1. LeRenardReynaerde

    Transcript or list of marks at UK secondary schools?

    Hello everybody, I am working on a translation of a secondary school diploma and the heading of the page with the list of subjects and marks is causing me some trouble. Would this be called a list of marks or a transcript in the United Kingdom, or something entirely different? I have checked...
  2. tsoapm

    bacino di utenza della scuola

    Ciao, Per fare la domanda per nostra figlia per la scuola a Iscrizioni Online - MIUR perché sembra che adesso dobbiamo fare tutto online, ci è chiesto: Non sappiamo cosa vuol dire. Siamo in una città con vari comprensori (si dice molto ‘stradario’; è la stessa cosa in pratica?). Varebbe a dire...
  3. L

    Tecnología en administración financiera.

    Hello! I'm translating a CV and I'm having problems with the sentence Tecnología en administración financiera. In Colombia a Tecnología is a three-year university program. However this is not a professional title. People that finish a Tecnología is called a Tecnólogo. I haven't found an...
  4. L

    acompañamiento pedagógico

    ESTIMADOS En el marco de un programa de mi pais llamado acompañamiento pedagogico de ingles, necesitamos traducir la palabra acompañante pedagogico entendiendo que esta persona visitara diversas instituciones educativas y especificamente a docentes de ingles para brindarles asesoramiento y...
  5. P

    Smoothie and shake

    Hello. Help me ,please. Are both words synonyms or what's the difference between them? Thank you!
  6. P

    fecha de elaboración

    Hola, necesito su ayuda. Quiero decir "fecha de elaboración de mi deber". ¿Cómo lo digo en inglés? ¿Será today's date? Gracias, estaré atenta a sus respuestas.
  7. P

    desfile (educación)

    March or parade ? When students,teachers and more people make honor to the authories and walk on streets.
  8. tsoapm

    tellurio elettrico

    Hello, This had me a bit confused at first: since the definition I found for tellurio in monolingual Italian dictionaries only concerned the chemical element tellurium, which is evidently not right here. A bit of googling turned up the "tellurion", an orrery "that only includes the earth, its...
  9. errefg

    College Counselling Office

    Curious to know how this office/department within a secondary school (if existing at all) is called in various Spanish-speaking countries. Otherwise, what would you suggest? The function of this department is to help secondary students in college application process. Perhaps Departamento de...
  10. JeSuisSnob

    estrategia educativa por competencias

    Hola, compañeros del foro: Estoy traduciendo el título de un artículo de enfermería al inglés y tengo problema con la locución "estrategia educativa por competencias" en la siguiente frase: "Alcance de una estrategia educativa por competencias en el desarrollo del proceso de enfermería"...
  11. appleofeye

    para la que se te ofresca. Gracias

    any body can help me to understand the exact meaning of this sentence or this word "ofresca". gracias
  12. Necsus

    As an undeclared major

    Buondì, WRF! Nella serie Tv 'Masters of sex' ho trovato la locuzione "undeclared major", qualcuno sa dirmi come può essere resa in italiano? Virginia va da una advisor per iscriversi a un corso di laurea nell'università presso cui lavora come segretaria. Ecco le battute: VIRGINIA TO ADVISOR: I...
  13. tsoapm

    lectio magistralis

    So, I think I have the idea of what a lectio magistralis is, a lecture given by some kind of an expert or authority in recognition of their standing. What I don’t know is how we say it in English. It’s not a Latinism I ever came across before translating Italian texts, so I’m hesitant to leave...
  14. JeSuisSnob

    maestro en Investigación por la UNAM

    Hola, compañeros del foro: He buscado en varios hilos, pero no he encontrado una pregunta de este tipo. Traduzco del español al inglés la biografía de varios autores que son académicos y escriben textos de epidemiología clínica. Tengo problemas para traducir una oración del tipo: "maestro en...
  15. B


    I have several Italian School Leaving Certificates and the letters i.e.g. appear on some of them where there should be a mark (number). Does anyone know what this stands for? Thanks
  16. M

    iscritto per la prima volta al terzo anno fuori corso

    iscritto per la prima volta al terzo anno fuori corso Hi everybody, I need your help for the translation of this sentence because in my attempt there is a repetition and it doesn't sound english to me. My attempt is: He is enrolled at the third year beyond prescribed time for the first time...
  17. Aserolf

    Dietary Disability

    Medical Statement for Dietary Disability School Meal Modification Es el título de un formulario que los padres de familia tienen que llenar si desean modificar el menú de sus niños en la escuela. Mi intento: Declaración Médica por Discapacidad Dietética Mi duda principalmente reside en la...
  18. Aserolf

    Make Appropiate Arrangements

    Buen día a todos! Aún no logro ponerme de acuerdo en la mejor manera de expresar esta frase tan común. En las escuelas la usan mucho para poner sobre aviso a los padres de las cosas imprevistas que suceden dentro del horario escolar. Por ejemplo, hoy está nevando mucho y la salida regular se...
  19. errefg

