1. A

    trabalhos académicos

    Olá, trabalho numa biblioteca universitária onde atribuímos assuntos aos documentos em língua portuguesa e língua inglesa. Estou com uma dúvida relativamente a qual seria a melhor tradução para esta expressão "trabalhos académicos". Na instituição onde trabalho, trabalhos académicos são aqueles...
  2. E

    all-time low vs new low

    Hi,everybody! A sentence that read "Consumer confidence hit all-time low in September." I think, "all-time low" and "a new low",they are the same thing. Am I correct? thanks!
  3. I

    fellow inhabitants

    I'm attempting a translation of an essay on ecocriticism and I have come across the term fellow-inhabitants, should I translate it as "convecinos" since they occupy the same space in the community? Thank you
  4. S

    ante las nuevas tecnologías

    hola: cómo se puede traducir al inglés "el profesorado ante las nuevas tecnologías". gracias.
  5. M

    cognitive domain

    I´m working on a project related to psychology and can´t find a proper tanslation for this phrase. This is the context "When we correlated cognitive domain sizes shown by patients..." Thanks in advance
  6. as_terrr

    Classroom Rules and Routines

    Hola, Soy professora de inglés y necesitaría saber cómo es la manera más correcta o más típica de decir algunas expresiones en inglés a la hora de dar clase. Por ejemplo, para decir las siguientes expresiones, es correcto las traducciones que estoy usando cada día en clase? "abrid el libro por...
  7. D


    Saludos!! Quisiera traducir la siguiente oración de español al inglés. Gracias! La persona llegó hasta la primaria. o La persona no completó el nivel primario.
  8. S

    helpful hint

    I'm trying to translate the phrase "helpful hint" into Spanish. The sentance is "Remember to give any 'helpful hints' you have for solving parenting problems" Would this work: Recuerde de dar cualquier "pista util" que usted tenga para resolver los problema de crianza. ?
  9. B

    is there any

    what's the difference between: Is there any university in your town? Is there a university in your town? Is the first one more formal than the second one? Thanks
  10. C

    Hire on the spot

    How would you translate in Spanish? "Why don't we hire on the spot'? Thanks,
  11. F

    milieu aquatique ;développement sensori-moteur

    Est-ce que quelqu'un saurait traduire ces termes ? "milieu aquatique" et "développement sensori-moteur". Le contexte : ce sont des enfants handicapés moteur à qui l'on propose des activités en milieu aquatique (d'abord piscine, puis mer) pour favoriser leur développement...
  12. M


    Wie uebersetzt man "Ruhr-Universitaet" auf Englisch? Meines Woerterbuch gibt das Wort, "dysentery," das es klar nicht meinen oben kann. Hilfe?
  13. L

    él o el

    que sería lo correcto acentuar él o no, en la siguiente frase .... sienta el espacio y su participación en él. muchas gracias!
  14. L

    que / qué ; como / cómo

    no se si es correcto acentuar qué y cómo o si van sin el acento en la siguiente frase, gracias anticipadas ...determinan en cierto sentido qué se percibe y cómo se percibe.
  15. B

    Keeps things organized - Informe escolar

    Para un informe escolar, para traducir "keeps things organized" ¿se puede decir 'Mantiene sus cosas organizadas?
  16. B

    Social habits

    Para un informe escolar ¿se puede traducir "Social habits" con "Hábitos Sociales"?
  17. L

    Are you still in the application process or has your application been denied?

