1. Aserolf

    Egg Drop (Título)

    Hola! Me pueden ayudar con este título: 2nd Grade Egg Drop Please help your child wrap a RAW egg so that it will not break when it is dropped off the roof of the school! Some ideas for wrapping materials include; newspaper, toilet paper, bubble wrap, tissue paper, shirts, socks, fabric...
  2. Aserolf

    to go above and beyond the call of duty

    Hola estimados foreros: Tengo esta duda en la siguiente oración: Banquet Crystal Apple is a banquet to honor persons within the several surrounding school districts and Morton Community College who go above and beyond the call of duty Mi intento: El Banquete Crystal Apple es en honor a...
  3. J

    special-education teacher

    I would like to translate 'she is a special-education teacher' = Anyone has any idea?
  4. Silvietta22


    Ho un dubbio su quale termine sia più corretto/utilizzato. Discutere una tesi (di laurea ad es.) si utilizza il verbo "Dissertare", in Inglese "Dissertate" o "Dissert" ( se volessi tradurre "discutendo la tesi dal titolo xxxx", sarebbe più corretto...
  5. F

    without honours

    What is the equivalent of a BA without honours in the Italian educational system? Laurea senza lode?:confused:
  6. F


    Hi, I need to translate 'non-assessed' in the following context: You may also be interested in completing a non-assessed placement in a journalism-related worplace earlier in your course. This is my attempt : Pratica lavorativa senza valutazione Thank you in advance!
  7. C

    charter schools vs failing schools

    Per piacere qualcuno saprebbe dirmi che significa le affermazioni "charter school" e "failing schools "nella seguente frase: Superintendent Arlene Ackerman yesterday presented a sweeping, controversial vision for the Philadelphia School District's future that includes shutting down failing...
  8. HappyPinkEgg

    Centers (classroom)

    Hi! My kindergarten class does "centers." They are in groups and do an activity for 10 minutes before moving to another activity. How would I translate this to Spanish. Someone suggested "Estaciones de trabajo." I was looking for something a little less formal. Can I just say "los centros"...
  9. S

    she is on the honor roll and getting A's and B's

    I got a bit confused with this phrase --> "She is on the honor roll and getting A' and B's" What does it means? There's a teacher who is talking to a mother about her daughter. "Lei è sulla lista dell'onore....???" Would someone tell me the rest of the sentence? thank you so much!
  10. A

    sezione (scuola)

    Come si traduce: frequento la 1a classe sezione C? In particoalre, mi servirebbe sapere come si traduce "sezione". Grazie A
  11. Spiritoso78

    libretto delle giustificazioni

    Ciao scolaretti, ho un dubbio che spero me lo possiate risolvere; se per transcript si intende il libretto universitario, come si può tradurre il libretto fornito agli studenti delle scuole dell'obbligo (elementari, medie e superiori)? Sempre con transcript? Grazie mille
  12. T

    Svolgimento di lezioni

    Ciao, come posso tradurre "svolgimento di lezioni"? Io userei "Training sessions execution", ma non mi convince E' una frase da inserire in un CV: preparazione di materiale didattico e svolgimento delle lezioni Grazie!
  13. Aserolf

    Assessment Data - Education

    Hola otra vez! Assessment Data = Datos Evaluativos ? Siempre lo había traducido así y hasta ahora, después de consultar el DRAE, me doy cuenta que las palabras evaluativo y evaluativa no existen. En realidad me sorprendió pues en México siempre las escuchaba de mis propios ex-maestros. Por...
  14. Aserolf

    Annual Report - Education

    Hola estimados foreros! Estoy traduciendo un 2007-2008 Annual Report para un Distrito Escolar, pero me han asaltado las dudas sobre cómo debo de traducirlo. Resulta que en el pasado lo había dejado como Reporte Anual, pero me he dado cuenta, por el diccionario WR, que se utiliza informe cuando...
  15. C

    funcionario docente

    Hola a todos! Alguien podría ayudarme con lo siguiente??? llevo toooodo el día traduciendo y mis ideas se están agotando...: "funcionario docente del cuerpo de profesores de enseñanza secundaria" Could be...: "government employee of the secondarty education teaching staff"
  16. carolinskaya

    Alum (university)

