dari (afghan persian)

  1. L

    Persian/Dari/Pashto: noodle

    How is the word for noodle different in these languages? I am thinking of a word that sounds like lakhsha. What is the original meaning of the word and from which language is it?
  2. jaxlarus

    Persian: mi darim [می داریم]

    :) درود به همه شما، دوسن هام... This is a text message [sms] I received from a friend, as a reply to a prior message of mine: دوری جستن از انسان هائ که دوستشان می داریم، بی فایده است. زمان به ما نشان جواهد داد که جایگزینی برای آنها خواهیمیافت What I had written it is...
  3. Setwale_Charm

    Dari/Persian: -jan

    Salaam!! What category of people do you address attaching -jan to their name? And is it only ever attached to the first name?
  4. photodp

    Persian/Dari: An angry man opens his mouth and shuts up his eyes.

    Hello, I first would like to explain this a little bit. I have a friend who is learning Farsi and Dari in the navy. Recently I asked her to help me translate some quotes in to the Persian language for me. Currently she is in the process of moving between bases and communication with her is...
  5. R

    Persian/Dari: Differences

    I saw some Pesian speakers here from both regions Afghanistan and Iran. I want to know what are the difference between them. What I have noted are the pronunciation and some grammatical points. Can you tell what are the other points.
  6. panjabigator

    Pashtun/Persian: Their status in Afghanistan

    Do both languages enjoy the same official status or is there a clear preference for one language over the other? In the Kite Runner, I think the protagonist is a Pashtun/Pakhtun but he spoke Farsi. Only some characters spoke in Pashtun. Is Farsi indigenous to the region? Thanks