    Hola amigos, I am writing a survey for Colombians refugees and I'm trying to ask them about their status. What I'm trying to ask is this: "Have you applied to get the Refugee Visa? YES NO "If 'YES', are you still in the application process or has your application been denied?" Here is my...
  18. B

    pesebre / nativity scene

    Hi, This is my first time in this forum. I am writing a children short story about a south american tradition "el pesebre" I am not quite sure how to translate it into English so that a 4-year old can easily understand it. Is "nativity scene" the appropriate translation or can I say...
  19. E

    like nothing

    Hi, everybody! Here's a text: With the Olympics coming to Beijing in 2008, this is exactly what China needs from the mayor of the host city: The Olympics is not just another international conference. The city's infrastructure, tolerance and management skills will be tested like nothing since...
  20. A

    sick to death of

    Hi everyone! esta mi pregunta numero uno=) el contexto seria: "to a man, we're all bored stiff by, fed up with and SICK TO DEATH OF Polly.Cual seria el significado correcto? Saludos desde Argentina! Carola
  21. L

    Mocked or outwitted

    Hello everybody! I need to translate into English the name of a Spanish play called El pícaro burlado", I was wondering if the correct translation could be one of the following options: 1- The Mocked Cunning Man, or 2- The Cunning Man Mocked. I also wonder if "outwitted" could be used instead...
  22. K

    libro de lectura

    Hi, everyone!! Does anyone know how I could translate "libro de lectura" into English??? I've no clue!! Thanx to everyone! Klärchen
  23. P


    How can I explain subduction of the tectonic plates? I want to say that this occurs when one tectonic plate goes under another plate and this produces earthquakes frequently. Can I explain it like that? Thanks in advance
  24. S

    mention and report

    How would you translation from French to English in a document concerning examination rules, the term in French 'mention' aucune metion est accordée? Also 'un report de cote' I think is a grad transfer; if you could confirm? Thanks SOPHIE ROSE
  25. P


    Help,necesito urgente saber que significa polixemàtico,la oración dice:listado de unidades polixemáticas y simples equivalentes a sinónimos del Ecoturismo"Desde ya muchas gracias.Paloma
  26. emeca

    tip-to-tip pinch, pincher grasp, pincher patterns

    Hola a todos. Mi problema es el siguiente: "Pepe was observed with a tip-to-tip and lateral pinch, and a pincher grasp. These pincher patterns were observed..." Lo expuesto forma parte de un informe de un terapeuta, y se refiere al tema de la motricidad fina de un chico, en particular al...
  27. M

    Life Long Learning

    Buonasera a tutti. Qualcuno sa se esiste una traduzione italiana per questo acronimo(LLL)? L'ambito è la formazione educativa e questo è un metodo che prevede un continuo apprendimento, lungo l'intero arco della vita. Grazie in anticipo.
  28. F

    careful discipline

    Hello, I am trying to translate careful discipline into French and need help to find the best fit in this context " Even though parents may not be comfortable with the thought, all their attempts to apply careful discipline are useless if their children do not find them admirable as human...
  29. K


    Which is the meaning of preteen? Is it before teensomething? I can't give you any example but it's a chronological word: newborn < toddler < preteen < teenager < twetysomething < 30-year-old < middle-aged < senior Thank you!
  30. L

    travailler en autonomie

    hello ! est ce que quelqu'un pourrait me traduire l'expression "travailler en autonomie" dans un contexte scolaire. (les élèves devront travailler en autonomie). merci
  31. S

    Standardized Achievement Tests

    Hello, What is the best translation for "standardized achievement test?" Specifically, what word or phrase is most likely to be used in Latin America? Are these types of tests common in schools in Latin America? Thank you!
  32. R


    Can "doctorando" be translated into English? I'm dealing with a one-sentence biographical statement about the author of a manuscript who is: Licenciado en Ciencias y Técnicas Estadísticas. Doctorando en Estadística.
  33. D

    Bachelor of Business administration

    Hi, I am trying to combine two ideas in one phrase. I would like to say" i've just been graduate" and " i have a bachelor of business administration". Should I say: " I am a fresh Bachelor in/of Business administration" " I am a fresh Bachelor in/of Business adminsitraiton graduate" " I have...
  34. M

    know about

    que significa KNOW ABOUT
  35. O

    Where every student is a scholar

    Hello, I'm working on a translation of a school's newsletter, and I'm not sure about the word "scholar". It's the school's slogan. Thanks in advance!
  36. G

    trabajar por mi tío o trabajar para mi tío

    Si una persona está empleada en la empresa de su tío se dice que esta persona trabaja para su tío o por su tío?
  37. A


