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dari (afghan persian)

  1. B

    Dari: Silver

    Salaam, Would someone be able to transliterate the Dari word for "silver" into Roman script? Also "pure silver" and "sterling (92.5%) silver?" I am hoping to purchase some silver and lapis lazuli bracelets in Kabul. Keyli mamnoonam. Ben
  2. PersoLatin

    Persian, Dari, Tajik: من اینجا هستم

    In Iranian Persian I am here is, من اینجا هستم and است is only used for the third person singular i.e. او اینجا است or او اینجاست, for the rest هستم، هستی، هستیم، هستید and هستند ‌are used, I believe this is inconsistent & wrong, assuming I am I right, when & why did this happen? I have heard...
  3. D

    Persian: خُب / خُ

    In spoken Dari Persian, and some Iranian dialects, xob/xo خُ / خُب is used in the following manner (Dari): haalaa xo namēri? = 'You aren't going now, are you?' ma xo goftomet ke dast nazanēsh = 'I told you not to touch it (didn't I?). My question is, are these exactly the same as Tehrani ke...
  4. D

    Persian: چالان / chaalaan

    I recently found out this word is used in Dari Persian, instead of روشن چالان کردن = روشن کردن = to turn on It's also used in Hindustani as 'chaalu', seemingly a corruption of چالان, as in 'AC chaalu hai' = the AC is on The word in this form is even used in southern Persian dialects, as چالو...
  5. E

    Dari: Vowel length contrast

    Hello, Is the vowel length distinctive in spoken Dari? I have read that in Persian/Farsi, the "short" vowels (when written) are mostly pronounced as long as the "long" vowels (when written) except in some contexts such as non-final open syllables. Does this also happen in Dari pronunciation...
  6. MiśX

    Dari, Persian: پاسخ

    I've got a question regarding spelling the word پاسخ. Between the letter س and خ i hear a vowel (u) in spelling. Why is so? There is no و vowel in there...
  7. C

    Middle Persian: Spelling of Norouz

    How is 'Norouz' (Persian new year) spelled in Middle Persian script? I have only ever seen transliterations of nwklwc or nōg-rōz.
  8. C

    Persian: Etymology of Akhoond

    Despite the popularity of this word, I have not been able to find anything on the etymology of the word آخوند. Does anyone have any info on it? Thanks
  9. C

    Persian: Seyâ

    I saw while watching a reenactment of Mohammad Mosaddegh speaking to a court, he began counting a couple of reasons, but the words he used did not sound familiar to me. For example, instead of 'sevom,' he said something like 'seyâ'. Does anyone have any info on such versions of Persian numbers?
  10. C

    Persian: Cursive and Print

    What would one call English cursive handwriting and print handwriting using Persian words? I know that handwriting itself is دستنویسی, but I don't think I have heard of any term for a specific form of either of the two styles.
  11. C

    Persian: Reflexive Pronoun

    How would one say "reflexive pronoun" in Farsi? I am talking about pronouns like "Myself, Ourselves,Yourself, Yourselves, Himself, Herself, Themselves".
  12. JustJennie

    Afghan Persian/Dari: Inshallah?

    سلام I'm a very beginning learner. I have a question. When you want to say "if Allah/God wills it" or "God/Allah willing" what phrase do you use? In Arabic there's "Inshallah" تشكر
  13. T

    Persian: If you live to be a hundred..

    Hi, sorry if im being annoying aha Can someone translate this into persian script please? If you live to be a hundred, I want to live to be a hundred minus one day so I never have to live without you Thanks again!!
  14. marrish

    Persian, Urdu: ۔گانه -gāna (suffix)

    Hi, I have come across a curious word which is چهارگانه in Persian and چہارگانہ in Urdu (just typographic variations). This raises the question: What is the difference between چھارگانه and بچه گانه with respect to the suffix? I have some faint idea about it but would like to have it explained...
  15. Z

    Dari/Afghan Persian: I wish you a good trip. Please take a good care of Elia!

    Hi, my foster son is actually not i a good mood and i am worried about him. He will go for a trip with his friend who speaks only Dari. Both are 19. Could you help me with this sentences or with words with the same meaning? Thank you!
  16. J

    Persian: All dialect/accent pronouns

    Hello, I noticed that Iranian southerners usually pronounce the pronoun suffix ـَم as ـُم, e.g. کَرْدَم to کَرْدُم. I was wondering, is this the usual case for the southern dialect/accent? Also, is there a comprehensive list of differences between pronoun pronunciations? Some I have so far...
  17. X

    Persian, Dari: shadi شادى

    Hello, We, in Algeria, as well as in some other Arab countries (Irak,etc.), use the word shadi (shaadi) to mean monkey. I found in some old glossary that this may come from Turkish or Persian. But as far as I know, the commonly word used in both of those languages is maymoon (sorry for the...
  18. J

    Persian: Long ē sound in Dari

    Hello, I was wondering if the vowel ē in Dari only occurs in Persian native words, or also in Arabic words? Additionally, does it appear in other foreign language words?
  19. marrish

    Persian: بیستون mountain, village, area

    Dear all, First of all I'd like to know how the name of a mountain and an area named بیستون is pronounced. Because in English, it's Behistun as far as I know, I'm curious why this difference (surmising historical linguistics at play). In Persian dictionaries the only vowel suggestion is a...
  20. Xander2024

    Dari: dialectal differences?