    Public Purpose - Service Learning - Community Service

    I am looking to translate these English terms to Spanish. I am not necessarily looking for a literal translation but for terms that may actually be used in Spanish speaking countries to refer to these concepts in relation to education programs. I have seen the term Aprendizaje-servicio in...
  20. tsoapm

    docenti importanti come […] Donizone

    Hi all, In a text referring to the history of the Università degli Studi di Parma, I’m trying to work out the best translation for docente here: Normally I’d put "teacher/lecturer/professor", but here I suspect that they would all be anachronistic. He gets his own Italian wikipedia page unless...
  21. leo3749

    pareja (escuela) - Trabajar en parejas

    Can I say to work in couples in the same way as when I say to work in pairs? Context: a classroom.
  22. Aserolf

    Cutting Class, Ditching Class, Skipping Class (Truant)

    Hola estimados foreros! Sé que se ha tocado este tema con anterioridad, sólo que esta vez lo que necesito es un título (sustantivo). He dado vueltas y vueltas, y por eso acudo en su ayuda. Estoy traduciendo un manual escolar para estudiantes de preparatoria (high school). Uno de los apartados...
  23. A

    Codes UV

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone may have any insight into what "Codes UV" might be in reference to? This is for a transcript from Cameroon and is referring to various courses that the student has taken. Thanks!
  24. Murphy

    direttrice di ricerca

    I've looked at the definitions for "direttrice" in the WR Dictionary (including the Italian definition) but none of them seems suitable. This is from a CV (belonging to a man;)) under the heading "Scientific Interests" 1a direttrice di ricerca:problematiche pedagogiche dei sistemi educativi in...
  25. Murphy

    formalizzata da rapporti istituzionali

    On a CV: Svolgimento di attività di ricerca, formalizzata da rapporti istituzionali, presso soggetti pubblici statali italiani. There follows a list of research positions, for the majority of which there is a contract a tempo determinato. I'm a bit confused: does "formalizzata da rapporti...
  26. Murphy

    Docente esperto

    Does anyone know what a "Docente esperto" is? On a cv, I have the following sentence: Prestazione di servizi di formazione e ricerca presso istituti pubblici italiani, in qualità di Docente formatore e Docente esperto) "Docente formatore" is (I believe) someone who teaches other people how to...
  27. Murphy

    Corso mutuato

    Here is an explanation about what the expression means but how can I say this in English? I'm not even sure if this is done at British or American Universities but I suppose it's possible.... In my case, it describes a course from the field of "scienze psicopedagogiche" for students in the...
  28. Murphy

    sede gemmata non autonoma

    I've got several hits for this phrase on google and I'm guessing it describes a place of a study/training away from the main university site but I can't find a dictionary entry for "gemmata", except in the latin phrase "crux gemmata" (jewelled cross) and I really don't see how that can be...
  29. Murphy

    corso abilitante

    In the context of university education, does anyone know what a "corso abilitante" is? The full name of the course is "Corso abilitante in Scienze della Formazione Primaria". "Enabling course" doesn't make much sense. According to Proz, "abilitante" can also mean "qualifying". Is this some...
  30. Dlyons

    lippos et tonsores

    The 17th century English theologian Dr John Owen wrote Five Latin Orations when Vice-Chancellor of Oxford. In Oratio V he says "De discrimine nostro fortunisque communibus ex astrologorum hemerologiis et chartis Mercurialibus disceptatum est inter lippos et tonsores." complaining that Oxford's...
  31. Aserolf

    Beginning Art

    Hola compañeros! Me ayudan a encontrar la mejor traducción de este curso de High School? Beginning Art This is the perfect class for beginners as well as students with prior art experience. Students will work in several art areas including drawing, painting, sculpture, and ceramics. This is...
  32. Aserolf

    Teen Issues

    Se trata de un curso en el 10º grado de high school: Teen Issues = Temas Adolescentes ?? Teen Issues = Problemas de la Adolescencia ?? Les agradecería muchísimo cualquier sugerencia!
  33. Aserolf

    9th grade and above

    Buen día a todos! Estoy trabajando en un manual de high school (preparatoria o bachillerato para México) con grados del 9 al 12. Me encuentro con este subtítulo (y otros parecidos): 9th grade and above = 9º grado y superiores ?? 10th grade and above = 10º grado y grados superiores ?? 11th...
  34. Aserolf

    Drivers Ed

    Hola y buen día a todos! Alguien sabe cómo se llama en español esta clase que se imparte en High School? Drivers Ed = Clases de Manejo o de Conducir ?? Educación en Manejo/Conducción ?? Se trata de una clase donde les dan las primeras clases de manejo a estudiantes que elijan esta clase...
  35. Aserolf