    Como se dice mortandad academica ?
  38. T

    script with work samples

    Your student will be in charge of the conference and they will create a script with work samples for you.
  39. M

    Attestato di fine anno (scuola)

    Buona sera a tutti, Sto traducendo un documento rilasciato da una scuola bulgara a uno studente. E' un attestato della riuscita terminazione dell'ottava classe nella scuola, e riporta anche i voti. La mia domanda e' come chiamereste un tale documento in Italia? Le varianti a cui penso, sono: -...
  40. S

    will track these behaviors

    Hola foreros, Necesito su aydua por favor. Quiero traducir: Each week a report will be sent home that will track these behaviors. Mi intento: Cada semana un reporte se mandar'a a su casa dando cuenta de estos comportamientos. Muchas gracias de antemano. Saludos.
  41. ulala_eu

    School Businees Manager

    Hola a todos/as: Estoy traduciendo un texto sobre la MSA (una asociación de escuelas de diversos estados americanos) y me encontrado con "the school businees manager". Está en una lista sobre las personas que deben preparar una documentación para que les den un título específico a su escuela...
  42. L

    sesiones expositivas

    Hola! por favor alguien que me ayude!! Estoy traduciendo al inglés la metodología de un curso...y dice: -Sesiones expositivas (también en otro curso)- Clases expositivas -sesiones prácticas de ejecución instrumental rítmico-melódica------ practical sessions playing an instrument ...
  43. M

    Gioco di colori

    Ciao a tutti, volevo sapere come si dice "Gioco di colori" Il contesto è il seguente : "Nel deserto ci sono fantastici giochi di colori" Ringrazio tutti anticipatamente per l'aiuto:) Ciao Matteo How to choose a thread...
  44. A

    brown bags

    Buenos días a todos: soy nuevo aquí en Word Referencia, y no sé si lo estoy haciendo bien. En mi trabajo debo traducir mucho, y es una bendición unirme a un grupo como este. ¡¡¡Gracias a todos!!! Ahora, tengo una pregunta. El texto dice: The administration has had brown bags with the faculty...
  45. C


    Trabajo en una propuesta de capacitación en video, que puede ser vista por los usuarios en tiempos "muertos" o de descanzo de las actividades propias de la empresa. ¿Se podría llamar a este conatenido "Video incidental", teniendo en cuenta que debe ser un proceso constante, y casi imperceptible...
  46. C

    might + present perfect

    Here's a question that may be incredibly obvious, but I'm at a loss as to how to explain it at the moment: Why is the auxiliary verb "have" conjugated as "have" in this sentence?: Maurice might have been ill yesterday. Why is it not: Maurice might has been ill yesterday. Thank you for...
  47. I

    recognized educational credential

    Necesito traducir la siguente frase: ....leading to a recognized educational credential.. Me pueden ayudar??
  48. S

    el libro es de "mí"

    I love Spanish grammar, but I hate when I can't explain something. I know that el libro de mí is not common, but is it wrong? I had a debate with another Spanish teacher over this and neither of us can find a rule to say that it is grammatically corect or not, but this is my reasoning... "de"...
  49. chickpea

    third grade

    Hello, I'm proofreading an English into French translation on education, where the translator has translated "third grade" as CE2 and seventh and eighth grades as cinquieme and quatrieme. I was just wondering whether this particular grading system was specific to one French-speaking country or...
  50. R

    make-up work

    ¿Cómo se dice ¨make-up work¨en español. Estoy hablando de la tarea o trabajo que los estudiantes ausentes tienen que hacer cuando regresan a la clase. ¿Se puede decir ¨tarea¨ o hay otra manera de expresar esa idea?