1. user1988852

    Egyptian: Slave of God

    Hello. How would the term/name "Slave of God" and "Abdullah/Obadiah" be translated into Hieroglyphics, seeing as they already have the term hm.nTr? And, regarding hm.nTr, I see it translated as both "priest" and "prophet". Which is a more correct translation? And whereas the full hieroglyph...
  2. user1988852

    Egyptian: Clean your heart

    Hello. How would I write "Clean/Wash your heart" (as a command) in Hieroglyphics, and how would it be pronounced? Thanks (I found this image related to the Book of the Dead, but I just want "Wash/Clean your Heart", and not "with vengeance")
  3. E

    Egyptian: cat

    I believe the word for 'cat' in Ancient Egyptian is something like 'miaou'. Could some expert confirm the correct spelling in English transliteration? Many thanks.
  4. T

    Egyptian: Archeologists do it in the dirt

    Hello Everyone! I am an artist who is dating a PhD archeologist. I am making her a funny shirt as part of her Christmas gift this year and I would like to spell "Archeologists do it in the dirt" in Hieroglyphs. My problem is that I am finding conflicting answers about how the letter E is...
  5. P

    Egyptian: Stone Mason

    Hello Can somebody tell me what is the word for "Stone Mason" in Egyptian language? Thanks
  6. JuanEscritor

    Egyptian: ī (transcription)

    Hello: I am working, currently, on figuring out the Budge hieroglyphic transcription system and have run into a little obstacle. The transcription symbol I'm trying to figure out is: ī. It is used, as far as I have been able to tell, for transcribing only one hieroglyph (the first attached...
  7. P

    Egyptian: snow

    Does anyone know if there is an Egyptian hieroglyph or a combination of hieroglyphs for snow or ice. I've tried to fine one online without success, any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!
  8. T

    Egyptian (?): Unknown audio

    Hello Guys From long time I'm searching what kind of language is this? I think is Egyptian One and also I hear this voice in few Movies for the Old Civilization of Egypt but I'm not able to find that audio to download it. Can you please tell me with sure do this is really Egyptian and what the...
  9. GreedyGreen

    Egyptian: Son of

    Does anyone know if there is an ancient egyptian word (or words) that mean "Son of"? Cheers
  10. D

    Egyptian: Little one

    Im writing a story and one of my characters is Egyptian, but hes from the year 1300, the story is set now but hes a vampire. What I need is either Egyptian terms of endearments or just certain words like little one or something like that.