    Hello everyone, I've recently taken up Dari and have been using the book "Conversational Dari" by E. Glassman. But today, I opened another book by a Russian author and found quite different forms of the demonstrative pronouns and even verbs. Thus, "I mard as" /this is a man/ in one book...
  21. J

    Persian: Western word differences

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a thorough list of words used differently in Western Farsi than in Dari? For example, how بچه is used in Western Farsi to refer to all children, but in Dari بچه is used to refer to only sons and not daughters.
  22. marrish

    Persian: کدو" دال مشدد یا غیر مشدد"، شعر سعدیؒ kadu v. kaddu, Sa'di couplet

    Hi, The general question is, is the word کدو usually pronounced with a geminated 'd' or not since the Classical/Indo-Persian dictionary by Steingass suggests both. Further to this, how is the word deemed to be pronounced in this she3r from Bustan, chapter 4 by Sa'di. حکایت توبه کردن ملک زادهٔ...
  23. Abu Talha

    Afghan-Persian/Dari: یای وحدت/نکره has the same sound as کسره اضافه?

    From another thread گاهی is pronounced gāhe (with یای مجهول) in Classical Persian and not gāhi: Does today's formal (کتابی) Afghan-Persian/Dari retain the یای مجهول sound in یای وحدت/نکره. And if so, is it the same sound as the کسره اضافه ? For example do the underlined parts below sound the...
  24. G

    Farsi Afghan / Dari = same thing?!

    Hello I wonder if someone can help, I'm sure this is a very basic question so I apologise, but I am really struggling to find a straight forward answer! I would like to know: are 'Farsi Afghan' and 'Dari' the same thing? My understanding is that Dari is just another name for the version of...
  25. marrish

    Persian (Tajik, Dari, dialects): x+v خو۔ combination as in خویش ۔ خواهر

    Believe me I couldn't find any thread in English (there might be Persian-only threads) about this subject so here is a new thread. What I was taught and heard is that و doesn't interfere in pronunciation of words like خواهش، خویش، خود، خواهر، ، خواست etc. So far I never doubted this but some...
  26. N

    Dari: زندگی را در قبال داشته باشد

    Hi everyone. A friend of mine has given me this note to translate, thinking that it is Persian. Although I can speak a little Persian (and can read Persian), I cannot read anything written in the note. Another Persian speaker I showed the note to told me it might be Dari or Pashto. I saw...
  27. B

    Dari/Persian: The dogs bark. The caravan continues onward.

    From what I understand, this is a saying that is used in both Arabia and, my interest, Afghanistan/Iran. If I am correct, would someone be so kind as to transliterate this from the Dari/Farsi script into the Roman (English language) script? Kheylee mamnoonam. Ben
  28. B

    Persian/Afghan Dari: Ashkaboos

    Does anyone know the meaning and origin of the Persian name "Ashkaboos?"
  29. G

    Urdu: kaamraan kii baarahdarii

    The meaning of 'kaamraan' is given Platts and Feroz ul lughat as 'fortunate, blessed, ' etc. In the following sentence from shahaabnaamah, however, this word seems to refer to a specific location (in Lahore): "Kaamraan kii baarahdarii meN ikaTThe baiTh kar ghanToN raavii kii lahreN ginne kaa...
  30. B

    Dari/Persian: Proverbs about Laughter

    Salaam, In (American) English we have the following well-known proverbs about laughter: "Laughter is the best medicine." "Laugh and the world laughs with you; cry and you cry alone." Are there any Dari/Farsi proverbs about laughter and, if so, would you be willing to transliterate them for...
  31. B

    Dari/Persian: A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend

    Salaam, I was hoping that someone would be willing to transliterate the above proverb into Roman (English language) script for me. I apologize for not knowing Persian/Arabic script. Kheylee mamnoonam. Ben
  32. B

    Dari/Farsi: Zahr ee Maar

    Salaam! Am I correct that the phrase "zahr ee maar" would roughly translate into the English slang "hogwash" or "baloney?" Would it be used when someone is trying to give you a hard time, or tell you something that's outrageous or untrue? Is it only used in anger, frustration or as an insult...
  33. A

