1. A

    Danish: Translation of "Er det noget med..."?

    Hej, In the song "Lidt for Lidt" by Thomas Holm, the chorus goes: Er det noget med vi sku' have været lykkelige Er det noget med vi sku' have været for altid Er vi nået til det sted hvor ingen veje fører hjem Er det noget med at vi har elsket hinanden lidt for lidt What is the translation of...
  2. C

    Danish: Row us to Poa

    My Danish grandfather used to sing a song to my mother and her sisters and grandma never agreed, so it must have been a little off-color but Grandpa would laugh at her and keep singing. He never told his daughters what it meant. I only know what it sounds like phonetically in English. Can...
  3. T

    Danish: kende til/om noget

    When do you say kende om noget/nogen and when kende til noget/nogen? I wanted to say, There are not a lot of people who know about me, so I said, Der er ikke mange mennsker, der kender om mig, but I was told that I should say kender til mig. I googled this phrase and yes, kende til seems to be...
  4. N

    Danish/Swedish/Norwegian: inflectional endings of adjectives

    Hi to all. I would ask you whether inflectional endings for the plural and for the definite declesion ("e" in Danish and Norwegian and "a" in Swedish") are fully pronounced (/e/; /a/) or not (as /ə/). Thanks a lot
  5. F

    Norwegian vs Danish: "må" and other modal verbs

    I've been thinking about modal verbs recently, and especially "å måtte." I learned Danish first and now that I live in Norway it seems to me that there is a difference between Danish and Norwegian "må." "Må/kan jeg se det"? In Danish "må" would be the only correct word to use, although it is...
  6. T

    Danish: IPA transcription in wiktionary.org

    If you take a look at Danish entries in wiktionary.org, you can see that there are usually two kinds of IPA transcription provided: one enclosed in forward slashes /.../ and one enclosed in square brackets [...]. The one in forward slashes is usually wrong, to the best of my knowledge. At...
  7. A

    Danish: Culinary and Regional Specialties

    Hi everybody, I need to translate the expression "Culinary and Regional Specialties" into Danish. I wonder if "Gastronomiske og regionale specialiteter" sounds right. What do you think? Thank you in advance!
  8. A

    Danish: Konge af preussen

    I was watching the film "A Royal Affair" (great movie, by the way) and I was struck by the Danish King Christian VII's phrase "Konge af Preussen" (King of Prussia). (When Johan Struensee asks Christian II to sign a law granting Struensee permission effectively to issue laws on his own...
  9. S

    Danish: Nå, nåh ...

    Når man er vant til at sige "nå" på den rigitge måde, så er det jo egentlig et ganske nyttigt ord. Men hvordan ville i egentlig forklare en ikke dansk talende (eller en, som lærer dansk) kort og præcist, hvad ordet betyder?
  10. C

    Swedish/Norweigan/Danish - dialects of same language?

    It seems to me that they're essentially dialects of the same language. For instance, the differences between Received Pronunciation and Southern dialects of the US are as significant as the difference between Swedish and Norwegian dialects and in some cases the difference between Southern...
  11. EpicBacon

    Danish: infinitive of "to be"?

    Is it just "er"?
  12. Clemica

    Danish: (har) bid

    Hello, I'm not sure I have understood this sentence correctly. It's from a Danish recipe, this part refers to an onion chutney, where the onion is lightly fried, then "sauteres til løgene stadigvæk har bid". Does that mean that the onion does not need to be fried too long, so that it retains a...
  13. J

    Danish : Auxiliary with begynde

    Does the verb begynde use the auxiliary have or være or is there a choice depending on the context ? In that case when does one say : Han har begyndet and Han er begyndet ? ( Please give a translation of any example ) Thanks for your help.
  14. T

    Danish: Stay as you are my Love, don't ever change.

    Hello, I'm preparing a birthday gift and need some help from you! Could you please translate this sentences for me into Norwegian, Swedish, Danish and Icelandic? Danish: Stay as you are my Love, don't ever change. May you be forever happy, healthy and able to fulfill all your dreams! << Other...
  15. D

    Danish: Lad ikke andre sløre dit syn kamp for din lykke.

