1. I

    sofferenze didattiche

    Hi. I'm working on the Strategic Plan of an Italian Polytechnics. Can anyone help me with the following sentence? L’Ateneo intende inoltre procedere ad una revisione dei meccanismi interni di valutazione delle sofferenze didattiche delle varie aree, al fine di portare sotto controllo alcuni...
  2. I

    but only 50 cents

    Help?! Can anyone help translate the following passage in Spanish? An LP might be worth $4.00 in great condition but only 50 cents with just a few visible scratches on it. The condition of the cover counts too! We can tell from looking at a tape how used and/or abused it is. Good condition...
  3. willy2008

    gangues/ gangueiros

    Alguns jovens disputam territórios no tráfico de drogas e de gangues.
  4. ascension


    Hi foreros, I'm looking for a translation of the verb 'to matriculate.' It seems as though the word "matriularse" is a synonym for "inscribirse" or, in English, "to register." But at least in the United States, "matriculate" means to accept a place as a degree-seeking student in a school, not...
  5. Talant

    Student house rush

    Hi, In a webcomic I recently saw a new (for me) meaning of "rush". In there, a new student who has just arrived to an University, gets lost in the campus and ends in a student house. A girl greets her and says "Let me be the first to welcome you to the Academy and the Aphrodite House Sorority...
  6. E


    C'è un modo in inglese per dire laureando? Ho trovato nel dizionario senior year student, ma non mi piace molto. Devo scrivere ad un azienda in UK. In Italia sono laureanda alla specialistica (mi manca solo la tesi). Qualcuno mi sa aiutare?
  7. Kocinski

    Proyecto educativo de centro

    Hallo, Is there a translation in English for 'proyecto educativo de centro'? 'School educational project' doesn't sound well, does it? Cheers!
  8. Setwale_Charm

    master degree

    I have searched the forum but have so far found no conclusive answer as to what the Italian equivalent of "master`s degree" as opposed to "bachelor`s degree" is.
  9. T

    Dr. (dottore laureato)

    Salve a tutti.. qualcuno sa dirmi quale sigla si utilizza in Inghilterra per indicare l'equivalente del nostro "dottore" (nel senso di laureato, ma non medico)? Grazie!
  10. B

    lifelong learning

    lifelong learning How would you say that in Italian?
  11. G

    Maîtrise et DESS

    Moderator note: Threads on the subject of translation of DESS have been merged. Hello everyone ! I'm trying to translate my resume in English and I still don't get how to translate maîtrise and DESS. (The first one is a 4 years diploma, the second, 5 years) Anyone can help me on that one ...
  12. S

    Jefe de UTP (Unidad Técnico Pedagógica)

    How do I say Jefe de UTP in English? UTP means Unidad Tecnico Pedagogica
  13. DearPrudence

    Educational systems / Systèmes d'éducation

    French school system / système éducatif français Pour l'école de la confiance In-depth information from the French Ministry of Education, in French. Usual expression: "I'm in year 7" (British system) = "Je suis en 6e (= sixième)" "I'm in 6th grade" (US system) = "Je suis en 6e (= sixième)"...
  14. S


    Hola: ¿Cómo puedo traducir este palabra? Gracias Moderator's note: two threads have been merged to create this one.
  15. Aserolf


    Me podrían ayudar a encontrar una palabra en español para BRAINIAC No tengo contexto porque es solo una palabra que se usa mucha para referirse a alumnos que son muy inteligentes o que destacan en la escuela. Se los voy a agradecer muchísimo!!:)
  16. B

    con la votazione di 60/60

    What could it mean, in connection with a letter of application for employment: "...con la votazione da 60/60." ?? --barberini58
  17. Vanda

    titulaciones universitarias tercer ciclo

    Hi there, I'd like to know how the titles for the third degree are classified in Spain. I mean after graduation . Is there any other title between "máster" and "doctorado" 's degree? I am looking for a correspondence for this title : livre docência- The person enters a contest, undergoes a...
  18. Turca

    Português de Portugal x Português do Brasil/ Espanhol da Espanha vs. A. Latina

    No se trata de un juego o de una competencia para ver cuál es el mejor español o el mejor portugués. Simplemente se trata de exponer las diferencias que hay entre los idiomas "madre" de la península Ibérica y cómo en América Latina, en algunos países, les hemos hecho nuestras deformaciones y...
  19. TimLA

    Grade/education Levels - livelli di istruzione (sistema scolastico)

    Ciao ragazzi! THIS thread made me think of a burning question regarding educational levels. Can someone (or more than one) help me with this chart? Age____________Grade_____________School_____________Italian Equivalent <5_____________Preschool___________________________...
  20. C

    enseignement supérieur en droit

    en anglais, ce serait "Superior law teaching" ou "law superior teaching"? none of the combinations I tried above seems to exist on the net although I find separately on the Internet: "superior teaching" or "law teaching" how would you combine them in advance, par avance, merci
  21. A

    andare / venire

    Carissimi foreri, Qualcuno mi potrebbe spiegare la differenza tra andare e venire? Grazie Adriana
  22. P

    formazione continua

    Hi ! how can i translate formazione continua ? questa scuola organizza anche dei corsi di formazione continua this school also organize course for people who's working can be good? thanx Piero
  23. Z

    promotion (étudiants)

    Does it refer to the year a person enters a certain university or the year he graduates from that university?
  24. Heredianista


    Hola foreros, Tengo una duda. Traduzco: "Los certificados, constancias o diplomas serán otorgados por las instituciones públicas y los particulares que señalen los lineamientos citados." I have: "Certificates, certifications or diplomas shall be granted by the public or private institutions...
  25. Heredianista

    distribución de la función social educativa

    Hola a todos, Traduczo La "Ley General de Educación" de la nación de México, y menciona "la distribución de la función social educativa" (y refiere a "la función social educativa" en muchas otras instancias). No entiendo precisamente lo que es, ni mucho menos cómo puede distribuirse. ¿Se...
  26. N

    Check for understanding

    Does anyone know what the term is in Spanish? Check for understanding (EDUC) Comprobar comprensión or maybe according the following DRAE definition I could use Probar la comprensión or Probar para comprensión 3. tr. Justificar, manifestar y hacer patente la certeza de un hecho o la...