1. P

    délocalisations fiscales

    Hi There, Can anyone please tell me if there is a common English equivalent for 'délocalisations fiscales'. I'm trying to translate a French article about tax evasion. the entire sentence is... -Toujours selon Libé, les syndicalistes CFDT dénonceraient les "délocalisations fiscales" des...
  2. W

    Monopole contrarié/Monopsone contrarié

    Bonjour à tous, Est-ce que vous savez comment traduire les termes "monopole contrarié" et "monopsone contrarié" en anglais (termes économiques) ? Littérallement, la traduction donne "Thwarted monopoly" et "Thwarted monopsony" mais je ne pense pas que ce soit la bonne traduction. En fait...
  3. D

    Ocupado (sector económico)

    Hola. ¿Cómo se dice en inglés "sector (económico) OCUPADO por mujeres" ? relacionado, por ejemplo, al sector de los servicios. thanks:)
  4. A

    Différence(solde de paiement)

    Bonjour/Hi, Could anybody please help me? I need the EXACT tranlsation for the following as I am writing a residential tenancy agreement: 20% of the total amount must be paid before Jan 01, 1111. La différence doit être payée avant Feb 01, 1111. Merci, Adam
  5. ceglia

    Make our progress to date look pedestrian

    But if sustainable development is to become a reality the first thirth years of the third millennium will need to see levels of change that "make our progress to date look pedestrian". Hi, can you traslate for me this phrase in Italian language or English too. Thanks
  6. B

    porta a pensare

    How can I translate "porta a pensare" in the sentence "Questa stima porta a pensare che i risultati non siano stabili nel tempo". I cannot find anything about it. Thank you very much.
  7. Matpao

    consistencias del mantenimiento preventivo

    Hola, qué significa redactar y enumerar las consistencias del mantenimiento preventivo? Sé que es el mantenimiento preventivo, pero no entiendo lo de redactar sus consistencias... Gracias!!!
  8. H

    park cash

    Estoy traduciendo un documento financiero que utiliza la frase "park your cash" para depositar dinero y no moverlo en inversiones a largo plazo. Estoy buscando un termino en español para traducir "park"... alguien tiene alguna idea?
  9. C

    since by committing

    Come tradurre "since by committing"? L'ho trovato all'interno di questa frase: "This is a strategic effect since by committing to a stringent environmental policy,..."
  10. R

    high profit-efficient product

    Hola, estoy intentando hacer una traducción al español de la frase siguiente: high profit-efficient product Gracias por adelantado.
  11. C

    the single pollution abatement firm does not factor

    Sto studiando un articolo di economia e non riesco a capire il significato del verbo factor... "Clearly, there may be excessive investment in the upstream sector, that is, development costs are duplicated since the single pollution abatement firm does not factor in the loss to all other...
  12. N

    trade pattern

    Hi there! Qualche consiglio sulla traduzione italiana del termine trade pattern? Il contesto è: "In the post Second World War these two countries have launched upon massive economic development programme and have shaken off their age-old production and trade patterns." Modelli commerciali...
  13. C

    for which the emission quota bites

    Sto leggendo questo articolo di economia e non capisco il significato del verbo bite: "The representative polluting firm responds by investing in pollution abatement equipmente exactly up to the level for which the emission quota bites." "La rappresentativa azienda inquinante risponde...
  14. J


    Hi Everybody , I'm currently translating an article from THE ECONOMIST talking about the Pole Immigration in England, and a sentence is giving me trouble.. " Most noticeably, it has gona some way to decoupling thie issue of immigration from that of race" my try is " Plus Nettement , on en...
  15. C

    might + present perfect

    Here's a question that may be incredibly obvious, but I'm at a loss as to how to explain it at the moment: Why is the auxiliary verb "have" conjugated as "have" in this sentence?: Maurice might have been ill yesterday. Why is it not: Maurice might has been ill yesterday. Thank you for...
  16. N

    to be in a mess

    kikou! je dois traduire cette phrase et j'ai bcp de mal "the world of plastics is in a mess these days because it has made a mess" Est-ce que je peux la traduire par "ces temps-ci, l'industrie du plastique est dans de sales draps/ dans de beaux draps / dans la pagaille puisqu'elle a semé la...
  17. C

    arancel de inscripción

    hola q tal qisiera saber como traducir "arancel de inscripción" la oracion es el arancel de inscripcion por equipo es de u$s 230
  18. F

    to give the breaks

    Hi, In the Labour Manifesto Tony Blair said : "the broad majority of people who work hard, play by the rules, pay their dues and feel let down by a politycal system that gives the breaks to the few, to an elite". What "gives the breaks" means in french ? Thanks.
  19. SquirrelCage

