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  1. R

    Danish - her inde på stuen ved siden af

    Doktor in the hospital: Moderen, hun døde, da hun skulle føde ham. Ja her inde på stuen ved siden af. Is it "in this room, on the neighbouring table" or "in the neighbouring room?"
  2. R

    Danish - det er grebet helt forkert an

    In the movie Adams Æbler. Gunnar: Jeg hjælper Sarah med at omskrive en artikel Ivan: Nå, om hvad? Gunnar: Om tigrene i Østen, det er grebet helt forkert an. Prøv at se Ivan. Prøv at se hvordan de skriver, at der kun er 400 tilbage. Ivan: Ja skønt. Gunnar: Ja det er jo fuldstændig vanvittigt. De...
  3. R

    Danish: sige den slags til hinanden

    In the movie Adams Æbler. Pastor Ivan Fjelsted wants only to see good things in life, he does not see evil. A former alcoholic and a man fom the Middle East (Khalid) who robs gas stations stay with him. Now a neonazi released from prison comes to stay with them. Ivan introduces them. Khalid...
  4. R

    Danish: lang i snottet

    In the movie Adams Æbler. Neo-nazi Adam who has been in prison and now must stay three months with pastor Ivan Fjelsted, who is a bit strange. Adam it talking to doctor Kolberg who knows Ivan well. Doktor Kolberg: Hvad sagde pastor Fjeldsted til det der? Adam: Han er sgu´da en lallende idiot...
  5. pellefygert

    Danish: få skygge på

    Hi, In the book "Jeg er f*cking hot" by Renée Toft Somonsen I read: "Faktisk får det indre barn så meget plads, at jeg indimellem får de vildeste skygger på hende, i så høj grad, at mit overjeg nogle gange siger grimme ting om hende." Can someone tell me what it means to get "de vildeste...
  6. Clemica

    Danish: Det slår langt fra til

    Hello, I have problems understanding this expression "Det slår langt fra til" and I'm not sure I got it right. Here are a few examples: De penge, Odense Kommune har fået til at tage imod ekstra flygtninge, slår langt fra til. Sådan siger socialrådmand Steen Møller (K), der vil have regnet på...
  7. G

    Danish: Prononciation of "Togeby"

    Hi, Could you teach me the correct pronunciation of the name "Togeby"? If possible, please add the phonetic transcription in IPA.
  8. L

    Danish: What are the general temperature of "koldt, lunt og varmt vand"?

    The essential is the difference of "lunt" with the other two.
  9. L

    Danish: How to pronounce "restauranter" and "pointet", if the "t" is silent?

    the "t" in the stem of the two words is silent. So how to say "restauranter" and "pointet"?
  10. G

    all Scandinavian: (noun)+(name), or (name)+(noun)

    Consider the following sentence: The islands of Funen and Zealand are separated by the Great Belt strait. Which of the following options (if either) would the Scandinavian languages prefer for translating the highlighted phrase? 1) Storebælt strædet (da) / Storebælt sundet (no) / Stora Bält...
  11. L

    Danish: Can I use "tusindvis" to refer a number more than 10,000?

    i.e. 10,000 to 99,999
  12. L

    Danish: Is university life also included in "skoletid"?

    What does "skoletid" include? Can I use it to refer to my university life?
  13. R

    Danish: spelling out loud words containing æ/a/e and å/o

    Hej allesammen, I'm a beginner in Danish, so forgive this simple question. To me, when æ/a/e are pronounced when reciting the alphabet, they sound extremely close to one another. So, when spelling out loud a word or a name containing æ, a or e, does the listener immediately understand which one...
  14. E

    Danish: uncomfortable

    Hi everyone! I'm looking for a word which is pronounced approximately [eekheod]. In English it means "uncomfortable". Which word could it be? Thanks in advance!
  15. G

    all Scandinavian: prefixed verbs vs. phrasal verbs

    The Scandinavian languages have various verbs/nouns that include a prepositional prefix, and that seem to be based on, or influenced by, a German source: Swedish förstå (German verstehen), erhålla (erhalten), bistånd (Beistand), etc. Alongside these are various phrasal verbs, often composed of...
  16. Martine Mussies

    Danish: translation of Havfrue (Corvus Corax 2011)

    Hi everybody! For a paper about mermaids in medieval metal music (ough, so many m's), I am trying to translate the song Havfrue by Corvus Corax. But as I have no formal training in Danish, I am a bit worried that I might have misunderstood something. Would anyone here be so kind to double check...
  17. W

    Norwegian: What language did Ibsen use?

    I was rather surprised to notice in a few places rather blunt statements that Ibsen wrote in Danish. For example, the Wikipedia article for Henrik Ibsen states "He wrote his plays in Danish (the common language of Denmark and Norway)". But elsewhere I have heard (in conversation mainly) that in...
  18. L'irlandais

    Danish: Roadside bomb

    Hello, In the context of Armadillo, Janus Metz's documentary about a UK-Danish base in Afghanistan the commentary speaks of improvised explosive devices (IED) in Danish. (improviserede eksplosive ladninger/Improviseret sprængladning ) While often using the English acronym IED some times he used...
  19. K

    Danish: onset plossives

    In every place I've checked, I've found that in syllable onset /b, d, ɡ/ contrast with /p, t, k/ in the aspiration of the latter, being both sets voiceless. What surprises me is the use of [b̥, d̥, ɡ̊] for the sound transcription of the /b, d, g/ set instead of simply [p, t, k]. Is this for any...
  20. M

    Danish: Alternatives to 'han eller hun'?