    Hello! I want to say this "Don't let others blur your sight fight for your happiness" in Danish, so is "Lad ikke andre sløre dit syn kamp for din lykke" a correct translation? Thanks in advance
  16. Stoggler

    Danish: Skagen (prounication please)

    Hi Simple question - how is the name of the town in Denmark called Skagen pronounced? In IPA if poss please. Thanks a lot/Tusind tak
  17. R

    Danish: salted caramel heart

    Hello, I have this Chocolate soufflé with salted caramel heart and need to translate the name into Danish. Is this description correct? Chokolade soufflé med saltet karamel hjerte Does anybody have a better suggestion? Thanks in advance
  18. Stoggler

    Danish: "yes"

    Hej Having watched quite a bit of Danish dramas on British TV (The Killing/Forbrydelsen, Borgen, Broen/Bron) I've noticed that occasionally I hear Danes say the English word "yes". Is this actually a Danish word that just sounds the same as the English word or are they knowingly using the...
  19. W

    Danish: subtle differences in vowels

    Hi everyone.. Don't know if it is ok to ask phonetic quesitions? I am learning Danish right now. I am starting to compile a list to group different sound of vowels in order to to train my pronunciation and also the ability to detect the subtle differences in the vowels. The following is so far...
  20. P

    Danish: sentence pronunciation help

    Hello, Can someone help me with a phonetic key for the following : "Danskerne taler med kartofler i munden." I don't know any Danish, unfortunately, but would ideally like to sound somewhat convincing if at all possible. I speak French, Korean, and English. Thank you in advance.
  21. S

    Danish: the use of ikke, itte and inte.

    I have found an example of itte in written Danish. Writer, cartoonist and artist Robert Storm Petersen (1882-1949) published a very popular cartoon in the 1920s and 30s. In "Peter & Ping 3.samling" (Branner og Korch, reprinted in Denmark 1974, ISBN 8741123220) page 4 you can read: "Vi vil...
  22. F

    Danish: ret fede

    Hi guys. I found this phrase (btw, I don't speak a word of danish) which google translates as: "pretty cool". And fede alone is translated as: "obese". I looked up ret fede on google images and pretty much all of the images have to do with fashion. Can you guys give some more example and in...
  23. R

    Danish: Nå...der er lidt der, hva‘?

    A pair visist the girl's father (a painter). He is not at home. His home is very messy. The boyfriend is a journalist, writing mostly about sports. (from the film "Labrador") Boyfriend: Tænk alligevel, at Nathan Hermansson bor sådan her. Jeg tænkte på... Tror du, at han ville lave et interview...
  24. M

    Danish: Pronunciation of Aften

    Hi to everyone, I'm new here :).. As lately I'm learning some Danish, I'm also approaching at some peculiarities in pronunciation more or less hard (well my mother tongue is Italian, therefore completely distant from Danish).. Anyways, I wanted to know, how do you pronounce "aften" and in...
  25. B

    Danish: Keuck (placename)

    Jeg oversetter en gammel fransk tekst fra 1660 om den dansk svenske krigen i 1657. Der nevnes det en dansk by ved navn Keuck (gammel fransk skrivemåte). Hva heter denne byen på dansk?
  26. R

    Danish: Skal vi ikke tage en enkelt?

    Does "en enkelt" mean "one glass of beer" or is it "one glass of any alcoholic drink"?
  27. R

    Danish: tredobbelt Dubonnet

    Sig til Ole vi skal ha Dubonnet. Tredobbelt Dubonnet. Can it be translated "three glasses of Dubonnet" or is it "triple Dubonnet= in one glass"?
  28. R

    Danish: det må du ikke engang sige for sjov

    Two men are talking: A: Er man blevet for fin til revuen? B: Nej, jeg kan sgu ikke mærke mine ben. A: Det må du ikke engang sige for sjov, du. Does it mean: "You must not make jokes about tha, It is too serious to make jokes about it" or "It is not funny, It is not a good joke".
  29. R

    Danish: can

    Hvor var du om natten, da du fyldte atten. På det store can, sonny boy. It is a line from a song Dirch Passer sings in the film about him. I haven't found "can" in any Danish dictionary, so I think it is from English. Does it mean "prison" or "buttocks" (that he was with a woman)? Or anything...
  30. S

    Danish: -inde [Feminine termination of nouns]

    I have searched the site for the answer, but the question appears not to have been raised before, so now am putting the question to users: What is the rule (if any) regarding the feminine termination of nouns in Danish? For example we have Englænderinde but it seems no Eroberinde (unless I'm...
  31. F

    Danish: I don't need a bag.

    How would you tell a sales clerk that you don't need a bag when you buy something because you have a backpack? In Norwegian it's easy: "jeg trenger ikke en pose; jeg har min veske." I know there are many ways to say this in Danish, but what would be the most natural? I don't think "trænger" is...
  32. Z

    Danish: "takke" [vs. czech "dek-ovat"]

    Recently I discovered that Danish: takke (to thank) in East slavic languages have similar roots: Czech: dìk-ovat and Polish: dziêk-ować I'd like to know if these are true cognates or borrowings.
  33. A

    Danish: Ventilated oven

    Hi everyone, I need help in translating these words: "Ventilated oven" into Danish. Do you think "ventileret ovn" could be right? It refers to a special function you can choose when cooking something in a normal oven. Thanks for your help! alice
  34. H

