1. R


    Cari amici, Ho qualche problema a tradurre la seguente frase: Si tratta di una attività realizzata in ambito scolastico rivolta agli allievi dai 14 ai 19 anni che ha coinvolto, sia pure con diverse sfumature, nove classi dell’istituto, tre prime, due seconde, due terze e due quinte. Il mio...
  2. C

    esplorare modi di vivere differenti dalla nostra cultura

    Hello everyone, I would like to translate in English the following sentence: esplorare modi di vivere differenti dalla nostra cultura the context is the following (my words): "As a matter of fact, language in itself is not sufficient to grant the learner a proper comprehension of another...
  3. J

    guerreras fortalecidas por las barreras

    Hola! quisiera saber si alguien me podria ayudar a traducir esta frase: "nosotras somos guerreras fortalecidas por las barreras". gracias!
  4. F

    desfase curricular

    Hi, how can I say that in English? Context: "Los alumnos no presentan un desfase curricular importante". My try: "Students do not present an important curricular gap". Is there any other way to say that in English, please? Thanks again!
  5. D

    all assessment requirements of the qualification must be met

    Hola! Cuál sería la mejor forma de traducir esta frase en español. all assessment requirements of the qualification must be met Muchas gracias!
  6. H

    Learning languages is knowing the world

    "Learning languages is knowing the world". We'd like to translate it into german so we can put it in a poster together with some other languages (like latin, linguas discere est mundum cognoscere; italian, imparare le lingue è conoscere il mondo; french, apprendre des langues est connaître le...
  7. Singinswtt11

    Authentic Assessment and Monitoring

    Hola foreros! Este es un termino que viene de unos planes del distrito escolar. No tengo más contexto porque es un título. Lo que he puesto por el momento es: Asesoramiento y Supervisión Auténtica. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
  8. M


    Hello, I am chilean, so I would like to know how explain the word: "curso" in English, because in Chile we can use this word expressing a group of people who takes a class. It is like a first grade at primary school, but in general... sorry, now I will put my phrase: "We can not go with the...
  9. Aserolf

    Reprobar o Repetir el año escolar

    Hola estimados foreros! Hice esta consulta en un hilo sobre RETENTION. Ustedes que opinan sobre aplicar esta palabra para este título: RETENTION POLICY Sometimes. parent or school staff members may feel that retaining a student will be beneficial to that child's future school success. In these...
  10. R

    curriculo verticale

    Dear all, I am trying to translate this sentence into English but am stuck on "curriculo verticale": "Il progetto si inserisce all'interno di una esperienza dell'Istituto scolastico volta alla realizzazzione del curriculo verticale." Have tried looking for it on the net but didn't come up...
  11. H

    "Learning languages is knowing the world" into Greek

    the original phrase in Spanish is "aprender idiomas es conocer el mundo" we'd like to use this phrase in a poster. help, please! This is my attempt: Mathaino tin glósses einai va gnosei ton kosmos.
  12. H

    aprender idiomas es conocer el mundo

    Aprender idiomas es conocer el mundo Necesitamos la traducción para ponerla en un poster. Gracias!
  13. B

    Oferta educativa

    Hola. ¿Como traducirías Oferta Educativa? un título de un listado de los programas de estudio de ingenieria. Gracias.
  14. J

    oraciones - exigirle un conocimiento de las causas

    [...] A todo universitario hay que exigirle un conocimiento de las causas[...] Necesito analizar esta oraciones, si hay dos o tres oraciones. Gracias.
  15. F

    Educación Presencial

    Hola, Estoy buscando la traduccion de la frase educación presencial vs. educación a distancia. Lo mas cercano que he encontrado es on-site education pero no sé si es la mejor traducción ¿Alguien me podria auxiliar? Gracias.
  16. L

    Broken into chunks

    Estoy traduciendo: When he takes his time and writing assignments are broken into "chunks", he writes more legible. My attempt to translate "chunks": Cuando el se toma su tiempo y las asignaciones escritas se le ponen por partes pequeñas, el escribe más legiblemente.
  17. Feña

    estudiando pedagogía

    I've heard that native people don't use "English pedagogy"... in Spanish we say: "estoy estudiando pedagogía en inglés"... How do you say that?... I know it is not "English pedagogy"... maybe is not wrong.. but is not the way to say that... Thanks...
  18. C