    Hello, if you are speaking in general terms regardless of a person's gender, are there any other alternatives in Danish besides 'han eller hun'? For example, 'The reader can skip this chapter if s/he wants to.' - Læseren må godt springe dette kapitel over hvis .... vil'. One non-native speaker...
  21. Glauner

    Danish: Bedre er tiende Ord end tarvlös Tale

    Hi, people! Greetings from Rio, Brazil! I need help with the English translation of an old Danish proverb: Bedre er tiende Ord end tarvlös Tale. "Better a silent word than an idle speech"? Thanks, Glauner
  22. B

    Danish/Norwegian: gjæk

    I diktet Republikanerne av J. S. Welhaven finnes det følgende linje: Der er ingen Gjæk saa vindig og svag, ... Jeg kan ikke finne noe sted hva ordet Gjæk betyr i dette diktet. Kan noen hjelpe?
  23. Clemica

    Danish: vandsprøjt står om potterne

    Good evening! I'm translating a Danish article about hunting. The hunters wake up early to go hunting on the moor with their dog: "Hunden slippes. Vandsprøjt står om potterne, mens den med lange skridt glider ud over myren. Nu og da skimtes den mellem de lave buske bagerst på myren."...
  24. V

    Danish: One life

    Dear Danish speaker, Hope you are well. I am considering getting an 'etliv' tattoo. This means 'one life' right? What I want to remind myself is life is precious and we only get one chance so seize all opportunities & cherish every moment. :) I would like to confirm if 'etliv ' emcompass this...
  25. C

    Danish: Wash this garment only at specialized laundries for leather

  26. A

    Danish: Inden for bank vil alle lave en ny Mobilepay

    Hi I came across this in a newspaper article about an IT company - this is a comment in general by someone who works at the company - I am not sure what it means. "in banking, everyone will use? a new MobilePay" or "will make a new MobilePay? Thank you A Gargantua
  27. U

    Danish: Origins of R sound

    Hello, Does anybody know the origins of the sound r in Danish? Thanks in advance.
  28. L

    Danish: at liste bil

    Hi! I found this expression in a novel, where it is repeated several times but in different forms. Could it mean "ruin/damage the car" or what? “Hun ikke også har prøvet at liste bilen hjem". “Hjemme lister bilerne ad ruten bag kirken". Is this like a game that is played in Denmark? Thank...
  29. T

    Danish: What's the difference between ingen, intet, ikke noget, etc?

    I've been trying to pin down when it's correct to use the words ikke noget, ingen, intet, ingenting, and ikke nogen. So far, this is what I've got, but I don't know if it's necessarily correct or if I've missed some important points. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance! Ikke nogen/ingen...
  30. L

    Danish: stubræs, dækafbrænding

    Hey guys, could you please tell me what this term mean? I can't find it in the dictionary. I guess it has to do with vehicles, motorbikes? stubræs and also what is "dækafbrænding"? Thank you very much!!!
  31. A

    Norwegian: hest og sovende døl

    Dette er en tittel på et maleri: Hest og Sovende Døl. Hva blir det på engelsk? Hva betyr døl? Er det det samme som dal?
  32. A

    Norwegian: fædrenehjemmet

    Does the word "fædrenehjemmet" mean parents' home?
  33. A

    Norwegian: eingaste, nummerne, bliver det der til

    Utdrag fra et brev, 1877: Om jeg faar ind alle Nummerne paa mine Malerier, kan jeg naturlig ikke faa denne Sum komme videre end til Kristiania, og da jeg ikke lenger har det eingaste Haab om Understöttelse bliver det sansynligvis der til. If I receive all of the numbers/payments/figures(?) of...
  34. A

    Norwegian: det er nu gaaet op med det

    Hva betyr det er nu gaaet op med det? Now it has passed?
  35. A

    Norwegian: Pienie/Prenie/Renie/Rönie?

