1. IvyMo

    are to be used

    Feliz tarde a todos. En la traducción de una hoja de especificaciones de un dispositivo electrónico encuentro la expresión "are to be used". La frase completa es: "If input voltages of 6V–8V are to be used, a pre-regulator... must be added.". Yo le dí este sentido: "Si los voltajes de entrada...
  2. M


    Hola, ¿Alguien sabe cómo se dice en francés "anillo de comunicaciones conectado al tresbolillo"? Gracias por adelantado. :)
  3. L

    line-powered battery charger

    Hello, guys, I will write in English so everyone can understand my question, even non-Spanish Speakers. I'm translating a manual into Spanish. The manual can be used with rechargeable batteries if necesary. But I really don't get the following phrase: "This unit is designed to be used with...
  4. IvyMo

    ringback winding

    En mi traducción de la hoja de especificaciones del circuito integrado de otra pregunta, encontré "This is desirable when the output transformer has a ringback winding with a catch diode used for snubbing". Pero no he encontrado una traducción acertada a las palabras subrayadas. Les agradezco...
  5. IvyMo


    ¡Hola a todos! Estoy traduciendo una hoja de especificaciones de un Circuito integrado y encontré la expresión "when single–ended operation with a maximum on–time of less than 50% is required"... ¿Alguien me puede ayudar, por favor, con la parte subrayada? Mil gracias.
  6. IvyMo


    Hello everybody! I'm translating into Spanish a document about a integrated circuit and I've found there the expression "single–ended operation"... I don't have any idea about it means... Could anybody help me? Thank you everybody.
  7. M

    jail broken

    bonjour je suis francaise et je cherche la traduction pour "jail broken" est ce quelqu'un peut me renseigner???merci d'avance
  8. M

    Music Equipment

    Is there a french slang equivalent for "music equipment?" For example, when DJing or playing a concert in America, you can call the collective group of cables, speakers, and a mixer, "gear." As in, "Let's go set up our gear." I want something more colloquial than just "les outils de musique."
  9. Z


    Hi every body I hope someone can help me. I'm traslating a manual of a machine. But I just can`t get the context of the word PATH. I got this: Treat the face with a small probe along a Z PATH from the entyl lateral of the cheek to the nose for 1.5 minutes. I wrote the next: Tratar el rostro con...
  10. C

    ficha de entrada

    Alguien me puede explicar el término "ficha de entrado"? Lo veo en un anuncio por un radio reloj despertador y dice "con ficha de entrada para mp3". Quizas significa "enchufe" o "clavija" o "toma" ? Si es asi, todos se usan iqual o no? Y porque no la encuentra en mis diccionarios, me...
  11. P


    Salve ragazzi, vorrei cortesemtne avere un aiuto sulla traduzione in oggetto, nel seguente contesto: "Display 5 cifre retro-illuminato per la visualizzazione..". Thanks! Giuseppe
  12. P


    Hello, I'm translating the features of an electronic product, from Spanish to English, and I don't know how can I say this: Versión encapsulada It refers to an electronic board put inside a plastic case and sealed with resin. Could anyone help me? Thanks a lot!
  13. benedictus

    premium messaging service

    hola a todos! como se dice en espanol "premium messaging service"? Gracias!
  14. D

    carátula de un reloj

    hola saben como se le llama a la carátula de un reloj en francés. gracias
  15. Shmuel

    Primary managed voice capabilities

    Hello again, Primary managed voice capabilities using QoS and voice prioritization mechanism. The 4 bold words, in Spanish, please? TIA
  16. R

    colt - radio

    Hey people!!!! How is it going????, I am new in the forum and I hope you can help me, I am a student of engineering, I am reading a book about the construccion of a simple radio, but, I found a the word : "COLT", please, could you tell me the meaning of this word??? I find this word in each page...
  17. C


    Hallo, Ich sprache kein deutch. Only English and Spanish. The term "Bemessungstemperatur" is in a technical data sheet of an electronic device. It's translated to English as "Rated Temperature". It gives a temperature value (25ºC), not a range of temperatures. I would like to find out what it...
  18. 1


    Salut, les amis. Pour un manuel d'utilisateur, je cherche à traduire "lightstack" en français. Un "lightstack" est installé sur une machine dans une usine pour signaler une panne ou autre condition de défaut aux gens qui s'occupent de la ligne de production. Par example, une pièce tombe de...
  19. Shmuel

    consumer electronic devices

    Hello all, In the sentence: "A and B have formed AB(AB) - a new company based in XXXX - to develop mass market WiMAX consumer electronic devices in order to complement A’s WiMAX offerings." I seem not to find the proper order, in Spanish, of the 4 words in bold. Dispositivos electrónicos de...
  20. Shmuel

    pure play

    Hello all, I met an expression which I simply don't understand its meaning: "XXXX is a “pure play” manufacturer of wireless broadband networking infrastructure." What does it mean “pure play” manufacturer, and how would you put it in Spanish? TIA.
  21. S

    virtually any audio device with a line out

    I'm trying to translate "virtually any audio device with a line out". Talking about a music system (wireless technology) which allows audio from a series of sources to be transmitted to the garden. The sources are: dvd player, MP3, AM/FM radio and "virtually any audio device with a line out"...
  22. C

    radio tagging

    Hola, Estoy leyendo un libro sobre radioseguimiento a animales y hay dos términos que se usan mucho y no sé la diferencia: - Radio tagging - Radio tracking Tengo otra duda y es el significado de tag's bearing en la siguiente frase: "Reflections are more often a nuisance, giving a false...
  23. J

    le mobile

    la première chaîne de télévision conçue pour le mobile Does le mobile mean just mobile phones or also ipods and/or other hand-helds?
  24. M