    Hello! I'm trying to translate an academic certificate and I've found this word: "yearhead". There is no context. It's a post in a school, like the principal, the deputy principal, etc. But I don't know exactly what it is. Can anybody tell me a translation for that word in Spanish? Maybe...
  19. C

    personaggio di spessore

    Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could help me to put into English the chunk "personaggio di spessore" The context is the following: The grey area that I believe had been a bit of a hold – down for both the learners and myself was the limited amount of time we had together. I believe...
  20. GalBalc


    It's a educational video about the echidna reproduction, this is the paragraph and my try. Es la traducción de un video educativo que trata la reproducción de los equidna, a continuación pongo el párrafo y mi traducción. A female usually lays just one egg per year which she rolls into a deep...
  21. PEF

    Álgebra superior

    Se trata de una materia de un plan de estudios de una carrera de ingeniería. ¿Cómo se puede traducir al inglés? Gracias!!!
  22. PEF

    C. Mtro.

    Hola. En documentos relacionados con la educación en México, veo C. Mtro. Quisiera saber a qué hace referencia esto. Por ejemplo: Se concede permiso al C. Mtro. EGT para aceptar y usar la condecoración de la Orden de Isabel la Católica Gracias!
  23. T

    libreta universitaria

    Buenas tardes, alguien puede ayudarme para encontrar la traduccion de "libreta universitaria"? documento que se utiliza para acreditar la condición de alumno regular de una universidad y que además contiene las calificaciones de las materias cursadas. Muchisimas gracias !!!:)
  24. M

    en ir compartiendo entre el profesor y los alumnos

    Estoy tratando de traducir al Inglés el siguiente párrafo: El proceso de enseñanza-aprendizaje consiste, en gran parte, en ir compartiendo, entre el profesor y los alumnos, los esquemas conceptuales de las nociones matemáticas objeto de estudio. Lo mejor que he logrado es: The...
  25. G

    Faire ses marques

    Hello everybody, I would like to translate the title of a children's book entitled: Je fais mes marques. I cannot think of anything that would really sound English! All suggestions welcome, Thank you!
  26. G

    licenciatura en trabajo social

    como explico en mi curriculum que tengo una licenciatura en trabajo social?
  27. Singinswtt11

    find the number of... (math)

    Esta es una de las preguntas en un examen de matematicas: Look at the number sentence. Find how many peppers are left. en este contexto se puede traducir "find" como encontrar? O sea la traduccion seria : Mira la ecuación. Encuentra cuántos chiles quedan. Gracias de antemano!
  28. BexTrad

    équipe d'accueil

    can the phrase "équipe d'accueil" have any other meaning in French than "welcome committe"? i'm stuck on a sentence that includes this phrase. any ideas? I can't provide much context for reasons of confidentiality, but basically it's a research team that describes itself as an équipe d'accueil...
  29. R

    Length and complexity of essay

    Por favor podem me ajudar a traduzir isso? Obrigada Length and complexity of essay provide opportunity for student to show some control of standard English conventions. Composition-Conventions O Tamanho e complexidade da redacao fornece ao estudande a oportunidade de desmostrar que...
  30. sherin

    riconoscere gli esami

    How would you say: "l'università di Bologna non gli ha riconosciuto nessuno degli esami sostenuti in Mozambico" This is my try: Bologna university did not recognize him any of the exams that he passed in Mozambique. Thank you!
  31. C

    conseguire uno scopo

    Hi again! How would you translate: conseguire uno scopo? The setting is the following: I believe, as Byram () states that the perspective of the foreign language learner is the one of the ‘outsider’ and therefore the aim of a teacher is to make students conseguire a knowledge of the L2...
  32. C

    passare in rassegna

    Hi everyone, how would you traslate the expression "passare in rassegna"? The sentence is the following: "This first part of my report will - passare in rassegna- the different methodologies I used to carry out my lessons and the theories related to cultural studies"...(well...
  33. S


    hola!:p cual es más adecuada annexe or attachment para traducir anexo.:confused: gracias a todos.:tick:
  34. S

    Classes will be divided to reflect the student's...