    Danish: tilføje

    Hej! Jag undrar över hur meningar med det danska ordet "tilføje" konstrueras. I det här exemplet "Som medlem har du mulighed for at kunne tilføje nye indlæg til vores forum." (http://www.sesamsverige.se/medlemmer/tilfj-nyt-indlg/) tycks konstruktionen vara "tilføje X til Y", där X är det som...
  35. EpicBacon

    Danish: Det har jeg

    Hello, everyone! I'm currently studying the Danish language and I recently had a little virtual conversation with a Dane and it went a little something like this, Danish person's Facebook status: Woo!! My sister's home! Me: Du har en søster? Cool. :) Her: ja det har jeg Why did she...
  36. S

    Danish: bra

    I recognize some traces of Swedish in Nepas Danish version of the song: den var bra', - or is "bra" also an ancient Danish word?
  37. B

    Danish: we need to get gas

    Hei everyone I'm translating "After you pick up your friend, we need to get gas" into Danish as a practice. Here's how far I've gotten: efter at du har afhented din ven, måtter vi tanke. My knowledge of sentence structure is pretty dismal when it comes to Danish, but my main concern is making...
  38. betterl1f3

    Danish: Lægger stilen om

    Hi, What is the meaning of this expression, please? Context: "Hvis jeg gør det, så gør jeg det sgu. Så gøre jeg det ordentligt, lægger stilen om" Thanks
  39. C

    Danish: Kør en kølig stil

    Kør en kølig stil Hello everybody I was listening to the song "Du er fuld af løgn" when I heard this sentence which I tried to look for it in dictionaries without results. What does it mean?: Bare puds din glorie Kør en kølig stil Fortæl en ny historie, du ka' gøre som du vil...
  40. C

    Danish: Prøv at køre din stil

    Kør din egen stil Hello everybody I would like to know the meaning of these idiom, since I've tried to find a good equivalent in dictionaries but no results. Greetings Carlos
  41. L

    Danish: De holdt ham fast.

    Hi, I can' t quite understand this sentence found in a book, here i put the whole text: "William har ikke set fotografen før, det var ikke ham der var med den dag, da Mc Glenn holdt ham fast nede ved Brookling Reservoir. DE strammer i halsen, han frygtede at McGlenn ville dukke op idag." What...
  42. L

    Danish: Han ser det for sig.

    hi I have found this expression in a danish book: "Ser det for sig." This is the whole sentence. William ser det for sig, alle disse belæste herrer, som sidder med deres fine tøj og urkæderog lukker tarmluft ud, og tanken er så komisk, og pludselig kan han ikke lade være med at grine. Thanks...
  43. L

    Danish: de indviedes blikke

    "De ser på ham med den inviedes blikke" What does inviedes blikke mean in Danish language? Thanks
  44. L

    Danish: lys (spinkel og lys)

    What does this expression means in Danish: Spinkel og lys. thanks Liv
  45. Wilma_Sweden

    Danish: Klart som pølsespad/korvspad

    I am assuming that this expression doesn't exist in Danish and that it's just a literal translation of the Swedish expression, klart som korvspad = clear as day/clear as crystal (literally=clear as sausage broth)? Context: In the TV commercials for the Öresund bridge pass (version shown in...
  46. G

    Danish/Norwegian: sjofel

    According to my dictionaries, Danish sjofel: dirty (trick), beastly (behavior), shabby (treatment); shabby (clothes); dirty, smutty, bawdy (story). Norwegian sjofel: mean (fellow), dirty (trick); = shabby (tarvelig). It seems that Norwegian sjofel is narrower when it comes to the meaning of the...
  47. M

    Danish: plural of høne is høns?

    Hi While reading a Danish newspaper I found the word "høns" : Høns kan smitte mennesker med bakterier According to my dictionary "høne" has the plural "høns" This seems to me an irregular plural because the regular Danish plurals are formed with suffixing -e or -er (or without change). Still...
  48. Clemica

    Danish: hvor der er kræset for detaljerne

    Hello, I stumbled upon that expression in a text about a lampshade "En loftslampe, hvor der er kræset for lampens detaljer". I don't find "kræset" in the dictionary and Google mostly shows this term coupled with "for detaljerne", which doesn't help me understand it. Does that mean that there is...
  49. C

    Danish: du skulle tage

    Hello everybody I would like to know how to translate this structure, since I can't find a translation in dictionaries Du skulle ta at få styr på dit typisk vestlige selvhad Greetings Carlos
  50. R

    Danish: caramelized crispy rice

    Hello, I'd like to know how to call rice krispies covered with caramel like this in Danish. Is it correct to say: Karamelliseret sprøde ris or Karamelliseret puffede riskorn Thanks in advance for your help.