    Salve a tutti! :D Qualcuno conosce il significato della parola "Alum" ? :confused: La vedo spesso su Facebook associata a nomi di scuola o università quando si clicca su un profilo. Grazie
  17. C

    school uniforms

    Hi, I'm translating a school bulletin and need to translate the phrase "school uniforms" Thanks!
  18. Mirlo

    Special Education Compliance program Review Standards Indicators

    Its a pargraph and I translated the whole letter and my brain is fried:D. According to Special Education Compliance program Review Standards Indicators. Ayuda, por favor!!! De acuerdo con el Programa de Cumplimiento con la Educacion Especial ....????
  19. G

    Teach by modeling

    Hi everyone, I want to translate "modeling" as a way of teaching students(having them imitate what was done) spanish is "modelar" o "modelaje" correct or is there a different word that is more appropriate? I'm especially interested in what would be correct in Mexico but I appreciate any...
  20. L

    Excused from participation

    Como se dice "excused from participation" en español?? Ej: Your child may be excused from participation in regards to the NAEP exam on Monday for the followingreasons... Talvez: Su niño puede ser perdonado de participar ... Su niño puede ser disculpado de participar...
  21. S

    teacher-centred classrooms

    Hola!! Estoy traduciendo un texto de psicopedagogía y no sé como traducir este término: teacher-centred classrooms. El texto es el siguiente: The most well-known approaches that emerged were Humanistic Language Teaching and the Communicative Approach with their general rejection of...
  22. D

    state examinations

    Not surprisingly, the students' results in the state examinations were very unsatisfactory. What means? Is the same meaning as "exam"? Thanks.
  23. P


    I am not sure how to translate these two types of secondary schools. In the American school system, the secondary schools are all "high schools", but in the Italian school system there seems to be distinction between "ginnasio" and "liceo". What is the difference and how do you translate that...
  24. B

    lifelong learning

    Hi everyone!!:) I need your help with a translation, I think I know the meaning of lifelong learning but I'm not able to translate it, so I'll be very pleased if you cn give me some ideas. Here I write you the context: He said: “I wanted to learn Welsh to help me with my studies and so...
  25. M

    Model of Engagement (education)

    Hola! Estoy haciendo una investigación sobre comportamientos autónomos en estudiantes, y lo siguiente no sé cómo interpretarlo: "Self-determination theory and motivational model of engagement were used to determine the impact of perceived competence and autonomy on engagement and...
  26. B

    co-tutela (riferito a un dottorato)

    Hi everybody, I have a doubt about the right translation of "co-tutela" referred to a phd program (when you have a tutor in your university and another tutor in a foreign university) Can someone help me?? Thanks
  27. A

    examen escolar

    I am translating the following for an article to parents about a website for children to practice for a state exam. This is the Illinois State Board of Education website. Here you will find interactive ISAT sample questions students can practice online. Mi intento: Este es el...
  28. Santiago Jorge

    pre-release classes

    How do you say this in Spanish? Original: "He needs to take pre-release classes." Mi intento: «Necesita asistir clases de pre-liberación(?)».
  29. Santiago Jorge

    certified, comprehensive, continuous educational programs available to

    Whew! Another one of those long phrases I wanted to make sure I translated right. Would you please check it? I would appreciate any other suggestions that would make the whole translation better. Thanks. Original: "The Department shall provide certified, comprehensive, continuous educational...
  30. L

    content module

    In a training guide, it refers to "each of the content modules". In Spanish, could that be "cada modulo"? Gracias por la ayuda.
  31. M

    already-packed curriculum

    Hola a todos. Estoy traduciendo una presentación de una revista sobre la necesidad de reformar la enseñanza de la veterinaria en todas partes del mundo. Y termina diciendo: The remaning papers are devoted to the question of how this education can be achieved within an already-packed...
  32. J

    programma di finanziamento

    Ciao a tutti! Sto compilando un'application form per un master da svolgere a Londra; in un campo mi viene chiesto di inserire "tuition fees". La frase che vorrei inserire è questa: "programma di finanziamento master all'estero promosso dalla regione puglia nell'ambito del progetto regionale...
  33. V

