1. A

    Environmentally Friendly

    Cerco di trovare un modo giusto da dire "environmental friendly" in italiano.. forse deve iniziare con environmentale...?? aiutami per favore :)
  2. Lorena1970

    climatizzazione (architettura-edifici)

    Hi all, In effect the word in the thread is just one of the doubts I have in translating the following sentence. Your help on the whole would be really appreciated. The context is an architecture competition notice and the paragraph refers to energy aspects of the building supposed to be...
  3. S

    sink constraints

    Hello, I need your help with "sink constraints" . They are talking about a high and sustainable quality of life as a central goal for humanity and they say that unlimited growth of material production and consumption is now used as a proxy for quality of life, but there is abundant evidence...
  4. G

    centralina di rilevamento

    Hi. This word already appears in 1 or 2 old threads, but here the sense is radically different. Here's the context: Insomma, il governatore ha fatto proprie le preoccupazioni dei cittadini che temono gli effetti sulla salute per l'alta concentrazione di campi elettromagnetici. «Preoccupazioni...
  5. I

    Filler goods

    "study on distribution of filler goods in paper sacks." Ha per caso a che fare con le borse della spesa? e come potrei tradurlo? Studio sulla distribuzione di... cosa? Grazie
  6. I

    Thinning (Mercato del legno)

    "Inventory data for the pine forest are average Finnish data taken from KCL-EcoData database (KCL 1999) and comprise pine growth and harvesting, 75% of which is done by regeneration felling and 25% by thinning." Ciao ragazzi, vorrei sapere come poso tradurre: regeneration felling thinning Il...
  7. I

    carico ambientale

    Hi guys! I'd like to know how can I traslate "carico ambientale" in a contest of environmental and eco-sustainable argouments. I thought: Environmental burden Is it ok? Thanks bye!
  8. S

    que resultan apropiadas por sujetos particulares

    "...pero el proceso de recuperación y reciclaje lo convierte en materia prima y su comercialización en mercancía, que adquiere valor de cambio, y genera ganancias, que resultan apropiadas por sujetos particulares..." This is a report on improving the ecosystem of an area in Colombia and the...
  9. S

    pondaje [pondage] - reservoir

    I am unsure of the meaning of 'pondaje'. On ProZ I saw "planned capacity", but I don't think that fits in this context. I'm guessing it's a body of water, but which? My best educated guess is that it's a reservoir. Here is the text, which comes from a report on environmental factors...
  10. L

    evitando su especulación

    Hello! No acabo de ver cual seria la mejor traducción para "no sometido a especulación" en la siguiente frase: "Entonces sera necesario reorientar la gestión medioambiental para hacer del territorio un valor natural a conservar y no sometido a especulación." "Then it will be necessary to...
  11. L

    externalización de costes

    Hello!! Me gustaria saber como se puede traducir "externalización de costes" y "internalización de costes" cuando se habla reflejar en la contabilidad de una empresa los costes medioambientales. Muchas gracias!
  12. S

    direct or indirect land use

    Es una expresión de ecología, no me doy cuenta qué quiere decir. He encontrado un texto parecido, para que me podais contestar:¨ ""Transport fuels from biomass should be limited to feedstock without direct or indirect land use change emissions." Gracias.:)
  13. L

    company limited by guarantee and registered charity

    hi I have problems translating this sentence : "This was the second full year for the EAI as a company limited by guarantee and registered charity" especially this part : company limited by guarantee and registered charity i've come up with this: "C’est la deuxième année consécutive que EAI...
  14. K

    prendre d'assaut

    From a discussion of Machu Picchu in Peru- the international environmental movement is said to have 'pris d'assaut le sanctuaire de Machu Picchu'. Now, I know that 'prendre d'assaut' means to mount an assault on, storm, or take by force- but that sounds too aggressive for what is being discussed...
  15. E

    bare fallow

    le contexte le voici: "avoiding bare fallows" c'est une énumération de recommandations de mesures et celle ci en fait partie dans le domaine des rotations de cultures. Je pensais à ceci: "éviter la non jachère" mais je doute que ca ait un sens... pourriez vous m'aider?
  16. L

    Jungle growth....

    Hi there - can anyone please tell me if there is a technical term for all the thick foliage that creates 'jungle growth'? Thank you! :)
  17. sherin

    scopo potabile

    Bonjour, est-ce qu'il y a quelqu'un qui pourrait m'aider avec cette phrase?? Metodi di Disinfezione e Sottoprodotti dei Trattamenti di Disinfezione applicati a scopo potabile Je dois la traduire de l'italien au français. Je ne sais pas si "....appliqués à l'eau potable" a le meme sens. C'est...
  18. L

    a poleward shift

    "In Australia alone, changes include long-term droughts due to a poleward shift of the tropics, which has pushed weather systems containing much-needed rain to fall over the ocean rather than on land. " Comment vous traduiriez ?
  19. C

    double- and triple-canopy jungle

    Hi everybody, could someone help me to translate "canopy jungle"? This is the phrase: "The entire mountain is a rugged, uninviting wilderness blanketed in double- and triple-canopy jungle, dense thickets of bamboo". Thank you a lot Chiarel