    Persian, Dari, Tajik: Most "Inclusive" Name for the Language

    I realize even in this forum separate names are used for Dari and Persian, but what would be the most "inclusive" name for the Persian language? That is to say, what would I say if I wanted to refer to the all three varieties of standardized Persian? For example: To refer to the Hindi and Urdu...
  34. WannaBFluent

    Dari: ترس نا دارم

    Hello, Is this correct? ترس نا دارم I wanted to say : I am not afraid Thanks!
  35. A

    Dari: عقاید

    Hi, This term also appears in the certificate. I'm not sure about English equivalent for this term. Is it Ideology or Islamic Ideology? Thank you
  36. A

    Dari: حدیث شریف

    Hi, It is the name of a course in high school in Afghanistan. Thank you in advance for your help
  37. A

    Dari: تفسیر شریف

    Hi, It is the name of a course in high school in Afghanistan. Thank you in advance for your help
  38. A

    Dari: ریاست تدریسات ثانوی

    Hello, This word appears on the certificates in Afghanistan, How could you say it in English? Thank you
  39. B

    Dari/Pashtu/Urdu: Mongoose

    Salaam Friends, Does anyone know the Dari, Pashtu and Urdu words for "mongoose?" Are there any interesting proverbs or idioms involving the mongoose? I was hoping that information provided could be transliterated into English; I apologize for not understanding Arabic script. Tashakor. Ben
  40. Cenzontle

    Dari Persian: Mosh awa

    I sometimes enjoy an Afghan soup called "mosh awa". Somewhere I got the idea that "mosh" means "bean" and that "awa" basically means "water". I'm especially interested in the "awa" part because it sounds like the Spanish word for water, "agua". Can someone confirm these meanings, and can you...
  41. G

    Persian/Dari: Honorifics

    Salam! I took a basic Dari course a couple of months ago. I asked the instructor the same question, but she was not sure either. Here it is: Are -khan and -jan somehow related to the Japanese -san and -chan?
  42. D

    Afghan Persian/Dari: Pronunciation of 'No'

    Hello, What is the pronunciation(s) of 'No' in Eastern dialects of Persian?
  43. A

    Dari: verb system

    I'm still trying to get a handle on the Dari verb system. I now have a book by Dr. Entezar, 'Dari Grammar and Phrasebook', which is immensely useful. I work with a nice young Aghan lady whose English is a bit basic, which I think causes me to be unsure if I'm understanding her correctly. I would...
  44. A

    Dari: I eat

    My Afghan friend seems to be telling me that 'I eat' is 'KHOR-dom', but my Beginning Dari textbook gives the impression that present tense verbs have the prefix 'me'. Is that correct or is the 'me' prefix optional/variable?
  45. A

    Dari: Irregular present stems

    I'm trying to learn Dari with the help of some very inadequate textbooks and a few dictionaries/phrasebooks. I do have the help of two native speakers, but I sometimes seem to get contradictory information. I say 'seem' because I can't discount the possibility that I misunderstand the native...
  46. L

    Dari: Beautiful

    Can someone kindly give the most commonly used words for 'beautiful' and explain which nouns or types of nouns each one is appropriate to be paired with.
  47. L

    Hindi/Urdu/Dari/Persian: mushtarak

    Hi, I am not sure if this word is used extensively in Hindi/Urdu but in Dari at least it is apparently used commonly and means 'together'. A few sources have put down the meaning as mixed/joint (adj.)/partner/accomplice but Platts says 'mushtarik' as an equivalent. Do you guys agree on this...
  48. S

    Dari: Enjoy your meal!

    Greetings, Please, how exactly do you pronounce the extra kasre in Dari? Perhaps we can take the Dari (and Farsi) expression ‘نوش جان’ (Enjoy your meal! / Bon appétit!). It seems to be spelt ‘noshe djan’ in English, but is the E short or long – or is it more like a short I? Best wishes...
  49. V

    Dari: Amir and Hassan, the sultans of Kabul

    I'm doing an art project on The Kite Runner, and I want to include the phrase "Amir and Hassan, the sultans of Kabul" somewhere. In the book/film they are speaking Dari, and I assume that when Amir carves this phrase into the tree it's also in Dari. I tried to find a still picture from the film...
  50. S

    Persian/Dari: jegarem kuja asti? Mar kar astom kalbem

    I thought this was Farsi/Persian, but I was told it was Dari. I know I posted the other thread, but I thought I would start one to translate Dari. What does this mean in English? "jegarem kuja asti? Mar kar astom kalbem. Tu kuja astee sayeda gakem"