    Biometric technologies

    Hi everyone, I'm a french marketing manager. I had to create a packaging for the new biometric product my company is about to launch. Since this box will be distributed in french, english and spanish speaking countries, i translated the text in these three languages. My spanish is ok but my...
  25. A

    espira con corriente

    Hola, cómo se diria torque en una espira con corriente. Torque in a helix with current?? Gracias.
  26. F

    électronique grand public

    Bonjour, Je voudrais savoir s'il existe un terme consacré pour le secteur de l' "électronique grand public". En français, ce secteur d'activité regroupe les appareils audiovisuels (rétroprojecteurs, écrans plats LCD ou plasma, systèmes de home cinema...), les téléphones portables, lecteurs MP3...
  27. lily8

    Fish walls

    Hola a todos, Quisiera saber si alguien puede ayudarme con la siguiente traducción: Oración: "We do not fish walls, but you may hire someone to wire your home." Contexto: La compañía de servicios telefónicos y de Internet explica la instalación de los equipos de red. Intento: "No...
  28. B

    audio oscillator

    Hi everybody! "Audio oscillator"...what is it? and how I can translate it? My sentence (the context is a sound installation by an American artist) "The equipment consisted of an audio oscillator, an amplifier, a loudspeaker, which amplified a frequency of 85 Hz...." Thanks in advance
  29. S

    "2-play, 3-play"?

    Hi, all, Would you please tell me the exact meanings of the phrases in green (2-play, 3-play) in the following sentence? Supported main Italian Fixed-Mobile Operator in the definition of the integrated offering to maximize Group value from fixed-to-mobile substitution (2-play, 3-play) This is...
  30. C

    La caldaia é gestita da una scheda elettronica

    Come tradurreste questa frase? "La caldaia é gestita da una scheda elettronica" Grazie Clà
  31. M

    Installation / Set up

    Hi!!! Quick question: Which is the difference between installation and setup?? I was wondering if setup means to run a software and installation is for machines... Please, your help will be much appreciated.. Thanks! :confused:
  32. M

    abbassamento di soffitto in cartongesso

    ciao a tutti, vorrei un'opinione di madrelingua, per tradurre in termini tecnici la parola abbassamento del soffitto, ovvero il quella porzione di soffitto che raccorda due altezza diverse! In "gergo" tecnico è altresì definita "veletta". Vorrei utilizzare i termini "lowering"(generico) o...
  33. I

    à forte disponibilité

    La société possède une très forte expertise dans le développement d'applications d'automatismes aux plus hauts niveaux de sécurité et à forte disponibilité The company has extensive expertise in the development of applications for automated systems used on installations requiring the highest...
  34. Reika

    Set login

    ¡Hola! Traduciendo una lista de palabras relacionadas con la informática me ha aparecido "Set login", sin contexto. ¿Alguien me puede explicar qué significa o cómo se traduce, o me puede indicar un glosario en el que encontrar este término? Gracias a todos.
  35. B

    Service Items

    ¡Hola a todos! Estoy traduciendo un manual de un teléfono móvil y no se como traducir "Service Items". Es con respecto a la Tarjetas SIM. El texto dice: "SIM card (user ID mode) incorporates mobile phone number and service items, and can store phone numbers and personal data." Mi intento...
  36. Bochica


    Hello everybody, I am working on a project about fluorescent lamps, I am trying to figure out the meaning of s/w as: 23 Watt PAR38 2-pack s/w - 90 Watt Replacement If any of you knows about this, please reply, I also need to translate it into Spanish, all I need to know is if this is an...
  37. J

    Loop vs cyclic

    Hi, friends. What is the term for this meaning -- playing a video over and over again... Cyclic play or loop play? On realplayer, the menu item is Loop. What do you think? Thanks J
  38. Shmuel

    Navigation Aid Radar Modes

    Hola, nuevamente, a todos. A veces hay frases en Inglés cuya traducción al Español me saca canas verdes... Navigation Aid Radar Modes, ¿ y en Español? Modos de Ayuda a la Navegación del Radar, o Modos del Radar de Ayuda a la Navegación. GDA.
  39. Shmuel

    doppler beam sharpening

    Hola a todos, Doppler Beam Sharpening, ¿y en español? Se refiere a un método / técnica que mejora la resolución de la imagen recibida por el Radar.
  40. H

    Calibratio Log

    Buenas tardes. Cómo traduzco al español el término "Calibration Log"? El contexto es muy somero, ya que se trata simplemente de una sentencia de un software: "Show the Calibration Log window" en referencia a ciclos de calibración de un instrumento analítico. Puesto que en el diccionario Log se...
  41. T


    In un manuale ho trovato questa frase: Three analog inputs are jumper configurable for resistive(default), voltage or current sensor. Ma cosa significa "jumper" in questo caso? Come tradurreste questa frase? Grazie.
  42. Staarkali

    Réaliser une condition (boolean algebra)

    Following this thread, I was eager to know when talking about logic (boolean operators in maths and electronic) I'm pretty sure we don't say meet a condition. Fulfill a condition maybe? In French, une condition est réalisée
  43. Benjy


    Commission Electrotechnique Internationale CEI-IEC http://std.iec.ch/iec60050 merci à misstic Bilingual dictionary http://www.mijnwoordenboek.nl/EN/theme/AU/EN/FR/A/1 Thanks, Jetset! Bilingual electronics dictionary http://www.mijnwoordenboek.nl/EN/theme/EL/EN/FR/A/1 Thanks, Jetset!