    Teacher retention

    Contesto: rapporto sull'istruzione, descrizione di alcuni sistemi scolastici, qui elenca alcuni modi di tagliare la spesa e migliorare al tempo stesso i risultati, uno di qs modi consiste appunto nel "frontloading compensation" Testo: Australia and England frontload their compensations: the...
  20. K

    certificazione volontaria

    Dear all, here is the Italian sentence, taken from a Report by the Board of Auditors to the Shareholders' meeting: "xxx, società incaricata del controllo contabile e della certificazione volontaria, nominata con atto del 15/08/2007" My try: "xxx, in charge of (the accounts) auditing and of...
  21. C

    prodded into

    Sto studiando un articolo di economia ed ecologia, c'è na frase che non riesco a capire: "Their clam is that technologies exist of which the firm is unaware until prodded into discovering them by stringent environmental regulations." Ho provato così: "La loro opinione è che le tecnologie...
  22. E

    la maquina de hacer dinero

    Hola, Quiero saber que significa 'la maquina de hacer dinero' en ingles o una explicacion en espanol? Creo que no es un metaforo sino la cosa que bancos usan para hacer dinero? No sé... Gracias.
  23. A

    facultad de Commodity Science

    Hola a Todos!!! si pudieran echarme una mano con la traducion del nombre de la facultad universitaria ...en ingles es COMMODITY SCIENCE y en espanol yo lo traduzco como CIENCIA DE LA MATERIA ...o CIENCIA DEL CONOCIMIENTO.....en latin sera merceologia ..en realidad no se si tal traduccion es...
  24. SquirrelCage

    control for

    Substantial research evidence shows that early ability in core skills is strongly correlated with a range of future outcomes: a major longitudinal study in the United Kingdom, for instance, found that test scores in literacy and numeracy at age seven were significant determinants of ernings at...
  25. SquirrelCage

    sophisticated relationship management system

    Contesto: rapporto sull'istruzione, descrizione di alcuni sistemi scolastici This Agency has been given the task of raising the quality and quantity of applicants into teaching. To do this it chose to employ best-practice marketing and recruiting techniques used in business: it carefully...
  26. SquirrelCage

    target audience

    Contesto: rapporto sull'istruzione, descrizione di alcuni sistemi scolastici This Agency has been given the task of raising the quality and quantity of applicants into teaching. To do this it chose to employ best-practice marketing and recruiting techniques used in business: it carefully...
  27. A

    Politique restrictive des quotas

    Bonjour, je ne sais pas comment traduire "une politique restrictive des quotas". Peut-on dire "a restrictive policy of quotas" ? Je vous remercie d'avance.
  28. O


    Bonjour, Dans un article en anglais traitant d'économie j'ai trouvé cette formule: "Preempting and/or deterring competition" Le contexte est celui du transfert de technologies et des avantages escomptés pour les entreprises privées. Que signifie "deterring"? Merci d'avance. Lorris
  29. K

    oil front

    Hola, quisiera saber cómo se traduciría "oil front" en el siguiente contexto: On the oil front, Price has outweighed the volume effect on revenues over the last three years. Muchas gracias!
  30. L

    endowments of labour

    Hola, me gustaría preguntar si podrías traducir el termino endowment of labour. La frase es la siguiente: "comparative advantages of households who posses particular skills or endowments of labour'. Gracias locombia
  31. C

    effluent charged

    Ciao, sto leggendo un articolo relativo alla politica ambientale: c'è un modello di microeconomia da interpretare relativo alla diminuzione dell'inquinamento, ma non riesco bene a capire questa frase: " This model will presume market-oriented regulators who use effluent charges to encourage...
  32. Antonio quiroz

    turnover data

    hi somebody could help me to translate into spanish the following expression "turnover data" thanks in advance
  33. N

    nos hemos dado

    I'm trying to translate this into English, but I can't find the proper way: "Nos hemos dado a la tarea de crear una agencia" Thanks :cool:
  34. ascension

    behavioral economics

    Hola a todos: ¿Cómo se dice "behavioral economics" en castellano? Me refiero a una rama de la microeconomía en la que se investiga el comportamiento de personas. Gracias.
  35. L


    Id like to say marketisation in spanish... any suggestions? context follows... Given the failure of the top-down planning of the Soviet model and the social engineering of social democratic capitalism, there were also two possibilities – democratisation or marketisation. thanks L
  36. jefreunde