    Viridulus Omniology

    Buen día a todos! Necesito de su ayuda para encontrar la traducción de esta área/materia de estudio. No tengo mucho contexto porque sólo aparece en el listado de materias de una escuela preparatoria/bachillerato (high school): NATURAL/PHYSICAL SCIENCE Integrated Science (Lab) Viridulus...
  36. Aserolf

    Rank in Class (Education)

    Rank in Class = A student's relative standing in his or her class is determined by comparing the cumulative grade point averages of all students in the class. Rank in Class = La posición relativa de un alumno en su class/generación es determinada al comparar las calificaciones promedio...
  37. D

    professore a contratto in riabilitazione neuropsicologica

    Hi guys I would translate this sentence for my CV "professore a contratto in riabilitazione neuropsicologica presso il corso di laurea in fisioterapia della facoltà di medicina e chirurgia dell'università degli studi di Firenze" my translation: "adjunct professor in neuropsychological...
  38. C

    diagosis or diagnostic test?

    Is it, diagnosis test or diagnostic test when you evaluate someone for the first time? Help me please!!
  39. M


    hallo an allen, wer koennte mir bitte helfen? Was bedeutet Stoffentlastung? Ich kann nur sagen, dass es im Kontext um die Bildung und das Schulsystem geht. Der Kontextsatz ist der Trend zur Stoffentlastung und zu „offeneren Lehrplänen“. Also auf was fuer einen Stoff bezieht es sich hier...
  40. Aserolf

    Developmental Preschool Screening

    Hola y buen día a todos! Tengo esta duda y aunque he consultado otros hilos, sigo sin quedar convencida. Se trata de 'screenings' que les hacen a los niños en edad preescolar. Sé que son para evaluar el desarrollo de los niños en diferentes áreas como: la vista, el oído, coordinación motriz...
  41. C

    scheme of work

    Buonasera, How could I translate "scheme of work" as in what I hope to do throughout the year with my learners? Grazie in anticipo.
  42. S

    Io studio alla professionale...

    This is the dialogue of an 18 year old boy who is talking to his father about his future. His father wants him to go talk to a lawyer he knows, who might be able to help him get some ideas about what he wants to do in life. And the boy replies, "ma io studio alla professionale"... What kind...
  43. L

    host and heritage languages

    Hi, I am translating a text on immigration and social inclusion and came across this sentence: provisions that promote the learning of the host and heritage languages. Host languages are the "lingue del paese ospitante", but here I wonder if heritage countries are the "lingue di origine"...
  44. Heredianista

    Actualización (para maestros)

    Hola foreros, Hay varias discusiones sobre la palabra "actualización" aquí, y he leido casi todas, pero sigo con dudas en mi caso en particular. Estoy traduciendo la "LEY GENERAL DE EDUCACIÓN" de la Federación de México. (Está en mayúsculos el título; perdón.) El texto original en cuestión...
  45. Aserolf

    Director of Instructional Support

    Cuál sería el título más adecuado en español? Director of Instructional Support = Director de Apoyo Instructivo Director de Apoyo Educativo, Director de Apoyo ??? Director de Soporte ??? Se trata del título de una persona empleada en un Distrito Escolar Cualquier sugerencia la agradeceré...
  46. L

    Formando, formatura, trote, calouro, veterano, mestrando

    Hola mis amigos, Me gustaría saber cómo se traduce al español esas entradas: Formando = "às vezes os formandos fazem escolhas erradas para suas vidas" Formatura = "A minha formatura foi no ano passado" Festa de Formatura = "Tenho uma festa de formatura das boas pra ir" Calouro e veterano =...
  47. S

    annualità: 1

    hello everybody, I am translating a degree certificate and each exam has, after the score, the word 'annu.: 1' And at the end there is 'annualità: 26' (there are 26 exams in all). In this case how can I translate 'annualità'? Annuity isn't right, but then yearly course doesn't sound right...
  48. L

    El miedo a sufrir

    Hi, can you help me to say: El miedo a sufrir es peor que el miedo por si mismo. I've thought that I could be: "Fearing for suffering is worse than the suffering itself" what do you think? Thanks in advance.
  49. T

    Il capitolato prestazionale dell'opera edile

    Buongiorno a tutti, sono alle prese con la traduzione di un certificato per uno studente di una Universita'. Siamo in ambito edile. Vengono riportati i titoli dei corsi frequentati, ed uno di essi e' il seguente: "Il capitolato prestazionale dell'opera edile". Io tradurrei: "Performance...
  50. L

    Master in management per le professioni sanitarie

    Ciao ragazzi , ripropongo l'annoso problema della comparazione di titoli di studio italiano con quelli stranieri. Sto compilando un CV per un corso dell'unione europea. Alla voce titoli di studio ho tradotto BSc (3y) per la triennale , Master degree (2y) per la specialistica ma mi trovo bloccato...