1. Flaminius

    Black English: 'Cause the battle am in my hand

    Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho is passed down from the 19th century in a few variations. Some of the versions written in Black English has this line; 'Cause the battle am in my hand. I wonder what this am is intended to. Is this use of the cobular be also found in present day Black English?
  2. T

    e puru nu postu cu facimu l’amore

    can someone help me translate this sentence ''e puru nu postu cu facimu l’amore'' I couldn't find any of these words in the italian dictionary with the exemption of l'amore= love I extract this sentence from the song Domani Artisti uniti per l' Abruzzo
  3. C


    I recently came across a beautiful song from a Sicilian band named Agricantus. It is entitled "Ciavula". The lyrics are provided. I simply wanted to know the translation of the word in English, or maybe even further like what the song is about since I have no idea how to even begin to...
  4. S

    Bolognese: socmel va la che tal cioc...!!!

    Hello Please can someone help me translate this... it is from a social networking website, the person who has posted is from Emiliano/bolognese district... is this a local dialect / phrase? Kind regards
  5. C


    Hi everyone, I hope someone out there can help - I have run out of resources. I am translating an exhibition catalogue and have come across a word I have never heard of before and not a single dictionary (online or otherwise) I have found provides a meaning or translation. The full sentence is...
  6. Quantz


    u figghiu du zu Giuanni, chiddu chi murìu ca bumma I understand : The son of Gianni, the one who died because of the bomb.
  7. H

    ludro/lüdro (dialettale, Nord Italia)

    Ho sentito usare questa parola da un parlante nativo (per la precisione, mantovano, quindi lombardo), ma posso al massimo cercare di rendere la pronuncia perché non l'ho trovata in nessuna fonte scritta e non sicuro in quale grafia si dovrebbe rendere. La pronuncia comunque è circa...
  8. ewie

    sken (look)

    Something just reminded me of this word, which for me has always been a noun (meaning a look), but for which the OED gives this, which is near enough: sken v. dial. intr. To squint; to give a side-look; to glance. As in: Savva sken = Let's have a sken / Let me have a look...
  9. R


    I've been trying to brush up on reading magazines, newspapers and so forth and I've run into this tag-line/phrase a couple times: ささやかやけど実現してみせる All I know is, it seems to get mentioned in context of celebrities performing before their fans, and since it's a tag-line I guess, it's...