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  1. M

    English to French in short

    There's no French example!!!
  2. M

    English base canoeing

    Canoeing in french : carotte (nf) Def : When a joint or cigarett burns on one side but not the other Exemple : I smoked a cigarett but it was canoeing. Je fumais mais j’ai fais une carotte.
  3. B

    English to Portuguese wolf trap

    Hello, I think that the word Wolf trap merits to be added no? Thank you
  4. C

    French to English pâté chinois

    chinese dough
  5. T

    English to Portuguese dawning

    gradativo, gradual
  6. Encolpius

    Identify the language

    Hello, do you think it is a gibberish or it means something? I saw it on a bench in Prague. A tourist must have been high. Thanks.
  7. C

    English to Spanish pathos

    The voice in US English is mispronouncing the word. It's not pā′thos, it's ˈpeɪθɑs. My source is a lady called Rachel, a US native speaker which is quite an authority in the matter. See the video on Youtube called Do ❌NOT❌ Say These 5 Words Wrong! where Rachel explains how she researched and...
  8. M

    French base porter

    porter [qqun] = ? J'ai cherché partout même dans les forums, pourquoi ne trouvé-je pas la traduction de "porter quelqu'un" ? Est-ce quecette expression est usagé en anglais ?
  9. Pokeflute

    Hindi: Pronunciation of "r" in English loanwords

    Hi all, Is "r" pronounced at the end of syllables in English loanwords? In my experience, words like "card," "internet," and homework," are pronounced without an "r" (i.e. 'kaaD', 'inTaneT', 'homvak'). However there are some English loanwords which seem to keep this "r" (e.g. "car" is 'kaar'...
  10. C

    Urdu to English translation

    Hello! I found some text written in Urdu I believe in my notebook. I am so curious to know what it says. Would anyone be willing to translate it for me? If yes, I will post the photo I took of it. Thank you!
  11. K

    to have 85% of the expenses they had when they were working

    Hi all: How to explain this sentence in Chinese? 网上翻译 : Ms. Taylor建议人们预期他们在工作时所花费的开支佔百分之八十五。 they had = 他们会 ? "Ms. Taylor advises people to expect to have eighty-five percent of the expenses they had when they were working." Source
  12. miao888

    work required by the translator

    Hi guys, I came across this sentence and don't understand what it means. Can you please help me with the translation? However the effective work required by the translator is accurately reflected in the count. 不過翻譯員的需要的有效率工作,能夠準確反映在字數計算中。 What does this exactly mean? The whole paragraph: The...
  13. Vincent Tam

    What was something you thought would be easy

    请教大家一个语法问题 大家好,本来这个是英文问题,可是我英语水平是“有限公司”:D,做不到用英语提问,所以选了这里发贴了。不好意思 我问题是,在语法上如何划分前半句的句子成分,谢谢
  14. D

    Hindi: परमेश्वर के नियम सभी पर

    Hi, all. Could you tell me how to understand "परमेश्वर के नियम सभी पर"? Can it be clearly understood as "God Rules Over All"?
  15. stephenlearner

    发音: mercy

    大家好! 关于美式英语mercy的发音,你有没有听到过说中文的人读成 “摸r+cy”?即”摸“+儿化+cy。这样的发音是对,还是错,还是无关紧要? 我在百度里输入mercy, 听美式发音,能听到清楚的 mer ,而不是 "摸r“, 链接如下:百度安全验证 然后我在韦氏词典里听 mercy, 却似乎能听到 “摸r+cy”,或者一个既似 “摸r+cy”又似 “mer +cy” 的发音。韦氏词典发音的链接如下:Mercy - Definition for English-Language Learners from Merriam-Webster's Learner's...
  16. EpicjokerXD

    I need some native slovakian expertise, anyone just give me a reply

    Hi, I think my girl is naughty texting someone... but I'm having trouble understanding some sentences/ texts, and I could really need some help from a native slovakian speaker 😅 The texts goes like this: Unknown 1) Furt si velky viking. Unknown 2) A hlavne tvoj foter. Unknown 1) Presne tak...
  17. F

    Eine anstrebende Oberfläche (19th century German)

    Dear All, I am translating a mechanical treatise from ancient Greek into English. Since the only existing edition of my text is German (late XIX century) I have been reading German for a while. My author is describing a roofed temple and the surface of its roof is said to be 'stretched out'...
  18. Hugo350z

    Better the pain

    Hello there, ladies and gentlemen: I'm new in this site, so this is my first post; sorry for any mistakes in advance. Right, so here's my question: Is this sentence correct? "If you mix salt with water and you use it to rinse your mouth, you can better the pain." This is regarding a tip...
  19. I

    She's not her?

    Hey! I have a question concerning pronouns. Like if we say someone we used to know now changes compeletely in various ways, can we say: She's not her anymore? Or she's no longer her? or She's her no more? Are these kinds of saying correct? And which one is the best? Thanks a lot guys!!
  20. jaunis

    the" + [lastname]

    Hola a todos, tengo una duda bastante simple pero que me está complicando una traducción. La línea es la siguiente: "After three months, the Quinlans, as devout Roman Catholics, consulted their family priest (...)" Sé que la traducción de lo que está en negrita sería, literalmente, "los...
  21. Mahavir

    endears one to a garment...

    Hi all, Would anybody please help me translating the following bolded text into Spanish? The expense of new clothes can put one off. Repeated washing and drying endears one to a garment. My try: El costo de ropa nueva puede desanimar a uno. El lavar y secar repetidamente... Gracias!!
  22. Khvalovsky

    I'm right, aren't I? / I'm right, amn't I?

    Tag questions: I'm right, aren't I? I'm right, am I not? Which of these questions is more correct from the point of English Grammer and modern using or the both of them are acceptable? How can they be translated from English into Spanish?
  23. H

    Survival English / Survival Spanish

    Hello How would you say "Survival English" or "Survival Spanish" in German? I'm thinking of a basic language course (book or class) that provides just enough to "survive" or get by. Thank you. Howard
  24. S

    Ways of jumping!

    HI EVERYBODY!! I am attending the teacher training college and I have to hand in a portfolio about grammar, vocabulary and phonetics. The main problem is that I have to make a vocabulary list about the "ways of..." I have to list WAYS OF JUMPING. Do you know some??? Of course as a...
  25. M

    local people = la raza?

    ....and i think i might've done it wrong.... Well, i meant to say 'the local people' and i used 'la raza' and i didn't want to have any slang connotation at all. If anyone has ever heard Sublime's music, you can see why i thought it meant 'the people' LOL...but now i'm really afraid that...
  26. el poeta

    Yo viva tan distinta

    Hola! Can someone translate this into English. Muchas gracias :) Yo viva tan distinta algo hermoso, algo divino llena de felicidad yo sabia de alegras, la belleza de la vida