    Scuola a tempo pieno

    Just a quick answer. How do you say in English " scuola a tempo pieno"? = Full time school? I was talking on the phone to an English friend and I said: " Our son doesn't attend a full time school " and so he asked me: What do you mean for a full time school? I explained what I meant to him...
  34. J

    nusery nurse

    Ciao! Mi potete dire se c'e` un modo per dire 'nursery nurse' - qualcuno chi lavora in un asilo (ma non e` un'infermiera)? Grazie!
  35. P

    elementare [classe scolastica]

    What kind of school is "seconda elementare" and "terza elementare"? Is this the equivalent of second grade and third grade of elementary school in the U.S.?
  36. K

    Conseguimento Titolo

    Its the title of what basically looks like a University transcript. The whole heading is: Conseguimento Titolo con esami date voto e carriera. I think in English it would just be "University transcript" but perhaps the awarding of the degree is not included in a transcript? Thanks for any...
  37. Ange De Tristesse

    At least that's what we hope for

    Hola todo el mundo! Hago mi tarea para la clase de español y tengo que escribir una composición del futuro. Yo dijé "habrá los carros que vuelen, habrá una cura contra el cáncer, no habrá contaminación atmosférica, y todo el mundo estará contento…" y quiero saber decir "at least that's what we...
  38. K

    Teorías de aprendizaje

    Hi there, Anyone knows how to say "Teorías de aprendizaje" in english? I can´t think of a good word for it. All I can think of is "learning theories" and it seems too literally translated to me. Thank you!
  39. P

    reglamento de grados y títulos

    Hola, I have a Peruvian degree which mentions the following: Reglamento de Grados y Títulos. What is the equivalent in English (preferably North American)? My guess is something like "Regulations on Degrees and Diplomas". Could this work?? Thanks in advance for any other comments/advice.
  40. Momys

    Economics Postgraduate Student’s Guide

    Saludos! Estoy traduciendo un documento, que es una guía de estudio, pero no estoy segura si estoy traduciendo bien el título del documento. El titulo en español es "Guia del Estudiante de Postgrado de Ciencias Economicas", my try is: Economics Postgraduate Student’s Guide, is that okay? Gracias!
  41. L

    modal verbs with the passive voice

    well I would like to know the correct way to write the following sentences in the passive voice, please if more than one form is possible don't hesitate to tell me. thanks 1. new students must take an entry test to enroll to the school. 2. the students are supposed to hand in the homework at...
  42. P

    clove cigarette, snuff, betel

    Good Morning Everyone, I am translating the offenses which may cause a student to be recommended for expulsion according to California Education Code. Although I am able to translate and conjugate without a problem, these terms I am still not familiar with and have to to with illegal substances...
  43. D

    Action learning

    Hello!! How do you translate "action learning" in French? It is supposed to be different from "experiential learning"... Is it "apprentissage par action"? Thank you.
  44. K

    a los que está destinado...

    Another one... "...thus will take into account the specific aspects of this cycle as well as the characteristics and needs of the students whose it is aimed to/which is aimed to. ???? (a los que está destinado) I´ve alrready used "aim to" two lines above, anyone knows another way of saying...
  45. K

    y, por lo tanto.../...y, por consiguiente...

    Hi there, I need some help. I don´t want to use "therefore" since I´ve used it once in the same paragraph. Here goes the sentence: "...established in the former levels of the curricular design: the School Educational Project and (por consiguiente), the School Curricular Project". Thank you!
  46. L

    Capacidad multiplicadora/ capital social

    Cómo puedo traducir la siguiente frase: cuando se genera este capital social se esta haciendo una inversión proyectada a más de 50 años y con una capacidad multiplicadora de los procesos importante Gracias!
  47. ximenad


    Hello guys I am banging my head over the wall with this little sentence, the topic is related to social issues:(From English to Spanish) English: Encouraged universal right to access to quality education by families, caretakers and teachers. My intent: Derecho Universal fomentado de...
  48. S

    billet de retard

    I'm looking for a correct translation for 'billet de retard' for students who come to class late
  49. V

    Jefe de Trabajos Prácticos

    J'aimerais savoir si le titre universitaire "Jefe de Trabajos Prácticos" est l'équivalent de Maître-assistant. Je vous saurai gré de me trouver la traduction la plus convenable.
  50. E

    convenio marco

    How would you translate into English "convenio marco de colaboración universitaria"?