eventually, but of course I need to begin with one, right? Can I study the 3 of them at the same time, or is it better to learn one first and then learn the difference to the others? Another question, if I had to choose one first language to study, what would...
  22. S

    Danish: In the end, al final

    For example, to say In the end I can't go. Al final no puedo ir.
  23. A

    Danish: hello, good night

    Hi!! How can i say this things in danish: hello, how are you? Good night See you tomorrow Thanks in advance An
  24. S

    Danish: Walk, walking

    How do you say in Danish?: I can walk downtown in 25 minutes.
  25. A

    Danish: You are back! I missed you

    How can I say in danish.. *You are back! *I missed you Thanks in advance! Any
  26. M

    Danish: I don't speak Danish

    It's quite strange... I was studying in Lyngby-DK for 6 months but I didn't learn Danish (I'm so ashamed for that) and tomorrow I'll have a video conference from my Italian company to a company whose head office is in Lyngby ... Can you teach me at least how to say "I'm sorry but I can't speak...
  27. Maja

    Danish: transliteration of Gytha

    Will smo, please, be so kind to give me transliteration of the Danish name Gytha? Thanks :)
  28. S

    Danish: Yellow pages, páginas amarillas

    Which is the traslation, or the equivalent, of yellow pages in danish?
  29. L

    Danish: I Love You

    I would like to know how to say "I love you" in Danish and its pronunciation. Thanks a lot.
  30. J

    Danish: I miss you

    I miss you to be translated into Danish?
  31. A

    Danish/Swedish/Norwegian/Dutch: mutual intelligibility

    hallo, i would like to know wich of these germanic language is better to learn to understand or to learn faster the others. example if i learn danish can i ll learn faster norwegian and then swedish?? or what is better to learn first?
  32. A

    Danish: lektor/adjunkt

    I've ran in to a bit of a problem that I can't resolve with any resource that I'm familiare with on the Internet. I have to translate two terms from Danish to English, "Adjunkt" and "Lektor" - both are some sort of teacher at Universities, althuogh not fully fledged professors. Would anyone...
  33. L

    Danish: Forberedt pa lidt af hvert

    I'd like to translate this sentence (I think it is Danish): "Forberedt pa lidt af hvert". How can I put the symbol "º" above the vowels in the Nordic languages? I haven't got any in my keyboard. Takk.
  34. B

    Danish: Søgeord/varemærker

    Søgeord/varemærker Hello, what does it mean? I found it in this website: http://www.degulesider.dk/vbw/super/index.jsp Thanks in advance!
  35. jealindgar

    Danish: Poems

    Hi, i would like to find poems in danish on the net for my grandmother (it´s danish) but i don´t know that languague, i´m spanish then i need those poems in danish and english or spanish (best for me) thanx
  36. dassin

    Danish: Min søn forteller mig

    Looks like a personal notebook or diary. I could try with some online translator but I fear I'll make some mistake in rendering the handwriting. [img=http://img149.imageshack.us/img149/5096/danes1157md.th.jpg] Thanks!
  37. belén

    Danish: skyllefarve

    Hi, I know the word has something to do with hair dying, but if someone could be so kind to let me know the exact translation, I would be soooo thankful!! The word doesn't have any context. The person is addressing me in English but then gets stuck with the word and gives it to me in Danish...
  38. LaSmarjeZ

    Danish: Dog og Mon

    Jeg vil gerne få videre hvad betyder "mon" og "dog" og hvordan bruger man det. Tusind Tak!!
  39. J

    Danish: if there is love, why there must be silence?

    if there is love, why must there be silence? thanks! Joan Carles
  40. Whodunit

    Danish/Tatar/Greenlandic/Norwegian: Handwritten versions of special Latin characters & umlaut

    Hi, I'm interested in how special Latin letters are treated in handwriting. I'm only referring to four letters: Danish æ and Æ, ø and Ø Tatar ә and Ә Old Greenlandish ĸ I'd be so thankful if some native speakers, who write those letters daily, could attach a scanned file in which at least...
  41. V

    Danish: folding table, relax chair, terra cotta

    Hi all! Can somebody please tell me how do you say the following in Danish: FOLDING TABLE - ????? bord RELAX CHAIR - ????? stol TERRACOTTA - I've found SAMMENLAEGNING and FALSNING for folding, but I have no idea if these two words fit in the context of tables and chairs. Thanks...
  42. G

    Norwegian/Danish: Kyst

    Hello, I have an ancestor that was aboard a ship and the ship's master list contained the name of the passenger, place of origin if known, and also another column that listed any other information available about that person. Next to my ancestor's name was the word Kyst. I wondered if it was...