    Utdrag fra et brev (1878): Det er nu to Dage siden jeg begynte paa dette Brev igaar som var Söndag tænkte jeg paa at fulföre det men saa reiste Folkene som jeg er hos til en [Pienie/Prenie/Renie/Rönie] og saa maatte jeg ogsaa gaa med. Again I'm having trouble making out the handwriting. From...
  36. A

    Norwegian: Löen/Svin/Lien/Sien

    Utdrag fra et brev: De döde den 17 Juni begge paa samme Time. Det er ogsaa merkeligt de vare begge födte paa [Löen/Svin/Lien/Sien] og begge bleve begravede paa en gang. I can't make out the handwriting, but I've narrowed it to löen, svin, lien, or sien. Lien is the only word I've heard before...
  37. A

    Norwegian: sommetider/sommelider

    Utdrag fra et brev: Det er uvist hvorledes det gaar med han, han har været syg lige siden siste Vaar ikke værre end han har været oppe sommetider/sommelider han fik det af Forkjölelse. It is unknown how he is doing, he has been sick ever since last spring not worse than he has been [oppe...
  38. A

    Norwegian: den gamle taape/taafe, som drak tur flaska

    Utdrag fra et brev fra 1878 fra en norsk kunstner som studerer i Berlin. Han prøver å overbevise vennen sin, en norskamerikansk kunstner, om å studere der med ham. -- I begyndelsen følte jeg mig saa underlig liden her iblandt alle disse stive Adelsmänd og höie officerer, (ja jeg er jo heller...
  39. A

    Norwegian: ligge over; quitter

    Utdrag fra et brev: Efter et meget stygt veir, saa at vi maate ligge over i Christiansand et par Dage, kom vi endelig fram til Hambourgh den – ja datoen husker jeg ikke, men det quitter da ogsaa. Der vare vi en dagstid. After some very ugly weather, so that we had to stay here in...
  40. A

    Norwegian: hvede[snelgren]

    Utdrag fra et brev: Hvede[snelgren] og andet seer udmærkket godt ut siges der. Det er vanskelig å lese håndskriften, men jeg tror det står "hvedesnelgren." I så fall, hva betyr det da? The wheat crop? (Det kan hende at jeg har lest feil, kanskje noen kan hjelpe meg til å gjette hva det står der.)
  41. A

    Norwegian: de nesten var lang for frost

    Utdrag fra et brev: Her har været meget kaldt for nogle dage saa de nesten var lang for frost men nu er det mildere. Hva betyr "de nesten var lang for frost?" Takk på forhånd!
  42. A

    Norwegian: s[t]ar Kr. 105, Dem/Drm 117,71

    Som Gotaas vel har underrettet dig om, har han omsendt mig fra dig en Vexel fraa Andersen, s[t]ar Kr. 105. Jeg har hævet den og kjöpt i Kreditbanken Anvisning paa München, Dem/Drm 117,71. hvilken Vexel jeg hermed omsender dig. This is taken from a letter written to a Norwegian living in Munich...
  43. A

    Norwegian/ Danish: Rosentæring

    Utdrag fra et brev: Louise döde af Rosentæring, var syg siden siste höst. Er det noen som kan forklare hva rosentæring er? Jeg har søkt på nettet men finner nesten ingenting. Takk på forhånd!
  44. A

    Danish / Norwegian: 1) Kransbodene/Krambodene; 2) ikke at tænke paa

    Jeg skulde önske jeg kunde faa en Plads i en Butik men her runde i disse smaabyene er det ingen som leier Piger til at staa i [Kransbodene/Krambodene] saa det er ikke at tænke paa. This is (again) from letter from 1877 I'm translating. It's hard to make out the handwriting and I'm not familiar...
  45. A

    Norwegian: intet fortjener

    "Hun kom ikke til at faa Exsammen og det gjorde mig meget Bedrövet, er nu hjemme og intet fortjener" I'm confused about the last part of this sentence -- is it that she doesn't deserve anything? Or doesn't deserve to be home? This is from an old Norwegian letter. Takk på forhånd!
  46. A

    Danish: set ham tegnet

    "Jeg ved jeg har læst om ham og set ham tegnet da han etsteds i Afrika var." Which of these sentences gets closer to what the above is saying? I know I have read about him and seen him draw when he was somewhere in Africa. I know I have read about him and seen him be drawn when he was...
  47. pickarooney

    Swedish / Danish: Slipsnisse/Slipsedreng

    Hi, I'm working on translating some subtitles (for the Danish TV show 'Dicte' if anyone knows it). It's just a hobby project, nothing important, and I'm translating from a Swedish source, itself translated from Danish, so perhaps not ideal. Anyway, I'm stuck on this term 'slipsnisse' which...
  48. T

    Swedish: Nominalization of adjectives

    I'm currently trying to figure out how Swedish adjectives get nominalized. My native language is German, so this is how it works in German: adjective: süß (sweet) man: ein Süßer [Er ist ein Süßer.] woman: eine Süße [Sie ist eine Süße.] thing: etwas Süßes [Dies ist etwas Süßes.] man: der...
  49. S

    Danish: Skørt/nederdel

    Hi I have a friend from Denmark who I want to surprise by emailing in Danish! I want to tell her that I bought a new skirt for her party. Is there any difference between skørt and nederdel in Danish? Is one more commonly used than the other? Thanks Sarah
  50. Red Arrow

    Norwegian/Danish: do people have problems with spelling dt correctly?

    Hello everyone Many people make so called "dt faults" while writing Dutch. The rules are easy, but d / dt / t are all pronounced the same at the end of a Dutch word, so it can be a bit confusing. Swedish doesn't have this kind of spelling anymore (ever since 1906), so I wondered... Do...