    Costo de vida

    Hola a todos. Alguien me podría decir como se dice en Brasil costo de vida. Estoy buscando informacion de costo de vida en Sao Paulo y salario medio de un Ingeniero Electricista. Si conocen alguna página les agradaceria. Gracias. Saludos
  37. H

    en capilla ardiente

    Por favor,alguien que me colabore con la traducción de la frase tener en capilla ardiente. El contexto es el siguiente: " Un problema que provocó la caída de las dos principales fir­mas dedicadas a los créditos ries­gosos -New Century Financial, y American Home Mortgage- y que tiene en capilla...
  38. ascension

    conditional aid

    Hola a todos: ¿Cómo se traduciría "conditional aid"? Me refiero a ayuda que se da con ciertas condiciones. Por ejemplo, un país le dice a otro que le dará plata si hace algo para parar la corrupción. Gracias.
  39. S

    que resultan apropiadas por sujetos particulares

    "...pero el proceso de recuperación y reciclaje lo convierte en materia prima y su comercialización en mercancía, que adquiere valor de cambio, y genera ganancias, que resultan apropiadas por sujetos particulares..." This is a report on improving the ecosystem of an area in Colombia and the...
  40. C

    Starting a business in California

    I'm writing this email about starting a business in California. Is all of this clear? Thank you in advance. Estimado Senor, Gracias por su mensaje y su interés en nuestra oficina. El establecimiento de una empresa en los Estados Unidos no es un proceso fácil pero es claro. Esperamos que la...
  41. E

    human agency

    exemple: “he examines how possibilities for human agency are suppressed” (dans un article d'économie du développement). Visblement, cela correspond à un concept philosophique: wikipédia: “Human agency is the capacity for human beings to make choices and to impose those choices on the world”...
  42. C


    Buenos Días todos! Me gustaría un poco ayuda con estas phrases por cartas. Muchas gracias. Estimado Sr. Smith, Me llamo Bill Wilson. Soy el analista por la Oficina Comercial. El Sr. Peralta me ha pedido que hable con usted. El Sr. Peralta, me ha pedido que por favor atienda su solicitud...
  43. Poianone

    It strains credulity

    Hello my friends! Please, look at the following sentence: Nevertheless, in a community marked by geographic immobility and lifelong friendships it strains credulity to suppose that each person would not have known a great many others. Though I'm able to grasp the meaning, I cannot understand the...
  44. C

    En quer podemos servir . . .

    I am trying to write an email message that says I have forwarded your message to Mr. Peralta but he is in Colombia this week. If there is an urgent problem, please tell us how we can help you . . . Is the following correct? He enviado su mensaje al Sr. Romero pero el está en Colombia este...
  45. J

    hat fell far short of those experienced

    no entiendo "that fell far short of those experienced"; en "but more often than not, they resulted in economy-wide growth rates (in labor and total factor productivity) that fell far short of those experienced under the bad old policies of the past." Gracias
  46. anglomania1

    soggetti economici

    Hello everyone, hope someone out there can give me a hand. The Italian sentence is: "Vorrei concludere con alcune riflessioni di politica, conscio dell’importanza che le scelte politiche hanno sulla qualità della vita dei cittadini italiani, sull’operato dei soggetti economici e quindi sulla...
  47. N


    Hi all, How to translate to Italian the term “upper-tier” in the following expression “The author notes that the emerging assertive upper-tier of developing countries has gained much from the increasing competition among developed world firms for their markets.” Is the translation...
  48. E

    Ésto le puede ocurrir a cualquiera, ya sea hombre o mujer.

    Soy español y estudiante del idioma Inglés y estoy escribiendo mi opinion sobre un tema. Alguien puede ayudarme para traducir esta frase al inglés?. Me resulta bastante difícil por tener que utilizar el subjuntivo del verbo "to can" y del verbo "to be". "Ésto le puede ocurrir a cualquiera, ya...
  49. V

    passaggi di mano

    Good morning to all of you! And welcome back to everybody who could leave on vacation ( it was not the case for me...) Here I have a new question, which is related to the need of translating some slides from Italian into English. The original sounds: La velocità di circolazione rappresenta il...
  50. U

    changarin, changador en un mercado de alimentos

    Hola!!! Me gustaría que esta pregunta sea contestada por nativos de la lengua inglesa! ¡Y aún mejor por alguna persona que esté en contacto con la terminología de mercados mayoristas! Tengo un problema con la palabra y definicion de changarín o changador. Lo único que se dice en la definición en...