    Por favor, háganme el favor de revisar esta frase que pienso incluir en un aviso para clases de inglés: Clases serán divididas para reflejar el nivel de conocimiento de los estudiantes (principiante, intermedio e intermedio avanzado) ¿debería cambiar algo?
  35. M

    Acceder a un servicio

    Hola, quisiera saber cual seria la manera más apropiada de traducir lo siguiente: A los niños y a las personas mayores se les permite acceder a los servicios pagando menos ¡Muchas Gracias!
  36. L

    circuit de retouche

    Bonjour, what does circuit de retouche mean in the context of processes. they have broken down the process in procédé circuit de retouche etc looking for english equivalent thanks in advance
  37. malina


    Hi, can you tell me which adjective is better in this context, please? The allied/joint/joined/collective presentation of the programme is done to facilitate the development of the multilingual and intercultural competence. They are presenting the educational aims of different languages...
  38. Philippa


    Hola foreros: Otra pregunta planteada por el español de la BBC Primary Spanish: ¿Se puede traducir 'tablero' como 'white board'? Es que los hilos anteriores sobre 'white board' sugieren otras palabras como 'pizarra blanca'. white board? y white board Gracias de antemano Saludos Philippa :)
  39. S

    a la educación, al bachillerato, a la educación media

    Hola a todos, Estoy intentando traducir una Certificación de la Republica Dominicana al inglés americano. La frase completa pone: Aprobó el Plan de Estudios y las Pruebas Nacionales de Conclusión, correspondientes: a la Educación: n/a Al Bachillerato, Mención: n/a A la Educación Media...
  40. U

    National Curriculum of Spain

    Hello! I am currently in Madrid conducting research about the national curriculum in Spain and how it has changed since the transition to democracy. The question I have is what would be the Spanish phrase for ´National Curriculum´? Normally, I would check out my dictionary, but I am currently...
  41. I

    strutture universitarie

    Can anyone please help me translate "strutture universitarie" or "strutture dell'ateneo" in proper English. Here is an example: Per i docenti e le strutture dell’Ateneo, aprirsi ad una dimensione compiutamente internazionale significa ampliare le proprie conoscenze sui sistemi universitari...
  42. M

    Taxe d'apprentissage

    Hola a todos, Cómo traduciríais la "taxe d'apprentissage"? "La Taxe d'Apprentissage est indispensable au financement des équipements" Acaso sabe alguien si existe este impuesto o un impuesto similar en Espana ? Gracias por vuestra ayuda !
  43. A

    estudios generales ciencias

    En las universidades que tienen carreras de ciencias hay estudios previos a la carrera. Cuál sería el equivalente en inglés de : estudios generales ciencias en el contexto de una universidad. Podría ser: Science Undergraduate Studies ?? Muchas gracias.
  44. malina

    interest in/for looking at

    Hi, I'm having problems with prepositions again (students should have...) Interest and curiosity in/for looking at and reading stories and books (in different supports) written in a foreign language. Is it in, for or... in this case? Thanks
  45. malina

    of intervention in the classroom

    Hi, I'm really stuck in the translation of this sentence into English Comprensión de instrucciones simples de trabajo y de actuación en el aula. I understand that students should understand simple instructions of working and simple instructions of acting, and I think this is not clear in...
  46. malina

    grasp/understand information

    Hi, I am writing a formal document about education and I need to know if "grasp" in the meaning of understanding the children a concept is a formal verb or if I should use "understand" or any other verb you propose. Thanks
  47. O


    hi, je suis sur le site educationUSA qqn peut-il me dire la différence entre: -un undergraduate certificate et un undergraduate bachelor's -un graduate certificate et un graduate masters ? je vois pas à quoi correspond un "certificate" ? merci
  48. R


    hola podrian decirme la traduccion de "Scheckenberg encourages commuters drivers to keep reminding them seives to stay alert and not let them selves be distracted from the road". gracias :)
  49. D


    Related to Education. In Colombia, there are some courses in the university programs, such as English, you have to take several levels, I mean, English I, English II, English III, and the like. For this kind of courses, there is an exam you can take, and, according to the score you obtain, you...
  50. D


    Related to education. In Colombia, for some courses of the university programs, if you fail them, you have a last chance to pass them by taking an exam on the complete course contents. If you pass it, you pass the course. This is a habilitable course. Does anyone know an equivalent expression...